Welcome to the 700th Quarter Quell! Please enter tributes below. One male and one female for the same district please! The Games start Saturday the 30th!

Twist 1: As a reminder to Districts 1,2 and 4, that even they cannot escape the full wrath of the capitol, their trbutes must be 12.

Twist 2: As a reminder to Districts 3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, and 12, that they, even united they cannot beat the capitol, each district must enter four tributes.

Training Scores are in the parenthesis by the name.

District 1 Female: Jem Sparkle (10)

District 1 Male: Rubius Stone (11)

District 2 Female: Apocoli Panacam (9)

District 2 Male: Farkanar Hillomath (10)
  • Jem Sparkle, District 1
  • Rubius Stone, District 1
  • Apocoli Panacam, District 2
  • Farkanar Hillomath, District 2
  • Bethany Dixon, District 3
  • James Zednik, District 3
  • Sarah Aniol, District 3
  • Joe Zednik, District 3
  • Harlee Schneider, District 4
  • Jake Spakes, District 4
  • Ashleigh Davis, District 5
  • Landin Peck, District 5
  • Ginger Davids, District 5
  • Thomas Robin, District 5
  • Delmi Greenwich, District 6
  • Devran Sage, District 6
  • Heidi Montu, District 6
  • Alexis Bentley, District 6
  • Illyanna Rorahart, District 7
  • Kenneth Melcott, District 7
  • Violet Millark, District 7
  • Brenton Vera, District 7
  • Oath Lilac, District 8
  • Davon Rollins, District 8
  • Olive Pennyton, District 8
  • Rubble Falls, District 8
  • Aurora Rhodes, District 9
  • Aaron Shields, District 9
  • Emela Krayfar, District 9
  • Glenn Carlson, District 9
  • Fern Brown, District 10
  • Henri Woods, District 10
  • Heather Dawson, District 10
  • Daniel Sims, District 10
  • Tina Oakly, District 11
  • Ash Stone, District 11
  • Annabelle Oakly, District 11
  • Aaron Thorn, District 11
  • Dawn Storm, District 12
  • Sam Wolf, District 12
  • Reed Shadows, District 12
  • Eric Wolf, District 12

District 3 Female: Bethany Dixon (5)

District 3 Male: James Zednik (6)

District 3 Female: Sarah Aniol (4)

District 3 Male: Joe Zednik (5)

District 4 Female: Harlee Schneider (8)

District 4 Male: Jake Spakes (9)

District 5 Female: Ashleigh Davis (4)

District 5 Male: Landin Peck (5)

District 5 Female: Ginger Davids (5) Victor

District 5 Male: Thomas Robin (5)

District 6 Female: Delmi Greenwich (6)

District 6 Male: Devran Sage (8)

District 6 Female: Heidi Montu (4)

District 6 Male: Alexis Bentley (3)

District 7 Female: Illyanna Rorahart (7)

District 7 Male: Kenneth Melcott (5)

District 7 Female: Violet Milliark (5)

District 7 Male: Brenton Vera (3)

District 8 Female: Oath Lilac (4)

District 8 Male: Davon Rollins (6)

District 8 Female: Olive Pennyton (5)

District 8 Male: Rubble Falls (7)

District 9 Female: Aurora Rhodes (5)

District 9 Male: Aaron Shields (4)

District 9 Female: Emela Krayfar (5)

District 9 Male: Glenn Carlson (5)

District 10 Female: Fern Brown (6)

District 10 Male: Henri Woods (9)

District 10 Female: Heather Dawson (7)

District 10 Male: Daniel Sims (6)

District 11 Female: Tina Oakly (2)

District 11 Male: Ash Stone (8)

District 11 Female: Annabelle Oakly (3)

District 11 Male: Aaron Thorn (5)

District 12 Female: Dawn Storm (6) Injured, in the Capitol, no food or water

District 12 Male: Sam Wolf (8) Allied with Eric, cold side, has a bow and arrows, knives, no food or water

District 12 Female: Reed Shadows (7)

District 12 Male: Eric Wolf (8)

