• Finnick is awesome12

    Okay, so a bunch of people didnt like Josh as Peeta, and to be honest, I didnt either. But one day, I found a picture of Josh with blond (ish) hair, HE LOOKS REALLY GREAT! Well acorrding to me.

    295 Days till the Movie!

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  • Finnick is awesome12

    So yup, this is my first, so Im sorry if it takes awhile, Im new to this. So if anyone sees this, please submit some tributes!!

    The Arena:

    The arena is a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains. There's huge pine trees that are too thick to cut down. There are tiny streams that dry out quickly run that hold some fish. There are very many different types of plants, some poisoness. The days are hot and the nights are very cold.

    Day 1

    Jake's POV : The gong goes off and I sprint towards the cornucopia. I grab 2 backpacks and 2 sets of knifes. I look around for Molly and see someone about to attack her. Instantly, I grab a knife and throw it towards him. It stabs him in the neck and he falls to the ground. “Jake!” I turn around to see Isa, from D…

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