Hi! And welcome to Firecatcher3's 68th Annual Hunger Games! This year, updates will be done when I don’t have that much homework. I will be accepting 24 tributes from the 12 districts. When you submit, I would like

  • Bone Scart, District 1
  • Colbie Cain, District 1
  • Chisel Jaws, District 2
  • Suko Yoshida, District 2
  • Gauge Down, District 3
  • Destiny Bow, District 3
  • Logan Blue, District 4
  • Misty Blue, District 4
  • Spike Owens, District 5
  • Twinkle Night, District 5
  • Golden Hawbrook, District 6
  • Pema Alderwheel, District 6
  • Max Blonde, District 7
  • Cherri Blonde, District 7
  • Zeus Leo, District 8
  • Juno Scarlet, District 8
  • Bulgar Millet, District 9
  • Kasha Farro, District 9
  • Pollen Beekeeper, District 10
  • Cornielia Goodland, District 10
  • Bulgar Durum, District 11
  • Petiola Midrib, District 11
  • Ivory Northman, District 12
  • Silvermist Gone, District 12

you to include; name, district, age, strengths, weaknesses, appearance, personality, a lunaii if possible would be very much appreciated, and history if you want. Please, do both male and female from each district. This is my fifth hunger game so there will most likely be reapings. There will definitely be chariot rides, interviews, the games, final eight interviews, victor interview, returning home, and maybe the victory tour depending on how many comments I get following the aftermath of the games. Enter your tributes below and good luck!

I may add a twist to this games as 68 is may favorite number.... >:D

Post Lunaii's on my talk page please!


District Female Tribute Place User District Male Tribute Place User
District 1 Female Colbie Cain (13) 10th Clove1001 District 1 Male Bone Scart (13) 22nd Akuhano
District 2 Female Suko Yoshida (17) 19th Kenzen11 District 2 Male Chisel Jaws (16) VICTOR Kenzen11
District 3 Female Destiny Bow (13) 9th Brony12 District 3 Male Gauge Down (15) 11th Brony12
District 4 Female Misty Blue (18) 12th Nate777 District 4 Male Logan Blue (18) 7th Nate777
District 5 Female Twinkle Night (15) 4th Jabberjay78 District 5 Male Spike Owens (17) 5th Jabberjay78
District 6 Female Pema Alderwheel (17) 20th Rockman117 District 6 Male Golden Hawbrook (18) 2nd Rockman117
District 7 Female Cherri Blonde (15) 8th Foxface911 District 7 Male Max Blonde (?) 6th Foxface911
District 8 Female Juno Scarlet (15) 21st Something482 District 8 Male Zeus Leo (17) 16th Something482
District 9 Female Kasha Farro (13) 17th Necterine411 District 9 Male Bulgar Millet (17) 13th Necterine411
District 10 Female Corniella Goodland (12) 14th EffieLuna District 10 Male Pollen Beekeeper (13) 15th EffieLuna
District 11 Female Petiola Midrib (16) 23rd TDR97 District 11 Male Bulgar Durum (14) 3rd TDR97
District 12 Female Silvermist Gone (15) 24th Purplexmuffin District 12 Male Ivory Northman (17) 18th Purplexmuffin

“and may the odds be ever in your favor!” - Effie Trinket


The arena is located in a little valley deep in the mountains. Elevations range anywhere from 7,000 feet to

Arena pix1
Arena pix2
16,000 feet. Nights can be frigid even in the summer, and they days can be anywhere from 100 degrees f to 30 degrees f. Vegitation wise, be careful what you eat, not everything will keep you alive. There are many pine trees and Aspen trees along with juniper and sage.
Arena pix3
Preditors and game stalk about the undergrowth and watch
Arena pix4
your every move. Be careful what's out there, because you might not know what lies around the next bend in the river...


Huddled around their large, fancy televisions, the people of the Capitol anxiously await the reapings for the upcomming games. All at once, the televiosions flicker to life and the emblem of District One appears on the screen.

District 1

Ryley Cayllyatt - I listen to the sweet chirp of the birds and the laughter of children on the street. Today is reaping day-the day where the tow kids who have prepared their entire lives for this moment get to go to the Capitol and try to bring home a victory. I, being only twelve, will not be competing,let alone volnteering. I follow my mother and father into the beautiful square. Joining my friends in the area roped off especially for twelves, we listen to the mayor drown on about the Dark Days and this years Hunger Games. The female tribute is called, and somehow it is the girl who planed to volunteer. Then a mean boy in my grade shoves me into view. "It looks like we have a volunteer!" The escort calls. What? No! I have no choice but to wander up to the stage. The male tribute, Bone Scart, volunteers for his little sister who was reaped. Both of the selected tributes to volunteer this year glare daggars at us. I shake hands with Bone, this small incident unites us.

District 2

Chisel Jaws - In the square, I stand with my friends, waiting to see who will die, or win this year. The girl is reaped. A cute twelve with blond hair and stiking blue eyes. As she marches shyly to the stage, an older girl Suko volunteers. I know her. She is the asian from school. All-of-a-sudden my name is called and I am being pushed up to the stage. No one volunteers for me. I shake hands with Suko and I hope I won't have to kill her.

District 3

Destiny Bow - I stand with the thirteen's in shock. Did they say my name or was I just imagining it. I don't know, but if it was real, I don't move. My best friend gives me a shove and I glance up and meet Gauge's gaze from across the square. He shrugs gently and nods toward the stage where they continue to call my name and peacekeepers scavenge the crowd. I sigh and nervously make my way onto the stage. People stare and murmurs run through the crowd. I take a seat shyly and lean back in the chair so the two front legs lift off the ground. Who will I fight this year? Who is going to do everything they can to make sure that I don't see the morning? I hear the boys name. My legs stiffen and I am flung from my chair by my own power. I touch the back of my head, blood dribbles in my hand. I look up and see Gauge's little brother standing infront of me. My vision blurs slightly and I see Gauge volunteer for his little brother. Gauge. Will he try to kill me too?

District 4

Misty murmurs slightly in her sleep. This is the one day of the year that we can really sleep in. Even though we are rich enough, we still rise early and enjoy the day. I glance at the small wall clock I gave Misty yesterday. We have a half hour until the reaping-we need to go. I gently shake her from her sleep and leave her to dress. We arrive at the square just-in-the-nick-of-time. I kiss Misty good-bye and wish her luck even though I know it's pointless. There is no way either of us could be reaped. I wait patiently with the group of eighteen year-olds and wait for the reapings. The girl's name is called. I didn't hear so I wait to see who mounts the stage. I nearly collapse. Misty. She stands with her back to me and I can see her tremble. Why is no one volunteering? Someone always volunteers in this District. The boys name is called and I can't volunteer fast enough. Tears inch down my cheeks as I run up to comfort her on stage. Why? I scream out as loud as I can. Why?

District 5

Twinkle Night - My father shakes me awake. Time to go, he whispers. I nod and crawl out from underneath the comforting covers. The whisps of lastnights nightmeres cling to the edges of my mind as I ready myself and my little brother for the reapings. I am old enough now not to be too shaken by the reapings, but this year I have a bad feeling. My brother is too young to be reaped, but the thought of losing him, or him losing me, is to much for me to bear. I blink the final tidbits of sleep from my eyes and enter the square with my father and brother. I sign in and nervously join the other fifteen year-olds in our roped off area. I spot my father through teh enblessly growing crowd and find him watiching me. I give him a reassuring smile. Hey twinkly, I would recognize that voice anywhere. Spike Owens. What do you want, I say. Only to wish you luck. His menacing smile burns in the back of my mind. Leave me alone, I growl. Well, atleast if I get reaped my family can fend for themselves. I gasp. How can he say that? He knows he went to far. I haul off and send my fist into his jaw. He can mess with me, but not with my family. When my name is called, I'm furious. Can this day get any worse? Obviously it can because Spike Owens is reaped too. I wonder if he will enjoy watching me die, or will he kill me so he can see in person?

District 6

Golden Hawbrook - Pema. How? How out of thousands of slips? How was she picked? I hold back tears and wait for her volunteer. No one, not a single person volunteers. I don't understand why. So many people adore her-I adore her. I flashback to when I first met her - My eyes were fixtated on her bouncing blonde hair. She smiled at me and said; Hi! I'm Pema! What's your name because I don't think I know you...? I smiled slightly. Being so shy, I whispered my name so quietly it was barely audiable. She asked me again; What's your name? I said it again, louder and stronger. She smiled back and said. I like you. Can we be friends? Good. We are friends. Her smile was all I saw after that. Her eyes and her hair. Everything. She was perfect. - GOLDEN HAWBROOK. What? I was reaped too? No! Now we can't be together. Now one or both of us will die. How will Pema ever know I love her?

District 7

Max Blonde - I run out of the woods and into my house. I lean with my back against the door panting. They were chasing me, they were. They were trying to get me. Max! My sister calls. Where were you? It's reaping day you know! Come on! Get ready. Ok, I thik. Reaping. No fun, but that means I'm safe from the chasers. I dress in my nicest clothes and clean my tail. It is a little knotted, but other than that it's ok from my run in the woods today. At the square, I stand with my sister. She trembles slightly. I know she's scared, but she is safe. The last Tiger Wolf is here to guard her. CHERRI BLONDE the escort calls. My sister balls her hands into feet and stumbles to the stage. I do a double take. I was protecting her. She was supposed to be safe! The boy is reaped. REAGAN ALEXTON. Before the eighteen year old can move I roar at the top of my lungs. I volunteer. The boy looks releaved. I sprint up and shove my sister behind me. The escort asks for my name. When she realizes we're sibblings she announces it. She doesn't realize I'm the last Tiger Wolf, the one who will die to let his sister live.

District 8

Zeus Leo - My parents deliver my brother and I to the square and leave us. I take my brother's small hand and lead him to the table where we sign in. I don't know what to do with him, he is to young to go into the roped off areas and my parents have virtually vanished. After we sign in, I wander through the crowd trying to find my parents. A Peacekeeper grabs me and wrestles me into the roped off area for my age. Wait, I yell. What about my brother? The Peacekeeper shrugs and wanders away. My brother waits just outside of my rope pen crying. I can't leave the ropes yet, but I want to comfort him and wipe away his tears. The girl is announced. Some super rich girl named Juno Scarlet walks up to the stage sobbing. I shake my head. She will be gone in te first few days. All of a sudden my name is called and I find my feet trudging toward the stage. Wait! What about my brother? I crane my neck and see he is surrrounded by parents asking him where his mommy and daddy are. I run back and grab him. I look into his pinched face and say to a parent next to me, find the Leo's those are our parents, but they might not take him. Please keep him safe! I let my brother go and turn to punch a Peacekeeper who falls unconsious at my feet. I walk to the stage alone.