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor - Effie Trinket


The arena is shaped like a circle. The side on the ocean is very hot. The average temperature for the hot side is 105 degrees daily. There is an island half a mile of the coast that the tributes must swim to if they want to go there. The resources on the island are unknown. Game on the hot side is rabbits and snakes. There are poisonous snakes and muttations. The water sourse is one fresh water spring. The ocean is salt water.The other half of the arena is freezing cold. The average temperature for the cold side is 35 degrees daily. The temperature drops below freezing every night. The cold side doesnt have a beech, just a force field that will electricute anyone who touches it. The game on this side is elk, deer, coyote, snowshoe hair. There are also polar bear muttaions and penguin muttations. The penguin muttations are very cute. Freshwater streams litter this side, but most are frozen unless they are close to the source. A dirt line separates the two sides, the cornicopia sits on this line.

Day 1: Deaths

Landin Peck - Jem Sparkle

Rubble Falls - Aaron Shields

Apocoli Panacam - Sarah Aniol

Joe Zednik - James Zednik

Aaron Thorn - Violet Millark

Heather Dawson - Dawn Storm

Brenton Vera - Heidi Mountu

Alexis Bentley - Jem Sparkle

Glenn Carlson - Farkanar Hillomath

Rubius Stone - Aurora Rhodes

Day 1: Story

The tributes stand on their plates, each is dressed in a white down coat, sweatshirt, thin pants that reach down to their ankles, and sturdy waterproof boots. The tributes on the cold side feel warm in their dress, but the tributes on the hot side sweat relentlessly. Brenton begins to take of his coat just as the gong goes off. He scrambles to get it on ard get to the cornicopia, but its to late for him. James, Joe, Dawn, Sam, Eric, and Fern luckily reach the cornicopia first. Sam and Eric quickly run off into the cold section with 2 out of the 5 bows and 4 full quivers. Dawn grabs a bow and a quiver and runs toward the cold section, but before she could get away she runs into Heather. "Allies?" Heather asked. Dawn acts before she thinks and her arrow hit Heather in the forehead instantly killing her. The career alliance makes it next along with James and Joe. Jem picks up a set of knives and kills Alexis and Landin. She throws another knife and it embeds itself in Violet's arm. She turns around and slits Aaron's throught. Aurora picks up a pointed stone and slams it into the side of Rubius's head. Glenn and Emela ally and they are running into the hot section when Glenn drops dead. Emela glances down and sees the dart, she doesn't stop. Just keeps running. Rubble is sprinting down the dirt line when a spear slides cleanly into his gut. He dies moments later. Just as the careers think the bloodbath is over Apocoli falls on Jem's lap, an axe in the back of her head. In the woods of the cold section, James and Joes speak quietly to each other. They are arguing. "No!" Yells James. "One of us will win!" "No! Don't you understand? We are both going to die! Our best chance is to take out other tributes while we can!" Screams Joe. James pull out a knife. "James... you wouldn't." "Oh I would. You said we need to take out other tributes." Before he thinks he trows the knife at Joe. It punctures his skull and he dies instantly. Suddenly, James relizes what he had done. He runs over to where Joe's lifeless body now lays. He pounds his fists onto Joe's chest. "Noooo!!!" He screams. Tears streak his face as he now realizes that he is alone and what he has done. He takes his knife from his brother's head and quickly runs away. overand over again he repeats 'I'm so sorry, I'm so so sorry.'

