Health and Hunger

The following are guidelines on Health and Hunger


We all know what health is, if it reaches 0 you die (of course). Health will deteriorate by these factors:

  • Injury from fight or environment
  • Low Hunger and Thirst
  • Infection, Untreated
  • Sickness

Injury from fight or environment will sustain damage but will stay stable, health will return over time. Low hunger or any form of infect and sickness, health will deteriorate and will keep deteriorating until it reaches a low level (then will start regenerating again) or kill you. To stop lethal sickness/infection, you can hope to god that sponsors help you or find a water source in the arena.


These obviously can get refreshed by food and water if you're hunger is at a high level (25-30) it will start regenerating a small amount of health. But if you have a low amount of hunger (10-1) health will start to drop as you die of starvation. If you're hunger reaches 0 you'll be dead in a matter of minutes.

The Hunger Games Day 1 Challenge (Times Up)

The Scenario: It's obvious, all 24 of you are on your podiums and the countdown begins, the clock reaches zero what do you do? All of you are at the front and facing the cornucopia (equidistant of course) behind the cornucopia is a forest. Behind all of you are a plain-like field, to the right side of the cornucopia is a rocky terrain heading towards a mountain. And to the left of the cornucopia is more forest.

The Choices:

A: Go for a bag far from the mouth

B: Go for a bag close to the mouth

C: Run away from the cornucopia

Elaboration: Choose a response then elaborate afterwards, tell who are your allies and target (all/both of you must agree to your alliance)

Soon the scenario will start to separate as your responses are different and maybe I might write one for each of you. What you don't know is that this whole thing was written on an iPad so I can't put any pictures of the arena but there will be soon, anyways.

GameMakers Announcement 2

5 Things

1.) I said send the reaction to my talk page.

2.) Make it a story not just some random paper with stuff

3.) Elaborate it more like for example after you run to cornucopia what do you do? Go to the woods, head to the mountains, kill people, hide, it's up to you

4.) Your target can change or you can have no target, you can target people who target you (just say so) and using the skills you have given me in your applications (don't try to edit them I have it all saved) if you go into a fight I will match you advantages and disadvantages to see if you die, win, or come out injured.

5.) Be 100% Sure that your allies will not betray you and that if your applying for an alliance that ALL ally members proposed must agree (unless they are from the same user).

Happy Hunger Games and May the odds be ever in your favor!

I removed the Odds of Winning because it was just too much work I had to abandon it.

The Day 2 Challenge will come out soon. When the Day 3 Challenge comes, your challenge will be privately sent to your talk page.

Day 1 has ended. Please wait for updates.

Tributes (Closed)

District Name User Age Training Score
1 Ethan Stone Sandj3335678 17 7
1 Venus Trulove Brynn1999 16 9
2 Ace Neon SethMorris95 17 10
2 Lotta Waters Cato rocks! 12 8
3 Ben Volta Hibrawler 16 9
3 Audacia Undersea Srish3211 13 7
4 Ryan Barbell Mrweare121 14 8
4 Megan Bass Mrweare121 17 8
5 James 'Jimmy' Blaze MaxEsponja14 12 8
5 Karyme Slade DianaDeLeon97 15 8
6 Jason Johnson AshtonMoioLover 14 6
6 Toyota Noble Alanarran 18 7
7 Archer Shade Brynn1999 17 6
7 Natalie Thorn Grayninja73 15 7
8 Sebastian Klein Justafox 13 7
8 Sophia Sage Aquastar4infinity 14 9
9 Patrick Diome Deaphalia911 15 9
9 Luna Snare Justafox 15 9
10 Jackson 'Mad Jack' Jackson Srish3211 17 8
10 Alice Carmel Mbakdewi 15 3
11 Sonic Twilight Amani452 17 4
11 Lauren Hill Rue district11 12 8
12 Thoren Nealy Captainsv 16 7
12 Rosemelrose Divage Rosemelrose 12 6


Anyone can sponsor, if you submitted a tribute or two you start with $250, you are allowed to sponsor your own tribute. If not, you start with $500. You can only sponsor 1 tribute and you are allowed to transfer money to another sponsor if you want to sponsor or transfer money please comment it below. Each item either regenerates health (medicine) or hunger (food) and the prices rise by $20 each day.

Name Current Price Regeneration
Bread $20 +4 Hunger
Turkey (Part) $80 +8 Hunger
Fruits $60 +6 Hunger
Whole Chicken $100 +10 Hunger
Anti-Biotics $40 +4 Health
Ointment $60 +6 Health
Burn Cream $100 +10 Health
First Aid Kit $200 +20 Health

Sponsors (Open)

Sponsor Sponsoring Funds
SethMorris95 Ace Neon $250
Aquastar4infinity Sophie Sgae $250
Beybladeking121 Megan Bass $500
TheHungerGamesFAN Karyme Slade $500
District5foxface Karyme Slade $500
LittleRedCrazyHood Sophie Sage $500
Foxface911 Sophie Sage $500
Srish3211 Jackson Jackson $250
Mrweare121 Megan Bass $250
AshtonMoioLover Jason Johnson $250


Alliance Name Members
Careers 2

Megan Bass

Ryan Barbell

Ben Volta

Mad Jack Jackson


Ace Neon

Lotta Waters

Ethan Stone

Venus Trulove

Outlying Districts

Sonic Twilight

Patrick Diome

Sophie Sage

Archer Shade

Thoren Nealy

Audacia Undersea

District 5/7/11

Karyme Slade

Jimmy Blaze

Natalie Thorn

Lauren Hill

Current Status in the Games

District Name Hunger Health Status Target Kills
1 Ethan Stone 30 30 Alive Laura Hill 0
1 Venus Trulove 30 30 Alive Attackers 0
2 Ace Neon 30 30 Alive Non-Careers 0
2 Lotta Waters 0 0 Dead
3 Ben Volta 30 30 Alive Alice Carmel 0
3 Audacia Undersea 30 30 Alive Unknown 0
4 Ryan Barbell 30 30 Alive District 2 0
4 Megan Bass 30 30 Alive District 2 0
5 Jimmy Blaze 30 30 Alive Unknown 0
5 Karyme Slade 30 30 Alive Unknown 0
6 Jason Johnson 30 30 Alive Attackers 0
6 Toyota Noble 30 30 Alive Unknown 0
7 Archer Shade 18 30 Injured Careers 1
7 Natalie Thorn 30 30 Alive Unknown 0
8 Sebastian Klien 30 30 Alive Unknown 0
8 Sophie Sage 30 30 Alive Non-Allies 0
9 Patrick Diome 30 30 Alive None 0
9 Luna Snare 30 30 Alive Unknown 0
10 Mad Jack Jackson 30 30 Alive Unknown 0
10 Alice Carmel 30 30 Alive Unknown 0
11 Sonic Twilight 30 30 Alive Unknown 0
11 Lauren Hill 30 30 Alive Unknown 0
12 Thoren Nealy 30 30 Alive Attackers 0
12 Rosemelrose Divage 30 30 Alive Unknown 0

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