District 9

Kasha Farro - I walk with my older sisters to the square. We sign in and they leave me for their own roped pens. I enter mine, the thirteen pen and stand anxiously with my friends. After a while, I begin to pace. What if I'm chosen? I think. Will my sisters volunteer for me? Of course they will. They're my sisters. I instantly relax and begin to joke with my friends. Then the reapings start. The girl is announced. It's me. Now I stand on the stage, alone, and my sisters stare back at me with nothing but content in their eyes. Why aren't you volunteering? I whisper. I stand until the boy is reaped. Who ever it is is lucky because another boy volunteered for him. A skinny, boy joins me on the stage and announces his name. Bulgar Millet. I don't know him, but I know he has more compassion than my sisters. He cared for the thirteen-year-old boy who was reaped.

District 10

Cornielia Goodland - Pollen and I walk to the reapings together. The mood is tense, but I can't help gushing over his adorable face. Sometimes I just want to kiss him, ok more than sometimes, but I can't. I don't think he sees us as more than best friends. We separate and go to our areas to wait through the reapings. He smiles at me and I make a face back and we're both laughing. I know I'm afraid that he'll be reaped and even more afraid that I'll be, but there's no way that he and I can be reaped so I relax a bit. The escort reaches her skelatol hand into the girls reaping ball and dawns a thin paper slip with perfect handwritting. Corniela Goodland. How? I did'nt sign up for tessera this year, but out of thousands of slips, my name was drawn. That can't be. I walk up to the menacing stage on silent cat feet and wait for my District Partner's name to be called. The escort reaches for the boys ball, Pollen Beekeeper. I begin to cry. Not just sniffles and a few tears, but it's like a waterfall has erupted from my eyes and pours down my face. I can't stop crying, not even to shake his hand.

District 11

Bulgar Durum - I hate the reapings, especially here in District 11. This is a day where I can't devote myself to anything. I can't make money, I can't gather and I can't do anything against the rules because the District is crawling with peacekeepers and camera crews and who know what else. At the sqaure I tune out the Mayor and focus on the trees that rise above the buildings and reach their lovely leaves and branches into the sky. Sometimes that's what I feel like. So close to grabbing something, but then your thousnads of miles away again. I feel like I'm always slipping. Suddenly, the girl's name is called. Petiola Midrib. Don't know her. Who cares. And suddenly I do because my name is called and I have to make my way to the stage. Everything about her I trake in because now this isn't a joke. It's more than serious. It's a deadly games that I have just become a part of.

District 12

Silvermist Gone - I stand in a daze. Was it my name that was just called or the girl standing next to me? Either way I don't move. Just stand there and stare at the stage. The I snap out foit. It was me. My name was called. It's still being called and Peacekeepers are marching toward me at this very second. I roll onto the balls of my feet and take off. I'm not a peice in the game. No, I'm something better. I'm the dice. I decide what happens now because I am in charge of my life in the arena. I dodge Peacekeepers and leap onto the stage in a single bound. The boy is reaped. A meek boy named Ivory makes his way onto the stage. I shake his hand and growl at him. He meets my eyes and snarls into my face. I back down instantly. What ever courage had possesed me is now gone. It's replaced by an unmistakeable fear.


"Moments before the District 1 Chariot was about to roll out into the city circle, Ryley Cayllyat, a twelve-year-old tribute from District 1 was killed. Her District Partner, Bone Scart, who was armed with a blade by his stylist, decided to use it to his advantage, and I don't mean just flashing it for the crowd. Just before the horses set into action, he killed his young District Parter. The chariot rides have been delayed a day so a new District 1 tribute can be collected."

Final District 1 Reaping

I felt a sack slip over top of my head and a hand place a gag in my mouth. What's hapening? I tried to scream. I was lifted from my bed and flung over a man's shoulder. They were running from my house. Before we left, a heard a note being written and placed on the counter. My parents started yelleing and I listened as they ran down the stairs. Where are you going with our daughter? I heard my dad scream. She is the new tribute for the 68th Hunger Games. The man carrying me replied. I heard my mom begin to sob. I was supposed to be the tribute next year. I was suppoesed to win next year. I still have so much training left! Why me? Why did they choose me?

Chariot Rides

Anxious eyes from all over Panem wait for the chariots to pull out into the City Circle for the second time. Cheers erupt as the white District 1 horses are spotted.

District 1

Colbie and Bone stand in the chariot as far as they can get from one another. They are wearing identical white tunics covered with thousands of sparkling jewels. They look stunning. Colbie's hair is in a beautiful updue with tinsel of every color entertwined into it. Bone holds a staff of sparkling jewels and smiles an evil smile, never taking his menacing eyes off of Colbie.

District 2

Chisel and Suko ride out in their chariot dressed in shimmering black body suits. Each has two blades strapped to their backs and. They faces are covered in designs in black makeup that create a menacing look about the two. Chisel pulls both blades from his back and screams as loud as he can. The crowd responds by cheering and yelling back at him. Chisel returns the call, but Suko joins him. The crowd love them and continue to scream.

District 3

The District 3 chariot pull out onto the streets, but there appears to be no one on board. There are whires that form two body shapes, but it appears that the actual tributes are not present. Suddenly, a bright flash lights the sky and draws attention in the waining night. The tribute smile briliantly. There faces are lit by wires that encircle their faces. The crowd likes them.

District 4

Misty and Logan sling to each other in their chariot. Their skin is died a deep sea green with patterns of gold swirling and shimmering giving the impression of waves. Misty and Logan's wrists are bound with a gold rope around each other so they can't spreat appart. Misty rests her head on Logan's shoulder while he rests his chin atop her head. As soon as they reach the City Circle, they kiss and an explosion of water and beautiful gold streamers. The crowd goes absolutely crazy.

District 5

Twinkle comes out wearing a grean and silver wrap dress that nicely compliments her form. Spike stands as close to Twinkle as he can and is wearing a light green and silver blazer. Twinkle's hair is in a beautiful braid that wraps around her head, but as she tries to push Spike away it begins to fall out. Suddenly, Spike reaches around her waste and draws her into a full kiss on the lips. She struggles and pulls away. Twinkle glares sharply at him, and after all those years of ruthless bullying she does the only thing she can; Twinkle hauls of and punches him as hard as she can. Spike falls down in the chariot unconsious. Twinkle watches him for a moment before staring down the chariot ahead of her. She once looked sweet and innocent, but now she appears dark and menacing. The crowd is shooked into silence.

District 6

The District 6 chariot pulls into view and the crowd is bored. The two tributes, Pema and Golden stand in white coats holding syringes of liquid. They are dressed as doctors. Just as the crowd is about to turn their attention away, Pema and Golden spray their syringes in the sky and they spell out DISTRICT 6 in large neon letters that 'pop' in the darkening sky. Then, the letters explode and candy rains down on the crowd.

District 7

Cherri and Max come out dressed as Tiger Wolves. Their stylists decided to take a spin on Max and how he thinks he is the last Tiger Wolf left in existance. Cherri is a white Tiger Wolf. She looks stunning with her makeup and efining features that make her beautiful. Max is black and all the crowd can see are his eyes and stripes because his stylist painted them in glowing stuff. Max howls and growls at the crowd, but the crowd just laughs at him. Max growls as loudly as he can and his sister flashes into a Tiger Wolf identical to Max. The crowd is impressed.

District 8

Juno and Zeus come out dressed as peacekeepers. This is nothing the crowd hasn't seen before. The tributes try hopelessly to keep the crowd's attention, but to no avail.

District 9

Kasha and Bulgar M. comeout dressed in sinning gold outfits to repressent the color of the leaves in the fall in their district. Kasha looks beautiful as she shines in the twilight. Bulgar M. looks horrific and attractive at the same time. The ladies are falling head over heals for him. Same with the men for Kasha.

District 10

Cornielia and Pollen come out dressed as bumble bees. They do their best not to laugh at one another and try to look good. Suddenly, Cornielia screams and Pollen does too. They're flying. When the two tributes figure out what's going on, they throw sparkles into the crowd and twirl and whirl in the air. Pollen does numerous flips and trys to look epic, which he does succeed in. Cornielia laughs the entire time and appears to be innocent. The crowd loves the pair and think they should fall in love.

District 11

Petiola and Bulgar D. come out dressed as fairies. They hold wands in their hands and have wings attatched tot heir backs. Petiola wears a shining green and yellow mini dress. She looks increasingly sexy. Bulgar D. has no shirt on and shows off his muscles and six pack. The crowd doesn't think they can love them more when the two tributes wave their wands and their fairy outfits turn into party clothes. Petiola now wears a silver and black mini dress with five inch high heels. Her skin has a silvery sparkle to it as she blows kisses to the crowd. Bulgar D. wears a black and silver blazer. He take one look at the jacket and shirt and rips them off. He is shirtless one again. The crowd chants the tribute's names.

District 12

Silvermist and Ivory ride out in their chariot dressed as coal miners, as usual. They are covered in coal dust, but the coal dust is weird. It glows red and orange and appears to be still on fire. The tributes faces begin to glow as well as any uncovered skin. Suddenly, they rip off the coal miner outfits to reveal tight leggings and tshirt for Silvermist and just shorts for Ivory. The light up the night in their chariot and put a surprising end to the chariot rides.

Training Scores

District Male Score Female Score
District 1 Bone Scart 5 Colbie Cain 8
District 2 Chisel Jaws 11 Suko Yoshida 9
District 3 Gauge Down 5 Destiny Bow 4
District 4 Logan Blue 10 Misty Blue 10
District 5 Spike Owens 3 Twinkle Night 6
District 6 Golden Hawbrook 8 Pema Alderwheel 5
District 7 Max Blonde 9 Cherri Blonde 2
District 8 Zeus Leo 8 Juno Scarlet 5
District 9 Bulgar Millet 9 Kasha Farro 7
District 10 Pollen Beekeeper 4 Cornielia Goodland 7
District 11 Bulgar Durum 8 Petiola Midrib 2
District 12 Ivory Northman 7 Silvermist Gone 6


- Caesar strides on to the brightly lit stage looking as confident as ever in his neon green get up. He smiles before introducing himself and the years Hunger Games in front of the screaming crowd. He explains a few things and makes a few jokes to warm up the audience before introducing Colbie Cain from District 1 -

Colbie Cain

- Colbie comes out and it's obvious right away her mentor is going for sexy. She wears a short, tight mini dress sparkling with jewels. It is not unlike Ryley's chariot rides out fit, but is looks beautiful on her anyway. -

"Hello, Colbie," Caesar calls as he welcomes her on stage. "What do you think of the Capitol so far?"

