Welcome to Firecatcher3 67th Hunger Games! These games will include at least chariot rides, tribute pictures, the games (obviously), final 8 interviews, and the victory tour. I may put in reapings and interviews depending how much information I get on each tribute. Reservations will only be held for 36 hours so don't wait to long! I will leave a notice on your talk page when your reservation is almost up. Be sure to follow these guidelines for entering tributes. You will need; Name, age, district, talents, strategies, personality(optional, but it would be nice for the interviews and stuff), appearance, and history(optional). The limit for tributes is two unless I say otherwise. The tributes training scores are in the parenthesis by the name.

"Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!" - Effie Trinket


The cornucopia is on a small island in the middle of the lake. The tributes are placed evenly around the perfectly circular lake. From the edge of the lake to the dense forest there is a 20 yard gap. The forest is dense and dark until you travel two miles from the cornucopia, then it opens up. The forest is surrounded by very large mountains. There is an abundance of prey animals in the forest which also means that there are many predatory animals. There are also many multi-colored mutations that are all poisonous. In some of the ponds and deeper streams there are poison fish that are very dangerous and can jump out of the water. They have long, sharp fangs and if they bite you, you are dead within the hour unless you are sponsored with the antidote. Even with the antidote, the tribute will endure horrific halucinations.


District 1 Female: Aqua Silverstorm (9)

District 1 Male: Storm Fang (11)
  • Aqua Sliverstorm, District1
  • Storm Fang, District 1
  • Vanessa Jimenez, District 2
  • Alexander Sidorov, District 2
  • Electra Vargas, District 3
  • Nana Pythagorous, District 3
  • Ireland Winona, District 4
  • Totoro Ida, District 4
  • Michelle Nash, District 5
  • Blair Quagmire, District 5
  • Liesel (Merminger) Hammerman, District 6
  • Rudy Steiner, District 6
  • Snow Breeze, District 7
  • Spruce Follows, District 7
  • Claire Silk, District 8
  • Jared Nylon, District 8
  • Spring Howards, District 9
  • Sam Jones, District 9
  • Cinder-Rose Calbury, District 10
  • Kovu Seys, District 10
  • Hayley Winters, District 11
  • Rush Leafs, District 11
  • Beauty Swann, District 12
  • Jupiter Blanc, District 12

District 2 Female: Vanessa Jimenez (8) $800

District 2 Male: Alexander Sidorov (10) $1000

District 3 Female: Electra Vargas (5)

District 3 Male: Nano Pythagorous (7)

District 4 Female: Ireland Winona (10)

District 4 Male: Totoro Ida (10)

District 5 Female: Michelle Nash (6)

District 5 Male: Blair Quagmire (7)

District 6 Female: Liesel (Merminger) Hammerman (5)

District 6 Male: Rudy Steiner (6)

District 7 Female: Snow Breeze (9) 2nd Place

District 7 Male: Spruce Follows (8)

District 8 Female: Claire Silk (5)

District 8 Male: Jared Nylon (5)

District 9 Female: Spring Howards (7) $250

District 9 Male: Sam Jones (6)

District 10 Female: Cinder-Rose Calbury (10)

District 10 Male: Kovu Seys (7) THE VICTOR

District 11 Female: Hayley Winters (6)

District 11 Male: Rush Leafs (8)

District 12 Female: Beauty Swan (2)

District 12 Male: Jupiter Blanc (4)

Final Eight (Seven!) Interviews

Storm Fang

Storm's parents come along with Gemma. Storm's parents cling to each other wishing Storm could see how much they love him. Gemma stands alone, hugging herself, with tears falling down her cheeks. "Storm, you can't let Aqua's death get to you. She was my sister and I loved her more than anything in the world. Come home, to me, and piece me back together. I love you so much." Gemma whimpers softly and backs away off stage. Storm's parents look at her in astonishment and then nod in confirmation and dismount the stage together.

Nano Pythagorous

A few of his friends show up, but none of his family. One of his friends, his best friend, is crying. "Please, come home. Survive, you know how." His breakdown has the other friends unnerved and soon they are struggling to hold back tears as well. In turn, each of them bows to the camera in respect for Nano.

Snow Breeze

Her twin brother and her parents are there. Her mother is crying into her father's arms and are in no form to say anything. Her twin brother, Thorn, steps forward and opens his mouth to speak. "My sister is struggling to survive. She is injured and sad, but she keeps going. She is strong, and I have no doubt that she will survive long enough to make it home. I wish she could hear this because everything I say is true." He bursts into tears and places a white feather on the stage. Written in black ink is the words break ,survive, peace.

Claire Silk

Her younger sister, six-year-old Emerly is the only one there. She stands tall and tears fall down her pale cheeks. She opens her mouth to sing.

To me you are an angel in disguise. Full of intuition, intelligent, and wise. Always giving and helping through Good times and bad. You are the best friend I've ever had. If I had one wish it would surely be To give you as much as you've given to me. Though I've put our relationship through some cloudy days, You've been my sunshine in so many ways. Through trials and tests, right by me You stood, And gave me your hand whenever you could. My sister, my friend Come home for the end.

At the end she cries and the words are barely understandable, but the hearts of the Capitol go out to her.

Kovu Seys

Not a soul comes to Kovu's interview. Before the camera crew left, his friends were seen throwing something in their direction. The rocks dented the stage. On each rock was a note saying; you're next, the games are waiting, how would you like to die? They were afraid so the camera crew ran. Kovu's friends smiled and high-fived each other happily.

Hayley Winters

Her entire family comes and many of her friends. It is clear that she is much loved and that her family and friends are praying for her safe return. Her younger brother comes forward and makes a butterfly with his hands. One after the other everyone on the stage does it. THen her little brother runs off the stage and is followed by his sibling and then the rest of them.

Beauty Swann

The mayor of District 12 shows up and smiles warily into the crowd. "I just wish my daughter a safe return home. Her absence has taken a tole on my. I love her so much and I just want you home. Beautiful Beauty, come home to me." He recites the last line of his daughters favorite song.

Day 1: Story

In Michelle's Perspective-

My clothes are tight to my skin. Everything is synthetic and there are water proof coverings over our boots that are probably for the swim. The plate feels cold under my feet as I stare out at the arena. The cornucopia must be at least 40 yards away. I don't really know how to swim that well, but I wont be able to get the shining bow that lays near the cornucopia. I have to try. Suddenly, the gong sounds and I take two steps forward into the icy mountain lake.

In Sam's Perspective-

My head bobs up and down in the water. It's cold, but I'm almost at the cornucopia. One girl swims ahead of me. She is small, but I can see that she is strong. If I can catch her, I can kill her quickly. The waves are growing stronger as the wind blows harder. One crashes over my head and the sweet water threatens to choke me. I keep swimming and I feel dirt under my feet.

In Snow's Perspective-

I left Spring and Hayley on the shore as I raced for weapons. I grabbed the bow and slung it with the quiver over my back. I see a set of knives and I grab three out of the nine. Suddenly, I am pushed down. I flip over and I see the male from four. The trident in his hand is rushing toward me. I close my eyes and wait for death.

In Rush's Perspective-

I stick my nine-inch knife through the District four boy's head. His cannon fires and he falls. The girl looks at me.

"You are only still alive because you are allied with Hayley, now go!" I yell.

She rolls away from me and stands up. She slings two packs over her back and dives back into the lake. I watch her swim to the shore and run into the woods with Hayley and Spring. Then I turn around and grab a pack and a knife from the cornucopia and dive into the water.

In Cinder-rose's Perspective -

I dive into the water and the current tugs at my clothes. I have never been the greatest swimmer. As I paddle I see a girl and a boy fall at the cornucopia. Then, not to far from me I see the girl from 5 screaming and trying to keep afloat. When she sees me watching she calls my name. Suddenly she is pulled under by something that can only be a mutt. I gulp and swim as hard as I can. I make it to the cornucopia only to be stabbed in the stomach by a District 2. I had my back turned and I wasn't watching. I wish I could hear my own cannon.

In Ireland's Perspective -

I stand on the shore waiting for Totoro. We had decided that he would go to the cornucopia and that I would wait for him in cover. I saw a boy fall, but I don't think it's him, but then another boy died and then two girls. He isn't back yet, and he is the strongest swimmer I know. Then I hear a voice in the woods to my right.

"The District 4 boy almost killed me," whispers the first voice.

"He did?" says another voice.

