Welcome to Firecatcher3's 66th Hunger Games! I will post the arena as soon as I get half of the tributes. Also, the chariot rides will be posted after I get all the tributes. The limit for tributes is two per person unless I say otherwise. I need name, district, age, talents, strategy, appearance, and history. You are allowed to reserve tributes, but only for 48 hours or else I will remove your name and allow that district to be entered by someone else. Now that the arena is up, I need to warn you. If your tribute has anything about the arena in there strategy, description ect. I will eliminate them quickly.

The Arena

The arena has a diameter of 50 miles. It is divided into four equal size sections. The first section is a deep
forest filled with plenty of animals to hunt. There are several fresh water
streams to drink from along with edible and non-edible plants. The second section is a desert filled with deadly mutations. The only place to hide from the beating sun is in the shadows cast by the numerous boulders. There is no water and the only food source is snakes and the few mutations that if killed you can eat. The third section is a wild jungle filled with deadly animals and mutations. There are several swamps that are inhabited by aligators and other mutations. The only water source is tapping the trees.
The fourth and final section is all mountains. There are many evasive animals that can be hunted if you can find them. There are also mutations that look like the other animals that will kill you. The cornucopia is in the center where all the sections meet.


District 1 Male: Eric Loree - 10

District 1 Female: Carabella (Cara) Button - 11

District 2 Male: Ernie Sasalot - 9

District 2 Female: Lucy "Dumb Blonde" Fighter - 7

District 3 Male: Nicolo Sarpod - 5

  • Eric Loree, District 1
  • Carabella "Cara" Button, District 1
  • Ernie Sasalot, District 2
  • Lucy "Dumb Blond" Fighter, District 2
  • Nicolo Sarpod, District 3
  • Elecsia Cardle, District 3
  • Evan Landon, District 4
  • Sarah Warsaw, District 4
  • Rick Smooth, District 5
  • Marion Winthers, District 5
  • Nate Nesslak, District 6
  • Cian "CJ" Husterzed, District 6
  • Ash Storm, District 7
  • Dawn Reeds, District 7
  • Rikki Star, District 8
  • Lona Fabrik, District 8
  • Anthony King, District 9
  • Miria Phantom, District 9
  • Zoren Torto, District 10
  • Krystal Glass, District 10
  • Dandle Traed, District 11
  • Violet Zapht, District 11
  • Ethan Gupster, District 12
  • Ali Gupi, District 12

District 3 Female: Elecsia Cardle - 6

District 4 Male: Evan Landon - 4

District 4 Female: Sarah Warsaw - 3

District 5 Male: Rick Smooth - 2

District 5 Female: Marion Winthers - 6

District 6 Male: Nate Nesslak - 5

District 6 Female: Cian "CJ" Hustrezed - 4

District 7 Male: Ash Storm - 11

District 7 Female: Dawn Reeds - 8 THE VICTOR

District 8 Male: Rikki Star - 6

District 8 Female: Lona Fabrik - 6

District 9 Male: Anthony King - 7

District 9 Female: Miria Phantom - 8

District 10 Male: Zoren Torto - 4

District 10 Female: Krystal Glass - 5

District 11 Male: Dandle Traed - 7

District 11 Female: Violet Zapht - 7

District 12 Male: Ethan Gupster - 5

District 12 Female: Ali Gupi - 1

May the odds be Ever in your favor! - Effie Trinket

Day 1: Story

From Ethan's perspective -

I feel my plate rise around me. The brightness of daylight blinds me for a moment. As soon as I can see, I look for Ali. I realize that I can't see any tributes except for the one across from me. My eyes strain as I struggle to make the person out. With a burst of happiness, I realize its Ali. Suddenly the gong goes off.

All of the tributes hesitate on their plates. Ash and Dawn are the first to get moving. They reach the cornucopia before anyone else and grab the choice supplies. They ally and run together into section one each with a backpack. Dawn has a bow and arrows and Ash has a spear and some wire. The career districts make it to the cornucopia next. Eric and Cara grad a backpack and a knife and run away. Sara throws her trident and it grazes Eric. Nate runs up and asks Lucy if he can join. She agrees. Then they see Ernie. Nate throws a knife and kills him. Ethan is running toward Ali as fast as he can. He comes across Rick and breaks his neck and kills him. Ethan and Ali escape into section four. CJ gets a spear and kills Dandle and Anthony. Evan sees Rikki and kills him with his bare hands. Then Lona kills him with her axe. Elecsia feels betrayed because Nicolo allied with the careers.