"It's a bit different from District 1." She says tauntingly. "Only bigger with more parties to attened."

"Very well, tell us about your family back home."

"I have a huge family. I'm the youngest, but who cares? It's hard being the only pretty one in the house." This gets a cheer from the crowd. Colbie smiles sweetly.

"And what about little Ryley? Did you know her?"

"You mean the girl who died before I was brought here? Yes, I did know her. I was hoping she would come home, she is my best friend, but now I know she will be by my side throughout the games."

"Touching, it looks like we have time for one more question - how about that 8 in training? Can you tell us anything about that without breaking the rules?"

"Well, it's not as high as I was hoping for, but it's really great anyway. I showed off my skills," Colbie stands up and tucks and rolls around the stage before launching herself over the couch and landing in a killing position on Caesar. The crowd screams loudly. "Like that."

"Righty then, there's the buzzer, thank you Colbie Cain of District 1. Next up we have her District partner. Bone Scart."

Bone Scart

- Bone marches on to the stage wearing a white blazer. It hangs a little loose on him, but he doesn't care. -

"Hi Caesar," Bone starts.

"Why hello Bone. How did you like your chariot ride? I think we all want to know." Caesar winks at the audience.

Bone growls. "That little girl was annoying the heck out of me and I just wanted the games to start. Also, I'm more lethal than the gamemakers think. Giving me that five was not what I was hoping for..."

Caesar looks a bit firghtened. "Ok, um.... how's District 1?"

"Normal." Bone snarls.

"Ok, what about the Capitol? How do you like it?"


"And your stylist? Do you like her?"

"No. She dressed me in white."

"Well you do look sharp."


Caesar reaches over and hits the buzzer. "And that's all the time we have! Next up, District 2!"

Suko Yoshida

- Suko walks on stage in a full length red gown. Her hair is curled and up on her head. She wears huge high heals and some in the crowd marvel at the fact that she can actually walk in them. -

"How are you doing tonight, Suko?" Caesar starts with this popular girl. "Are you enjoying the Capitol so far?"

"I'm fine, thank you very much and I love the Capitol." She puts on a fake smile for the crowd. "The lights and the food and the outfits are amazing! I feel like I'm at a never ending party. I can't believe I'm actually here..."

"Very well, tell us about your home? Any one special?"

"Well, I've always been popular so I've always been able to get anyone I want and I don't really want anyone at the moment so no. No one special."

"Hmmmm.... Ok, well how about that training score? Tell us about that."

"I just did what I was trained to do and nothing more. Obviously it impressed the gamemakers."

"And what about the clothes here? Do you like them?"

"Do I like them? I LOVE them!!! The fabrics are so soft and they caress my body like no boy ever has. If I get home I know exactly what I'm going to do!"

"Well, I think we would all like to see that happen. Sorry, we're out of time, thank you Suko Yoshida. Next up Chisel Jaws!"

Chisel Jaws

- Chisel mounts the stage wearing nothing but shorts and a loosly fitting tank top that shows off his muscular body. The ladies in the crowd sigh as they watch him. He winks and blows a kiss in their direction. One hundred hands reach out to catch his kiss. -

"Well, seems like the ladies already love you." Caesarr says.

"Yep." Chisel says. "It's hard not to love these babies." He flexes his muscles and his name is screamed.

Caesar laughs and tried to flex his own muscles which, if they were visible, would sag loosely. "Talk about your eleven in training. The last time we saw that... well we haven't seen it recently have we?"

"I'm not supposed to tell exactly what I did, but I didn't do my best. I can do much better. Just wait until the arena when I can actually show you what I can do." Chisel snarls as he flexes his muscles again.

"Who wants to see that?" Caesar asks the audience. He is answered by screams and cheers. "Looks like you've got some fans already."

"I would hope so."

The rest of the interview is exciting banter between Caesar and Chisel. "Thank you Chisel Jaws of District 2, Next up, District 3."

Destiny Bow

- Destiny comes out in a navy blue knee length dress that shimmers with the light. There are stars on it that light up very brightly, some clusters of stars are really big giving the impression of electricity in a city. She looks stunning -

"Hello there, Destiny," Caesar starts. "Can I just say you look amazing?"

Destiny blushes slightly. "Thanks," she says timidly.

"So, what's is the best part of the Capitol to you so far?"

"Well, the steak they serve here is really good - especially the gravy sauce." She cracks a small smile.

"There she is," says Caesar. "How is the competition sizing up in your eyes?"

"Oh, well, the career tributes seem really....different this year. Don't get me wrong, they're scary none-the-less, but some of them don't scare me as much. The other tributes, not the careers, are generally good competition. I don't know how well I size up to them when I only got a four in training. It's one of the lowest scores out of the twenty-four!"

"How do you think she sizes up?" Caesar asks the audience. He is answered by loud cheers. The audience likes this timid determined girl. Then the buzzer sound. "Well, that's it for Destiny Bow of District 2! Next up, Gauge Down."

Gauge Down

- Gauge comes onto stage wearing an electrified tuxedo. His hair is moosed up and is spikey in all different angles. He looks pretty jazzy. -

"Wow, Gauge," Caesar says. "You're looking electrified tonight."

"Hey, Caesar," Gauge greets him like an old friend. "I know right. I feel like I've just been elcetricuted."

"Well, you look like it too. So, let's get down to business. Got any idea what you're going to do in the arena?"

Gauge laughs. "Oh, you know, survive."

Caesar laughs too. "And how do you expect to do that? Electrify everyone?"

"Exactly. See, I've had a bit of experience in this idustry and well, I don't have to be close when they die. No one will know it's me."

"Ok, you do know that you just told your entire strategy to your fellow tributes, right?" The crowd leans in.

"And that's why I lied."

The buzzer sounds and Gauge leaves the stage. "District 4!" Caesar calls.

Misty Blue

- Misty dances on to stage wearing a flowing, one shoulder gown colored like the sea. With every turn she makes the dress flows around her like waves. Her skin is covered with blue, green, and gold stencils. She is unforgettable. -

"Hi Caesar!" Misty says kindly.

"Why, hello Misty, how are you feeling today?" Caesar asks.

"Like a star. I feel so beautiful in this dress."

Caesar smiles."Well, it is stunning on you."

"Thank you..."

"And how about that training score? A ten? That's very impressive."

Misty blushes, "It wasn't like I didn't not try, but I knew I had to impress the gamemakers so I had a good chance in the games."

"Very nice, do you have a special someone back home?"

"Not exactly."

"What do you mean? You have to have a boyfriend, your to much of a beautiful sweetheart not too."

"Um.... well...... I'm married."

"To who?" The crowd leans in eagerly. This is the first married tribute they have ever seen.

"Logan," Misty turns her head and smiles at Logan who smiles back.

Just then the buzzer sounds. "Next up, Logan Blue."

Logan Blue

- Logan comes out wearing a blazer identical to the fabric of Misty's dress. His hair is flipped up at the front and the ladies in the crowd are all eyes. -

"So, Logan," Caesar starts. "Let's get strait to the point; how did you and Misty get in the same games together?"

"Well, Misty was reaped, and because she is incredibly talented with knives and tridents, the volunteer did nothing. No one volunteered for her and when the boy was reaped, I couldn't let her go into the arena alone with so many people out to get her. I volunteered before anyone else could. I got an incredibly stern talking to from the mayor about how the reaping system works in District 4, but there was nothing anyone could do about it."

"So, now in the Capitol, how are you going to deal with this?" Caesar asks innocently.

"I don't know what we're going to do." Logan says honestly. "I want to come home and be with Misty, but that's not going to happen. I think our best bet is if I somehow sacrifice myself to save her."

The crowd gasps at Logan's acceptance of death so early in the games. Misty almost falls out of her chair. "No Logan!" she cries. "You will not die to save me!"

"Misty, there is no other way." Logan says.

"Logan, no you won't," she starts to cry. "Not for me."

Logan gets up from his chair and runs over to Misty. He craddles her in his arms even as the buzzer sounds. All the camera's are focused on their desperate faces.

"Thank you," Caesar says solumnly. "District 4. Up next, District 5."

Twinkle Night

- Twinkle comes onto the stage wearing a sunset to evening colored dress with small glowing stars. Her hair is done in a side ponytail and is curled at the end. -

"Hi there Twinkle," Caesar says. "How are you enjoying the Capitol so far?"

"I am truely amazed. The lights just remind me of stars and the food is delicious." Twinkle says whimzily.

Caesar smiles. "What about your family? Can you tell us about them?"

"Well, my father and brother are watching me live right now.....I love you daddy!" She gives a small smile to herself. "I miss them a lot, and I really hope I will be able to see them again..."

"I do too," Caesar says. "Tell us ab-"

Caesar is rudely interrupted by the sining of a song from the tribute chairs. "Twinkle, twinkle, little loser! How I wonder how you'll die? Up above, blown sky high? Down below, stabbed stait through? Twinkle, twinkle little loser, how I wonder how you'll die!" Spike smirks happily when he sees the horrified look on Twinkle's little face.

"Spike!" She cries out, almost in tears. "Please, stop!"

"What?" Spike yells loudly. "What do you want loser? Oh, you want me to continue?" He starts the song over.

"No! No, no ,no, NO! Spike, stop!" Twinkle's tears run freely down her cheeks. "Please..."

Caesar can't watch anymore. "Spike, stop it. Now."

"No." Spike smirks. "I like watching her cry. I can't wait to kill her either, cus she will cry then too."

"Just this once, Spike, can you really stop? Am I not allowed a single shred of dignity to clutch in the games?" Twinkle is breaking down. "I hate you, Spike!"

"I hate you too Twinkle." Spike says. He leaps onto the stage in his neon green spiked outfit and punches Twinkle in the jaw. She is knocked to the ground and blood spews from her mouth. Without thinking, she leaps on Spike and puts him in a head lock. He gasps in pain as Twinkle squeezes like she is going to break his neck.

"Easy.." Caesar says cautiosly as peacekeepers take Spike off stage. He struggles like no other.

"I'm so sorry," Twinkle says quietly.

"It's ok Twinkle," Caesar says helping her up. "Your turn is up, do you want some ice?"

Twinke nods. As she leaves the stage, the crowd is amazed at her skill. She has become a popular tribute.

Spike Owens

"Spike Owen's interview will be skipped. Up next, District 6!" Caesar calls.

