We now have all of the Tribules! The games will begin on September 26, 2010

There are now only 5 tributes left in the arena. Each of them faces an unknown factor the gamemakers have created. One tribute alone will face a very dangerous muttation, the most dangerous in games history, No one, not even the capitol saw this coming. Good luck everyone!

This is the career pack;

  • Qadira Strongheld
  • Xylon Hersdale
  • Kristina Lawson
  • Jayden Parker
  • Miles Edge Worth
  • Yenavine Putrid

And may the odds be ever in your favor!

- Effie Trinket

District 1 Female: Qadira Strongheld - Alive with Careers (9)

District 1 Male: Xylon Hersdale - Alive with Careers (3)

District 2 Female: Kristina Lawson - Alive with Careers has a wound in the upper arm and forehead (4)

District 2 Male: Jayden Parker (19)

District 3 Female: April May (18)

District 3 Male: Miles Edge Worth - Alive with Careers (13)

District 4 Female: Yenavine Putrid - Alive with Careers (14)

District 4 Male: Surlaw Pikesdale - Alive in the forest with food, water, and a trident (16)

District 5 Female: Sydni Trims - Alive in the forest (10)

District 5 Male: Logen Sparrow - Alive in the forest with food and water (8)

District 6 Female: Olea Nettle - Alive near the mountains, has water (15)

District 6 Male: Mazus Contreas (23)

District 7 Female: Snowflake WinterHigh (22)

District 7 Male: Daren Winterhigh - Alive with water, food, and a bow (6)

District 8 Female: Grenata Herfler (21)

District 8 Male: Hugh Poklet (20)

District 9 Female: Tamar Owmourning - Alive in the forest with a spear (12)

District 9 Male: Toulawng Shurt - Alive in the forest with knives and a rope (5)

District 10 Female: Evelyn Darston - Alive in the forest with food, water, and a bow and arrows, allied with Fern (2)

District 10 Male: Thomas Hender (17)

District 11 Female: Fern Woods - THE VICTOR

District 11 Male: Grain Follow - Alive in the forest with food, knives, and water, (11)

District 12 Female: Willow Stone (24)

District 12 Male: Ash Thorn - Alive in the forest with water, allied with Evelyn (7)

The Arena

The Arena is in the shape of a mockingjay, the cornicopia is the eye, and there are streams that mark the markings and add other effects. Impassible mountains line the tips of the wings. The arena is an island in the ocean so it is impossible to swim away. The bird holds also, a flaming branch in its mouth to represent the games, this is the cause of the frequent wildfires. There are many poison plants, animals, and muttations. No animals live near the mountains beacause of the large muttations, the habitat is sub-tropical.

Red mockingjay

Day 1: Deaths

Willow Stone - Killed by Grain

Snowflake WinterHigh - Killed by Jayden before he died

Jayden Parker - Killed by Evelyn

April May - Killed by Qadira

Mazus Contreas - Killed by Xylon

Thomas Hender - Killed by Toulawng

Grenata Herfler - Killed by Miles

Hugh Poklet - Killed by Kristina

Day 1: Story

The gong sounds and the tributes rush of of their plates. Grain, Evelyn, and Tamar reach the cornicopia first. Evelyn grabs a bow and arrows and a backpack and runs for the forest. Tamar gets some knives and a pack and runs a way as well. Grain throws a knife at Willow who approches next, and he runs away. The careers come next and th real bloodbath begins. Mazus, Snowflake, Hugh, and Grenata are all killed with knives, there are alot of knives, more than any other weapon. Evelyn shoots an aroww fron the forest which lodges itself deep into Jayden's neck. April runs in the path of a spear aimed at Toulawng, it instantly killes her. Out in the forest, Thomas runs into Toulawng and is killed when Toulawng snaps his neck. Ash, Grain, Fern, Evelyn, and Tamar all head for the woods. All of the other alive tributes (other than the careers) head for the mountains.

