So yup, this is my first, so Im sorry if it takes awhile, Im new to this. So if anyone sees this, please submit some tributes!!

The Arena:

The arena is a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains. There's huge pine trees that are too thick to cut down. There are tiny streams that dry out quickly run that hold some fish. There are very many different types of plants, some poisoness. The days are hot and the nights are very cold.

Jake Tucker- 5

Jake Tucker, Narrator of Day 1

Day 1

Jake's POV : The gong goes off and I sprint towards the cornucopia. I grab 2 backpacks and 2 sets of knifes. I look around for Molly and see someone about to attack her. Instantly, I grab a knife and throw it towards him. It stabs him in the neck and he falls to the ground. “Jake!” I turn around to see Isa, from District 7, calling my name. She runs up to me. “Allies? With Molly, of course.” I pause for a second. “Sure, come on.” We head off towards the woods where I think Molly went to. “So did you grab anything?” I asked. “Yeah, just a bag and thankfully, and axe.” “Oh yeah, District 7. So I think we should look for Molly and some water, too.” She nodded. We walked the direction I think I saw her head in silence. It was her and Molly who got along in training, not me. I search my mind for something to talk about. “So…. I heard you’re an artist.” I see her eyes light up. “Oh yes. I sell them to make money. I’m afraid it won’t help much.” “Oh of course it will. Let’s say, there’s a huge canvas with paint...” She laughs. “Funny, funny.” Suddenly, I hear leaves crunching. The smile falls off her face. I take out a knife as Isa readies her axe. I look through the trees to see a brown braid I’m sure is Molly. I smile, and before I can help myself, I walk pass the trees to see some other girl, not Molly. The girl bolts up and takes out a knife and aims it at me. Isa has stayed behind and I wish she would do something. “Nice arena, isn’t it? I'd like it more if it were a bit warmer.” I say, making sure she doesn’t see Isa. Her eyes look over me, as if to see if I’m someone worth killing. Not like she’s not gonna kill me anyways.

“Who are you?” she asks, not putting her knife down.

“I am a tribute in the Hunger Games, with impressively good looks.” She laughs, but quickly stops it.

“Give me a good reason why I shouldn’t kill you.”

“Besides killing an incredible guy,such as myself, which is a crime, you can’t.” I say this, hoping that Isa is planning to get her sometime before she tries to kills me.

“And why can’t I?” She steps forward.

“Cause you’ll be dead.” Isa steps out. She gives me enough time to take out a knife and stab her in the lung. The cannon booms. “Take long enough?” I ask. “She shrugs. I sighed. “Just next time, stop me before I walk in on someone?” She thinks about it, and shakes her head. I smile. She reminds me a lot of Molly and it’s probably why Molly likes her so much. We head off looking for water again, when it hits me. “Oh my god, I killed someone.” I stop in my tracks. “I killed someone.” Its times like these I wish Molly was here. Then, with perfect timing, the cannons begin to go off for the bloodbath at the Cornucopia. I count them off. One, two…. Ten. Ten dead. Thirteen left. But where was Molly? That was my plan, find Molly. Not be searching for her, and have already killed someone by the first day. We wonder around for some more, talking and at other times, just walking. Then, the projections go off. I watch the faces appear; the girl I killed was from District 3, and hope Molly isn’t there. I hold my breath as District 3 goes, and it skips to District 6. The seal of Panem flashes and it grows dark. Someone falls from the tree nearby. I know that it’s not Molly, so I grab Isa’s axe and well... decapitate him. The cannon goes off.

I’ve killed three people on the first day of the Hunger Games.

At the rate I’m going at, I should be in the careers.

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