With the help of EffieLuna, I'm making my own games! Tributes, please!

District Creator Male Female
1 Fallen Angell

Anazarin Bistre

Amythest Grey
2 Tommyboy97 Silver Alden Fiona Spear
3 Skybender101 Lily Sage Cameron Jaque
4 Jabberjay78 Scorpius Flame Blair Lake
5 Firecatcher3 Kedzie Woods Talon Faust
6 Effie Luna Illegal Drugs

Lilac Drugs

7 Elviaalova Joo-Chan Park Yuri Blue
8 Jabberjay78 Vanilla Cream Cocoa Cream
9 Anon.... Fredrick Thorton Quiosha Queen
10 Fantasyfilm99 Zed Sypol Naktur Evran
11 Nate777 Thorn Barley Sophia Grain
12 Johanna Mason Theia Remington Licet Eyre

The Games

"Let the games begin!"

The gong sounds...

Day 1

Anazarin Bistre, Cornicopia

I run around the Cornicopia, looking for a place to go. The Careers and I allied, but I can't find them. Just then, Joo-Chan of 7 throws a knife into my stomach. I sniffle as I die, my sketchbook slowly turning blood red. MY blood red.

Cocoa Cream, Cornicopia

Vanilla walks up to me sinisterly. "So, hand me that axe?" she points to one just inches in front of her toe.

I do, but I'm suspicious. It hits me about 3 seconds before it's too late, that my sister doesn't want to love me. She only wants to kill me. So I flip her axe hand over and it lands right in her pretty little head. She falls over. As I run away, it hits me. What have I DONE?!?! What kind of brother am I? But about halfway through my sobs I think, what kind of a sister was SHE? Well, now I don't have to worry. I might win this thing yet.

Illegal Drugs, Cornicopia

I watch Lilac dart off her plate. Hehe. Now it's time to kill. But before I can even get my hands on a weapon, Cameron Jaque sends an arrow in her head.

Then the shock of losing my sister hits me. Why did I want to kill her? I sniff. Sigh. Well, this is what I wanted, right?


Zed Sypol, Cornicopia

I run around and quickly slice off Licet's head. Simple. Then I run away for fear of being seen.

Thorn Barley, Cornicopia

I dart off my plate and run, run, run. Everything is a blur as I quickly jab my spear into Talon's stomach. I keep running, not really knowing where I'm going. But it doesn't matter. Nothing really matters. Just living.

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