Day 2: Deaths

Yenavine Putrid - Killed by Toulawng

Surlaw Pikesdale - Killed by Daren

Olea Nettle - Killed by poison plants

Miles Edge Worth - Killed by Toulawng

Day 2: Story

Morning arrives with the sound of a cannon. Daren spys Surlaw near his camp asleep. He decides its Surlaw's time to go, he aproaches quietly and shoots Surlaw in the chest. Surlaw feels no pain and dies instantly. Near the mountains later that day, Olea is looking for food. She mistakenly eats nightlock, she dies. Elsewhere the careers split up to find other tributes. Qadira and Xylon go north to look for Ash, all they find is an empty camp they belive is his. Kristina, Miles, and Yenavine head towards the mountains. Yenavine makes herself useful by finding footprints of a tribute. They follow the trail and find a camp. Yenavine, who is leading, gets cought in a net. Knives fly, Miles is hit in the leg and Kristina is hit in the arm. They run away, Kristina is practically dragging Miles. Toulawng comes out of the trees and kills Yenavine swiftly. Miles dies of blood loss on the way to the cornicopia.

Day 3: Deaths

Tamar Owmourning - Killed by Muttations

Grain Follow - Killed by Xylon

Sydni Trims - Killed by Daren

Day 3: Story

Last night, the temperatures were almost below freezing, all of the tributes were cold and Ash is slightly hypothermic. Tamar is out hunting and she runs into six ape muttations. They gore her. Grain and Fern hear her screams and run to see what has happened. Grain and Fern kill all of the muttations before they hurt Tamar any more. Fern is holding Tamar's hand as she dies, her last words were "Please, if you win, tell my family I will be watching over them." Fern looks up with tears in her eyes before she screams. The careers also heard Tamar's screams. Grain thrusts himself infront of Fern and a spear lodges deep into his gut. Fern chases away the careers. She is now sobing as she runs back and cradles Grains head as he dies. Once her is dead, Fern sets out to get revenge on the careers. Daren, as he hunts, thinks about how Snowflake died. He remembers that she was running away as the knife was thrust into her back, he wishes he had her as an ally now. On his way through the forest he runs into Sydni. Daren is quicker to his weapon than she is, Daren kills her. Elsewhere, Evelyn runs across Ash. He looked so cold to her. She reaches down and pulls his weapon away from him, she says, "We could get in the top you know, you and I." Ash says, "So what? You want to ally?" "Yes." "Ok. My only limitation is that you get me warm." "No prob." Evelyn pulls out her sleeping bag from her bag and slips him into it. Darkness falls.

Day 4: Deaths

Qadira Strongheld - Killed by fire

Day 4: Story

The day is scorching hot. Evelyn and Ash are first to catch on. The smoke wafting through the trees is enough to make them run for the mountains. Once they reach the mountains they take in the severity of the situation. The fire is huge, but it is not heading toward the mountains, luckily. The careers wake with a wall of flames around them. Kristina and Xylon make it out, but Qadira is burned with the rest of the supplies in the cornicopia. Fern makes a beline toward the mountains and almost runs into Ash and Evelyn, but she is smart enough to know where they are. She warily heads in the other direction. Severe damage is done to the population of prey animals and plants. Food is running short on the island.

Day 5: Deaths

Day 5: Story

Today the sun rises on the scorched landscape. There are no supplies left in the cornicopia so the careers must fend for themselves. Daren has moved from his place near the cornicopia, down toward the southern most part of the island. The fire did not reach here before the tropical storm set in. He sets up camp high in a tree with his weapons near so he is protected. Fern trails along behind Ash and Evelyn as they head south as well. Fern is reluctent to move out on her own. As the day continues, Kristen and Xylon make there way to the cornicopia where they find there weapons and food has been burned to ashes. Kristen takes her knife from her belt and moves over to a tree. She cuts off a branch and begins to make a makeshift spear. Logen sees them through the trees as he wanders down south, but does nothing because his weapons were burned aswell. No one lights a fire tonight at the thought of another wildfire.