Pema Alderwheel

- Pema struts onto stage wearing a puffy green, white, and orange dress decked with feathers. She looks a little bit like a bird, but pretty none the less. -

"Hello Pema," Caesar says glad to have a hopefully easy interview. "You look lovely tonight."

"Thank's Caesar," Pema smiles. "I wasn't so sure about it before I put it on, but I really like it now."

"Do you want to show the crowd?"

"Yes!" Pema jumps up and twirls aroung the stage giggling the entire time.

"Just lovely," Caesar comments. "How do you like the Capitol so far? What's your favorite part?"

"The Capitol is really cool so far. My favorite part must be.... the.... um.... Cranberry Pie! I know it doesn't sound that great, I mean cranberrys...., but I really do enjoy it. Especially if you cover it with whipped cream."

"Sounds delectable," Caesar comments. "Tell us about your family and friends back home, anyone special you want to talk about?"

"Do you have anyone in mind?" Pema asks Caesar. "You seem to want specifics."

Caesar laughs, uncomfortabe. "How about a guy. A boyfriend of a sort."

"Oh," Pema says. "Not a boyfriend...., although having one might be nice......, I have a best friend though. His name is Golden Hawbrook and he is sitting over there," Pema points with one finger, but is interrupted by the buzzer.

"Out of time, that was Pema Alderwheel. Next up, her District Partner, Golden Hawbrook!"

Golden Hawbrook

- Golden marches on stage wearing a white blazer with green accents. He looks stylish and sexy, but he might ruin the look with his shyness. -

"Hi there Golden," Caesar says. "How's the Capitol treating you so far?"

"Fine," Golden says.

"So how about that training score, eh? An eight's pretty good."


"Ok, what did you think of your chariot ride?"


Caesar sighs, another tough tribute with a shell to hard to crack. "Do you want to tell us about your family?"


"Your life?"


"Your pets."


"Ok! Do you hve any special girls at home?" Caesar is getting nervous.


"Can you tell us about her?"

"I don't want too..."

Caesar lets Golden get the better of him. "Well you have too!"

"Fine," Golden growls. "Her name is Pema. She is my best friend, and my only love. She came here with me tonight and I have no idea how I'm going to get her home. I have loved her from the first moment I met her and if anyone lays a finger on her they will die a brutal, painful death." Golden almost yells this and then he marches angrily from the stage. Pema is shocked.

".....and that's it for District 6...! heh, District 7 is next..." Caesar says.

Cherri Blonde

- Cherri comes out wearing a dark green mini dress with brown accents. Her shoes somehow resemble vines reaching up her legs. Her hair is done in simple curls. -

"Cherri Blonde, don't you look lovely tonight," Caesar says.

"Thanks, Caesar," Cherri replies. "I do always try to look my best!"

"It shows."

"Your to kind!"

"I try. How do you like the Capitol so far?" Caesar asks.

"It's lovely, it truely is. I wish I could stay here for the time being and just see everything that it has to offer."

"Insighttful. Can you tell us about your family?"

"Well, I live with my aunt - because my parents are in jail - and my brother."

"About your brother, isn't he here with us tonight?"

"Max, yes he is here. I wish he wasn't, but he is."

"That's to bad, how are you going to get around this?"

"I don't know," Cherri says whistfully as the buzzer sounds.

"Next up, Max Blonde of District 7," Caesar calls.

Max Blonde

- Max bounds onto stage in a black blazer, but it has been torn to shreds. His muscular body shows through and his stylist has made him a new tail. His new tail is black with bolts of bright green streaking through it. He is the scariest tribute all night. -

"Hi there....Max," Caesar says.

"Hey," Max growls.

"Tell us about your...uh....get up," Caesar says unsurly. The crowd giggles behind hands.

"It's not a get up."

"Max, you don't usually look like this."

"No, you're right, I don't, but I do now. I'm a Tiger Wolf."

"A what?"

"A Tiger Wolf. The only reason you haven't heard of one is because I'm the last one. Once I die, our species will be extinct."

"You said, quote, 'once I die' what does that mean?"

"It means that my sister will be coming home without me." Max says reluctantly.

"You sound determined about that."

"It's the nature of a Tiger Wolf to be protective, so that's what I'm doing and going to do." The buzzer sounds and Max leaves the stage, a trail of laughter follows in his midist.

"That's it for the uncany District 7, next up, District 8."

Juno Scarlet

- Juno appears on stage wearing a scarlet red dress that is tight around the torso and has a train on the left side. Her hair is done in a complex updue with long ruby earings hanging from her ears. She is stunning in her five inch high heels. -

"Juno Scarlet," Caesar says warmly. "Welcome to the stage. Don't you look stunning tonight?"

"Thanks Caesar!" Juno says happily. "I just love the outfit my stylist designed for me. I was a bit leery about it at first, but then when I put it on, I was mistified. It fits my personality so well and I just love the way it makes my eyes glow."

"You sound like you are just dying to show the crowd...." Caesar says.

"Oh please Caesar? Can I?"

"You may young lady, show us what you got!"

Juno stands up and dances a little bit infront of the crowd. She smiles and twirls and enjoys the cheers and hoots from the crowd. Her hair falls out a bit, but she never stumbles. As she takes her seat she steadied herself on the arms of the soft leather chair.

"You were so beautiful!" Caesar chimes. "Now, let's get to the good stuff, how do you like District 8?"

"Well," Juno says. "I wish it was nicer, less violence, more riches and beauties."

"Very nice, good opinion. Can you tell us about your family?"

"No." Juno says sassily. "Not really, they're nothing improtant."

"Well we want to know something about you," Caesar argues.

"Look, I already said no, so get over it."

"Please, Juno."


The buzzer sounds. "And thats all the time we have where we learned absolutely nothing about Juno Scarlet besides the fact that she's a stuck up snob!" The crowd burst out in laughter. "Next up, Zeus Leo!"

Zeus Leo

- Zeus comes out onto stage wearing a navy blazer with lightning strikes all over it. His hair is spiked up in an attractive way and he looks amazing. -

"Well...hello there Zeus." Caesar says slyly. "Aren't you a hunk." The crowd screams in approval.

"Hey there Caesar, I guess," Zeus pauses to flex his muscles. "a hunk would be a term used for all of this."

Caesar laughs with the crowd. "Great. So, what do you do at home?"

"I run, work on my skills." Zeus says arrogantly. "You know."

"A guy like you has got to hav a girl, you got one?"

"Uh.... uh.... yes. Her name is...uh Samantha......and she has..... brown hair......" Zeus stutters. "and she is....nice."

"Ok then...." Caesar says. "Ladies," he guestures to the crowd. "take that as 'I'm free it you want me'." The crowd cheers.

"How do you like the Capitol? What's your Favorite part?"

"I like all the weapons they have here. It's pretty cool to see."

"Very nice, and it looks out of time," Caesar says as he watches the clock tick down to zero. "Next up, District 9."

Kasha Farro

- Kasha approaches Caesar wearing a dark green dress with dashes of yellow and other foresty colors running throught it. She gives the impression of a forest scene. If she was in one, she would likely disappear.-

"Hi there Kasha," Caesar says. "How are you tonight?"

"Good," she says shyly. "A little nervous, I guess."

"Well, don't be. It's really simple. Just answer the questions I ask with your heart and the crowd will love you, end of story."


"Tell us about your family, do you miss them?"

"Well, I was really scared when I got reaped because my sisters didn't volunteer for me. My mother is sick a lot, so she can't provide steadily for our family, so I do, but it's really hard because I don't know how." Kasha lies.

"What about your father?"

"Oh," she says sadly. "He...he..." Kasha burst into tears. Her small frame crouches and she curls into a ball. Sobs wrack her body as tears stream down her face making the minimal make up run on her face. Caesar tries to comfort her, but to no avail. Finally, just before the buzzer, she pulls herself together. "Sorry," she wimpers. "My father died and it was a really big shock to me. I had never needed to suport my family and if I don't make it home they might starve."

The buzzer sounds and the crowd watches the crestfallen girl make her way off stage. Their hearts go out to her and many sympathise toward her. "Next up, Bulgar Millet!" Caesar chimes.

Bulgar Millet

-Bulgar strides confidently onto stage and smiles brutally. His blazer accents his face nicely, but in a way that makes him look menacing. -

"Hi there Bular!" Caesar smiles. "How's tonight going for ya?"

"Fine," Bulgar says. "just another step before the games."

"Hmmm..." Caesar thinks. "Are you excited for the games?"

"Yes, and no. I want to win and come home to care for my parents, but at the same time, there is a small, and I mean very small, thought in my head that I wont win and that I wont make it home to care for my parents."

"Do you think you have a chance?"

"Oh yea. I will be a threat in the arena. Whatever fights I get into with anyone of these tributes will be a good bloody one. I am not easy to beat."

"Sounds good. Have you been training at home?"

"Secretly. I hid it from my parents because I didn't want them to worry about me. They already had enough to worry about as tehy watched each of my siblings die. I started after the third one and have trained ever since. This year, I decided I was ready, and now I'm here. Simple as that."

"Great," Caesar pauses as the buzzer screams. "That was Bugar Millet of District 9, Next up, District 10."

Corniela Goodland

- Corniela lopes onto stage wearing a flowing green and yellow dress. She gives the color of golden corn in her dress and shines wonderfully. -

"Hello there Corniela!"

"Hi Caesar," she smiles briliantly.

"So, how's life in District 10?"

"It's good. I love all the nature that I live around and the people I know and see often just make me happy."

"Who do you hang out with?"

"Mostly my best friend. We have done everything together since we were little. I don't even think we hide to many secrets from each other, just the private ones."

"Like what? may I ask."

"Um, well, I don't know if I should tell you, cus he might hear." She says fearfully.

"Well it's not like you can see the reaction on his face since he is so far away and safe at home."

"That's the thing, he's not safe at home. He's here."

As the buzzer chimes loudly, the crowd is shocked into silence as the small girl makes her way off stage in tears. "Up next, Pollen Beekeeper."

Pollen Beekeeper

- Pollen comes out in a bright yellow blazer with little bees imprinted into the fabric. His stylist beems at the sight of him. The crowd knows that the stylist used Pollen's name as an inspiration. -

"So, Pollen, what do you do in District 10?" Caesar starts.

"Well, other than tending bees," the crowd roars in laughter at a statement they think is false. "I spend my time with this really cool girl I met a long time ago."

"Now I have to ask, who is this mistery girl?"

"Well, I'm not going to tell you, but she'll know when she figures it out."

"What do you have? A rhyme?"

"Actually, yes and no, its a play on words I guess or a riddle of a sort." He clears his throat.

Green eyes stare

about a thin gold mist

out of a field of fresh snow.


no snow falls here.

