Although I am in the middle of my games, here is a parody. See if you can guess who is who.

Catching Fire Parody

I hear a scream. It's coming from Lockness. This can only mean one thing: The Careers are here.

"Run, Kantmiss!" Lockness says. The leader of the Careers, Floss, is coming after her. "Run while you can!"

In an attempt to distract the Careers from their daily kill spree, I yell "You suck!" Unfortunately, nobody hears me.

I see something out of the corner of my eye. Chaffeur is trying to make a run for it. Before I can kill him myself, Picnic says - "Hey! Look everybody! It's Chaffeur!"

All of a sudden, I hear two cannons. And I have a mysterious feeling that they were for Lockness and Chaffeur.

I hear grunting from my left and look over to see Jo-man-a clubbing Cashmoney with an axe. Creepee, the man from 3, is dressed as a highschool cheerleader screaming "Two, four, six, eight! Cashmoney might disentigrate! Go Jo-man-a!"

Brutal, the creep from 2 is standing over by a bush admiring himself. Out of nowhere, Pita comes screaming from the bushes and kills Brutal with a knife. I think the people of Panem were shocked by Pita's first kill, since he is about 100 pounds overweight and is wearing a "Hit Me Baby One More Time" T-shirt.

"Ow!" I trip strangely over the dead corpse of Lockness. Floss is charging at me. I pull out an arrow an fire. Unsurprisingly, the arrow goes right into his forehead. "Bulls eye!" I scream. "Go Kantmiss!" Creepee shouts.

"Shut up!" I moan, and send an arrow through his temple. His last words are "Kill Kantmiss!"

I take time to analyze the tributes left. There is me, Jo-man-a, Picnic, Pita, Menobaria and Cashmoney. But frankly, I don't think Cashmoney will make it.

Jo-man-a is finished with Cashmoney and has moved on to Menobaria. Jo-man-a charges and is killed instantly by Menobaria's built in fangs. This leaves 4 tributes left.

Out of nowhere, a hovercraft appears. "Come with us." A voice appears over a loudspeaker. "No!" Pita says. What a stupid boy. A bomb drops from the hovercraft, killing both Pita and Menobaria.

"Well, this sucks." Picnic says. "I know how to make it worse!" I shoot an arrow right through his stomach. "Noooo!" He screams.

"I win! Yay!"

"Don't brag, sweetheart." A voice appears on the loudspeaker, and it sounds mysteriously like Haymitch's. A bomb drops, killing me.

What did you think? :D

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