Day 2: Deaths

Heidi Mountu - Thomas Robin

Oath Lilac - Jem Sparkle

Kenneth Melcott - Daniel Sims

Ashleigh Davis - Careers

Aurora Rhodes - Reed Shadows

Day 2: Story

A girls scream peirces the air. Thomas quickly gathers his things and places them in his pack. He runs toward the sound. Through the brambles he spots Heidi standing over Ginger with a bloody knife in her hands. Thomas leaps out of the bushes and tackles Heidi. Pain slices through his body as her knife makes contact with his head. His arms tighten around her throught. He squeezes untill her hears the cannon fire. He rushes over to Ginger, who now lay unconscious, and he bandages the wound in her lower leg. He takes her back to his cave to nurse her back to health. Elsewhere, the careers split up. Half going to search for tributes in the cold side and half in the hot side. Jem and Farkanar head to the hot side where they emediatly come across footprints in the scorched ground. They decide to follow them and they come across a sleeping Oath. Jem walks silently over to her and pulls out her briliant, 10 inch knife. Gently, like a cooing mother, Jem coaxes Oath awake. Oath looks up and her eyes widen to see Jem. "Good morning!" Jem sings. "Opps!" A giggle."I ment good night!" Oath lets out a scream, but all that is heard is blood gurgling in her throught. Bethany, Harlee, and Jake go to the cold side and run into Ashleigh. Before anyone knows what's happening, their is two spears and a knife potruding from Ashleigh's gut. She dies moments later. Reed saw this from above, she leaps to a neighboring tree. In that tree she finds Aurora with her spears. Aurora throws her spear and it hits Reed in the lower leg. Reed pulls out the spear and kills Aurora. She takes Aurora's things. Kenneth falls dead with a knife in his back thrown by Daniel. "Watch behind you!" Daniel calls.

Day 3: Deaths

Sarah Aniol - Annebelle Oakly

Tina Oakly - Sarah Aniol

Delmi Greenwich - Muttations

Day 3: Story

Tina and Annabelle are getting desprate. They don't have any water and both are begining to get dizzy. They pack up their things and set out toward the cold side at a dead run. What they don't realize is that they are moving in the wrong direction. They hear a wail from behind the tan rocks ahead of them. Since they are weaponless, Annabelle and Tina pick up some fist size stones. They are completely unprepared for what they find. Delmi is writhing on the ground with 6 snake muttations attatched to her. She is screaming "Get off the green things!" Annabelle wants to help but she doesnt want to get bitten. They watch as Delmi rapidly turns orange and violet. Suddenly the shreaks stop and a cannon fires. Tina and Annabelle leave her and continue their blind run for water. Suddenly Tina falls over dead with a knife in her back. "No!" Screams Annabelle. She spots Sarah a few meters away and she pulls the knife from Tina. She never knew she was so accurate. The knife hit Sarah in the eye before she knew what was coming. Annabelle searches Sarah and finds her wet and her canteen full, she knows there must be water near. She gathers Sarah's weapons an dCanteen and sets of looking for water, promising herself that she needs to stay strong for Tina, its what she would have wanted. About a kilometer away, Ginger has finally regained consciousness.

"You saved me." Ginger says weakly, trying to sit up.

"I know." Thomas says pushing her back down. "You need to rest."

"But, why?"

"Because, I didn't think you were ready to leave this world yet."

"No, really."

"You really want to know?"

"Yes." Ginger was already tiering.

"It's because-" Thomas stopped. Ginger was fast asleep. He leaned over and whispered; "It's because I love you."

Day 4: Deaths

Ash Stone - Devran Sage

Olive Pennyton - Dawn Storm

Day 4: Story

It is pouring rain through out the arena, although it is snow in the cold side. Despite the snow and rain the careers decide to continue their search for tributes. They come across Ash shivering in the woods attempting to light a fire.

"I got him" Jem whispers.

"No." Says Devran. "You always get to kill. Now its my turn."

He gets up and stalks toward Ash without giving Jem a chance to reply. Raising his spear he gets even closer. Ash hears a twig snap. He turns around and throws a kife that lodges itself in Devrans forearm. Devran dropped his spear. He rushes toward Ash and puts him in a head lock, slowly twisting his neck to the left. Ash screams in pain. Then the sound cuts of leaving the careers in a ringing silence. Then the cannon. Devran leaves the scene ash the snow begins to fall heavily. Dawn watches this scene warily. Less tributes in my way she thinks. Once the carrers have left she goes to hunt since she needs food. She gets 2 rabbits. She considers herself lucky. As she walks back to her tree a knife embeds itself in her shoulder. She looks up in time to see the second knife comming at her head. It glances of her forehead which is now bleeding heavily. She notches an arrow as the third knife hits her chest. It doesn't kill her, but she is in alot of pain. As she falls to the ground she makes a split desision to pretend she is dead. Olive leaps from the tree to search Dawn who now lay motionless in red snow. Dawn's hand is across her chest with her hand on the knife. Olive leans down and reaches for the knife when suddenly Dawn's eyes snap open. Olive screams, but its to late. Dawn stabs the knife into her neck. Dawn loses conciousness in the snow with her weapons and kill around her. Olive lies over Dawn. The hovercraft arrives to take Olive. Will it take Dawn aswell?