Just the rain of present pain

that is hidden behind

a wall as hard as stone.

The crowd silently waits for more, but none is forthcoming. A single clap starts a rain of others and now the crowd cheers happily for the young boy. The buzzer sounds and Caesar introduces District 11.

Petiola Midrib

- Petiola comes out wearing a soft greenish golden dress that flows about her like a feild of barley. Her face is accented with flecks of gold. She looks serene and beautiful. -

"Hi Petiola!" Caesar begins. "What do you think of your outfit tonight?"

"Well, I think my stylist did do a good job...., but I wish there was more orange. He dyed my hair golden brown! It's really orange and it just makes me sad that he tried to hide me." Petiola says sadly.

"Well, that's a shame. I'm guessing your favorite color is... orange?"

"By far! It's so radiant, and so me." Sudden;y, she looks up and sees the crowd watching her.

"What do you think of the Capitol so far?"

"Um..." she says shyly. "It's good."

"Petiola, did you go hide in your shell?"


"Then come dazzle the crowd."

"Um, no thanks."

"Oh come on."

"I said I don't want to!" She growls darkly.

Caesar rears back in surprise and the crowd smirks at Caesar's expense. Suddenly the buzzer sounds and Petiola leaves the stage without a sound. "Next up, Bulgar Durum." Caesar says softly.

Bulgar Durum

- Bulgar comes out looking smart in a blazer accented in fawn. He keeps his eyes down cast and shakes Caesar's hand before he sits down. -

"So, Bulgar, tell us about District 11? What's it like there?"

"The grounds flower consistantly all year round and the air is the freshest it gets, but that doesn't matter. What matters is what you think of the Capitol." Bulgar uses his clever mind to turn the question back to Caesar.

"Well, I think the Capitol is wonderful." Caesar says awkwardly. "How do you like it?"

"I think it should keep it's nose out of my buisness, but your nose is probably big enough for all of the Capitol so you can take the blame, right?"

Caesar blushes and touches his nose. "What about your family?"

"Average, you know. I look like them they look like me, does your family all have noses the size of yours? I feel bad for them."

The crowd roars in laughter. "Uh.... um, ok tell me about your outfit."

"What's to say? It's a blazer. "You, on the other hand, do you have a sense of fasion? At all? Atleast your hair complimets your nose, just kidding. Oh yea, you forgot to dye your nosehair." Bulgar adds.

The crowd laughs harder and Caesar shrinks back in his chair embarassed. He doesn't even hit the buzzer. "Next up, District 12"

"Next up, District 12," Bulgar mocks as the crowd cheers him off stage.

Silvermist Gone

- Silvermist comes out wearing a black and silver minidress. Her hair falls in stunning curls and her pink bangs look nice with the silver. Her chin is up high. -

Ok, I'm just going to move on and skim district 12. I'm so sorry if this is unfair, but these are moving so slow its comical.

Silvermist presents herself as a sweet loving girl who is looking for dominance. The crowd thinks she has a good chance, but her strategy is a little shaky.

Ivy Northman

- Comes out wearing a gray blazer that looks like it has been covered in a light layer of coaldust. -

Ivy presents himself as kind and loving and powerful. The crowd is doubtfull he will make it far.

**A Slight Twist...**

There will be no sponsoring in these games. Instead, everysponsor/user can try and set a trap for an opponent. I will decide if the trap will work or not, so try to be creative and original because the more I like them, the more they will work.

The Games

"Let the games begin!" Claudius calls. The cheers from the crowds roar through the speakers and increase the nerves of the tributes.

Day 1: The Spilling of Lover's Blood

In Twinkle Night's Perspective -

23 tributes rise on their plates around me. My chest rises softly and I'm surprised at the calm that comes over me. I spot a set of knives leaning up against the Cornucopia, right in the thick of the unavoidable bloodbath. My mentor wouldn't want me to go for it, if i wasn't in the games and a friend was, I wouldn't want them to go for it either, but since I am here, I'll go for it. Who knows if I'll ever get the chance to get another weapon in the games? It turn my gaze to Spike who stares evily at me. He knows I'm going for the knives. Should I not risk it? He's going to try and kill me.

In Chisel Jaws' Perspectiive -

The gong sounds and I'm moving instantly. I am one of the first to the Cornucopia and I see the knives. I almost grab them when I see the glimmering longsword behind them. I snatch it up quickly and turn to face my opponents. I see the little District 12 girl sprinting toward me. I lunge and stab her through the chest. The light fades from her eyes and I smile. First kill of the games. Misty, Logan, and Suko join me for our prearranged Career Alliance and each take a side of the Cornucopia.

In Colbie Cain's Perspective -

I slow down on my sprint to the Cornucopia.... the Careers have every side guarded. I see the bow waiting for me at the top. How do I get it? Suddenly, the boy from 5 slams into me and we both tumble to the ground. I push him off and as he unawarely distracts Suko, the career on my side, I run up the Cornucopia and grab my beautiful bow and arrows and a pack. Slinging the pack over my shoulder I sprint from the Cornucopia. I escaped without the Careers notice, but the girl from 11 is after me. She tackles me and I hit her with my bow. Quickly loading an arrow I shoot it into her heart. I get up and rip it out quickly. As I run into the lovely forest her flesh still clings to the arrow tip.

In Juno Scarlet's Perspective -

I follow Zeus to the Cornucopia and run behind him as he grabs three knives. He fights his way past Misty and grabs a huge backpack from the Cornucopia. I stand and wait for him only ten feet from Misty and when she sees me she laughs. She doesn't realize Zeus is helping me, well he doesn't know yet either, but as he runs by her and then my he punches someone behind me. A girl shrieks. I turn to see Zeus running away and the District 6 girl in front of me with a knife.

In Misty Blue's Perspective -

I watch Juno and Pema stare at each other. It's obvious neither can fight so I run up with my trident and stab Juno strait through. She collapses with my trident stil in her while I chase after Pema with my knife. She almost out runs me when I throw my knife and hit her in the back of the head. I hear Golden wail from somewhere in the forest. He shouldn't be so hard to kill when the time is right either.

In Golden Hawbrook's Perspective -

Seeing Pema fall with that knife in the back of her head spikes rage inside me. I almost run and fight Misty, but with the bloodbath ending, I know I need to move before the Careers come after me. As I jog, I notice how little cover there is. The Aspen trees aren't strong enough to climb and the plants are numerous but not thick. I decide to follow the valley for a while and then hike the steep valley sides. After a few hours, the canons sound. I stop and catch my breath while I count. Five. One is Pema. I'll avenge her.

In Gauge Down's Perspective -

Five, only five were killed in the bloodbath. That means the Careers will be out early. Destiny and I climb toward a rocky outcrpping. I carry a pack and a small axe. She carries two loaves of bread and a bottle of water. The altitude is hitting me now and once we reach the rocks we stop and check out our supplies. In my pack there's an empty water bottle, a small bottle of iodine, a first aid kit, and a thermal sleeping bag. We smile happily at each other. We lucked out in supplies, for the most part. We decide to stay. As the day grows dark, the anthem begins and we turn our tiered faces to the sky.

Day 1: Deaths

Silvermist Gone - Chisel Jaws

Petiola Midrib - Colbie Cain

Bone Scart - Max Blonde

Juno Scarlet - Misty Blue

Pema Alderwheel - Misty Blue

Day 2: A Deathy Confrontation

In Max Blonde's Perspective -

Sweat drips down my cheeks as I run. The morning air rushes in and out of my lungs with every breath and the waking of the forest sounds unfamiliar to me. My freshly cleaned claws dig into the mud as I run and it reminds me of the way I killed bone yesterday. I shiver. One less person to come after my beautiful sister, Cherri, but still the tearing of the flesh at my paws was almost unbearable. I slept fitfully throughout the first night and woke early this morning to search for Cherri. I've been running for hours without so much as a trace of another person, although I'm still on her scent trail.

In Logan Blue's Perspective -

The bloodbath was considered unsucessful by us careers. Misty had two kills, which has probably made her a sight in the Capitol. That's good for her. She has a better chance. Chisel had a kill, but neither Suko nor I did. Now, we track a pair of footsteps carelessly concealed by their owner.

In Ivy Northman's Perspective -

I wake with a start. The sun is high in the sky and I know I need to move. I gather my few things; a nine-inch knife and a small pack that holds a thermal sleeping bag. I walk at first, but fear soon grips me and I run. Panic is setting in when I realize my footsteps from last night were hardly concealed. I know the careers will be on my trail, they most likely already are. I need a plan. I see the rocky hill to my right and run up it. My footsteps gone. A large grove of pine trees stands at the top.

In Bulgar Durum's Perspective -

Petiola's death wasn't what I expected yesterday. I thought she would have lasted longer, but everyone dies in this world. I hike through a feirld of stone and high mountain grass. There is no cover, but I'm far from the valley floor far below me. I grip my trident, the closest thing to a pitchfork I could find, and continue my hike. Suddenly, the small career pack bursts out of the trees below. They seemed to be following a path of somesorts.Suddenly, they turn up the hill, toward me. Without a second thought I dive into the tall plants beside me. I poke my head above the grass and see them, but they haven't seen my. The stride toward the pines to my right.

In Suko Yoshida's Perspective -

We start to run up the hill toward the huge trees. I can feel the anticipation rising in my companions bones and I feel the same. We run into the thicket and look around. It's empty. Logan growls in frustration.

"I know somebody is in here!" Logan snarls.

"Or you were wrong." Chisel accuses.

"Hey! I know they're here! I know!"

"Really? Because obviously there is NO one here!" Chisel and Logan are at each other's throats.

"Stop!" I cry. "Let's just go look somewhere -"

I look over as Misty cries out in fear. The skimpy District 12 boy holds her with a knife at her neck. The blood drains from Logan's face as fear grips his mind. I hold my weapon tightly.

"Let her go," Logan threatens. "Or i'll do it for you." He steps forward and points his sword at the boy.

Suddenly blood begins to drip from Misty's neck where the knife is. "You're really gonna do that?" The boy smirks.

"No, please, let her go," Logon cries. "Please."

In Ivy Northman's Perspective -

It feels good to have the Careers at my mercy. Logan's expression is laughable and I smirk as Misty trembles in my hands.

"Oh, come on," Chisel says. "let's just go."

"No!" Logan screams.

Suddenly, a figure bursts through the trees and speers the asian girl with his trident. Her canon fires instatly and the large boy rips his trident from her now lifeless body. Without a second glance I drop my hands from Misty's neck and make a break for it, but I'm to slow. I feel the trident enter my stomach and see the ground rush up at me. I scream in pain as he rips it form my body. I lay, waiting for death, as I know it is coming now. Darkness swirls in an endless abyss before me and I can't stop myself from falling.

