Fiske Cahill

aka Cave Johnson

  • I live in the Philippines
  • I was born on April 4
  • I am Awesome
  • Fiske Cahill

    These are the stories of the ones who dared step into the arena in a fight to the death.

    5,4,3,2,1,0 I ran towards a bag close to the mouth and I managed to find the girl from my district, Lotta, she had the same idea as me, I found a bag full of knives, I turn my back but then the unimaginable happened. A Career tribute, Lotta, dead at the bloodbath, luckily I found her killer its the boy from 7. I threw some of my knives at him only some managed to hit but atleast I injured him. I managed to find the D-2 Tributes and we go off to the mountains looking for some kills...

    Time for waiting is done, time for action, I run towards the cornucopia but since I thought it was too risky I just went for the bag near from the mouth the cornucopia and we…

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  • Fiske Cahill

    The following are guidelines on Health and Hunger

    We all know what health is, if it reaches 0 you die (of course). Health will deteriorate by these factors:

    • Injury from fight or environment
    • Low Hunger and Thirst
    • Infection, Untreated
    • Sickness

    Injury from fight or environment will sustain damage but will stay stable, health will return over time. Low hunger or any form of infect and sickness, health will deteriorate and will keep deteriorating until it reaches a low level (then will start regenerating again) or kill you. To stop lethal sickness/infection, you can hope to god that sponsors help you or find a water source in the arena.

    These obviously can get refreshed by food and water if you're hunger is at a high level (25-30) it will start regene…

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