Day 5: Deaths

Capitol Attendant - Dawn Storm

Capitol Apprentice - Dawn Storm

Day 5: Story

Dawn awakens to find herself staring into a bright light like the ones one would find at a hospital. She isn't strapped to the table and there aren't any tubes in her arm. She lifts her head slightly and peers around. She sees all of the dead tributes she faced in the arena. Heather, Olive, Ash, Joe... she realizes that Panem thinks she is dead. Foot steps. Instantly Dawn closes her eyes and lies as still as she can even though her heart is racing.

"I swear, I did not shoot a cannon for two tributes."

"But then why did we pick up two lifeless tributes?"

"Well, do you remember when Olive ambushed Dawn?"


"Remember how Dawn was injured and passed out in the snow just after she killed Olive and how Olive fell on top of her?"

"Hmmm. I believe you. Lets see if Dawn really is still alive."

They walk over to Dawn. The second man, who at first believed Dawn was dead, picks up her limp arm. His fingers fall to her wrist.

"No pulse."

"Check her neck."

His hands move to her neck. His eyes widden. The pulse he feels beats with such ferocity that he can hardly speak. "We are dead men." He says.

"We need to get her back to the arena."

"Yes, I know, but how do we do that without getting cought? The nation believes she is dead."

"Then we'll kill her. Right now."

"With the shot?"



He pulls the shot from his pocket. His hands shake as he lowers it to her arm. Just then Dawn leaps up and grabs the shot out of his hands. She stabs it into his neck and injects the syrum. A minute goes by with the other man staring at his dying partner. Dawn doesn't hesitate. She grabs the man and quickly breaks his neck. She finds the hovercraft that picks up the dead tributes and hides inside. "I need someone to die she whispers."

Day 6: Deaths

Jake Spakes - Henri Woods

Reed Shadows - Emela Krayfar (Thomas Robin)

Day 6: Story

Foot steps.

"Do you hear that?" Whispers Ginger, who is now fully healed.

"Yes." Replies Thomas. "I'm gonna go look."

"Ok." Ginger says. She has a small crush on Thomas since he saved her, but she still isn't so sure of him.

Thomas pokes his head out of the small opening to the cave. He can't believe what he sees. Reed is silently stalking across the clearing. He follows her eyes and sees that she is stalking a rabbit. Then he hears a twig snap. Reed hears it too. She spins around and sees Emela. Emela throws her spear. It goes into Reed's gut. Reed screams a chilling scream. Emela laughs and walks away. She knows Reed will have a slow painful death. As soon as Emela is gone Thomas rushes out of his cave. Ginger begins to follow.

"No!" Thomas yells. "You don't want to see this! Stay inside the cave."

Thomas holds onto his knife as he kneels beside Reed. He places his hand on her chest.

"Please Thomas," Reed whimpers. "Make it stop. It hurts so much. Just kill me now!"

"I - no. I can't."

"Thomas! I see the knife in your hands! I dying anyway! Just kill me! It hurts so bad!" Reed begins coughing and sobbing. Thomas feels her pain as if it was his own.

"I'm so sorry you have to go like this," Thomas cries. He thrusts the knife into Reed's chest.