"Yea, but then Rush killed him and let me go because I'm allied with you and Hayley."

My heart lurches. He's dead? I peek through the trees and see three young girls running off. I can't kill them today, but there's always tomorrow.

In Nano's Perspective -

I run to where Electra waits with the spears. She smiles as I approach and we run into the dense forest. Suddenly, she pitches forward and blood spurts from her mouth. She falls face down in the dirt and I yell. I look over and see Sam with a set of knives. I grit my teeth and glare at him until he turns away. Electra lies on the ground with a knife between her shoulder blades. I yank it out and she groans. I flip her over and blood trails from her mouth.

"You can do it, the games." She manages.

"Shhh..." I whisper. Death will be more peaceful if there is less pain.

"You must go home." I cradle her head and nod.

"...... father..... safe.... home...... i...... love..... him....." Her words trail of as her body convulses and then falls limp.

I slide her eyes closed and leave her body where it lays with the knife that brought her death gripped tightly in my hand. The forest encases me and I am alone.

Day 1: Deaths

Totoro Ida - Rush Leafs

Michelle Nash - Mutation

Cinder-rose Calbury - Alexander Sidorov

Leisel Hammerman - Aqua Silverstorm

Jupiter Blanc - Aqua Silverstorm

Electra Vargas - Sam Jones

Day 2: Story

In Storm's Perspective -

By the time I wake up, the sun is high in the sky. I roll over and wake the others. If we are going to hunt down some tributes, then we need to do it soon. The cornucopia still sits on the island in the lake. Yesterday, we moved everything we could to the shore. The pile is pretty impressive.

"Are we going to hunt some tributes?" I ask.

"Yep." Aqua agrees.

"Sounds good to me." Says Alexander.

"We're going to do what?" Vanessa says tearfully.

I turn to Alexander. "Tell your girlfriend that we are going to go kill some kids."

He turns to her and begins to explain.

"Oh yea," I interrupt him. "Tell if she is to scared then we can kill her now."

They both stare at me fearfully.

"Hey, that's the way of the games." Aqua says.

In Sam's Perspective -

The forest is an unfriendly place. I've seen the mutts that run about here. Bright blue cougars or sunset colored birds. Even the regular animals look menacing. I'm still hiking through the dense forest. Will it even thin out? Just as I think that I see light ahead o me. I charge ahead and I am greeted by sunshine. I spread my arms and let the sun warm my chilled skin. I run in the meadow and smile to my self. If only my family was here. He lays back and closes his eyes.

Sun fills the clearing as I make a crown of lilies for my sister. She leaps at the butterflies in the soft meadow. Birds sing their melodies and the wind whispers her songs. My sister runs over to me and plops down next to me. I place the crown on her head and she giggles Somewhere in the back of my mind I know this a dream, but I never want to wake up. Suddenly, thunder pierces the sweet scene and everything changes. My sister shrieks and falls back in the meadow. Her body arches in pain and she is covered in blood. The meadow is red now and the wind is howling, no longer is it singing. This is no dream; it's a night mere.

I wake up covered in sweat the sun is gone behind the purple clouds and the wind howls. I run for cover as it begins to rain. Suddenly a twig snaps behind me. I turn and peer out from a tree. A strong, muscular tribute appears with a long knife in his hand. He arrogant head is on a swivel as if he is looking for someone. I decide to take a chance and see if he wants an ally. I step out from behind the tree and I realize he towers over me. I shake the dread that has now filled my gut.

"Hi." I say.

"Hello." He replies darkly.

"Allies?' I ask.

"Sure." A deadly smile flickers onto his face. He takes a step toward me and I stumble back. Something isn't right.

"What's your name?" My foot catches on a root and I fall backward hitting the ground hard. I struggle to get up, but I' not quick enough. He sees his chance and lunges. I feel the sword pierce the skin and bone in my chest. I take one last shallow breath and whisper goodbye to my sister in the red meadow.

In Storm's Perspective -

I lift up the fools limp body and whisper in his ear, "You should learn to observe you opponents before you ask a stupid question."

In Rudy's Perspective -

I don't want to go home now. I have nothing to live for. Her beautiful face appeared in the sky last night waterlogged and bloody. She is gone, and I figure I might as well meet her as soon as possible. I have found my way to a cliff. It is high and rocks wait below me. Without a further thought I leap and the air rushes around me. Suddenly, everything is orange as I am swarmed by birds. They peck at my eyes and every other part of me. I scream in pain, but this only brings death closer. I scream Leisel's name as the rocks approach and the birds fly away. I close my eyes and take her hand away from this terrible world.

Day 2: Deaths

Sam Jones - Storm Fang

Rudy Steiner - Rudy Steiner

Day 3: Story

In Blair's Perspective -

The morning is cool and a light drizzle of rain falls from the sky. It is early dawn and the sun hasn't yet cleared the mountains and warmed the narrow valley. I stand up and brush the leaves from my body. The ground was cold and wet and hard. I'm about to continue up the valley when something falls to my left. I grab the stick I have been using as a weapon and walk over to the bush that I heard the sound by. Then I realize it's a parachute. A silver parachute! I rush over and rip it open. Inside lays a basket of rolls from my District with five rolls and a sword. A sword. Now I have a chance; a good one to. I pick them up and ravenously eat a roll. I tuck the rest into my pocket and run off into the woods with sword at hand.

In Spring's Perspective -

Snow has lead us to a small waterfall in an alcove. It is beautiful and well hidden. How she found it beats me. The tree of us, Hayley, Snow, and I have become very close friends. At times, I forgot where we were. We aren't starving, but that's not to say our stomachs don't growl. I set down the pack I was carrying and pull off my sweatshirt. The sun is high in the sky, and well, it's hot; I grab Hayley by the arm and we leap into the pool. It's cool and refreshing. Hayley and I splash each other while Snow finishes purifying our water bottles.

"Come on Snow!" I yell from the water.

"I don't know..." She says glancing cautiously around her.

"Oh come on!" Hayley calls. "The water's fine!"

"Look out!" I scream as Snow cannonballs into the water.

We giggle and splash for hours. This is one of those times that I forget where we are. Snow and Hayley just have a way of making all the bad things go away. The sun is beginning to dip behind the mountains as Snow and I set up the sleeping bags in the surrounding trees. We lay back in the trees; Snow is taking first watch. We're about to fall asleep when my stomach growls. I look around me and Snow bursts out laughing. Hayley giggles quietly and soon enough I'm laughing too. After all, it's what friends do best; Make each other laugh.

In Alexander's Perspective -

We were out all day. Not a soul in sight. No traces of humans, anywhere. Wearing our night-vision googles we creep back to the cornucopia. I look at Vanessa. I don't think she can take this anymore. I think she just wants to go home; get away from this night-mere. Now, as she sleeps, she whimpers quietly and twitches. Storm and Aqua watch her like me. Aqua looks at me questioningly and I just shrug.

"Night-meres I'm guessing."

She nods and turns back to Storm. Something is off with those two. One moment they are eager to kill and the next they are watching carefully for any sign of disruption. It's weird. You would think that District 2 would train their tributes how to hide their emotions. I can read Aqua like a book. When I finally lie down, all I dream about is Vanessa. Every good part of her. My dreams just make me realize that I can't lose her, but she can lose me.

Day 3: Deaths

None. All was peaceful.

Day 4: Story

In Vanessa's Perspective -

I don't think I can do this anymore. The killing. I wasn't meant for this. I should be at home, with my family, in Mexico. Alexander is being really nice to me, and I love him so much for it, but I'm afraid for him because of Storm and Aqua. They seem to ready to kill me. At the moment, we are tracking three tributes. Their foot prints are small, so they can't be very old. I'm not afraid of them, because they probably aren't very skilled, I'm afraid for them. I don't want to see this massacre.

In Kovu's Persective -

My sponsors sent me five rolls and a poison dagger that gleams purple in the morning mist. I've already eaten two of the rolls and shoved the rest in the pocket of m sweatshirt. I am tracking the careers. They are heading up the valley and I can't help but think that I may kill them all. The day is beginning to warm and the mist is burning off. The careers track ahead of me and they have no idea what is coming.

In Claire's Perspective -

I sit in the trees wishing I had a bow so I could hunt something down to eat. Jared has been gone for hours, but I haven't heard a cannon so I'm not worried at all. He is trying to get us food. We haven't eaten since the start of the games and well, we will probably die soon. I watch as Jared comes limping back with a palmful of berries in his hand. They are blue berries which I stuff in my mouth quickly. Jared has already has some and is already fast asleep in the tree. I snuggle up next to him and close my eyes in the afternoon sun. Hours later, I hear a cannon, shortly followed by two more.