The career alliance consists of Lucy, Nate, Sarah and Nicolo.

Day 1: Deaths

Dandle Tread - CJ Hustrezed

Rick Smooth - Ethan Gupster

Ernie Sasalot - Nate Nesslak

Anthony - CJ Hustrezed

Evan Landon - Lona Fabrik

Rikki Star - Evan Landon

Day 2: Story

Ethan wakes up to a brisk day in the mountains. Ali is already awake and is just laying there with her unseeing eyes open. Then a silver parachute falls on Ethan. He opens it and finds a golden bow and 12 arrows. Ethan mouths a silent thank you. In the jungle, CJ is running when she comes across Miria. Miria hasn't noticed her yet. It only I had a weapon CJ thinks. Suddenly a silver parachute floats down. She opens it and finds a knife. "Hey! Miria!" CJ calls. Miria looks up and screams but its to late. CJ kills her with her new knife. In the desert, Violet comes across Krystal opening a silver parachute with dried fruit in it in section 2. Violet is starving, but she doesn't have any weapons. Suddenly Krystal looks up. There's no running now. Krystal gets up. "Allies?" she says. "Yes" Violet answers. Together they eat some fruit. Back by the cornucopia, the careers are in an argument. "Hey, I think we should go through section 1 because I saw a lot of tributes head that way." Nate says. "Thats ridiculous!" Says Sarah. "Ash and Dawn went that way and we all know how good they are in the forest!" Lucy pulls out a knife and puts it to both of their necks. We go into the forest. End of story." Nate smirks and Sarah glares. Suddenly a silver parachute floats out of the sky and into Sarah's lap. She opens it and finds silver armor. Quickly Sarah puts it on. "Ok, lets go." She says. They all go together. They search for tributes. Then they find Zoren sharpening a makeshift spear. Sarah and Nicolo kill him quickly. Suddenly Lucy screams. There is an arrow in her arm and Nate is lying dead on the ground. The wound is gushing blood. Sarah throws her spear at Dawn and then pulls the arrow out of Lucy's arm. Then she wraps it up and she and the careers carry an unconsious Lucy home.

Day 2: Deaths

Miria Phantom - CJ Hustrezed

Zoren Torto - Careers

Nate Nesslak - Dawn Reeds

Day 3: Story

Marion is getting desperate. She hasn't had food or water for days now. She can feel herself getting physically weaker, but she can't catch anything to eat since she doesn't have any weapons. Just as she is about to give up, she sees a silver parachute just a few feet away. Suddenly Elecsia appears. She begins to open the sponsor gift. Marion's mouth waters as she watches Elecsia tear into the food and water. Finally, Marion decides to ask if Elecsia wants to ally. It's not smart, but Marion thinks she has a good chance. "Will you ally with me?" Elecsia asks scaring the crap out of Marion. "Yes," Says Marion. Elsewhere, Krystal and Violet are stalking the careers. They find them at the cornucopia. Krystal nods to Violet and they both slide through the desert boulders. Violet grips her makeshift spear and prepares to kill. Krystal holds her six-inch knife. Then Violet and Krystal run at the careers. Krystal kills Nicolo with a quick blow to the head. Violet stabs Lucy in the upper leg and then gets killed by Sarah. Krystal feels lucky that she was able to make it out of that fight physically unscathed. Violet runs into the forest section and climbs a tree and cries for Violet. With Ali, Ethan is scared. He has had some conversation with her, and knows she can't really defend herself. Suddenly he receives another sponsor gift. A sleeping bag and a knife. Quickly he gets Ali into the bag so she doesn't freeze and then he gets in to. Ali doesn't mind. Deep in the jungle, CJ is feasting on some mango's. Happily, CJ climbs a tree for the rest of the day. She is about to fall asleep for a mid-afternoon nap, when she gets another sponsor gift. A poison knife and a huge bottle of water. CJ smiles and falls asleep.

