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    Hi! And welcome to Firecatcher3's 68th Annual Hunger Games! This year, updates will be done when I don’t have that much homework. I will be accepting 24 tributes from the 12 districts. When you submit, I would like

    - Petiola comes out wearing a soft greenish golden dress that flows about her like a feild of barley. Her face is accented with flecks of gold. She looks serene and beautiful. -

    "Hi Petiola!" Caesar begins. "What do you think of your outfit tonight?"

    "Well, I think my stylist did do a good job...., but I wish there was more orange. He dyed my hair golden brown! It's really orange and it just makes me sad that he tried to hide me." Petiola says sadly.

    "Well, that's a shame. I'm guessing your favorite color is... orange?"

    "By far! It's …

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    Sorry Guys....

    June 9, 2011 by Firecatcher3

    Ok, so I'm not leaving forever, but I'm leaving. Please don't cry over my missing presence because I will be coming back. It's just like Mockingjay5 really. I'm going to be away and I want to let you know. So.... I'm letting you know.

    I'm only leaving for a month because I'm going to summer camp and we aren't allowed to use electronics really so obviously I can't stay on here. Please don't freak out because I'm not leaving. I will be on here until tuesday I think so please please don't freak on me. I'm not gonna say thank you's or personal good byes so deal. I'll be back in a month.

    Also, over the summer I probably wont be on here as much because, you know, it's summer! I have a very busy summer planned and I don't want to make it worse by s…

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    Welcome to Firecatcher3 67th Hunger Games! These games will include at least chariot rides, tribute pictures, the games (obviously), final 8 interviews, and the victory tour. I may put in reapings and interviews depending how much information I get on each tribute. Reservations will only be held for 36 hours so don't wait to long! I will leave a notice on your talk page when your reservation is almost up. Be sure to follow these guidelines for entering tributes. You will need; Name, age, district, talents, strategies, personality(optional, but it would be nice for the interviews and stuff), appearance, and history(optional). The limit for tributes is two unless I say otherwise. The tributes training scores are in the parenthesis by the nam…

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    Welcome to Firecatcher3's 66th Hunger Games! I will post the arena as soon as I get half of the tributes. Also, the chariot rides will be posted after I get all the tributes. The limit for tributes is two per person unless I say otherwise. I need name, district, age, talents, strategy, appearance, and history. You are allowed to reserve tributes, but only for 48 hours or else I will remove your name and allow that district to be entered by someone else. Now that the arena is up, I need to warn you. If your tribute has anything about the arena in there strategy, description ect. I will eliminate them quickly.

    The arena has a diameter of 50 miles. It is divided into four equal size sections. The first section is a deep forest filled with plen…

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    Welcome to the 700th Quarter Quell! Please enter tributes below. One male and one female for the same district please! The Games start Saturday the 30th!

    Twist 1: As a reminder to Districts 1,2 and 4, that even they cannot escape the full wrath of the capitol, their trbutes must be 12.

    Twist 2: As a reminder to Districts 3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, and 12, that they, even united they cannot beat the capitol, each district must enter four tributes.

    Training Scores are in the parenthesis by the name.

    District 1 Female: Jem Sparkle (10)

    District 1 Male: Rubius Stone (11)

    District 2 Female: Apocoli Panacam (9)

    District 2 Male: Farkanar Hillomath (10)

    May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor - Effie Trinket

    The arena is shaped like a circle. The side on the ocean is ver…

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