Hours earlier...

In Hayley's Perspective -

Snow has been antsy all day. Spring and I refused to leave our little paradise and I'm glad we didn't because Spring received a feast this morning along with another knife. She shared her meal with us and we have been sunning ourselves. Snow paces quickly. Time seems to go slow, but I'm not worried. While the others were sleeping last night I set up a warning system with the birds. I couldn't find a protective animal so I just used the birds. I close my eyes and rest in the sun.

Suddenly, the birds are screaming. The alarm. Snow has already figured it out and is packing our stuff quickly. Spring's eyes are wide as she watches Snow.

"Just leave it!" I scream. "We have to go now!"

Snow tosses a pack to me and one to Spring and draws an arrow. We begin to scramble up the rocks in our alcove which now doesn't seem so safe anymore. Snow tried to tell us this morning that if we were attacked from the south we would be trapped. Now I see what she meant. We aren't quick enough in our escape. I hear Spring's scream and her cannon. I stop and look down at her broken body. A spear sticks out of her forehead. Then I see Snow's arrow embed itself in one of the careers leg.

"There will be time to mourn later!" Snow grabs my arm and pulls me up the rocks. That's when I see another tribute stab the Mexican girl in the neck. I turn and run; I don't want to see anymore.

In Alexander's Perspective -

I remember that tribute as he runs toward us. He was the one who mangled the punching bag in training. I watch him stab my Vanessa in the neck. He grins as he sees my pain and waves the bloodied dagger back and fourth over Vanessa. I look at her. She is twisting and contorting in pain. Her eyes are faraway and she screams in pain. Then he stabs her in the leg and her screaming intensifies. I try to run over to her, but I am rooted to the spot. I watch as he stabs her again and again and teases her with her own pain. I realize that Aqua was holding me, but is no longer as she is helping Storm. I race over to Vanessa. I throw my knife at him, and he easily dodges the blow. He leaps sideways and easily slices my head with his knife. I try and return the blow, but my world is spinning. He slashes the back of my legs and the the back of my neck as I sink to the ground beside Vanessa. I watch him slink away into the trees. Vanessa's breaths are short and ragged.

"Alexander..." I hear her say faintly.

"I love you Vanessa." I say as twist in pain.

"I love you too." She is to weak to move and her last breath is a long one.

Her cannon is loud in my ears and I slip my bloody hand into hers as my life fades away.

Day 4: Deaths

Spring Howards - Storm Fang

Vanessa Jimenez - Kovu Seys

Alexander Sidorov - Kovu Seys

Day 5: Story

In Ireland's Perspective -

I follow the foot prints of Snow and Hayley. I watched from the trees yesterday as The careers killed Spring and another kid killed the two District 2 tributes. I gotta hand it to that kid, he is ruthless. My mind keeps drifting back to my district partner, Totoro. He was my lover. I loved him. I didn't want to just see him be slaughtered at the cornucopia. I was hoping to spend our last few days together happily. But no, that would never happen for us. He was killed as I waited in the trees by someone who spared the life of the girl he was going to kill. That is who I hunt. Snow. Her blood I long for. I want her dead. The footprints weave back and forth through the trees and sometimes they disappear all together. Now they are gone. I haven't seen them in awhile. I begin to look up in the trees since both girls are slight and could easily climb the trees. Suddenly, I am slashed in the back several times with a knife. I spin around and see Hayley disappearing into the bushes behind me. I sprint after her with my knife in my hand. She will die. My rage drives me faster and soon I am right behind her. I shove her down and she crawls up against a tree. She turns her head away not willing to face death. I raise my knife to kill her and I am tackled from above. My knife landed deep in Snow's shoulder. She cries out in pain, but refuses to let go. I see her bow lying aways away and her arrows on her back, those will be of no use to her. The knife in her hand scores down my back and she throws me backward onto the ground. She holds the knife to my neck, ready to kill me. Then the fire leaves her eyes, and her grip softens. She can't do it. Instead she slashes my leg and leaps off me. She and Hayley disappear into the forest. I decide to walk away from hear and find a place where maybe I can heal myself.

In Nano's Perspective -

I've been alone for days. I haven't had much food, or sleep for that matter. I have just killed a small rabbit. It is scrawny with matted hair. I am just about to cook it when a silver parachute lands by my side. I stop fixing the flame and unwrap it. Inside lays a sword glistening in the low light. I grasp it in my hands and stuff the raw meat into my pocket to cook later. As I walk I begin to see drops of blood. The drops get thicker and thicker until I come across a girl unconscious on the ground. Her hair is matted and she is covered in blood. I don't feel an ounce of empathy for her when I kill her. I just want to go home, and she was standing in my way.

In Claire's Perspective -

Jared and I are perfect. Nothing has happened to bridge a gap between us. We both know what's coming, but why think about it when you are with the person who makes you happy. One cannon sounded today, and it scared me. The gamemakers are getting closer to pushing all the tributes together, and well, I want to stay here with Jared forever. Just this morning we carved our names into our tree. Suddenly I hear a yelp, and then a growl. My first reaction is to run away from whatever animal is out there, but then I realize it's Jared who needs help. I leap down from my tree and see him fighting some kind of cat thing with his bare hands. The mutt is bright green with yellow spots and white, pupilless eyes. I pull out my knife and stab it in the neck. It dies quickly, but Jared... His eyes flutter and he convulses in pain. I try to bandage his wounds to the best of my ability. I wait for him to wake up and tell me everything is ok, but that doesn't happen. I'm still waiting when I hear a faint "I love you." I glance down and watch his eyes close and hear the cannon sound.

Day 5: Deaths

Ireland Winona - Nano Pythagorous

Jared Nylon - Mutation

Day 6: Story

In Spruce's Perspective -

Days and days and days alone. I haven't killed, I haven't tracked, I haven't done anything. I have seen not a single sign of a person in ages and I sometimes wish I could kill someone just to prove that I am still sane. I listen for any sign of life, but get nothing. I swear I have been walking in circles for days. Just then I come across two names in a tree. Jared & Claire . Those are the District 8 tributes. Tributes! I'm not alone in here! I touch it just to make sure it is really there. I sigh in relief and turn to continue on my path. Thats when I see the pool of blood. Someone died here. No one can live with that much blood loss. The wounds had to be deep, but from what?

In Storm's Perspective -

Aqua and I make up the careers now. We stalk, but we don't find. We are thinking about leaving to find some tributes. I sit on a crate and stare out at the small island in the middle of the lake. Aqua rests her head on my shoulder and intertwines her fingers with mine. Her sweet smile is always on her face now. I feel kinda bad for, deceiving her. She is not that bad of a girl, I am kind of enjoying her, but I have to keep my priorities strait. I have to protect her the best I can so her sister might like me back. Suddenly I'm brought out of my thoughts by Aqua's voice.

"What did you say?" I ask.

"Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"The laughter."

"No, let me listen." I listen quietly for the noise. Then I hear it. It is so full of happiness and joy, to bad it will have to end. "Lets go"

She nods and we both grab our weapons. Aqua has a spear and I have my sword. We run into the woods where we heard it, but find nothing. We search for hours when we hear it again; above us. I look up and see a bird. I would say it was a crow, but it was pink. We hear laughter again and see another pink bird. Stupid birds.

In Beauty's Perspective -

This is so much harder than I thought! Animals don't just come up to you ready to die! You actually have to kill them. Berries are easier, but they don't sustain me. I wish I had some food...

In Blair's Perspective -

I am running blind. Barely dodging trees and clearing brush. My brothers laugh ahead of me and I have to catch them. I have to tell them it is not time to laugh. I have to tell them they can laugh when I'm home. I -

And then I'm falling. Falling. Faster and faster. My heart skips a beat as I hear my brothers laughing. Why are they still laughing? Do they want me to die? I thought they lov-

I feel broken. Shattered. I can't fight death forever. Birds. Pink birds. My brothers laugh. But then I realize...

