Hello, I'm excited to host my first games. This will be quell and will have twists included.


Earth has its up's and down's. There has been fighting, natural diasters, and just demolishing things out of the ordinary. All those landmarks ruined, the frozen tundra has been destroy by global warming, glaciers have sunk into freshwater, ice melting, and all animals dieing in the habitat among them. The desert has been changed into sunken buildings and pyramids caused by earthquakes. The world shifted too much in the area so everything changed. The jungles and forests have been cut down by the people, they needed their supplies, but used to much so all of the trees and swamps are gone. All that Earth has left is that we have one democracy amongst all others, ruling the land. They control children to sacrifice themselves to fight against other until one lone victor remains. Well, in these games, the Capitol will be kind and let one team win. The arena will be made after a historical landmark, and this year's landmark is, the deserts. Tributes will compete until one remains, I will be including district thirteen and the Capitol as a reminder to them too.


The twists that will be included, there will be teams of four, chosen randomly. These games are called The Path Games, why you ask, I named it the Path Games because there will be only one way out of the arena, and the first team that figures the trail first, gets the victory, and anyone else still in the arena, will be blown up by their tracker.


1) You may have up to 2 tributes each, I will increase the number later on.

2) I will not be doing reapings, interviews, and group training.

3) I will be doing chariot rides, gamemakers, and private training.

4) Reservations last 2 days, that's all. If you have excuses, post them on my talk page.

5) Make your tributes detailed, I don't want simple sentences. I want it descriptive and understanding.

6) There will be a mild amount a swearing, but no sexual refrences.

7) I will not do profiles at all, I repeat, I will not do profiles.

8) Try and make the tributes new, if you make them new, they have a better chance of winning.

9) Do not spam on this blog at all, I repeat, do not spam on this blog at all or I will have an admin delete your comment.

10) Don't be sad if your tribute dies, their will be 50 other tributes dieing.

11) I will have 4 victors in these games.

12) I do have school, so I may not update often.

13) You may have up to 2 stylists.

14) You may have up to 1 gamemaker.

15) You may sponsor up to four tributes.

16) Give advice once in a while, but make it long if you want your tribute to get higher chances of winning.

Tribute Template

Use this template to submit a tribute:












Bloodbath Strategy:

Game Strategy:


Stylists Template

Use this template to submit a stylist:




District Styling:



Chariot Design:

Chariot Costumes:

Gamemaker Template

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Summary: The arena will be a burning hot desert, will piles of sand and sand dunes. The arena has a pyramid for the Corncoupia and the rest of the arena is just sand, but has secrets amongst them, a hidden door that leads

The Path Games Map

The Map

you to an underground abandoned city and a calming oasis that has supplies, water, and shade. The forcefield will be concealed as mountains, so if you try to climb them, you feel a burning sensation and you burn, the longer your hand are on the mountain, the more burns you get. Inside the pyramid their will be a Corncoupia with all kinds of supplies, other than that, their is secret traps and mysteries. Their will be trap doors, muttations, and all types of toture to make your tribute die painfully. Their will also be rooms with supplies, but be careful, some of those can be dangerous. Their will also be a maze inside the pyramid, and if you solve the maze, you get rewards, and secret waterfull and limited amount of supplies and food. That's the same with the oasis. The muttations around here are eygptian-like, they are sphinxs, african golded cats, dingos, and rattlesnakes.

Tribute Reservations

District 12 and 13 female are reserved.

District 2 female is reserved.


I would like to give credit to these users that helped me with my games; this user helped me with my tribute table, he was paitent and was helpful. This user made my arena map and it was perfect, he designed it and everything!

I would also like to thank everyone that's joining because as you see, I reached #1 on the most popular blogs, and #1 on the hot spots.

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