These are the stories of the ones who dared step into the arena in a fight to the death.

Day 1

District 1

Ethan Stone

Venus Trulove

District 2

Ace Neon

5,4,3,2,1,0 I ran towards a bag close to the mouth and I managed to find the girl from my district, Lotta, she had the same idea as me, I found a bag full of knives, I turn my back but then the unimaginable happened. A Career tribute, Lotta, dead at the bloodbath, luckily I found her killer its the boy from 7. I threw some of my knives at him only some managed to hit but atleast I injured him. I managed to find the D-2 Tributes and we go off to the mountains looking for some kills...

District 3

Ben Volta

Time for waiting is done, time for action, I run towards the cornucopia but since I thought it was too risky I just went for the bag near from the mouth the cornucopia and went to the forest to go hide.

Audacia Undersea

District 4

Ryan Barbell

It's here, all this time at the luxurious Capitol where I know I would probably die. It was a great ride but no more time for that, the gong rings, I ran towards a bag near the mouth, which I know will get me killed (or maybe not). I see Megan running towards me. Luckily she had the same idea I had, we each grabbed a bag and ran out of the bloodbath and towards the lake, hoping our allies will find us.

Megan Bass

As soon as the podium finishing rising I got a chance to check my surroundings, and it was beautiful. After I finished marveling I scanned the area to find my partner, but as I just saw him the gong rings. I hadno time to formulate a plan so i just ran to where Ryan was going. He saw me and we both grabbed bags and ran towards the lake, our new "best friend"

District 5

Jimmy Blaze

It all comes to this, reaped, alone... nobody would dare to take my place in this games. I'm standing here, in the tube. The countdown starts. When we're all finally up, I see the forest, the plain. It's beautiful. I had never seen anything like this back home. Then, another countdown starts. Another one!? I actually think that's funny. In times like this, just one of us is comming alive, we got to laugh of some things... I mean, die laughing is way better than terrified. I'm just 12 years old, but... I'll embrace my destiny. I came here for a reason. If I die, it's because I had to die in here. Suddenly, I hear it. The countdown has reached 0 and everyone ran for some stuff. I see some backpacks close, I grab one and take a knife from it. I'm not so good with knives, but this is better than nothing. I'm running and keeping my partner, Karyme Slade, in sight. She, Natalie Thorn (District 7), and Lauren Hill (District 11) are in my alliance. I hope we all come out of the bloodbath alive...

Karyme Slade

I lie here, lifeless. I don't think I have any chance, Jimmy says I shouldn't think that way, he says I should always aim higher. I will try, it’s just that this games are so cruel, althought I am not too weak I am also not too strong. The arena is so large, many people could live in here… but I guess is not as beautiful as some places in the capitol. I remember my home, district 5, and the way I left my only little brother alone, he didn’t cry, not even screamed, he just stood there still but in his eyes I saw it all, he tried to be strong for me. He is my only reason to win, and his a very good reason for being positive. The countdown starts, and with it my heart starts beating faster. This may be my last time on Earth, the last time I would see the light of this world… I take a look at everything when I remember why I am here. I am going to escape to later meet my allies on the forest and I win this games. I look at Jimmy, that boy is really strong althought he is 12. “Try to win”, I whisper to myself as nobody can hear me. I can hear the countdown is almost over and I prepare myself to run, I have no target but I will kill whoever it goes my way. I’m just going to run and take the nearest thing from me, then escape to the forest and hide until my allies, Jimmy Blaze, Natalie Thorn, and Lauren Hill, come. I really hope they make it through the bloothbath. The countdown reaches 0, everyone starts running and I do the same. I’m a girl, a girl who believes she will reach the end of the games and win. Good luck everyone.

District 6

Jason Johnson

I ran and ran and ran, ran to the cornucopia and back towards the emptiness that is the arena. I probably cant win this but hey its worth a shot.

Toyota Noble

District 7

Archer Shade

Natalie Thorn

District 8

Sebastien Klein

Sophie Sage

I am Sophie Sage, the girl from District 8. I will be the victor of this Hunger Games! I say to myself, This is my breakthrough. 6, 5, 4, 3.... I lock my eyes on a dark green backpack close to me. Perfect. I will never just stay in one place. That is how they catch you. 1. GONG! As I sprint, these fifteen words are repeating in my head, "You can't kill me, you can't kill me. It only makes me stronger." Before I know what is happening, I have the green backpack in my hands. About four feet away from me is a black blowgun, 36 white darts, loaf of bread and a knife. I pick these up, run around to the back of the Cornucopia, stuff the bread into the pack, the knife into my belt and throw the pack around my back. I take three darts and load my blowgun. I shove the rest of the darts into a leather pouch in the side pocket of my backpack and climb on top of it and take out tributes randomly. These darts are poisonous. It makes them fatal...I am fatal.

District 9

Patrick Diome

The countdown has reached 0 and I'm running towards what could possibly be my doom. I run till I found an axe then run towards the woods hoping my allies will find me and not the careers

Luna Snare

District 10

Mad Jack Jackson

Alice Carmel

District 11

Sonic Twilight

The time is now, I make a run for a bag near the cornucopia and try to find Diome or any other of my allies I can see Sage trying to get some kills on top of the cornucopia, I think were lucky to have her on our side anyways I try to find Diom he's probably hiding in the woods, I know I would.

Lauren Hill

District 12

Thoren Nealy

Alright, the gong just rung and I am now running as much as I can just to get a bag far from the cornucopia, just before the Games started I managed to join the probably the largest alliance in this games, probably more than the Careers. I think I'm lucky, anyways, I managed to get a hold of a bag and run for dear life trying to look where my allies have gone.

Rosmelrose Divage

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