Day 6: Deaths

Ash Thorn - Daren

Daren Winterhigh - Evelyn

Logen Sparrow - Kristen

Day 6: Story

The new day is hot and the thought of wildfire is fresh in all the tributes minds. The careers set out once more looking for tributes. They happen along Logen who has kept a low profile throughout the games so far. Logen is unaware of the career's silent aproach, when he hears a twig snap. He whips around knife in hand and spots the careers. Xylon makes the first move but misses miserably with his makeshift spear. Kristina runs around the side and stabs him in the stomach with her spear. he throws his knife at her and it cuts her forehead. Logen dies and Kristina and Xylon run away. Elsewhere, Evelyn is in a tree on look out. Ash is getting water when Daren comes up behind him and stabs him. Ash dies and Evelyn is infuriated. She draws her bow and quickly fires an arrow at him which kills Daren instantly. Fern, who is witnessing all of this watches Evelyn jump from the tree and place ashes from her fire on Ash before turning away. Before Fern relizes that Evelyn is looking right at her. Fern begins to run, but Evelyn says "Stop, I want an ally!"

"With me?"



"We can make it, to the top."

"Ok. Allies?"


Darkness falls and a very dangerous muttation is released.

Day 7: Deaths

Kristina Lawson - Xylon

Toulawng Shurt - Muttation

Day 7: Story

A blood-chilling roar fills the chilly air. Toulawng sits bolt up right, he knows the muttation is close. He packs his gear quickly keeping his weapons in hand. He is about to leave when the daylight goes away. His eyes rise to the sight of an enormous flying creature. In the instant before he dies his eyes analize the creature. It is blue with sharp, red, poison, spikes. There are rows of sharp teeth lining its mouth, the wingspan on this creature is 100 yards. The muttation doesn't even dive before Toulawng dies. It spits darts that kill instantly. Elsewhere, Xylon is also awakened by the creatures roar. He looks over at the still sleeping Kristina. "Its your time." He says. He unsheaths his knife and slits her throught. Sle wakes and screams, but the only sound that comes out is the sound of gurgling blood. Her blood splatters all over Xylon who is now wishing he hadn't done it. He falls asleep after the anthem with tears in his murderous eyes.

Day 8: Deaths

Xylon Hersdale - Evelyn

Evelyn Darston - Xylon

Day 8: Story

Evelyn and Fern wake early to see if they can find Xylon. Niether of them have thought of what will happen once Xylon is dead. Around noon, they come upon Xylon. From the trees, they see that Xylon is sharpening his wooden spears. "Stay here," Evelyn says to Fern. "No!" Fern says. "Shoot from up here!" "I've only got one arrow left, if I miss he will know our position and likely we will both be killed." Evelyn slides down the trunk and hides in the bushes. She is ten feet away from Xylon. She draws her bow, but as she stands up to fire, Xylon sees her. Fern lets out a yelp from the tree, but Xylon pays no attention. He throws the spear before Evelyn can fire her bow. Nocked to the ground by the spear that is now embeded in her stomach, Evelyn knows she will not survive. With all the willpower she can muster, she stands up and draws her last arrow. Xylon falls to the ground with an arrow through his skull. Fern leaps from the tree and runs wailing to Evelyn. Fern lays Evelyn on the ground and cradles her head. "Fern, you did wonderful. You've got your entire life a-ahead of y-you." Evelyn stutters. "No, Evelyn please. Don't go." Tears are running of of Fern's face. "Fern. You know what you have to do." Evelyn's eyes slide closed. The final cannon fires.

The Victor: Fern Woods

Fern Woods

Age: 12

District: 11

After The Games

Fern goes home to her family. On the victory tour, Fern gives Evelyns family a portion of the money she recieves every month. She knows the next games will be a Quater Quell. She knows she will have to coach the female from her district. With the help of her fellow district 11 victors she will attempt to undermine the 700th Quarter Quell.

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