In Bulgar Durum's Persepcetive -

I have no idea why I ran right into that, but I know I just killed two tributes and the Careers are no where near ready to fight me. I mean, Logan cradles Misty in his arm repeatedly asking her is she's ok and Chisel just stares around, his sword dangling in his hand. I take the quiet moment to point my bloody trident at Logan.

"You owe me, big time." I snarl. The way the light drains from his eyes lets me know he has heard me completely.

I smirk and disappear into the forest.

In Golden Hawbrooke's Perspective -

I smile sweetly through the trees just so the cameras can see. I have to say, the careers are a sad bunch this year. Except for Chisel, who is dangerous. Well, obviously not that dangerous as he hasn't noticed me following him all day, but I'm not looking to kill him....yet.

Misty will die at my hands.

Day 2: Deaths

Suko Yoshida - Bulgar Durum

Ivy Northman - Bulgar Durum

Day 3: Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

In Twinkle Night's Perspective -

Last night, I saw Spike. He undoubtedly was searching for me, but luckily I spent the day in the trees. I woke early this morning to a quarrling squirrel above and I made an easy kill. After quickly cooking the meat, I set out for the day. I've been hiking to the end of the narrow valley and munching on the squirrel as I go. Suddenly, two tributes burst from the trees fear plain on their faces. Kasha runs behind them, a glittering sword in her hands and another one strapped to her back.

In Kasha Farro's Perspective -

I'm closing in on the young lovers. They run fearfully from me and it's almost petty what they would do for each other. We burst from the trees and another tribute stands stunned mid-step. I continue quickly after the two, but suddenly a sharp pain burns in my calf. I look up to see the District Five girl standing with a handful of knives. I turn on her, but it's too late. She quickly fires two more knives into my chest and a stumble and fall to the ground. All I can think of is the fire in my chest and my shollowing breaths. The girl from Five stands over me. "Sorry," she says just before she slits my throat.

In Pollen Beekeeper's Perspective -

I stop when I hear the canon. The tribute we passed stands over Kasha's motionless body with blood on her hands. Quickly, she removes her knives and picks up Kasha's swords. With one motion she sprints up to me and puts the tip of the sword to my neck. Fire in her eyes, she takes a step closer.

"Don't kill us," I blurt out stupidly.

"And why shouldn't I?" She asks. "I think it'd be pretty easy."

"Because....because..." I say trying to find an answer.

"Because we want to ally with you," Corninella says covering for me.

"If I allied with you, I'm not saying I am, but what good would you two be for me? You guys are just underaged lovers."

"Uh... no." Corninella says. "Atleast I don't think we are..." She glances quickly at me and I shrug.

"We can divise a plan or something to get Spike or the Careers or something," I pitch in.

"Ok," She says lowering her sword. "My name is Twinkle."

"Pollen and Corniella," I say introducing us.

Twinkle turns quickly and walks down the trail. I stand with Corniella. Twinkle looks at us, "Aren't you coming? We have to let them collect the body you know."

"Coming," I call. I turn to Corniella. "Figured out the riddle yet or do you need more time?" She blushes and we jog to catch up to Twinkle.

In Zeus Leo's Perspective -

The fridged afternoon air chills me to the bone as I make my way up the side of a mountain. The thin air rests uneasily in my lungs and I have to rest often. The higher I climb, the colder it gets. I reach the peak and ahead of me a huge ice field stretches for miles. I know instictively that it really doesn't, but I step out onto it anyway pulling my thin coat around me. The ice creaks beneath my feet with every step and suddenly, the ground falls out from under me. I stop falling quicker than I thought. I look up to the top of the crevase and find I'm more than fifteen feet down. Looking to my right, the crevase still falls down into an empty blackness. I small sigh of releif escapes my lips. I lean against the ice wal. How am I going to get out of here? Suddenly, a sound echoes around me. I stand up instantly and point my knife toward the black hole.

"Whose there?" I call uneasily.

The sound comes again and is so terrible it fills me with dread. Suddenly, a face full of teeth is infron of me. The snakelike body curls around me and I cry out in fear. As the beast begins to constrict around me I know I'm going to die. Then, the beast speaks.

"Why did you leave me?" The beast says in my little brother's voice. "Why did you not protect me?"

"Shilo," I choke out. "You know I love you and would do anything for you." Tears fall softly down my face.

"But you left me!" The beast cries angrily in Shilo's voice. "I hate you!' It screams as the jaws of teeth clamp down on my face.

Day 3: Deaths

Kasha Farro - Twinkle Night

Zeus Leo - Muttation

Day 4: A Interesting Mismatch

In Misty Blue's Perspective -

I yawn and sit up in the fridgid morning air. The temperature dropped so far last night the edges of the small stream that runs by the Cornucopia turned to ice. Small puffs of white air escape from my lips as I breathe softly. Logan snores softly beside me and huddles in his sleeping bag. A little ways off Chisel sleeps with a deadly knife clutched in his hands. Logan still wants to split with Chisel and make off on our own, but I just don't see the point because there are only three of us in the alliance anyway. I crawl out of my bag and search for some kind of food I want to eat. Carrots.... no. Apples..... uh nope. Crackers....with eggs and cheese.... perfect.

"Misty?" I hear Logan yawn. "Where are you?"

"Here," I call.

"When did you wake up?"

"Not to long ago, I was just hungry."

"We should go," Logan whispers. "While he's still sleeping."

"Why?" I say. "If we leave there's only him and we have everything we need here. It's not like he's gonna kill us when there's only three total in the Careers. "

"We could get some supplies and be out of here before he even notices."

"No. I want to stay." I growl.


I smile in content. "Good."

We sprint through the trees after two tributes. Chisel surges ahead of Logan and I with his long sword at hand. Logan and I split off the trail to corner the two unfortunate tributes. A few seconds of running alone through bluring plants and green forestry brings me to a small stream and directly in the tributes path. I raise my weapon and block their path. As soon as they see me they skid to a stop, fear plain on their faces.

In Destiny Bow's Perspective -

Gauge and I screech to a halt. We are cornered. The Careers found us and how they did is a mystery to me, but they did.

"What are we going to do?" I whisper to Gauge.

"I don't know," he whispers back. We stand ridgid against each other and watch as Chisel from District 2 and Logan from District 4 join Misty. They come closer and I draw back as much as I can into my friend. I hold my simple knife by my side and I feel Gauge hiding his knife next to me. Misty is so close to me I can smell her rotten breath. Suddenly, Gauge turns and hurls his knife into her side. She screams and falls to the ground. Chisel runs toward me and I turn and sprint in the other direction. I may be useless with weapons, but speed is my forte. I see a tree that stretches high in the sky and start to climb. Chisel climbs slowly behind me, but the thin branches begin to snap under his feet. He snarls my way from the ground and stays at the base of my tree. Suddenly, I remember Gauge. I left him, alone. To fight a career.

In Gauge Down's Perspective -

I watch Destiny run with Chisel on her heals. I know she will get away, so I turn my attention to Logan who stands looking down at Misty, who is clutcing my knife. I need a weapon so I can fight. Quickly, I pull my knife from Misty's side and back away a few steps. Logan turns on me in an instant and comes toward me with fire in his eyes. He twirls his trident in his hands and advances on me. I duck his trident and slash him with my knife. I take a step and round on him, but then decide it would probably be a better idea just to run. I turn on my heels and sprint away. Logan starts to follow, but then he stops and goes back to Misty. I run in the direction Destiny went, but then turn s I don't run into Chisel who is probably where she is. Suddenly, I look up and spot her high in the trees. She points to the other end of the valley and I point too. She wants me to go that-a-way. I turn and go as fast as I can. I don't know how she will get away, but I know she will somehow.

In Chisel Jaws Perspective -

I stare at Destiny who sits mockingly thirty feet above my head perched on thin branches near the top of a tree. She points slightly down the valley, but then she looks at me. I stare where she is pointing.

"Wait!" She screams loudly to a person, I think. "Don't go that way! Go the other way, up the mountains."

I am sure she was yelling to Gauge and I sprint away to catch him. I'll cut him off and come back for her later.

In Destiny Bow's Perspective -

I smile pleasedly as Chisel runs in the exact opposite direction as Gauge. Perfect.

In Third Person -

Logan carries a wounded Misty back to the Careers camp and tends to her there. Chisel can't find Gauge and figures out that Destiny tricked him, but when he goes back for her she is gone. Chisel heads back to the Careers camp. Cherry and Max found each other and are spending the night just below treeline on one of the peaks. Colbie keeps a low profile and hikes around the valley, staying away from everyone even though she has seen Golden stalking the Careers many times.

Day 4: Deaths


Day 5: A Rainy Day

In Twinkle Night's Perspective -

I'm not one to be judgemental or anything, but the two tributes I picked up two days ago are killing me. They follow me around like lost puppies and I can't help but regret my decision to ally with them. Whenever they aren't doing something productive, they are sweet talking each other and being awkward. I see them and I laugh. I just can't kepe my mouth closed at the foolish love attempt between a twelve and a thirteen year-old. It is just weird.

Today, we reach the force field holding us in this arena under a terrifying thunderstorm that wracks the valley with strong bolts of lightning. I smile. Finally, this journey comes to an end. I stop quickly and turn in time to see Pollen walk strait into the force field and rebound forty feet away. Corniella shreiks and follows his body. I run after and see him lying still on the ground. Corniella bends over him begging him to get up, only he doesn't. I walk over and press my fingers to his neck, just below the end of his jaw. Nothing. Corniella sees the look on my face and starts CPR. I get up and walk to the edge of the clearing. I know it's over for them. Pollen isn't going to get up.

In Corniella Goodland's Perspective -

I don't know why he won't get up. He's strong, intelligent, kind - everything anyone would want. I pound his chest feverishly, breathe air into his lungs. My hair is slick to my face. I haven't heard a canon, maybe he's still here.

I won't give up.

In Colbie Cain's Perspective -

I huddle terrified underneath a tall pine. The storm struck early this morning while I was making my way up a barren mountain slope and I was forced to take cover from the ground-striking lighting under the sole rising pine. How unsmart. I fear that the Gamemakers are keeping me here. Everytime I move toward the edge of the tree's safety, lighting strikes the ground mear feet from where I stand. I'm afraid.