In Dawn's Perspective

Ash and I have set up our camp in the trees. It spreads out over three trees. Ash sleeps above me in one tree and we keep our food and water in the other trees. Ash and I always keep our weapons on us just in case something happens. I am sitting in one of the food trees when I see a doe feeding far below me on the rich grasses. Quietly I draw my bow. I aim for the back of her head and shoot. She dies instantly. "Ash" I whisper. He looks at me, "What?" I point down and he sees my kill. We rush down and butcher it quickly. I stay on watch while Ash does it. Then we rush the raw meat up our tree quickly. We had already eaten so we figured we would cook it tomorrow. As we go to bed in our strong tree Ash looks down at me. His eyes glow in the moonlight. "Brace yourself for the deaths of today." He whispers as the anthem begins. I see Violet's and Nicolo's faces in the sky. A small whimper escapes me. Back in training, Violet was my friend. Ash reaches down and grabs my hand. He holds my hand untill I fall asleep, and it is still there in my dreams.

Day 3: Deaths

Nicolo Sarpod - Krystal Glass

Violet Zapht - Sarah Warsaw

Day 4: Story

In Cara's Perspective

I smile grimly at Eric, who grins back sweetly. I am shivering like crazy. The mountains are very cold at night. I crawl out of my bed thing I made of pine branches and grass. Eric's wound isn't really getting any better. Stupid Sarah. We really need more bandages and medicine. A med kit would be awesome. Eric and I go out to hunt. I see a deer up a head. We get really close and it turns around. This is not a deer. It has vibrant green eyes and pointed white teeth. "RUN!" I scream at Eric. We run as fast as we can, but I see that Eric is weakened by his injury. Suddenly we are cornered. Eric scrambles up the rock face first, then me. I am almost out of the animals reach when it's claws rip into my back. I scream and scream and scream. Suddenly the mutation is gone and instead I see Eric. He must have killed it. Some deer I think as my eyes close.

Elecsia and Marion hunt side by side. They bring down a rabbit and a squirrel just as Marion receives a silver parachute. Inside is armor. Elecsia and Marion look at each other. "Time to make a move." Marion says. Elsewhere, Lucy is recovered from her injury. She is up and about when she receives a parachute. She finds armor and two axes. "Gosh darn it!" She says. "No sparkles!!!" In the jungle, Lona lounges in the trees when she finds a silver parachute in the fruit covered branches above her. He rich sponsors have given her armor, a knife, and some dried fruit. As long as I stay here, Lona thinks. I will never be hungry!

Day 4: Deaths

There where no deaths today.

Day 5: Story:

In Cara's Perspective -

We are back at our camp, Eric and I, and I can barely move. I can feel my blood turning to ice fire. Unless I get medicine soon, I know I will die. I can't talk. All I can do with Eric to communicate is stare and blink. He has tried to feed me, but the only way we found that worked was grinding up the food so it cold slide down my throught with me swallowing. I try to plead to the cameras with my eyes. If I don't get sponsored soon I will die, and thats a fact. I have probably one more day at most.

In Krystal's Perspective -

I can't stand it anymore. Stupid games, stupid capitol, stupid everything. I am tired and lonely. Violet's death has hurt me more than I thought it would. I find myself missing her often. Since I am hungry, I decide to try and hunt.

In Ash's Perspective -

I creep through the forest on silent feet. Dawn is back at our camp, it's my day to hunt after all. But I am not hunting animals as I should be, I am hunting tributes. Suddenly, I hear a twig snap maybe 30 meters ahead of me. It was not snapped by an animal. As I sneak through the trees, I see Krystal. It's obvious she is trying to walk silently, but she can't. Only practiced feet have that skill. I grip my spear tightly and get ready to throw it. Krystal turns around, but she isn't looking at me. Suddenly, Marion drops from the trees and pins Krystal to the ground. She just recived a sponsor gift of poison. She dumps half the vial in Krystals mouth and forces her to swallow. Her body begins to convulse. Before I can think, I throw my spear at Marion and kill her. Elecsia drops from the trees then. She grabs my spear and throws it at me. I surprise myself by catching it. I run toward her and knock her out with the butt end of it. I gather the vial of poison, two axes, and both sets of armor. I don't have the heart to finish Elecsia, so I leave her unconscious and return to Dawn. I hid the armor and axes, I'll give them to Dawn tomorrow on her birthday.