"Thank you." Reed says with her last breath. Thomas cries. Ginger comes out and holds him. They remain like this till the sun sets and the temperature begins to drop. Elsewhere, the careers hunt again. Jake and Jem find Sam and Eric. Jake trows his spear and it hits Sam in the arm. Eric yells and his brother falls to the ground. He shoots two arrows. One hits Jem in the arm and the other goes into Jake's chest, killing him. Eric pins his brother down and removes the arrow. He bandages it. On the hovercraft, Dawn wakes up just in time to see Reed pulled up in the claw. Dawn chokes on tears. She relizes she may have missed her chance to get back to the arena and she is so sad that Reed has died. Then about an hour later, the hovercraft whizzes over to where Jake was killed. The claw begins to drop. Dawn jumps out and grabs on. Right as she lowers past the doors and hand reaches down and grabs her shirt. It pulls her up and she feels the little prick. She falls unconcious.

Day 7: Deaths

Farkanar Hillomath - Bethany Dixon

James Zednik - Harlee Schneider

Aaron Shields - Muttations

Day 7: Story

"Hey!" Devran whispers. "Bethany!"

Bethany opens her eyes to see Devran standing over her. She begins to make a move, but Devran stops her.

"I just want to talk, lets go somewhere where we can't be over heard."

When they reach a place a little ways away from the cornicopia they sit down to talk.

"What?" Asks Bethany.

"Well have you noticed that all the careers are 12?"

"Yes! Idiot, its the twist."

"Well, I think we should start killing them off. I mean, you've seen what Jem can do. She is a monster. And the other careers, well they can be lethal and we don't even know it. See what I mean?"

"Yes, and I agree with you. Common lets go back they are bound to wake up soon."



When they later split up, Bethany goes with Farkanar and Harlee. Harlee gets ahead by about 2 minutes. Bethany sees her chance. She turns around and kills Farkanar in one clean blow. She then stabes an extra knife into his chest. Harlee come racing back. She asks what happened. Bethany lied and told her that someone threw a knife from that direction. Harlee goes in the direction that Bethany is pointing. Luckily she comes across James, who she believes killed Farkanar. She kills him. Then she hears a scream she runs back to where Bethany was and sees her running through the trees. She follows. They come across Aaron who is fighting a huge polar bear muttation. Harlee throws her spear into the muttation's eye. It roars and bites down on Aaron's neck. The bear then collapses and turns to dust. Aaron however begins convulsing. His cannon goes of just as he begins morphing. He turns into a polar bear just like the one that killed him exept the eyes are Aaron's eyes. Somehow the muttation does't see the two girls at the edge of the clearing and they escape unharmed. Thomas and Ginger go out hunting. Thomas teaches Ginger how to set up snares. They share a romantic day. Dawn is still unconscious somewhere in the capitol.

Day 8: Deaths

Illyanna Rorahart - Thomas Robin

Annabelle Oakly - Jem Sparkle

Day 9: Story

Thomas and Ginger are growing closer by the moment. The thought that they both can't win still lingers in there minds, but still they both ignore it.

"Thomas, do you hear that?" Ginger whispers.

""The twigs snapping?" Thomas replies sarcastically.

Ginger rolls her eyes lovingly. "Yes."

"Should I go look?"

"No-yes-no, I don't know! I'm scared Thomas."

"I know. I am too, but let me go check and make it go away."

"Ok." Sniffs Ginger who is on the verge of tears. "Be careful."

"Always am."

Thomas exits the cave with a knife with a 10-inch blade. He doesn't see anything. Then he is tackled to the ground by Illyanna. She beats him savagely. Thomas is losing blood and consciousness fast. He uses the lasr bit of his strength and stabs Illyanna in the neck. She rolls off of him making a terrible gurgling sound. Ginger runs out and drags an unconscious Thomas back to the cave. She bandages him up the best she can with their dwindling bandages. Ginger does not sleep that night. She holds Thomas and cries. Elsewhere, drowned out by the anthem, Annabelle's cannon goes unheard. She is killed by Jem, who had tracked her throughout the day. Back in the capitol, Dawn awakes to find herself strapped to a bed. She opens her eyes and sees three people standing before her. They ask her numorous questions that she does'nt know the answers too. Dawn is very scared. She strains against the restraints.

"What are you going to do to me?" She whispers.

"Dawn, you were a very bad girl when you escaped the arena. The entire of Panem believes you are dead. We can't just have you reappear now can we?" On of them replies.