Day 6: Deaths

Blair Quagmire - Pink Bird mutts lead him off a cliff

Day 7: Story

In Beauty's Perspective -

Life in the games is hard. That is, unless you have good sponsors like me. My sponsors just sent me a huge capitol feast and a sharp knife. I ate a small portion and then grabbed my knife and started to hunt. I made a bag out of the silver parachute to carry the rest of the dinner in. A walk for a while and then I see a snare, I wonder who set that? I examine it and decide to check it later even thought it's not mine. I find some spare rope and try to erect something like it. I think I did a pretty goo job. I run back to where the other snare was and it has a rabbit in it. I steal it and run off. I have a lot of food, I should be fine for a while.

In Aqua's Perspective -

Storm and I run together side by side. I love him, and I think he loves me. I mean, he always did love my sister and I never thought he would fall for me, but I'm happy. At first, I thought he was just doing it to score some popularity points with my sister, but I don't think that's the case anymore. I intertwine my hand with his as we run and he smiles back at me from the shadows. Then we see him. District 11. Rush Leafs. It is time for him to die. We approach, we plan, and we strike. His bloodied body lies before us and we smile evil smiles knowing his family is in tears. He nods to me and we both turn and run back the way we had come, back to the cornucopia. A good day's work.

Day 7: Deaths

Rush Leafs - Aqua Silverstorm, Storm Fang

Day 8: Story

In Snow's Perspective -

The last days all it has been for me is pain. Hayley pulled the knife out of my shoulder and bandaged it, but it hurts. Hayley says it's not infected, but I know she is lying to me. It's my shoulder and I look at it every day. I still hunt, but it hurts, a lot. Hayley brings the animals to her so I can kill them much more easily. Hayley and I are trekking up one of the mountain sides in the narrow valley. We both just want to make it out of here alive.

In Spruce's Perspective -

I've been running. Running for everything I used to know. I just want to go home. I just want to see my family and lie in the meadow by my house. I begin to recognize trees and things and I realize I'm almost at the cornucopia. Storm and Aqua are both there. Aqua is bandaging up Storm's leg. As I watch I realize Aqua thinks she and Storm are together, but Storm doesn't like her. If I remember his reaping correctly, he is only doing this for Aqua's older sister. That is shallow. Suddenly, they both look away. It's now or never. With my knife in my hand I charge and knock them both to the ground. My knife cuts deeply into Storm's back and he rolls away. I thrust my knife into Aqua stomach and I know she will die soon. Suddenly, there is a sword in stomach. I am going to die. So much for going home. I lie on the ground and Storm holds Aqua.

"Storm!" I rasp. "Why don't you tell Aqua the truth, about you."

His eyes fill with rage. "How did you know?"

"Tell her," I am struggling to stay conscious now, but I want to hear this.

"Tell me what?" Aqua sounds just like me, almost dead.

"Aqua, I," He can't finish.

"He has been playing you the whole time. He is only protecting you because he wants your older sister to like him. He has never been in it for you." I choke on my own blood rising in my mouth.

"Storm," Her eyes are full of tears. "Is this true?"

All he can do is nod. She screams in anger and shoves my knife deeper into herself. Her eyes close and the rage is still plain on her face.

Storm is crying. His tears are real as he closes her eyes. He pulls the knife from her body and plunges it into my chest.

In Claire's Perspective -

Two cannons. I wonder who died. It was one after another and the birds had fallen silent. I walk like a drunk person. Alone, scared, and wondering when I am going to die. I don't want to fight anymore. Jared is gone, dead and gone. I will never see him alive again. I've lost the most important thing to me. I lost him and he took my will with me. I miss him more than anything. I whimper softly to the woods. I climb my tree, the one with our names in it, Jared and mine. I trace it with my fingers and curl up against it. I close my eyes to the orange red sky and wish the world away.

Day 8: Deaths

Aqua Silverstorm - Spruce Follows

Spruce Follows - Storm Fang

Day 9: Story

In Nano's Perspective -

Lies. Hurt. Angry. That's what I am. That's what I have become. That's what the Capitol has done to me. Suddenly, my negative thoughts are interrupted by something far more important. Caesar's voice booms loudly around the arena and I know every tribute is listening.

Welcome to the final eight. In celebration of your making it here there will be a feast. All of you are expected to be there and if your not... Anyway, what you most desperately need waits for you at the cornucopia. I hope to see you there at sundown.

You can almost see the smirk on his face as he announces the feast. I realize that something will be off at this feast; there will be some kind of trick. Some of us will die, and others will survive with everything they need. Whatever the odds of my survival, I decide to go; It's a long trek to the cornucopia.

In Beauty's Perspective -

As soon as Caesar announced the feast I knew I wasn't going. I don't want to die. Not now, not ever. Still, something about the way he said it made me nervous; What if something happens to me if I don't go? Quickly, I shove the question from my mind. I already decided: I am NOT going to that feast. But still...

In Claire's Perspective -

I'm almost there. I can just now see the glint of the cornucopia in the afternoon sun. A cool breeze blows through my once beautiful blond hair and I realize I haven't showered in ages. I run my hand through my hair and pick out some of the mud and twigs. I stop. I need to focus. I'm not going to die here. I'm just going to get what I need and leave. Storm paces warily on the shore of the lake. The cornucopia is a good ways swim away. Do we have to swim to the feast?

In Snow's Perspective -

Hayley and I both decided to go to the feast. We knew we both needed something. I needed bandages and medicine for the infection in my shoulder. Hayley needed a better weapon. Her knife was dull and almost useless. A pair of wolves stalk behind us and keep watch. It was Hayley's idea. The other night she told me how she could control animals and I was really impressed. I still am really impressed. Hayley speaks softly to them every once in a while as if to remind them of their job so they wont eat us. It's kind of weird having wolves as a body guard. I motion for Hayley to get down among the bushes along the lake. She whispers to the wolves and they move to flank us. Storm is on the shore pacing, I see Claire's glittering eyes in the bushes behind him, Nano's boot sticks out from behind a crate right by Storm, and Kovu watches intently from across the lake. I check the names in my head and count them. Seven. I came up with seven. Beauty isn't here. Whatever, her loss.

In Kovu's Perspective -

It all happens at once. The sky turns an almost unnatural red and a fine white table takes the place of the cornucopia on the small island. Nano leaps at Storm and I run for the water. Snow and Hayley are already swimming, but I figure I can beat a few twelve-year-olds. I watch from about ten yards away as they make it to the island. Ten seconds later I have joined them. Snow has her back turned to me and Hayley grips her knife. If Snow was closer, I'd kill her, but Hayley is right by me. I pull my poison dagger out of it's sheath. It gleams purple in the sun. Hayley screams as I stab her in the neck. She dies instantly. The cannon is deafening. Before I can even retrieve my knife Snow has an arrow notched and aimed at my head.

In Storm's Perspective -

Nano lept on me. I should have seen it, but I didn't. I should have heard him, but I didn't. There are a lot of things I should have done, but didn't. And now, as I lie drowning in my own blood I realize that. I could have saved Aqua, I could have talked to Gemma, I could have hidden before the feast. Instead, I didn't save Aqua, I didn't talk to Gemma, and I didn't even think to hide. My cannon will sound soon and as I look up at the slowly appearing stars I realize that Gemma did love me. She did. I drift into my memories and let them engulf my. They hurt, but I'd rather be there than here.

In Claire's Perspective -

Two cannons. It was eight and then it was six. My feet touch the bottom of the lake and I sprint up onto the island. Nano, Snow, and Kovu all stare at each other. I try to find my sponsor gift, but then I realize there are none here. None at all.

"Hey! Where are the sponsor things?" My stupid question gets there attention.

"What? Where are they?" Nano practically yells.

All of us search the table for anything. We find nothing.

"Wait, didn't Caesar say something about us all being here?" Kovu asks desperately.

"Yes." Snow's voice is as quiet as a cold winter breeze. Her gaze is icy and reaches right into the pit of my stomach. Poor girl. "Beauty's not here."

No one speaks. We have to find Beauty, but the sun is gone. There is no moon and the stars are dim. Tomorrow we will find her.

In Kovu's Perspective -

Through the darkness I watch Snow slip away and glide through the icy waters. I know she will not be there in the morning. I follow her lead and quietly slide away.

Day 9: Deaths

Hayley Winters - Kovu Seys

Storm Fang - Nano Pythagorous

Day 10: Story

In Claire's Perspective -

We spent the night together on the small island in the center of the lake. No doubt all of us wondered if we would die in our sleep that night. Only know that we wake do we realize that two are missing. Best option; they went after Beauty. Worst option: They are waiting to ambush us. Nano and I stare at each other. I'm sure he is considering weather to kill me or not just as I do the same for him.