Day 5: Deaths

Krystal Glass - Marion Winthers

Marion Winthers - Ash Storm

Day 6: Story

In Dawn's Perspective -

It's my birthday today. Ash snores softly above me. Dawn is just creeping up on the horizon. I get my knife and begin to carve something into my district token. I carve quietly so I don't wake Ash. My feelings for him have been changing ever since the games started. Especally last night, when he was gone for hours when he wasn't really even suposed to leave. I was really worried. Now as I carve, I realize that maybe I love him.

In Ash's Perspective -

I wake up and find Dawn is in the neighboring tree. She is preparing food. I get up and move to help her. I notice something else on her wrist band. Its a boy siting in a tree at sunrise. Then it all makes sense. That boy is me. I have to do it now, I have to tell her I love her. "Dawn, happy birthday!" "Thanks!" She says. "Um, I see that you have carved me into your wrist band..." "Well, you are a huge part of my life now." "One more thing, I love you." "You just read my mind Ash. I Love you too."

In Sarah's Perspective -

Lucy and I are out prowling in the jungle when Lona leaps out and attacks us. She jabs her spear into my leg. The pain is excrutiating. I look down and see the blood pooling at my feet. Lucy tackles Lona and screams at me, "Kill her! Kill her!" I takes my sword and cut off Lona's head. My stomach does a flip as her head rolls away. Ugh. Lucy extracts her self from Lona's body and runs over me as I try to stop the bleeding in my leg. Lucy helps me back to the cornucopia. Then she wraps up my leg and I pass out.

In Eric's Perspective -

I am freaking out now. Cara has been unconscious for almost 12 hours. I know she is going to die. Suddenly her eyes flutter. "Eric," She whispers. I rush over and hold her hand. "Win for me." She says. "No!" I shout, not caring if someone hears me. "You will stay living." Then a silver parachute falls from the sky. Huridly I open it and find just what I'm looking for, a syring full of what I think must be medicine. I jam it into Cara's arm. Her eyes close. What if I just killed her?

Day 6: Deaths

Lona Fabrik - Sarah Warsaw

Day 7: Story

In CJ's Perspective -

I wake up to a humid Jungle morning. The birds chirp and the sky looks amazing. Suddenly a spear whizzes past my head. I turn around and I see Eric and Cara. They must have traveled far to get where I am I think. Then I run. I weave through what I call my part of the jungle since I know every tree, plant, root, or stream that runs through it. I emerge out into the open. Ahead of me are the mountains. The only place to go is up, so thats where I go. I am almost out of their range when Eric's spear lodges itself in my leg. I scream and keep running. Then I'm falling. I hit the bottom hard and I hear a crack. My leg is broken. I keep waiting for Eric and Cara to come, but they never do. The last thing I think before I fall asleep that night is, I'll be lucky if I don't freeze to death.

In Sarah's Perspective -

I just received medicine for my blood poisoning and bandages. Lucy helps me by rewrapping my leg with the little bandages the sponsors gave me and giving me the shot. We are the lamest Careers ever since we don't hunt tributes, is the last thing I think before the medicine makes me fall unconscious.

In The Head Gamemaker's Perspective -

The games are becoming boring. I can just imagine the president sharpening his blade to kill me. No tributes died today and the audience is falling asleep. I decide to hold a feast. I call Claudius and tell him what to do. Moments later we hear; "Hello tributes! Tomorrow at dust there will be a feast at the cornucopia. In each chair there will be a gift from the Gamemakers to you. It will be labled for you and it is something each of you need. Good Luck!" The booming echos and then fall silent. Please let this keep me alive.

Day 7: Deaths

No one died today.

Day 8: Story

In Ali's Perspective -

I wake to blackness. I can tell Ethan is still asleep by the sound of his breathing. He doesn't think I can do anything. What he doesn't realize is that when he walked me to the mountains, I memorized the way. I don't know if this is stupid or not, but I'm doing it anyway. I grab my walking stick and begin the long trek to the cornucopia.

