1st Annual Hunger Games

Hello and welcome to the 1st Annual Hunger Games! Please submit your tributes below. Make sure to submit one male and one female for each District, please! The limit for how many tributes you can submit is four.

When your submitting a tribute please remember to include: Name, Age, District Number, Appearance, Skills, Strategy and History. Please do, this is important so I can write them as how they would act, and make their deaths more 'realistic' ;)

This Hunger Games will also include Sponsoring and Interviews. So please remember to add if your tributes have any family members or friends. As for sponsoring. The more your tribute appeals to the Capitol - the more money they get. The more money they get - the more stuff you can send them. Remember! just like in the books the items get more expensive as time goes on, so choose.

When you make a tribute you automatically be come a sponsor with 50,000 Dollars to spend they have to pick what district they want.

The Arena

This year the Arena resembles the Arena from the 75th Hunger Games it's devided into 4 sections. The first being a Rainforest infested with mutts - some small, like frogs - which have poisonus slimy skin which can kill you to the touch - some as big as jaguars, with mutated faces that can tear your skin apart like butter. The upside of the Rainforest is that it's full of fruit and other small non-poisonus game and it also has a large waterfall smack in the middle of it. Another plus side is that it has many small ponds around, and that it rains a lot. The second section is a green lush forest. It contains barely any safe fruits - only poisonus. It has only one small pond which is on the left side of it. The only good point is that it has no mutts - what so ever. The third section is a Snowy Mountain. It has many caves which have reasonable heat and your always able to have water - if you can melt it. It contains no food - unless your willing to go out and kill something in the low degrees. It also has many polar bear mutts which can sense humans from afar - so beware. The last section may be the best - but also dangerous. It's a beach. More like an island even but surrounded by water. On this island there's many palm trees which have coconuts and bananas. There's also many other food sources there and there's no mutts. There's a lot of small ponds with water and it's of reasonable heat. The catch? to get to it you have to pass water which has many flesh eating piranah's and other deadly creatures which give out a 'snip-snap' sound - this fools tributes into running away from the island. Connecting these 4 sections is the Cornucopia which - is also surrounded by water. Inside the Cornucopia are obviously many weapons, food and other valuable resources

The Tributes

District Male Female
1 Damion Riles (17) Yaoku Nix (18)
2 Shasperi Braunfels (15) Palette Willows (12)
3 Mathias Fury (16) Nathalie Gossling (16)
4 Jayson Ammster (14) Danielle Sevilla (14)
5 Riley Brozek (14)

Rebecca Chengson(13)

6 Fido Fiderson (15) Carena Honey (16)

Ash Blaze (15)

Storm Woods(15)

8 Isiah Gloa (16) Aleah Carmen (14)
9 Hazel Sheath (18) Gemma Revlis (16)
10 Paul Dyanmite (15)

Star Cattle (17)

11 Lightning Tree (17) Rose Mechan (15)

Clear Glass (13)

Krystal Glass (15)

Matches - 50$

Iodine with Water - 50$

Sleeping Bag - 75$

District Bread - 100$

Sharp Knife - 75$

Spear - 100$

Pack of Fruit - 45$

Burn Ointment - 140$

First Aid Kit - 170$

Fishing Rod - 125$

Bow & Arrows - 150$

Note - 5$

Axe - 100$

Trident - 100$

Basket of Food - 50$

Thick Blanket - 75$

3 Apples - 25$

Shield - 120$

==Sponsors: ==












Training Scores:

Damion Riles- 9

Yaoku Nix-8

Shasperi Braunfels-6

Palette Willows-11

Mathias Fury-6

Nathalie Gossling-7

Jayson Ammster-10

Danielle Sevilla-12

Riley Brozek-8

Rebecca Chengson-9

Fido Fiderson-3

Carena Honey-9

Ash Blaze-10

Storm Woods-1

Isiah Gloa-5

Aleah Carmen-12

Hazel Sheath-8

Gemma Revlis-6

Paul Dyanmite-3

Star Cattle-4

Lightning Tree-7

Rose Mechan-2

Clear Glass-8

Krystal Glass-7

The Bloodbath

The bloodbath begins when the gong rings some tributes run straight to the cornucopia others run towards the forest and moutain. Rose and Lightning quikly team up and see Fido which is then speared by Lightning. Krystal run towards the bow and arrows then sees star right behind her shes coming up fast. Krystal reaches the arrows and takes out Star. Damion And Yaoku star rounding up the careers which ends up being the districts 1, and 7. Shasperi is fighting over a pack with Mathias when Nathalie comes and shots a dart into Shasperi's neck and he instantlys dies. Palette sees and spears Nathalie in the head and she instantly dies after this Mathias and Palette are fighting to the death. Jayson and Danielle have been allied and are fighting there way through the trees. Carena is still at the Cornicopia and is fightting with Aleah for a spear when Aleah picks up a knife and stabs Carena in the stomach. Isiah comes over to Aleah handing her a pack and they both nod. Hazel is in the snowy moutain with a crossbow when he is shot in the head with an arrow. Gemma his district partner has accidentaly shot him in the head. Gemma starts to cry when she notices Krystal and Clear heading up the mountain. She goes over and tries to get them to help her they agree but they dont know what Gemma has in store. After a while Mathias has taken out Palette with a long knife he has picked up and has gathered some more things and headed for the rain forest.