"Lets go." I say to break the silence.

He only nods and slips into the icy water. I follow closely behind. When we make it to shore, I let him go first. Let him be killed so I can at least have a chance. He disappears into the trees and nothing happens. I follow. Beauty will not be alive by the end of the day.

In Kovu's Perspective -

I don't think Snow knows - that I followed her. I watch her now, as she munches on rabbit meat and tends to her shoulder wound. It's kind of late for an alliance, but why not? Beauty and the others need to die. I cautiously step out of the shadows and into her line of sight. Instantly she has loaded her bow and has aimed it at my head. I raise my hands and stare back at the little girl defiantly.

In Snow's Perspective -

"Alliance?" The handsome boy named Kovu asks.

"I guess..." I could just kill him now, but my shoulder hurts - a lot. I lower my bow and toss him some meat. Just to prove that I'm not just going to kill him. He eats it and then gazes at my shoulder.

"That's bad."

"Tell me about it." I roll my eyes.

He stands up and offers me a hand. I take it and we begin to walk to where we think Beauty would hide. Then we see the fresh foot prints in the mud. I look into his eyes and they gleam with a ferocity that I could have sworn I had seen somewhere else. We increase our speed and soon we follow just behind them.

In Beauty's Perspective -

Today is perfect. Not a sound. Warm sun. Cloudless sky. Food. That's all I need.

In Kovu's Perspective -

I tell Snow to raise her bow. She does and I ready my poison dagger. On my mark we charge from the bushes. My knife pierces Claire's neck and she falls, convulsing, to the ground. Snow ran up to Nano, who is a lot bigger than her and was about to shoot him when he tackled her. She drops her bow to the ground and tries to fend him off. She is lost beneath him. Then he gasps. A nine inch blade protrudes out of his back. He is still alive and fighting when i cut off his head with my dagger. I pull him off her and she is crying. Without thinking she wraps her arms around me and sobs into my chest. I just hug her back not knowing what to do. My knife is still in my hand. I could kill her, but that would kill me inside. I mean look at her. 13 years-old and a killer. Poor girl. Suddenly she pushes away from me, hard. She wipes her tears, scared of what she just did.

"Come on," I say. "Lets go get Beauty."

In Beauty's Perspective -

I heard the two cannon shots. The scream I heard wasn't far from here. I count the tributes on my fingers. Me. Kovu. Snow. That's it. Just us left now. Oh God. Oh God. Oh god, oh god, oh god, no, no, no, no, no. I don't wanna die yet. I leap up and start to run, but it's to late. Snow's arrow is already in my back before I take two steps.

In Snow's Perspective -

Two. Two of us are left in this huge arena. I turn and look at Kovu. He stands in the trees while I stand in the meadow. Beauty's body was taken away. Blood still stains the grass. Kovu steps out of the trees and his dagger glints purple in the sun. I load my bow. This is it. The final moments. The crowds in the Capitol are on the edges of their seats. I don't want to die.

In Kovu's Perspective -

We stand there waiting for each other, staring each other down, daring the other to make the first move. We beat out everyone. Beat the odds and killed. Her bow is aimed at my head, my dagger at her chest. Her eyes brim with tears.

"I can't do this." She says as she lowers her bow. "I can't do this, I'm done." She drops her bow to the ground. "I. Am. Done."

Her knife is still in it's sheath, but she doesn't pull it out. Only when I rush at her does she pull it out to defend herself.

She dodges my first strike and slashes across my chest and then darts back out again. MY dagger catches her in the arm and she gasps, the poison already doing it's job. And then she gets me. In the stomach. I thrust my knife into her stomach and she gasps. She crumples to the ground and pulls the dagger out. Pain surges through me as I fall on her nine inch knife that sticks out of my back. We lie next to each other. I look over to her and tears pour down her face.

"I'm not ready, I'm not ready, I'm not ready." She mumbles weakly.

I drift in and out of consciousness and I realize that even with the poison, she might outlast me.

Day 10: Deaths


Claire Silk - Kovu Seys

Nano Pythagorous - Snow Breeze, Kovu Seys

Beauty Swann - Snow Breeze

The Victor

I thought I was dead. I want to be dead. I don't want to be here in this white walled prison. I killed.... Snow. I killed the little girl who stood up and protected the other little ones in the games. I killed the little girl who cried on my shoulder. I killed the little girl who's tears brought me home. She is dead. Her family will never forgive me.

I'm not going to open my eyes. I don't want to see the damage. I don't want to see the doctors I listen to now wondering why I refuse to open my eyes. They don't care. No one cares but my family back home. They'll see, they'll all see. Suddenly, one of the doctors prods me with a metal tool. I gasp in pain and can't keep myself from opening my eyes. Six doctors stand around me and poke and prod me. I punch one and he falls motionless to the floor.

"Hey, he's awake." One says from beneath his mask.

"No Duh," another replies. "Here."

The first doctor takes the syringe and brings it to my arm. I try and nock it away, but the others hold me down. I feel a cool, soothing feeling spread throughout my body and I'm in darkness.


When I wake again the outfit I wore in the arena lays on my bed. I cringe at the sight of it. Snow's face appears in my mind, but I quickly banish it from my mind. I slip into the ripped, bloody outfit and limp out of the room. My mentor, stylist, and district escort wait at the end of the hall. Hand supporting me on the wall, I limp over and greet them. My mentor laughs and pats me on the back. I put on a face and go with the moment. Then my stylist drags me to another room to dress me for tonight.

Hours later I stand in the launch room dressed in a black blazer with fire and ice. I shake in terror as I stare at the silver plate. Snow's face flashes in my mind. My stylist makes a last ditch attempt to fix my naturally messy hair. His mouth twists into an annoyed look as he positions me on the plate. I make eye contact with him as I rise into the crowds.

As I watch the games, I just want to scream. I want to go home and I want all of this to go away, but I know that it never will. The games focus on me, and my troubles. I watch as I kill and kill and kill. Then I watch Snow cry. When I kill her I barely stifle a sob. A tear rolls down my cheek and I dare to wipe it away. The crowd cheers and the president places a crown atop my head. I don't smile, my eyes are cold and they lock with his. His smile twitches into a threatening grimace and instantly a grin forms on my face. I know I did what he wanted me to do, but seeing the anger on his face makes me smile. One day, one day he will pay for everything he has done.

Returning Home

The train ride is horrible, agonizing actually. Everyone keeps asking me how it was in the games. What it was like to be hunted and to kill. My mentor just stays with me knowing exactly what I'm going though only having won his games four years ago. He gives me a look of support and I take the chance to run from the room. I crawl into my bed and close my eyes.

For the short hours that I manage to sleep I dream of Snow. I dream of her face twisted in agonizing pain as she dies. Her face disappears under black snow and I wake up screaming. My mentor pokes his head in.

"Are you alright?" He asks.

I role over and wipe the sweat from my brow. "I'm fine, thanks."

He nods and closes the door. Suddenly the windows clear and I see the rolling hills and pastures of District 10. I jump out of bed and quickly get dressed. I peek in the mirror and smile when I see my tousled hair. Perfect.

I leap off the train as soon as it stops and rush into my family's waiting arms. Tears fall from all of ours eyes and I breathe in the salty sent not wanting to miss a second of it. A horse whinnies nearby and the train departs. I am finally home.

Chariot Rides

District 1

The first charot comes into view and the crowd is impressed. Aqua is wearing a silver-green dress that reaches down to her knees. As she twirls and waves it changes to ever coloring in the rainbow. Storm is dressed in an identical suit. The crowd cheers them on.

District 2

The district 2 pair are dressed like peace keepers. Each are equiped with a powerful looking gun. Alexander tries to shoot it at the audience, but then he finds out that its plastic. The crowd stares in an oppressive silence.

District 3

Electra and Nano are no surprise to the capitol this year. They are wearing wires. Last year, there was an explosion, this year nothing of the sort happens. Then Nano catches fire. He screams, but not in pain. Electra begins to scream as well. They are not burning, but they are on fire. Suddenly the fire sizzles out and they are wearing beautiful outfits. Electra is in a black sparkling dress with wire accents. Nana looks awesome in a suit of the likes.

District 4

Ireland is wearing a short dress with a waterfall print on the back. It looks lame. Totoro isn't much better. He is wearing a suit with pebble prints. The crowd is bored.