Hours later as the sun begins to set, ten nervous tributes wait around the cornucopia. Even Lucy and Sarah, the last careers, are not stupid enough to stay in the open. As the sun slowly disappears behind the mountain peaks a space next to the cornucopia opens up. A beautiful table appears with exactly ten places set and exactly ten platers covered with a cloth with each tributes name. Dawn doesn't waste any time waiting around. She sprints to the cornucopia and grabs her and Ash's things. She almost reaches the trees when hits her back. Down on the ground she sees Lucy above her. Then there is a spear in her head. Ash grabs Dawn and they run away. Ethan runs and grabs his feast and Ali's water when he feels a spear go into his stomach. He dies slowly. Eric pulls his spear savagely from Ethan's dead body. He and Cara advance to the cornucopia. Somehow CJ has made it to the cornucopia. Sarah sees her and stabs her through the head with her knife. Then Eric and Cara run up. Sarah grabs her trident from the table and kills Eric. Cara screams and runs away. Sarah turns her back for a moment to look at the dead and Elecsia runs up and grabs her food and water. Sarah turns back around and sees her disappear in the jungle. For now, the battle is over.

In Dawns Perspective '

Ash and I make it back to our camp after many struggles through the woods. Ash ended up carrying me. Now we sit together, I rest my head on his and play with his wrist band. I notice that their is a new carving on it, actually two. The first one is an arrow and a quiver. The second is... me. I am sitting in - Suddenly Ash and I are falling from the tree. His arms are encasing me as we hit the ground. I turn around and see Cara run away. There is a spear in his chest, how is he not dead?

"No," I whimper. "Ash..."

"Dawn, you have to win this-"

"Ash! You are going to live!"

"for me, your family, and most importantly for you. I don't wan to see you die in here."

"Ash, please..."

"I - I love you." The life fades from his eyes and I know he is gone. Silently I slide his eyes closed. I take his wrist band. Back up in the trees, after the hovercraft had gone, I take out his wrist band. The last thing he carved was me lying in his arms. I can't stop the tears, they fall like a waterfall.

Day 8: Deaths

Lucy Fighter - Ash Storm

Ethan Gupster - Eric Loree

Eric Loree - Sarah Warsaw

CJ Hustrezed - Sarah Warsaw

Ash Storm - Elecsia Cardle

Day 9: Story

In Cara's Perspective -

Now that Eric is gone, I have no one to ally with. I know my chances of going home are slim, so, I have decided to invest in sending Ali home. When she was reaped, her chances of coming home were zero. At least I've upped that a bit. The only thing is, I can't find her. Then I see her. She stands alone in a clearing doing absolutely nothing. What a great way to get yourself killed.

"Hello," I say cautiously.

"Who's there?" Ali whimpers.

"It's Cara, I want to ally with you."

"With me? What help would I be to you?"

"Please," I begged. "I used to have a blind friend, and I want to help you get home."

"Ok," She sounded like she didn't believe it. "I'll ally with you."

In Elecsia's Perspective -

I kind of feel bad for killing Ash yesterday. Poor Dawn. They were in love, and I took that all away with the throw of a spear. Dawn and I were kind of friends in training, but now, she probably hates me. I stalk through the trees and vines looking for an easy meal. Then I see it, a fat hog dozing in the sun. I throw my spear and kill it, only then do I see the razor sharp teeth and lifeless purple eyes. Is it ok to eat? I wonder. Then a twig snaps behind me and I see Sarah. Oh no. Sarah hold her trident in a threatening position. I wait, there is no where for me to go. I am backed up against a cliff. She throws her trident so fast that I don't see it coming. It goes into my stomach. Ouch. Then I see another girl run and chase of Sarah. She leans over me and her face comes into focus. It's Dawn. Before I can stop myself I say everything.

"Dawn, I'm so sorry about Ash. If I h -"

"It's okay, I understand. You did it for the games. One of us would have died anyway."

"Can we still be friends? I mean, for my last moments?"

"Yes." Dawn cradles my head and talks to me about her home and her family. How I wish I could have made it home. My family would have beed so proud. After a while, I sense the end coming. The darkness that has been creeping up on me for so long. I can feel it coming ever closer, and if I want to say something its now or never.

"Dawn," I say weakly.

"Yes?" She answers gracefully.

"Will you win? For me? And go home and live the life I would have had if not for these stupid games?"

"I will do my best."

"Thats not good enough."

"I will win for you."

I sigh as I finally give into the darkness that has awaited my death for so long.