"Well you don't have my body to send back to my district." Dawn says.

"See, thats the problem. So tomorrow, President Coli will decide what to do with you."

Dawn's eyes widden. What's going to happen to her? She thinks. Then the man she was talking to sticks a siringe in her arm. Dawn falls quickly into darkness.

Day 9: Deaths

Harlee Schneider - Davon Rollins

Emela Krayfar - Jem Sparkle

Fern Brown - Eric Wolf

Day 9: Story

Devran and Bethany sneak around the career camp while the rest of the alliance still sleep. They wake Davon. They ask,"Do you want to be in a seperate alliance with just us? You know, we will just kill the little 12 year olds off and then we will be the careers." "Sure." He says. They wake Harlee and Jem. Davon goes off with Harlee and Jem, while Devran and Bethany go it alone. Harlee, Jem, and Davon run into Emela. She throws her spear at Jem. While Jem is distracted Davon kills Harlee. Emela threw a spear toward Harlee so he takes it and stabs it into Harlee's body in a way that it looks like it killed her. Jem kills Emela. Elsewhere, Eric and Sam wake to Fern, who is stealing their supplies.She stabs Sam in the arm and begins to fight Eric. Seeing that she will not win she throws their food as far as she can before Eric thrusts his knife into her heart. Sam and Eric now don't have any food. They hunt all day but to no avail. Violet loses her supplies to a flash flood in the desert and Henri is attacked by a muttant penguin, but does not die. He needs medical attention. Just before darkness falls, the famous Ceasar Flickerman draws the tributes attention. "At dusk tommorow there will be a feast! There will be food and drink and everything else a tribute needs or wants! If you don't show up, well its your funeral!" The arena falls silent. Dawn wakes to find herself blindfolded.She hears the presidents voice along with the people that asked her questions yesterday. She doesn't understand what they are saying. Suddenly her blindfold is takenoff and she is stunned by the blinding white light.

"So Dawn." President Coli asks. "You escaped the arena."

"No, I didn't. Whoever mans the hovercraft picked up Olive and me."

"How could that happen?"

"Hmmm. Lets see." Dawn starts sarcastically. "I killed Olive and she fell on me. THen I fell unconscious because of blood loss with her still on top of me and we both got picked up. Did my face even show in the sky last night?"

"Well, did it?" President Coli addresses the other men in the room.

"No, it didn't."

"So Dawn just disapeared then." President Coli says. "Thats a problem."

"Just put me back in the arena." Dawn says.

"But what is the fun in that?" President Coli smiles creepily.

Dawn whimpers. "What are you going to do to me?"

"I think we should start a little science experiment, the first live tribute to become a muttation!"

Day 10: Deaths

Devron Sage - Jem Sparkle

Eric Wolf - Daniel Sims

Violet Millark - Davon Rollins, Bethany Dixon

Daniel Sims - Jem Sparkle

Henri Woods - Devran Sage

Day 10: Story

It is dusk in the arena. Ginger leaves Thomas and heads for the cornicopia. The forest is quiet, as if waiting in anticappation for the feast. Ginger, Violet, Daniel, Henri, Devron, Eric, Sam, Bethany, Sparkle, and Davon wait nervously hidden around the cornicopia. Suddenly a table rises from the ground. It is set for a king and queen. Silver platters of food and drink and chairs for all of the remaining tributes, even Dawn. At each chair there is a yellow backpack with a district number writen in large solid black letters. Ginger is the first to run. She reaches the table and grabs her backpack, Violet's backpack and the pork roast. As she is running away Violet stumbles after her, weak from hunger. She gets close enough to rake her knife across Ginger's back, but Ginger reaches behind her and slashes blindly with her knife. She kills Violet. Ginger gets away. During this, Sam and Eric dart for their pack. Sam grabs it as well as a chicken. Eric is downed on the way to the table. He screams for his brother to run. Sam rushes blindly to his brother and kneels beside him. "I love you, Eric." "Back at you Sam, now run, as far as you can. Get away from here." "Bye Eric." Sam sobs as he runs. He makes it back to their tree unharmed. He climbs it and cries. Daniel and Henri grapple for the district 11 and 10 backpack. Jem and Devron come up behind them and slash at their necks. Now the rest of the careers aproach. They look over whats left. Suddenly a fight breaks out. Devron is killed. Bethany gets down and cries. She glares at Jem and Davon. Night falls without another sound, fight, or death.