District 5

Michelle and Blair are both wearing identical black, sparkly spandex. Blair pulls at it uncomfortably. Suddenly there is smoke and both tributes are gone. The crowd stares dumbly. Suddenly there's a bright flash and both tributes are now dressed in robes that lavish with what seems like thousands of plants. The crowd screams their approval of the stylists.

District 6

The District 6 tributes come out and the crowd can't help but laugh. They look ridiculous. Liesel is dressed like a bloody bandage. She looks more like a halloween mummy gone wrong. Rudy, on the other hand, is a syringe. He messes around and pretends to give people shots with the syringes he wears on his fingers. The crowd leaves laughter and humiliation in the tributes wake.

District 7

Snow is wearing a green silk dress with brown branches and leaves running across it. She is beautiful in her outfit. Spruce is wearing a blazer of the same design. Suddenly there is a flash and both tributes are now covered in blood. The crowd is silent. Neither tribute is waving now, instead they both stand apart looking each other down. They each hold weapons and now they pretend to fight. The crowd is still silent.

District 8

Claire and Nylon look like they are dressed in peacekeeper snowsuits. They wave to the crowd and smile at each other. They really do look like peacekeepers. Weapons and everything. The crowd is eased by this average appearance after the unraveling one they just witnessed. They cheer loudly.

District 9

Sam and Spring ride out in their chariot. Spring is dressed in an outfit to make the crowd feel bad about her reaping. Sam wears a standard mans outfit in District 9. T-shirt, jeans, and a sweatshirt. He has obviously been positioned behind Spring because he glowers at the crowd in a menacing way. His arms wrap around her in a protective way and she looks up at him questioningly.

District 10

The District 10 tributes come out dressed like cows. Kovu begins mooing at the crowd and Cinder-Rose smacks him so he'll knock it off, but he gets her laughing and she starts it too. The whole thing is comical and the crowd is laughing and cheering as the chariot disappears from view.

District 11

Hayley and Rush come out dressed in their harvesting uniforms. Hayley waves to the crowd and acts sweet because sponsors may be her only chance of survival. Rush is more hesitant. He doesn't see sponsorship the way Hayley does so he just stands in his menacing way. He earns the crowd's approval.

District 12

Beauty and Jupiter stand far apart in their chariot. Beauty's image has been improved by the capitols makeup even though she is wearing a coal miners attire. Jupiter is dressed in the same likes and he seems stunned by the way Beauty looks. She looks like a beat up pretty girl looking for a way out. He is impressed.


"Hello and welcome to the 67th Hunger Games!" Caesar chimes. "Up first for our interviews is Aqua Silverstorm from District 1!"

Aqua Silverstorm

'Aqua come out wearing a knee length green and white dress. She looks dazzling.'

"That is an impressive out fit! Why don't you show it off to the audience?" Caesar begins easy with her.

"Thanks! I love it!" She gets up and twirls around on the stage.

"Now, can you tell us a bit about your family?"

"I live with my sister Gemma, but we don't talk much. My parents left Gemma and I when we were old enough to care for ourselves." She casts her eyes to the floor.

"What is your favorite part in the Capitol so far?"

"I am really enjoying all the funky outfits. They are so cool!"

"Nice. Could you tell us about District 1?"

She hesitates, she is so nervous. "I miss it a lot. My friends are all really nice, and I can't imagine a better place to be than there."

"And there's the buzzer! That was Aqua Silverstorm, next up is Storm Fang!"

Storm Fang

'Storm comes out in a light blue and green blazer. The ladies in the crowd can't take there eyes off of him as he mounts the stage.'

"Hey there Storm. Quite a hit among the ladies tonight huh?"

"I guess so!" He turns and blows a few kisses into the crowd. The ladies scream his name.

"Well, so I guess these ladies are dying to know, any one you love back home?"

"I-I I kind of like Gemma, Aqua's older sister."

"Oh, so are you looking to score some love points by protecting Aqua?"

"How did you know?"

"Just a lucky guess." Caesar grins to himself.

"What is your favorite part of the Capitol?"

"I like buildings and some of the cool gizmos."

"Very nice. Any thoughts of what the arena might be this year?"

"I have no clue, I just hope I can handle it." "And there's the buzzer, thank you so much Storm for that charming interview. Next up is Vanessa Jimenez of District 2!"

Vanessa Jimenez

'Vanessa strides onto the stage wearing a blue blouse-like top and a long pale pink skirt. She smiles brilliantly through the layers of capitol makeup. She is stunning.'

"Vanessa! What a lovely outfit! Could you tell us more about it?" Caesar starts in easy this time.

"Well, as soon as my stylist pulled it out of the cover I was awestruck. I could not have imagined myself in anything prettier." Vanessa hid the truth well, but it was obvious that she could have imagined something better.

"Have you left any family back at home?"

"Actually yes," She says in almost a whisper. "I have left my twin sister, Cecilia, and two younger brothers Pedro and Rick."

Caesar gives her a moment before he asks his final question. "I understand that you aren't even native to Panem and that you are supposed to return home to..." Caesar looks down at his hand. "Mexico? Is that how it is pronounced?"

"Yes!" Vanessa's cries are heard by the entire nation. "I had never even heard of these things before! I came with my mother on a job transfer and now I'm here! I just -"

"And that was Vanessa Jimenez of District 2. Next up is Alexander Sidorov!"

Alexander Sidorov

'Alexander smiles as he mounts the stage. He wears a red russian shirt and grey/gold pants. He looks pretty attractive.'

"So Alexander, any thoughts on the Capitol so far?" Caesar wants to relax the crowd after what they just witnessed.

"I really like... the beds." That gets a laugh and leaves Alexander looking sheepish.

"Are you ready to go into the arena tomorrow?"

"Not really," Alexander stutters. "I- there's this-"

"Will you continue? Is it about a girl?"

"Well maybe. I just, she doesn't belong here. She should be home with her family," The crowd gasps. "In Mexico."

Caesar is just about to ask Alexander to expand on the subject when he is interrupted by the buzzer. "Well I almost want to keep you up here for a while longer! Anyways, that was Alexander Sidorov from District 2. Next up is Electra Vargas of District 3!"

Electra Vargas

'Electra comes on stage only to shock the crowd. She wears a white dress that she can stick her leg out of. The men and boys can't seem to tear their eyes away even while they are being smacked by their wives and dates.'

"Electra! What a beautiful outfit you are wearing! Please, show it to the audience."

Electra stands up and twirls, causing the crowd to oh and ah. She giggles the whole time.

"So what is life like back in District 3?"

"Well most people are dirty or wearing ratty clothes. I can't stand those people. I spend most of my time painting my nails or trying on my mother's dresses." She smiles dazzlingly.

"And your favorite part of the Capitol is?"

"The fashion,obviously." Her eyes spark as she gets an idea. "Yea, my stylist and I get along so well! She and I spent hours picking out this outfit. She originally had another one chosen, but I didn't like it so I-" She is interrupted by a loud groan from the crowd and then the buzzer.

"Well, that was Elec-" Caesar is taken aback as Electra stands up and puts a finger to his lips.

"Now listen hear, I will win these games and come bac-" Electra is hauled off stage.

"That was Electra Vargas, next up is her District partner Nano Pythagorous." He is clearly shaken.

Nano Pythagorous

'Nano comes out wearing a blazer. It is red and white. He looks quite attractive.'

"So Nano, what is your favorite thing in the Capitol so far?" Caesar seems to have gotten over Electra.

"Well, I really enjoy the lights and the food and just the city in general." His answer is standard, but the audience can see that his heart is in it.

"Have you left any close family or perhaps a girl back home?" Caesar needs to pick up the crowd.

"I left my parents and friends. I'm not all that close to them, but I still care for them."

"Do you have a hobby of any sort?"

"I enjoy inventing things." His eyes light up at the very thought.

"What kind of things? I think it's in the audience's best interest."

"I, um, well, anything I guess."

Caesar nods as the buzzer sounds. "And thats it for District 3! Next up is Ireland Winona of District 4."

Ireland Winona

'Ireland comes out wearing a soft pink dress. The skirt puffs out a little giving a young innocent look to her. She wears a slight blush and she looks adorable. The audience is pleased by her appearance.'

"You look great tonight Ireland! Would you mind showing the crowd?"

"I'd love to!" Ireland jumps up and twirls and leaps before the audience. They love her. Her face has a big smile on it and it's obvious that she is enjoying herself as much as the crowd.