In Twinkle Night's Perspective -

I made my way to a tree and sit a few feet off the ground, taking comfort in the branches and the leaves. I shrink away at the sound of lighting as it strikes the ground. As I watch poor Corniella, soaked to the bone, try to revive her friend, tears come to my eyes. My hair is glued to my face and the rain hides my tears. I don't have the heart to tell her that Pollen is dead. His canon hidden amongst the thunder.

All-of-a-sudden, Max and Cherri burst into the clearing. I leap out of my tree and jump to hide in the minimal shrubbery. They encircle Corniella who stares miserably at them. She reaches for her knife, but seeing her threat, Max ends her life quickly. Atleast they don't have to live without each other, I think quietly. As if I said my thoughs out lound, Max looks up and makes his way over to me. I take my leave then and dash back up the valley, slipping in the mud as I go. When I look back, he doesn't follow me.

In Bulgar Millet's Perspective -

I run in blind terror as I dodge lighting bolts. Persued by the pack of rabid coyote muttations, I make a mad dash up the side of a mountain. No doubt it is where the Gamemakers are steering me. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning imobilizes me. I'm done. I look up to the rain filled sky and say a silent farewell to my parents. So much for a bloody battle or a fight to the death. I can't move, and as the pack surrounds me, I close my eyes and hope for something quick.

Day 5: Deaths

Pollen Beekeeper - Force Field

Corniella Goodland - Max Blonde

Bulgar Millent - Muttations

Day 6: Manipulation

In Golden Hawbrook's Perspective -

The careers are down to three. I watch as they rise late in the day and poke their heads out of the cornucopia they took shelter in during yesterday's storm. My few wet belongings have already dried in the sun. They laze on the sand and Logan and Misty cuddle. It's discusting really. It just bothers me that they can show their affection so openly knowing they are killers. Last night, I was able to take a few things from their supplies. They were all fast asleep, Misty was supposed to be on guard. I got two spears, a nice long knife, and some food. They haven't even noticed. Logan gets up to change his little love's bandage, and notices the missing supplies. Chisel is fumming and suggests that they should look for whoever stole them. Then he realizes that they were stolen while Misty was on watch.

"She fell asleep and some tribute just walked in here and took whatever they wanted!" Chisel screams.

"Well it's not her fault she's hurt," Logan protests.

"It is her fault. I took the watch before her and she was supposed to stay awake for only like two hours. You were supposed to take watch after!"

"Don't blame her," Logan says softly.

"I will blame her. You would blame me if I fell asleep." Chisel growls.

"Well, whatever, it's not like we needed what they took."

Chisel throws his hands in the air and stalks off. He comes pretty close to where I hide and says under his breath; "I ought to just kill them both."

In Misty Blue's Perspective -

I get up and grab my knife. I put it in my belt and sling my trident over my shoulder.

"Where are you going?" Logan asks sweetly.

"I just need to think, I'm gonna take a walk," I say. That fight between Chisel and Logan made me uncomfortable and I just need a break from them.

"I'll come with you," Logan says.

"No, it's fine. I'll be back within the hour."

He only nods, obviously uncomfortable with my choice. He watches me until I'm out of sight. Once in the thin forest of trees I find a rock and sit. Those to guys are bugging the heck out of me. Chisel seems really cool, but he is dangerous. He expects to go home and Logan, well he doesn't expect to make it home. He expects me to go home. I want to, but I don't think I can live without him. I just would miss him to much. He is my li-

Suddenly, a huge figure stands before me.His golden blond hair hangs in greasy strands and piercing black eyes stare out from a face covered in dirt.He carries the two spears taken from our camp, the knife, and in a pack, I assume there are more supplies. His lips pull up into a small snarl and he steps toward me. I quickly grab my trident from the ground and back a few paces away.

"Don't you recognise me?" He taunts. "Do you remember who I am?"

"No, no I don't," I say. "I don't know w-"

"Are you sure?" He screams at me.

"Yes, yes, I'm su-" I stop suddenly. I know who this kid is. It's Pema's lover. The pretty girl I killed in the bloodbath, this is her district partner. This is Golden. He sees the recognition in my eyes and takes two quick steps closer to me.

"Yea, I've come for you," he snarls viciously.

I raise my trident and before I can throw it he has used the butt end of one of his spears and knocked it from my hands. I gasp and reach for my knife. He throws a spear and it digs deep into my leg. I scream. Ripping it from my leg I throw my knife, but I miss his heart. It digs into his upper left arm. He doesn't even flinch. He uses the shaft from his other spear and wrestles me to the ground.

"Now," he says. "You get what you deserve."

He raises his knife and plunges it into my chest.

In Logan Blue's Perspective -

Misty has been gone for an hour. I wait anxiously for her to return. A canon blasts and the sound echos around the valley. My first thought is Misty. I want to look for her, but she is fine, I argue with myself. She can take care of herself.

In Colbie Cain's Perspective -

I finally make my way away from the tree I was trapped in last night as the lightning pummeled the ground around me. The burn marks scar the ground. As I look at them, I find it curious that there are so many. then I realize, they make a message that spreads across the hillside.

District One is disapointed, you are letting them down

One kill, and hiding from the careers

A shame

If you want your family alive, you will kill before the day is out.

My eyes widen and I run from the hillside, desperate to find a single tribute to kill.

In Logan Blue's Perspective -

It's getting dark now. Misty is still gone. I have to go find her, but I can't. I don't know where to look. I wait sadly by the cornucopia. If she's dead, I refuse to live without her.

In Destiny Bow's Perspective -

After the other day, Gauge and I have been really careful about staying in the little cover. We listen and are very quiet as we walk. In the dark now we decide to stop for the night. In a thick grove of trees we sit down and wait. Gauge very quietly sits down on the ground next to me.

"I'll take first watch," he says. I nod and lay next to him resting my head on his leg. I close my eyes.

"Destiny, Destiny get up. Now!" Urgent whispers from Gauge wake me from my slumber. I sit up.

"What?" I ask.

"Do you hear that?" I listen and I hear soft footstpes approaching us. Suddenly, a knife comes out of no where and hits the tree by me head. A second one follows and flies strait towards me. I don't have time to move, but Gauge jumps in front. His cannon fires and I let out a gasp. I hear the footsteps running away and swear vengance on whoever killed him.

In Colbie Cain's Perspective -

I did it. I saved them, but I also allowed myself to be manipulated by the games. I don't know what to believe in now. Getting back to my family or making a mark on the Capitol and their stupid games.

Day 6: Deaths

Misty Blue - Golden Hawbrook

Gauge Down - Colbie Cain

Day 7: Down to Eight

In Chisel Jaws Perspective -

So we saw Misty's face in the sky last night. Logan went beserk. He tried to kill himself, but I stopped him. He might be a little lovestrucka dn more than a litle bit crazy, but I count him as a friend. I could never stand by and watch a friend take their own life. People think I am just a blood thirsty shallow career, but I have a mind and friends and a heart too. He cried late into the night and now he sits a ways away from me his chin resting on his knees. I walk over and sit next to him.

"How you doing?" I say softly, staring out at the lake.

"I'm fine," Logan snaps sharply. I know he expects me to leave, but I don't I just sit next to him. After a few minutes he says; "I miss her," his voice cracking on the 'her'. He drops his head.

"I know,"

"I just wanted her go home, I wanted her to live."

I pat him on the back and give him a small hug. I know he doesn't realize what he just said, and anyother time with anyother person I'd be angry, but not now, not with him. "That's the thing," I say. "I'm not sure she wanted to go home."

He turns sharply to me and stares at me with wide, watery eyes. "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that I don't think she wanted to live without you. I think she wanted to live with you, and only you."

"But I don't want to live without her," he gasps. "I miss her."

"Yes, but I bet she would want you to live. She wouldn't want you to take your own life just to be with her."

"Ok, I guess, but I don't know if I can go back home, if I make it, and live with out her."

"Well, maybe you should think about when the time is right. Come on, let's go get someone."

Logan stands up, "let's go get her killer."


In Cherri Blonde's Perspective -

Max seems to know where we are going, but I'm not so sure. I munch on some rabbit that Max caught this morning and the nasty juices drip down my face. I trail behind Max as he sniffs and wanders. The sun crosses the sky and soon hangs high above us. I'm so hungry. I see some berries hanging from a bush a few feet away. They are a beautiful fuscia. Max sees me looking and wanders over. He hakes his head not to eat them, but I'm so hungry. I slip a few in my pocket and run after Max.

In Destiny Bow's Perspective -

I lay in the spot where Gauge sat watching me last night. The space has long gone cold since his body was picked up by the hovercraft. I miss him. Suddenly, I sit up. The girl who killed him was Colbie. I saw the message on the mountain. She did it. I leap up, take a last look at the spot where I last saw him, and begin my search for Colbie.

In Colbie Cain's Perspective -

I climb the tallest tree I could find and spy on the Career's camp. They aren't there and I watch for any sign of any tribute. Thoughts of Gauge and Destiny enter my head and guilt starts to eat away at my mind again. I've killed before and I've never been guilty at all. With this situation, because I was guilted into it by the gamemakers in order to save my family, I can't get Gauge out of my mind. The image of the light fading from his eyes comes up in my mind again and again behind my eyelids.

"Hey," a voice calls.

I look down to see Destiny quickly scaling the tree I sit in. "No!" I shriek. I climb quickly, but soon I'm at the top. i look for a way to get to another tree, but there is no other tree at this height. I shake fearfully as I turn around and see Destiny, knife drawn, a foot behind me.

"Destiny," I squeek. "No hard fee-" She presses the blade to my neck.

"I knew I'd find you, and now I'm going to kill you," Destiny snarls.

I open my mouth to scream, but it barely comes out. It turns to a gurgle as Destiny slits my throat.

In Destiny Bow's Perspective -

I let the body go, and as I my eyes follow it to the ground, I spot Logan and Chisel. They share a glance as I sit trapped at the top of the tree. Logan throws his trident. It enters my stomach. I cry out in pain and I feel the air rush around my as I fall from the tree. Fear is my only thought as I realize I'm about to die. The last thing I hear comes out of Chisel's mouth. He says: Golden's next.

Day 7: Deaths

Colbie Cain - Destiny Bow

Destiny Bow - Logan Blue

Final Eight Family Interviews

Chisel Jaws -

"Let me go!" A woman's scream is the first thing the broodcast captures. Soon, the cameras zoom in on a woman being dragged from her house and onto a simple, makeshift stage. She is small, fraile, and fragile looking. She glances fearfully around her before answering a few questions about her son. The last thing she says before stumbling off stage and back to her home is not something most tributes want to hear from their parents. "My son can come home if he wants, but nothing is gonna be different at home. I really don't care that much, just let me get back to my house."