Day 11: Deaths

Davon Rollins - Thomas Robin

Day 11: Story

Thomas awakens to find himself swathed in a blanket. Ginger whimpers behind him in her sleep. He feels the fresh bandages on his head and neck. Thomas peers outside. It is dawn. The sky is a beautiful pinky orange. He wakes Ginger.

"It's beautiful." Ginger whispers

"Just like you." Thomas pulls Ginger close to him and breaths the sharp morning air. The morning couldn't be better for them.

Thomas and Ginger relax for the better part of the day untill hunger gets to them. Armed with their knives and spears they set out. Suddenly a twig snaps. Davon, Bethany, and Jem leap out of the trees. Thomas throws his small knife and it embeds itself in Davon's stomach. He dies. "Run!" Ginger screams. They race through the snow covered trees with the careers close on their tails. They turn a corner and find a large bush. Without thinking they jump inside it. Jem and Bethany rush into the clearing and look around. The think blizzard that had set in almost moments before covers their tracks. Then they hear Bethany. "I think we lost them." "Ya think?" Jem says. "I think it is time we go our seprate ways." Says Bethany as she backs away. Jem only nods and disapears in the undergrowth. After Bethany leaves Thomas and Ginger head back to their cave to find it well stocked with food. They go to the end of the cave and find Sam. "Please don't kill me. I was doing you a favor, I promise. I was only trying to get warm." Thomas nodds. "Leave then." Sure." Sam's teeth chatter. He runs away. Night falls and there is a sliver of moon.

Aways away from the cornicopia a hovercraft stops and dumps something onto the dirt line. Yellow eyes glitter in the darkness. The moon reflects of the golden collor around its neck. Dawn is brodcast around Panem.

Day 12: Deaths

Bethany Dixon - Ginger Davids

Day 12: Story

Bethany's life flashes before her eyes as a knife enters her chest. Her and Jem have been out hunting for other tributes. They stumbled across Ginger and Thomas while they were out. Ginger had thrown the knife immedietly at the sight of Bethany and Jem had run away back to the Cornucopia. Bethany falls over dead and her cannon goes off. Jem is scared out of her mind without Bethany around so she hides inside the Cornucopia for the rest of the day. Thomas and Ginger return to their hunting and Dawn is never seen that day. Sam spends his entire day hinting and is rewarded with three rabbits and two squirrels. He feasts on the rabbits and falls asleep on a full stomach.

Day 13: Deaths

Sam Wolf - Jem Sparkle

Jem Sparkle - Thomas Robin

Thomas Robin - Dawn Storm

Dawn Storm - Dawn Storm (Ginger Davids)

Day 13: Story

Sam wakes to feel a horribly pain in his leg. He begins to scream. He looks down and sees Jem, tearing apart his leg. She sees his eyes open and lunges. She stabs his head with her knife. Sam is silenced forever. Then Jem hears a roar. Dawn appears behind her.

"Thomas!" Ginger yells at him to wake up.

Thomas opens his eyes wearily. "What?"

"Dawn is right outside. So is Jem. Jem just killed Sam."

"It's now or nothing. We have to both of them."

"Lets do this."

