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A bloodbath story

As Im standing on the plate looking around for the sea green eyes of my district partner izzy. 20 seconds,19 seconds, what if i dont make it? 15 seconds, 14 seconds, finally I see a trident right next to a pretty good sized backpack on the side of the cornucopia. 10 seconds, 9 seconds, 8 seconds, 7 seconds, 6 seconds, 5 seconds, 4, 3, 2, 1 LET THE 68TH ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES BEGIN! i run forward as fast as i can. Im in front of everybody but the kids from 2 and 1 but thats okay because they are my allies i grab the pack ad then the trident then i turned around so fast and threw the trident far as i can and it hits the boy from seven clear in the neck. i turn around and see izzy chopping the girl from eights legs off with an axe and then i turn and see the boy from twelve trying to charge me with a hooked knife. i simply duck punch him in the gut and stab him in the head with his own knife i run over and grab my trident turn around and throw it at a girl coming behind izzy it gets her in the head. i see jason from district 1 with a bow and arrow on top of the cornucopia i look down and see a girl and a boy with arrows in them i turn and run to the lake. my district the cornucopia

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