Logan Blue -

Both Misty's and Logan's families show up on the stage. Misty's family looks solomn, like they have lost the light in their lives. Their eyes are shiny and wide with an infinite sadness like a rain that never ends. Logan's family appear to be hurting as well. "Logan," his mother says softly. "Come home. We cannot bear to loose both of you. It doesn't matter that you failed on your mission to bring Misty home, what matters now is that you come back to us. Promise us you will fight with whatever you have left inside you, whatever isn't broken. Remember, Misty is still there with you, you just can't see her."

Twinkle Night -

Twinkle's little brother and father appear on the stage weary of the off-standing family of Spike Owens. Her little brother clings to her father's leg and hides from the cameras. Her father, looking hollow and afraid moves forward to speak. "Twinkle, we are so proud of your survival so far in these games and we pray desperately for your return home. We have one bit of advice for you, if this ever makes it to you. Stay away from Spike. He has had it out for you for years and now that he is fenced in an arena with you he seems to be set on finding you. Stay on your toes."

Spike Owens -

His parents show up wearing the spoils of District 5. Swathed in lavish robes and precious jewels they could appear to an unknowledgable person to be from Districts 1 or 2. They are asked questions about how they think Spike is doing and others of the like. The final question, arouses some anger in the wealthy couple. "How about the way Spike bullies the little female tribute in these games? Could you give us some insight?" The questioner asks politely. "What?" Spike's mother replies astoundedly. "We have never heard of such a thing! Our Spike would never even think of hurting a fly, never mind as much as a little girl." "Yes, but ma'am, we have watched Spike for over a week now search endlessly for Twinkle and mumble ways that he could possibly kill her." The questioner argues. "No way," Spike's father says. "Not a chance our little boy would ever. I don't believe any of what you are saying. Our Spike is a well-mannered young man who loves all living things. Good day to you sir." And with that, Spike's parents stand up and march away. "Crazies," the questioner says under his breath.

Golden Hawbrook -

Golden's family arrives at the interview. One of Pema's siblings stands off to the side, watching. Golden's father and mother send him wishes full of luck and love, each statement carried by the fear, pain, and emptiness of their voices. As the interview prepares to close, Pema's sibling, a young boy about the age of seven steps quietly onto stage. His long dirty blonde hair hags low over his eyes and his shoulders slump forwards in a way that can only come from the pain of grief. He stares with wide, blue eyes into the camera and says one thing; "I can't loose my brother too."

Cherri Blonde and Max Blonde -

The interview isn't in the town square, instead, people are flocking to the local jail. As the cameras turn on and the attention turns to the awkward makesift stage, Cherri and Max's parents are brought out in chains from an ajaicent cell. They both answer questions randomly, not seeming to care at all. Only Cherri and Max's aunt answers truthfully and really gives an insight with both of the teenagers gone.

Bulgar Durum -

His whole family shows up and crowds onto the stage. His parents urge him to come home and fight for the victory for the whole of District 11. His other older siblings mumble half remembered words of encouragement that have little meaning or feeling behind them. To the people in District 11, the words sound scripted and forced. Suddenly, Bulgar's sister moves to the front of her family. "Don't listen to them Bulgar!" She says with such fierocity that her family behind her snaps to attention. "Don't listen to anyone, not the other tributes, the rest of our unsupportive family, or the whispers of the voices in your head. Just listen to me," she whispers. "Fight, fight for those you love and come home, please."

Day 8: A Break

In Bulgar Durum's Perspective -

I lay comfortably under my bush. I'm thinking of my family. Sometime between the end of the day yesterday and now, the capitol traveled from district to district and interviewed the families of the surviving tributes. My mother and my father would have been there and probably my siblings too, but my sister, she would have been there. I just wish I could see her, or at least know if anf if she did then what she said. I'm going to come home, I know it, but just in case, I want to see her one last time.

In Cherri Blonde's Perspective -

I finger the berries hungrily in my pocket. Max keeps telling me to step quietly and try not to make any sound, but I can't help it. I feel bad for Max, he is going to come home without me, and I feel bad, but it's for the best right? But for now....., he can still help me eat and stuff.

"Max!" I call. "I'm tiered.... and hungry."

"Well, we have to keep moving," he grumbles from ahead of me.

I sigh and keep going, still saving the berries for later.

In Logan Blue's Perspective -

I watch as Chisel sleeps quietly beside me. He has been such a good friend to me in thes past few days without Misty. Yesterday, we killed, but not her killer. I was happy, it took the anger out of me. Now, all I feel is regret. I miss her so much, more than anything, and I thought that killing some people would make me feel better, but it hasn't. We still don't have her killer, I'm not angry anymore, but I am filled with an undeniable hatred.

Chisel stirs slightly beside me and it reminds me how many are left in this game. There are eight of us. I don't know how much longer I can stay with him. I know the careers usually stay together until the end, but what if we are the last two? He will kill me, but what if I killed him first?

In 3rd Person -

The rest of the day passes uneventfully. A few tributes move about, but for the most part all is quiet. Max and Cherri are able to catch a single fish to share in a nearby stream. It holds them, but not for long. And Cherri continues to finger the berries in her pocket...

Day 8: Deaths


Day 9: The End is Close

In Cherri Blonde's Perspective -

I breathe the open air through parted lips, thinking of home. Max snores softly beside me and I wish we were home. Back in our district where the flowers bloom and the bees buzz sweetly. But that's not real, and it never will be again.

My stomach growls hungrily and I push my hand into my pocket where the berries are. They are dried out some, but they do. I pop three into my mouth and the sweet taste brings a smile to my face. Suddenly, I loose control of my body and everything goes dark.

In Max Blonde's Perspective -

Cherri convulses violently on the ground beside me. I don't know what to do. Frantically I try to find out what's wrong. Then I see the berries in her hands, the ones I told her not to touch. My heart falls. She ate them, she didn't listen, I can't save her. As her body stills and the birds begin to sing again, I let out a whimper and crumple beside her in defeat.

In Logan Blue's Perspective -

Chisel sits on a crate staring at the far off mountains in the west. He has been good to me, I think as I run my finger over the edge freshly sharpened edge of my knife, but he has to go. I wince as I stand, I can't believe what I'm about to do to my friend.

I step closer and I raise the knife, my hands shake. I can't do this, but I have to. I raise the knife and plunge downward.

In Chisel Jaw's Persepective -

I knew this was coming. I roll out of the way of Logan's knife and thrust my sword deep into his chest. Blood splatters my face and neck. Logan's eyes grow distant.

"Misty.." he whispers.

His body drops to my side and he lies motionless, dead. His cannon shatters the surrounding silence disturbing a flock of birds. Two come and land here at the island. One white and one black. The sing softly to each other before flying up into the sky together.

In Max Blonde's Perspective -

I hear a rustle in the bushes, but I've known they have been coming for a while. I haven't moved from beside Cherri's body so the hovercraft couldn't come. A snarls finds its way from the brush. I don't even flinch. Another, louder this time reaches my ears. The gamemakers want me to move, they don't want me dead yet, but I want to be. Suddenly a hoarde of grey wolves with peircing gray eyes erupt from the bushes. I open my arms and welcome them.

Day 9: Deaths

Cherri Blonde - Poison Berries

Logan Blue - Chisel Jaws

Max Blonde - Muttations

Day 10: The End

In Spike Owen's Perspective -

I know today is the last day. How? Well right now I'm running from a pack of wolves that are steering me strait toward the Cornucopia. My feet pound the wet ground and rain splatters my face and stings my eyes. I burst out of the trees and the wolves are gone. Chisel rises as he catches sight of me.

I pull my nine inch knife from my pocket and run my finger down the wet blade. Chisel unsheaths his glittering long sword and starts toward me. I haven't moved since I emerged into the open, I stand right in front of the trees and thick brush at the edge.

Suddenly, a small body crashes into me and I'm thrown to the ground.

In Twinkle Night's Perspective -

Spike turns to face me and my body chills with fear. I scramble away from him, but not before he stabs his knife into my leg. I screach in pain and pull it out, ripping it from his hands.

"I hate you," I cry through the downpour.

I lost my knives while I was running, so I take his, flip it in my hand twice and stab it through his heart. He grabs my head and weakly tries to break my neck. I stab him again, and the cannon sounds. His eyes are empty.

In Bulgar Durum's Perspective -

I see Twinkle through the trees ahead of me standing over a dead body. It's Spike, so the little girl finally got her revenge. I'm glad for her but.... I risk a look back at the raging birds behind me and grab a sharp rock. Twinkle spots me and grabs her knife. I bash in her face, but not before her knife goes through my stomach. Her dead body flops to the side followed by a cannon. I pull the knife from my stomach and stumble toward Chisel, who stands with his long sword. I have never been one for throwing knives, but as my eyes begin to fill with black spots I aim and throw. I never see if I hit my target.

In Chisel Jaws' Perspective -

I gasp as Bulgar's knife hits me in the left shoulder. I drop silently to the ground and wait to die. Blood drips from my mouth to the wet grass beside me and droplets of water run down my face. I thought I was going to make it, and if Golden comes to kill me I will wait like I am weak, and strike. I stroke my long sword with my right thumb. It's still clutched in my hand.

In Golden Hawbrook's Perspective -

I make it to the Cornucopia and find no one standing. I won. Everyone is dead. I wait patiently for Claudius Templesmith to congradulate me, but nothing happens. I turn in a slow circle. Then I see Chisel. His chest rises ever so slowly. He lays on his side, eyed closed, blood everywhere. I could wait for him to die, but I want to go home. I hold my last spear and walk toward him. He coughs and blood sputters from his mouth. I raise my spear and throw it. I aim for his heart, but it strikes him in the upper leg as he moves like lighting.

In Chisel Jaws' Perspective -

I gasp in pain as Golden's spear penetraits deep into my upper thigh, but I look him in the eye as my sword goes through his chest. The light fades quickly from his eyes and I am alone. The rain stops, leaving me wet. Blood covers me in head to toe and I continue to bleed out. I don't hear the congradulations and the last think I see is myself grabbing the ladder. I fall into a welcome blackness.

The Victor: Chisel Jaws

My victory was sweet. Painful, but sweet. I sit on the train now. It's not a long journey, but it's long when I'm left to my own devices. I feel stuck in my head. Trapped. It's hard to have the end of the games playing over and over in your head like a song on repeat. I am glad I won, I feel ruthless and strong, but I can't help the nagging feeling that hangs in my heart, mind, and body. Logan, he was my friend. Even if it was only for a little while, he was my friend and I killed him.

Suddenly the brakes begin to squeel. I stand and prep myself. I am a career after all, I know how to strut.

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