There are 11 tributes.

Tribute User Killed by Place
Glimmer Cloveismywife Chaff 2nd
Gloss Joekeybladeaura Tracker Jackers 4th
Brutus Asclepias Thym Monkey Mutts 8th
Enobaria Rue district11 Gloss 7th
Wiress FinnickMellark Finnick 11th
Finnick 50thGamesFTW Glimmer 3rd
Chaff CatnipKatniss
Foxface Galefan Wiress/Sharks 10th
Blight Clovethevictor Chaff/Finnick 9th
Cecelia ProdigyZ7 Monkey Mutts 5th
Mags Sophie300/Clove20 Drown 6th


The Cornucopia is a mountain in the middle, the rest of the Arena is water with lots of islands.


The Cornucopia is from April 23 - April 24. It has no weapons, just backpacks. Base this on your actions.

  • Glimmer, Enobaria, Gloss, Finnick & Brutus have an alliance.
  • Right after the Cornucopia, Wiress almost killed Foxface. Foxface attempted to swim to an island but was killed by sharks.
  • Chaff first hurts Blight with a rock, and then Finnick finishes him off with a trident.
  • Finnick and Wiress went to find water. Finnick speared Wiress with a trident on Day 1.
  • Careers camp on top of mountain.

Day 2 - Day 4

  • Brutus is killed by the Monkey Mutts.
  • The Careers make their way to the islands to look for Finnick.
  • Gloss saw Enobaria as a threat and killed her while swimming. Glimmer dosen't know it was Gloss.
  • Finnick spots the Careers coming and quickly moves islands.
  • Mags drowns on late Day 2.
  • Cecelia is a victim of The Monkey Mutts and is killed on early morning Day 3.
  • Gloss is murdered by Tracker Jackers on the night of Day 3.
  • Finnick, Chaff & Glimmer are all on the same island.
  • Finnick attempts to kill Glimmer early Day 4.
  • Glimmer rebounds and kills him seconds later.
  • Chaff is poised to kill and spots Glimmer hiding. He shoots Glimmer.

Chaff wins the 1st Annual Tribute Games on Day 4!

Congrats to Catnipkatniss

May the odds be ever in your favor! :)

Fire144 19:59, April 23, 2012 (UTC)Fire144

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