"Well you seem to be in a great mood tonight! Does it have anything to do with the Capitol?"

"I guess it does! I love everything here. A lot of the people are really nice and the food is amazing!"

Caesar laughs. "So do you have anyone you care for back home?"

Her smile slowly fades, and her face grows grave. What she says is barely more than a whisper, but the crowd hears it. "Totoro."

"The other tribute from your District?"

"Yes." She begins to cry and the buzzer goes off.

"That was Ireland Winona! Next up is Totoro Ida of District 4." Caesar seems unfazed.

Totoro Ida

'Totoro comes out dressed in blue dress shirt and tan pants.'

"So Totoro, anything to say?"

"About what?"


"Oh, her." His eyes grow distant as he remembers the girl he loves. "She is amazing, like, like stars."

"Didi you say stars? What do you mean?"

"Well," He begins to get shy. "When she comes into a room, it is immediately brighter, she can put a smile on anyones face, and she, she is just amazing."

"It sounds like you two are very in love."

Totoro nods in confirmation. The buzzer sounds and Totoro goes back to his chair.

"That's District 4, now we will move on to District 5."

Michelle Nash

'Michelle trots on stage in a red dress. It reaches down to the middle of her lower leg and flows in the back. The top of the dress goes around her neck like a halter top. It is accented with gold. The crowd thinks she looks lovely.'

"Welcome Michelle! That's a lovely outfit your stylist has designed for you. Do you like it?" Caesar starts in hot.

"I think it is absolutely stunning. It fits me so well too." She smiles broadly.

"So, what is it like in District 5? What does your family do?"

"Well my father owns a gym and my mother is the physical education teacher. I have to work out like every day. My friends come and work out with me too, but most of them are not as strong as I, so I end up having to wait for them. Still though, they are my friends and I like them a lot." Her eyes flicker with longing. She wishes she was home.

"Very nice, so do you have any strategy for the arena?" The crowd leans in in anticipation.

"Well, I... I'd rather show you in the arena because you know..." She glances at the other tributes.

"Ah, right. That was wrong of me to ask. Next question, do you have any one special back home?"

"No." Her quick answer leaves an awkward silence. Then the buzzer sounds.

"Thank you Michelle, next up is her District Partner Blair Quagmire."

Blair Quagmire

'Blair comes out in a navy short sleeved shirt and kaki pants. Even with these casualties, the women oh and ah over him.'

"Have a seat, have a seat Blair." Caesar says. "Well, the ladies do seem to love you tonight."

Blair blows them a kiss and smiles. "They sure do."

Caesar laughs, "Well we better ask the questions these ladies are probably dying to know; Do you have anyone special back home?"

"Nada. No sir." He puts on a curious, innocent face. "What about you?"

Caesar turns bright red and the whole of Panem is laughing now. "Oh, I haven't had a lady in quite a while now, she just couldn't handle my colors."

Blair nods.

"Any one you are going to win for then?" Caesar needs to get back in control.

Blair's face grows solemn then. "Yes, my brothers. All of them were reaped. I'm sure you remember them because all of them made it past the final eight. You have interviewed them all." He turns to the crowd. "Do you remember them? Peter, Tom and Jack. I remember Caesar all asking them the same question before the buzzer; Are you going to win for anyone then? And guess what they said, Me." His eyes are burning with rage.

Caesar nods briskly and sits for a moment to gather himself, "So?"

"I'm going to win for them." He doesn't wait for the buzzer, he just walks off the stage.

"And that was Blair Quagmire, up next is District 6."

Liesel Hammerman

'Liesel comes out in a stiff, uncomfortable looking pill costume. Her face is painted white like the top of the costume. Hot embarrassment leaks from her body.'

"Welcome Liesel, that's quite an outfit you have on there..." Caesar pauses since he can barely hold back laughter. "would you like to show it off?"


"Ok, first question. What is it like in District 6?"


"What about Rudy?"

"He is my friend, and he taught me how to read, but it's still lonely."

"Ok, can you tell us about your family?"

"I live with my foster parents. They love me and I love them. We are not poor, but we are not rich either. Can I go now?"

Caesar is taken aback. There is almost a minute and a half still left on the timer. He decides to ask another question. "How long have you known Rudy?"

"Not that long, but we're friends."

"Very nice. Do you have any kind of relationship with him? Something more than friends?"

"No." The crowd laughs.

Finally the buzzer sounds. Liesel gets up and stomps away. "And that was Liesel Hammerman, next up, Rudy Steiner."

Rudy Steiner

'Rudy comes out in the exact same out fit a Liesel did. He looks utterly humiliated.'

"Hi there Rudy, how's it going tonight?"

"Well enough."

"Caesar starts in right away. "So, tell us about your family."

"Well, I honestly don't have any left."

"That's sad. What happened to them." It is obvious the audience wants to know more, and, well, so does Caesar.

"The Capitol bombed my street by accident. My friends and family didn't know what hit them. Except for Liesel of course."

"Do you have feelings for Liesel?"

"After I taught her to read, we became really close, and maybe something is starting, but I really don't know."

"How is the Capitol so far?" Caesar pauses to rephrase the question because Rudy is obviously confused. "What is you favorite part?"

"I really like all the weapons in the training center. There is such a variety. I learned to use all of them!"

And then the buzzer sounds. "Thank you District 6. Now District 7's Snow Breeze."

Snow Breeze

'Snow mounts the stage in a blue dress with white accents. Her hear is down, but out of her face and she looks very pretty.'

"Would you mind showing your outfit to Panem?"

Snow shakes her head and stands up and twirls.

"How is the Capitol so far? What is your favorite part?"

"I like the mountains. Even though they are so far away, they are really pretty." She plays with the leather cord on her left wrist nervously.

Caesar nods. "Have you made any friends here?"

"Well Spring, Hayley and I seem to be getting along well." She casts a quick glance to where her friends wait for there turn.

"Very nice. Can you tell us a bit of what District 7 is like?"

"I live with my mother, father, and my brother Thorn. We do everything together."

"How old is Thorn?"

Snow gives the audience a pained look. "We're twins." She says it so quietly that even Caesar strains to hear it.

"Thank you Snow," he says softly as the buzzer sounds. "You may go back to your seat now, next up is Spruce Follows."

Spruce Follows

'Spruce comes out in a forest green blazer and looks stunning. He grins casually at the crowd and cameras. He looks sharp.'

"Hey Spruce! How's the Capitol so far?" Caesar needs to pick up the crowd after Snow.

"Fine, I like the food." Spruce just wants to get this over with and get away fro the people.

"Great, can you tell us about your family?"

"I live with my mother and my younger sister Reed. My father drinks a lot, so Reed and I don't see him."

"Do you have anyone special back home?"


"Other than Reed, you know, like a girlfriend?"


"Ok, um..." Caesar struggles for another question. "What about Snow? Have you ever heard of her before the games?"

"I've seen her around, but we've never really been friends. I'm so much older than her."

"Very well then, any hobbies?"

"I like to whittle a little."

"And that was Spruce Follows of District 7, next up is District 8!"

Claire Silk

'Claire comes forward wearing a knee length soft pink dress. It is made of silk to emphasize her las name. It has one shoulder strap. Her hair is down strait and she wears a head band that matches the color of the dress. She looks very very beautiful.'

"Please, show us your beautiful outfit!" Caesar exclaims.

"Sure!" She gets up and twirls around. Her face is bright and open as she giggles.

"So how is District 8?"

"It's pretty awesome."

"Can you tell us about your family?"

"I have a younger sister. She means everything to me."

"Any boys?" Caesar leans forward.

"Well, I am best friends with Jared. We met a long time ago, and now, we are best friends."

"Thanks so much Claire, next up is Jared Nylon." Caesar helps her up and sends her up stairs.

Jared Nylon

'Jared comes out wearing a black blazer. He strides confidently and shows off his silver tie. He looks pretty good.'

"What's up Caesar?" Jared says as he sits down.

"Nothin much. What's hangin with you?" Caesar picks up his character.

"Oh you know, the usual."

"So, favorite part in the Capitol?"

"I'm lovin the food." He nods.

"Fantastic, do you have an arena strategy?"

Jared stands up and flexes his muscles. "I'm gonna stun the others with my muscles!"

The crowd goes crazy and Caesar laughs.

"Just kidding, I got a better plan."

"Can we hear it?"