They grip their spears tightly as they creep out of the cave. Just as Ginger said, Dawn is waiting for them. Her yellow eyes dart between them quickly. Her gray fur rises up and down with each breath. Suddenly she charges. She scoops up Ginger in her jaws and begins to tear her apart. Thomas grabs a stone and hurls it into Jems head. Jem dies. Then his grabs another stone and throws it into Dawn's eye. Ginger forgotten, Dawn charges Thomas. He throws his spear at her head. It should have killed her, but it bounced of her skull and lodged itself in Thomas's leg intsead. He wails in pain. Ginger lies on the ground, the life pouring out of her. She wills herself to rise. With her spear in hand she staggers toward Dawn. She stabs Dawn repeatedly in the gut. Dawn, who is focused on crushing Thomas, doesn't even notice. Suddenly, Ginger races around and stabs Dawn in the eye. Dawn wailsin agony and falls to the ground. Thomas rolls from her mouth. He is almost dead. Ginger forgets about Dawn and rushes to Thomas. She holds his head and cries. He cries to because he knows its the end. Dawn watches them together. Suddenly, she is her self in this new body. She begins to fight what the capitol did to her. She tears log gasher trough her own body. Screaming from the wounds she inflicted on her self.

"Ginger," Thomas whispers. "I love you."

"I love you too," Ginger cries. Thomas's eyes close and his final breath leaves him. Ginger rises to her feet. Her head spins from the wounds Dawn gave her. She spots the area Dawn is trying to reach with her claws. Ginger grabs a spear and slams it into Dawn. Dawn gives out a cry of thanks and dies. Ginger collapses.

Returning Home

The train rumbles into district 5. Ginger takes a deep breath. She steps out of the train and is instantly met by cameras and reporters. Ginger puts on a show. She smiles, tells storys, laughs, and has 'fun'. When the cameras finally go away Ginger is destressed. She hadn't seen her mother or little sister anywhere. She ran home only to find that the house smells rotten. She peaks around the doorway and sees her mother dead on the floor. Ginger screams and runs away. She asks people in town if they knew where her sister was, but she is no where to be seen. Ginger runs up to the old maple tree on the hill. She scales the trunk and sits in the thick branches and cries. When the tears run out and darkness begins to fall, Ginger begins to sing. When she gets to the part in the song where it talks about healing from her loses another voice joins in. Ginger turns on the trunk and falls out of the tree. Her sister leaps down after her. Ginger's left arm is twisted and broken, but she smiles and hugs her sister. They then reach the hospital and Ginger goes inside. They wont let her sister come with her.

"Please let her come with me!" Ginger cries.

"She punches the doctor in the face and shatters his nose. He cries out, but Ginger doesn't care. She lunges for her sister. Something crashes into her head and she sees stars and blacks out.


Jem Sparkle

Her parents and brothers show up. "Go Jem! Kill everyone left! When you come home we will have a feast and a party!" Her brothers yell. "Jem, you kow what you have to do. You have been given lethal weapons by the capitol. Now kill with them." Her father says as her mother emits an evil laugh. They stalk of stage.

Bethany Dixon

Her mother and younger brother come. Her younger brother hides from the cameras and whimpers something about being teased by his friends about Bethany."Go B! I know you can do it. Please try you best. I love you." Her mother says. Her brother runs away cryingand her mother follows mumbling softly to herself.

Ginger Davids

Ginger's mother and younger sister stumble onto the stage. Both looked starved and wasted. "Go Ging-" Her mother breaks out into a coughing fit. "Ginger, mother is ill, and I know you can't hear me, but I love you so much and I can't stand it that you might not come home." Ginger's sister throws roses into the sky. Her sister also released the mockingjay she had beed healing. It flew ip into the sky and cought one of the roses.

Thomas Robin

His mother and father come along with his younger sister. "Thomas," His younger sister says. "I know that you love Ginger, but please don't sacrifice me for her. I want you to come home." She begins to wail and her mother and father take her of stage.

Davon Rollins

His grand father come to cher him on. "Go Davon." He coughs and sputters. "I know you can do this. I l-" He falls down on the stage. He died, there was a knife sticking out of his back.

Dawn Storm

Dawn's siter and mother come. Her sister cries softly and holds her mothers hand. "Be strong Dawn. I know you are still alive." "Dawn, I don't know where you are, but whatever the capitol is doing to you you have to fight it!" Her little sister whispers.

Sam Wolf

His parents don't come, but his best friend does. "Hey Sam, you can do it. Don't greive about Eric, there isn't time for that now. Can't wait to see you bro." He turns and sprints off stage to comfort Eric's best friend.

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