24. Fido Fiderson Speared By Lightning

23.Star Cattle Shot by Krystal

22.Shasperi Braunfels shot in the neck by Nathalie

21.Nathalie Gossling Speared by Palette

20.Carena Honey Stabed by Aleah

19.Hazel Sheath shot by Gemma

18.Palette Willows Stabed by Mathias

Day 2

Day 2 is a bit to quiet for Rebecca and Riley who have been having trouble in the games so far they have allied and dont have anything except for two long knives from the cornucopia. "What are we going to do Riley" "truly I dont know" Then there was a rustle in the bushes. "whos there" Riley throws a knife where he had seen the motion then a spear comes flying out the pushes barley missing rileys head then they have a spear they throw it in then they hear a cannon fire. They have killed Paul. They pull his pack off and his spear then back up so the overcraft can pick him up. "Well that takes care of our problem."


Danielle and Jayson are munching on an apples whith they have found in the rain forest. They are hyrated and dont look tired at all. But they are still catious and both have a trident in there hand. hey do not talk thinking they are well hidden but what they dont know is that Mathias is right above them. When they hear a noice they dont much worry about it but when a knife lands right next to Jaysons foot they know somethings up. Literally up Danielle threw the knife back with complete percision and it landed in Mathias stomach and he fell out the tree dead they cut off the pack and backed up for the hover craft to pick him up "bye" they said in unison


Lightning and Rose are trekking up the moutain and they see a shadow on a cave wall hey can make out two shadows and they know that they are melting snow. They charge in the cave they spear Gemma in the back. A bow quickly goes into Roses chest and she loses blood so fast she dies soon. Lightining has shot a knife and it has lodged itself in the back of clears throat he dies instantly. Krystal takes the knife out of her brother and throws it into lighting as he was running out. "im alone"" no your not" says Gemma"i thought you were dead""the spear went into the pack"


Aleah and Isiah have been lucky enough to make it to the island where they will be ok for a while. he carrers are sll at the Cornucopia.


17.Paul Dynamite speared by Riley

16. Mathias Fury Stabbedy by Danielle

15.Rose Mechan Shot by Clear

14.Clear Glass Stabbed by Lightning

13.Lightning Tree stabbe by Krystal

Day 3

 Jayson and Danielle are sitting under a palm trees whn they see two parachutes falling out the sky. One is for Jayson and one is for Danielle. Jayson got an Spear and Danielle got a Bow and arrows. "we can use these" Jayason said "yeah if we get to use them""o we will i saw aleah and isiah go to the ialand lets go


Isiah and Aleah are walking on the beach looking for some food. "Omg im so hungry were is some food" aleah says "Is see something" there was a parachute falling. Isiah opens it and it is a sharp knife."Awesome im gonna go cut down that tree""ok whats that in the water""o probably just some fish"But they didnt know it was Danielle and Jayson.


The Careers are still at the Cornucopia when some parachutes fall. Yaoku got one shield and a bow and arrow Damion got one axe and a shield Ash got a knife storm got nothing. "yes lets go tribute hunting" Damion says. They split up ash and storm go to the moutain damion and Yaoku went into the forest. 5 minutes of running and they find riley and rebecca in the woods. They are fighting to the death. Rebecca kills Damion by sliting him in the throat. Yaouku kills Riley by sending an arrow in his neck. Rebecca then kills Yaoku by stabbing her in the chest.


Gemma gets a parachute thet contains a thick blanket and another one with matches. Then Ash and Storm come in to the cave "hi ladies" they say in unison then they shot a knif that barley missies gemma then she sends an arrow into Storm who dies. Ash stabs gemma then Krystal takes the bow and an arrow and sends it into Ashes stomach. Then a parachute falls note says "kill her" " better them then me" says Krystal


Danielle and Jayson reach the island and instantly they see Isiah but not aleah Danielle send a bow into him then run. Isiah dies instantly. They run away.


12. Damion Riles killed by Rebecca

11.Riley Brozek killed by Yaoku

10.Yaoku Nix Killed by Rebecca

9.Storm Woods killed by Gemma

8.Gemma Revlis Killed by Ash

7.Ash Blaze Killed by Krystal

6.Isiah Gloa killed by Danielle

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