"Ok, fine. Any girls?"

This catches Jared off guard. "Um, well..."

"Go on..."

"Well, I'm in lo-" The buzzer drowns out the rest of his answer.

"And that was Jared, we will have to see who that girl really is. Next up is District 9!"

Spring Howards

'Spring wears a light green and gold dress. She skips on stage. Her hair is in two pig tails held with ribbons. She looks much younger than 12.'

"Spring! You look so cute tonight!"

She giggles quietly and skips around the stage. Her sweet smile was infectious and soon the entire audience was enthraled.

"So Spring, what is your favorite part of the Capitol?" Caesar is gentle with the young girl.

"I love all the colors and lights. The food is also really good. The Capitol is so cool!" She seems so excited.

"Thats wonderful!" Caesar says. "What about your family? Could you tell us about them?"

"I live with my mother and father, and of course my sister. She is my best friend."

"That sounds lovely for you two. Are you happy with your training score?"

"I know I'm not allowed to talk about what I did, but yes, I'm happy with it." She grins slyly.

"And there's the buzzer. Thanks you Spring, next up is Sam Jones.

Sam Jones

'Sam comes in wearing a nice navy blazer. He sits down and crosses his legs.'

"So, Sam, what's your favorite part of the Capitol?" Caesar asks.

"The food. It's really good."

"And what it your favorite dish?"

"I like the chicken. It's pretty good." He smiles.

Caesar grins. "Can you tell us about your family."

"I have a younger sister and I live with my parents. You know, kind of usual."

"Very nice." Suddenly the buzzer sounds. "Oh, and that was Sam Jones, next up is Cinder-rose of District 10."

Cinder-rose Calbury

'Cinder-rose comes out in a pale pink dress with ruffles. Her wavy red hair is falling perfectly and her green eyes sparkle nicely.'

"Would you like to show off your outfit Cinder-rose?" Caesar asks Cinder-rose pointedly. He waits for her to reply.

"I guess..." She stands up and lazily turns in circles. She looks bored out of her mind.

"Ok, what is your favorite part of the Capitol?" Caesar asks.

"I...." She rethinks her answer. "No, I hate it. The Capitol sucks."

There is a loud gasp from the audience. Caesar doesn't know what to do. He reaches over and buzzes the buzzer. "And that was Cinder-rose Calbury. Next up is her district partner, Kovu Seys."

Kovu Seys

'Kovu comes out wearing a navy and red blazer. He keeps his head down and walks with little fear.'

"Hey there, Kovu. How has the night been going for you?"

"Fine." He keeps his eyes on the floor.

"What is your favorite thing in the Capitol?" Caesar asks.


"Can you tell us about your family?"


"Got a girl?" Caesar asks as he tries to keep his composure.


"Oh come on! Are you that shallow?" Caesar is aggravated by his short answers.

Kovu stands up and takes a small step toward Caesar. "Can you keep you fat, swollen, ugly nose out of my business? Thats all you Capitol people do? Question us before we die?" He reaches over and hits the buzzer. He glares as he stalks off stage.

Caesar rights himself and touches his nose. "Is it really that big" He says to himself, but everyone hears it because of his mike. The crowd is laughing like crazy. Caesar blushes at his mistake. "And that was District 10, next is District 11, after a five minute break!" He rushes of stage.

Hayley Winters

'Hayley comes out in a pale yellow dress with red accents. Her hair is in two braids tied with red ribbons. She wears a cute red cowboy hat and matching boots. She is adorable.'

"Can I show everyone my outfit?" Hayley asks immediately. "Please?"

"Sure thing Hayley. Twirl about!" Caesar is glad to have an easy tribute, he has had a rough night.

Hayley gets up and twirls and twirls giggling and laughing the entire time. By the time she stops, her cheeks are a rosy red and her eyes aglow.

"So, what is your favorite part about the Capitol?" Caesar asks.

"I like all of the outfits! There is so many clothes here. Most are so pretty. I wish I could take this home with me! I love it so much." Her smile is infectious. The crowd loves her, and that's a fact.

"What do you think of your opponents?" Caesar asks.

"Well, most of them are older than me. But all the tributes are really young this year. It's so strange, but I like a few. Some of them look scary..." She trails off. She looks frightened, but then she regains her composure.

"Who are the ones you like?"

"Spring and Snow."

"Very nice. Are you going to ally with them?"

"I donno..." She says mischievously.

Caesar laughs as the buzzer sounds and she skips of stage. "Thanks Hayley for that lovely interview, next up, her district partner, Rush Leafs."

Rush Leafs

'Rush comes on stage in a deep maroon suit. He hangs his head.'

"Hey Rush, whats the matter? You look down." Caesar asks softly.

"It's nothing." He says quietly.

"I'm sure it's more than that. I would love to hear it. Is it about a girl?"


"Can you tell us about it?" Caesar pleads.

"Well, here's the thing, so I used to be kind of messed up. I wanted to commit suicide, but then I met this girl. She is amazing, like sunshine. No. She is better than sunshine because when I met her all the pain and misery went away. She fixed my problems and we were so happy together, but then..." He sniffs and continues. "I was reaped and I had to leave her. I could barely let her go."

He leaves a dulling silence. "What is her name?"

"Melody." His eyes are full of tears. "Can I take a moment?"

"Of course." Caesar nods and leans back in his chair.

After he composes himself, he turns back to Caesar. "I'm sorry."

"That's quite alright. She sounds like a beautiful girl."

He nods.

"And there's the buzzer. Next up, District 12!"

Beauty Swann

'Beauty is wearing a beautiful red dress that ties around her neck. She stuns the crowd with her beauty.'

"Hi Beauty, quite a fitting name you have for yourself."

"Why thank you." She says happily.

"Can you show us your dress?" Caesar can't seem to take his eyes off her.

"Sure." She says. She gets up and shows it off.

"Would you like to tell us about your family?"

"Mmm, no thanks. I'll miss them to much." She smiles.

"Alright. So how do you like the Capitol so far?"

"I really really like the clothes here. I mean, this is just one of the dresses my stylist picked out for me. I could barely decide!" She smiles happily. She has a very bubbly personality.

"Sounds like that was a hard decision for you. Will you tell us about your arena strategy?"

"Well, I plan to hide in the forest with a knife and eat animals and berries."

"That sounds nice. And there is the buzzer, thank you Beauty Swann. Next up, Jupiter Blanc.

Jupiter Blanc

'Jupiter comes out in a midnight blue blazer with stars and things on it. He looks very mysterious and intriguing.'

"Jupiter! You look interesting tonight. Do you like it?" Caesar asks.

"Well, it's an interesting way to describe my name." He says.

"What do you mean?"

"My name is the Roman god of the sky. It's just weird to think of me as a planet, that's all." He smiles grimly remembering all the time he was made fun of at school about his name. His smile turns to a grimace, he will never be able to get back at those guys unless he makes it home.

"That's very interesting. Maybe you'll be god of the arena!" Caesar jokes. The crowd is laughing.

Jupiter isn't laughing. "That's not funny."

"What? Why not?"

"That's not funny."

"Fine, tell us about your family." Caesar looks bored now.

"I live with my parents and my brother and best friend Neptune." He smiles as he remembers his brother's happy face.

"Thank you Jupiter," Caesar says as the buzzer sounds. "That's it for the interviews join us next time for the start of the 67th Hunger Games!"


These items can be sponsored if the tribute has enough money by their name. Please only sponsor your tribute. The amounts of money each tribute receives will be decided by how well they do in the chariot rides, training, and the interviews if I decide to do them. I will accept about three sponsorships a day.


Knife - $200

Spear - $350

Trident - $450

Sword - $400

Poison - $250

Axe - $300

Poison Dagger - $450

Bow and Arrows - $550

Clothing, First-Aid, Misc.

Sweatshirt - $250

Gloves - $300

Hat - $275

Socks - $150

Sleeping Bag - $550

Bandages - $200

Poison Antidote - $250

Burn Cream - $250

Note - $25

Medicine - $400+ Depending on what kind

Food, Water, ect.

Basket of Rolls - $100 plus $25 per Roll

Dried Fruit - $150

Capitol Dinner (You can choose what to send) - $650

Empty water bottle - $150

Full water bottle - $400

Iodine - $350

Tap - $500

Please make sure the note is less that four lines, is some sort of encouragement from family or something like that, and doesn't include anything from another tribute's strategy.*

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