Day 9: Deaths

Elecsia Cardle - Sarah Warsaw

Day 10: Story

In Cara's Perspective -

I can sense that the end is nearing. Earlier this morning Ali and I received water and dried fruit from our wealthy sponsors. I count the tributes left on my fingers. Four. There is four of us left. Me, Ali, Sarah, and Dawn. "I don't want to kill them." I whisper.

In Sarah's Perspective -

The end is close, and I'll be the one going home. I think to my self. I have been alone for a while. The cornucopia is full of worthless treasures. At any other time I would be craving the very weapons it overflows with. I'm the last career, I think. I need to go hunt some tributes. The woods seem empty, lifeless. There are no animals running around, but I know this is where Cara hides. She befriended me during training fooling me by telling me that this would be the greatest career aliance ever. Silly her. She will be dead before she knows it.

In Dawn's Perspective -

I see Sarah creeping through the forest on loud feet. I can't get close enough with out her seeing me. I grip my bow tightly in my left hand. My sheath bounces quietly on my back, there are next to no arrows left there. Then I see where Cara is going. Cara and Ali lounge lazily in the sun. They are near the meadow, the one I found just yesterday that reminded me so much of home. If I could lure them there, then maybe I would have a good chance close range.

In Ali's Perspective -

I hear Cara in the trees. Her foot steps come closer and closer. I hear Cara spring up beside me and push me behind her. She readies her spear and calls out to Sarah. Sarah yells back and I feel a burning pain in my leg. Instinctively I reach down and I feel the beautiful trident inbeded there. I haul myself to my hands and knees and turn away from the raging two person battle. I stop only when I feel tall grass and wild flowers around me.

In Cara's Perspective -

Where did Ali go? She went... to the meadow. I'll have a better chance of winning there. I begin to back away to the meadow. Sarah falls for it and follows me. In the meadow, surrounded by buzzing bees and butterflies, I fight for, not my own life, but Ali's.

In Dawn's Perspective -

All three of them now fight in the meadow. Sarah is closest to me and at the very edge of my range. I fire, miss. Sarah knows I'm here now. I fire again, skim her hair. I draw my last arrow, my last chance, my ticket home, and fire.

In Cara's Perspective -

Sarah drops to the ground in front of me, an arrow sticking out of the back of her head. I rush at Dawn and we fight. Dawn with her bow and I with my spear. I graze her forehead with the tip of my spear. Blood spatters my face and neck. I get her again in the shoulder this time and then again in her leg. My last blow lands in her chest.

In Dawn's Perspective -

I feel the world spin away from me and my bow fall from my hand. I know I should be dead, there is a spear head sticking out of my chest. Faintly I register myself reaching up and touching the spear head. Not deep enough. I hear Ali's breathing next to me. Poor, blind girl.

In Cara's Perspective -

My eyes find Dawn's. Her eyes burn with rage and sorrow. She doesn't want to do this. I look back at Ali. He blood stains the wild flowers crimson. How did this happen? The Capitol turned us into savages. I grip my knife in both hands, blade facing towards me.

In Ali's Perspective -

"I'm so sorry Ali, you have to outlast her." What is she doing? I think. I hear the sharp intake of breath and hear her body hit the ground next to mine. The cannon is like a small pebble thrown into a pond. Barely any sound at all. Outlast her. What does she think I am? Chopped liver? I learned something in the training center. My knife feels alien in my hand along with the thought to what I have to do now.

In Dawn's Perspective -

I curl into myself and scream as Ali's dagger pierces the soft skin on my stomach. There is no way I can out last her now. I can feel the life draining from my limbs. I can no longer feel my legs and my hands are growing heavier by the second. "Ash..." I scream again as Ali's fist lands a blow on my head. My heavy hands find the spear head in my chest and yank. My hand stops as I feel the bloody hair of the little, blind girl next to me.

In Ali's Perspective -

Dawn's hand rests on my head. The spear head in my head. What a cruel way to die.

Day 10: Deaths

Sarah Warsaw - Dawn Reeds

Cara Button - Cara Button

Ali Gupi - Dawn Reeds

The Victor

I awaken to find myself surrounded by white walls and white men. Questions swirl around me and fill my brain to the point where I begin to lose a grip on consciousness. All at once the voices stop and my head begins to clear. The doctor closest to me reaches out and places a hand on my chest where the spear head was. I don't hear myself scream, but I feel the sharp pin in my arm. The pain vanished and my vision blurred into blackness.

When I awaken again, I don't hurt and there is no one around me to make me hurt. I run my hands over the wounds I suffered from in the arena. There were stitches in my head, stomach, leg, and shoulder. My chest is a different story. I feel the fake bone. Bandages wrap around my upper chest encasing my injury. I almost died. Like, like, Ash. I let out a whimper and my mentors come in. They hug me and tell me its time to go home.

Returning home

The train ride seemed to last forever. Passing all the districts where tributes died. A shiver finds its way up my spine. I can't wait to get home, and see my sister. Suddenly my surroundings change. Trees and shrubbery fill up the window and I realize these are my trees, my shrubs, my animals, my sky. The train begins to slow and I suddenly feel nervous. Will there be a lot of cameras? What if Ash's family is angry with me for letting him die?

I'm so nervous I feel like I'm going to puke. I stand in front of the train doors and I can see the cameras waiting for me. My mentor comes over and squeezes my hand. Instantly I feel better. She knows me so well. The doors open and I search for my sister. Then I see her, straining to get away from my mother. Finally she gets free and I pull her into my arms. It's so good to be home.

Ash's family waits away from the crowd. I take my sister by the hand and we walk over to them. I look his father in the eye. All I can say is I'm sorry. I say it over and over again, and then I'm crying. I'm crying and I can't stop. His father hugs me, but that only makes it worse. He smells just like Ash.

When I've stopped crying the cameras and the crowds have gone. I look around for my mother. I realize that I haven't seen her. I turn to my sister and take her by the shoulders. She knows what's coming because she bursts into tears. Through her sobs I understand that my mother commited suicide when she saw me get stabbed with the spear. I sit down and put my head in my hands. What a great day this turned out to be I think sarcastically.


Cara Button

Her mother and father show up. Each of them looking angry. "How could you not be in the Career alliance?" Her father accuses. "Calm down, at least our daughter is still alive unlike Eric." Her mother casts a glance out of the camera shot. "Anyway. Good luck Cara! We know you will be back here in a matter of days!" They turn and leave the podium.

Elecsia Cardle

No one shows up for Elecsia. Her parents were not allowed a break from the factories.

Sarah Warsaw

All of Sarah's family shows. Her mother, her father, and her six younger sisters. The girls all are crying or sniffling, but they stand strong. The oldest of her sisters breaks free from her siblings and looks strait at the camera. She motions her family forward to join her and they all hold hands. "You can do it Sarah. You have the skills and the strategies, you gotta get home."

Dawn Reeds

Only her sister came. "Dawn, mother is at work so she couldn't come to give you words of confidence, so I did." Her sister steps forward into the light of the camera and begins to sing;

Sister of night When the hunger descends And your body’s a fire An inferno that never ends An eternal flame That burns in desire’s name

Sister of night When the longing returns Giving voice to the flame Calling you through flesh that burns Breaking down your will To move in for the kill

Oh sister, come for me Embrace me, assure me Hey sister, I feel it too Sweet sister, just feel me I’m trembling, you heal me Hey sister, I feel it too

Ali Gupi

Her aunt doesn't come, but her sisters do. "Ali! You have made it so far! Don't give up now, your sponsors will treat you well if you need it, but I think you will outlast these games and come home. We can't wait to see you. We knew that your blindness would never stop you. You burn like fire, the orange-red glow shines around you. Rage until you are her, back in our arms! We love you! Never ever forget that." Everyone is stunned by that speech. After the girls leave the camera still is on and in place because the film director is so touched.

Chariot Rides

District 1

The crowd screams in anticipation for the chariot rides. The District 1 chariot is red with golden designs running along the side. It is drawn by four chestnut horses. Eric and Cara look like they are wearing tunics. The tunics look like the chariot except opposite. Each carries a staff. The staff is looks just like the chariot. They hit their staffs together and a shower of sparks fall on the tributes turning their outfits red. The crowd goes wild at this trick.

District 2

The District 2 chariot looks like it is made out of axes. Ernie and Lucy are dressed both in identical silver suits. Lucy has a small axe in her hair, its real. Lucy waves and blows kisses to the crowd. She is full of giggles. Ernie becomes very annoyed. He pulls the axe from her hair and hits her on the back of the head. She falls unconscious. Ernie stands back up and stares ahead. The crowd is silent for District 2, they are scared and in awe of Ernie.

District 3

District 3's chariot is bronze. Nicolo and Elecsia look like they are made of wire. Coming with them is a mysterious ticking sound. Suddenly they blow up. Replaced before the crowd is again Nicolo and Elecsia, but now they are shining brightly in bronze with accents made of wire. The crowd screams for them.

District 4

Evan and Sarah both are dressed in dark blue spandex with green weaving through it. There is a long flowing cape attached to both of them. It is blue and looks just like water. They each carry a trident. At the same time they point their tridents at the crowd. Suddenly the crowd is surrounded by silver sponsor parachutes. They open the parachutes and find various sweets from District 4. The crowd eats cheers.

District 5

The District 5 chariot comes into the view of the crowd. Rick and Marion look like they are covered in leaves and flowers. Only their 'parts' are covered. The crowd is unimpressed and claps respectfully.

District 6

Nate and CJ ride out in their chariot. The chariot is white as snow. CJ is dressed in a multi-colored short dress, she is beautiful. Her head is wreathed in a multi-colored tiara that burns in a multi-colored fire. Nate also has a head piece that burns like CJ"s only the colors are much darker. The crowd cheers in awe.

District 7

Ash and Dawn ride out facing each other in their dark green chariot. Their wrists are tied to each others wrists by a band that looks like their district tokens except it is black and the carved items are glowing green. Ash is wearing a brown and green blazer. Dawn is wearing a mint green dress that makes her look young, inocent, and very pretty. Suddenly their wrists are not bound anymore. The band flys into the sky and spells Ash - Dawn - District 7 in the sky. Then it burst into sparks and rains down on the audience. The crowd seems very impressed since they are clapping very enthusiastically.

District 8

Lona and Rikki ride out in their orange chariot standing as far from one another as possible. Lona wears an orange and red gown while Rikki wears an orange and red tux with a cape. Lona waves merily to the crowd and blows kisses. Lona raises her arms and suddenly doves encase the chariot. The crowd is mildly impressed.

District 9

The District 9 tributes are wearing identical suits of red satin. They stare ahead, its like they are unaware of the crowd cheering them on. They each look dark and menacing. The crowd, again has seen this, but still it has a lasting impression.

District 10

Zoren and Krystal com out in a chariot that looks like a cow. Krystal wears a short dress that also looks like a cow with a puffy sheeps wool overcoat. Zoren wears a tux that looks like a cow too. The crowd laughs and cheers and moos.

District 11

Dandle and Violet both look like dried out fruit. The crowd laughs and cheers respectfully, but is then interupted by a loud call. It's a melody that is used to tell workers they are done. The crowd realizes the sound is coming from Violet's mouth. They cheer and cheer and cheer.

District 12

Ethan and Ali are swathed in dirty coal miner outfits. Ali stands siffly while Ethan tries to comfort her. The crowd realizes the tributes outfits are slowly starting to glow. The crowd cheers for the unlikely pair. Ethan hold Ali's hand and smiles. He kisses her lightly on the cheek.

These items can be sponsored if the tribute has enough money. The money amounts will be decided by how much the crowd loves them in the chariot rides. I will accept up to three sponsorships a day.

Weapons -

Knife - $ 200

Spear - $ 350

Trident - $ 500

Sword - $ 400

Poison - $ 250

Axe - $ 250

Poison Daggar - $ 450

Bow and Arrows - $ 550

Armor - $ 450

Clothing, First-Aid, Misc.

Sweatshirt - $ 250

Gloves - $ 350

Hat - $ 300

Socks - $ 150

Sleeping Bag - $ 400

Bandages - $200

Poison Antedote - $ 350

Burn Cream - $ 250

Note From Family - $ 50

Mutation Poison Antedote - $ 700

Medicine - Depends what kind, more than $500

Food, Water

Basket of Rolls - $ 100 plus $ 50 Per Roll

Dried Fruit - $ 150

Feast - $ 750

Capitol Dinner (You can choose what to send) - $ 650

Filled Water Bottle - $ 400

Iodine - $ 350

Water - $ 200

Tap - $ 500

Note - I will not accept a note that is more than four lines.

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