Hello people and welcome to my first attempt at one of these hunger games. I don't know how well this will be so please don't get mad at me if I mess things up. Enjoy!


"It appears to be this time of year again." President Wassen says as he steps onto the stage. He looks over the crowd that lines the streets of the lovely Capitol. "The reapings of the 120th annual Hunger Games are almost upon us!" The crowd roared. Wassen thought it sounded much louder than last year. "This year, there is to be twice the amount of tributes." The crowd screamed its approval. It appeared everyone in the Capitol liked this new president. "That's not all! The last tribute reaped of each gender in each district will be thrown into another arena before the true Hunger Games. They will fight in the small arena until there are 12 people left and then the training, interviews, and games will proceed as normal. This is President Wassen; good night." Wassen walked off the stage as the people of the Capitol were cheering.


1. You can enter up to 3 tributes

2. Please use the given template

3. You can reserve and will have 2 days

4. Please don't get angry if your tributes die

5. I'll go on profiles/links

6. Have fun


Please use this template:










Preferred alliance:


District Gender Name Age Weapons
D1 Male Lucretius Ashbourne 18 Bow and arrow, long knives
D1 Male Jonah Dare 14 Dagger, knife
D1 Female Alexandrite Bohamia 14 Bow and arrow, sword, knives
D1 Female Fleur Lazulia 17 Knife, longsword
D2 Male Prewitt Drinore 18 Battleaxe, scythe
D2 Male Rift Stonefield 18 Sword, Spear, Machete, Kukri
D2 Female Audrey Lancaster 14 Axe, Throwing Knives
D2 Female Artemis Moonsliver 13 Bow and arrow
D3 Male Tommy Harns 14 Throwing knives
D3 Male Volts O'Lot 14 Spear, traps
D3 Female Natalie Tecknus 14 Throwing knives, tomahawk, bow and arrows
D3 Female Audrey Wright 16 ?
D4 Male Wes Quince 15 Trident and net, throwing knives
D4 Male Thomas Quince 15 Trident and net, spear
D4 Female Patty Seafrin 17 Trident, knives
D4 Female Sharlet Free 13 Bow and arrow
D5 Male Jacob Naobel 14 Hand to hand combat and somewhat skilled with knives
D5 Male Lysander D'arcangelo 18 Sword, sickle, javelin spear
D5 Female Kayla Heremiah 13 Knives (Throwing), katana, dagger
D5 Female Sparks Edison 12 Bow and arrow, sword
D6 Male Brann Clatch 16 Swords
D6 Male Harvey Free 14 Projectiles and knives
D6 Female Veronica Morderkaiser 18 Daggers
D6 Female Maco Jerzy 16 Machete, mace
D7 Male David Viavotoni 15 Axes
D7 Male Aspen Lorelle 16 Axes, and he's a very good aim with a bow too, as well as being passable with knives.
D7 Female Joelenne Aspynn 16 Tomahawk, hatchet, battle axe
D7 Female Alona Lorelle 13 Axes, and also a very good aim with a bow and arrow.
D8 Male Favian Thread 15 Twin swords, curved sword, spear
D8 Male Connor Smitherson 14 Scythe, hand to hand combat
D8 Female Star Aurora 17 Dagger
D8 Female Clotho Thraetal 16 Poison needles, blowdarts
D9 Male Harvest Cropper 14 Sickle
D9 Male Dipper Pines 12 Blunt object
D9 Female Eva Fenrir 14 Curved sword, throwing stars
D9 Female Cheyanne Violanta 12 Bow and arrow, spear
D10 Male Jamieson Erie 14 Sword, Butcher's Knife
D10 Male Jakub Kunnson 14 Sword, studded gloves
D10 Female Aeralene "Aera" Genesis Ekiert 18 Machete, throwing stars, curved sword
D10 Female Belinda Wren 18 Throwing knives, farming tools
D11 Male Tim Thorburn 16 Sickle, knife
D11 Male Wesly Coulderoy 15 Axe
D11 Female Kim Thorburn 16 Scythe, sickle
D11 Female Nairsgot Babyoil (Nair) 18 Sword, axe
D12 Male Romeo Knightmare 12 Scythe
D12 Male Mister Mack 18 Piano
D12 Female Guinevere Bordeaux 15 Bow and Arrow, Sword
D12 Female Aurora Avrett 18 (soon to be 19) Bow and arrow, dagger

Tribute alliances:

Careers: Patty Seafrin, Audrey Lancaster, Wes Quince, Lysander D'arcangelo, Fleur Lazulia, Veronica Morderkaiser, Clotho Thraetal, Prewitt Drinore, Lucretius Ashbourne, Aera Ekiert, Rift Stonefield

Alliance #1: Favian Thread, Joelenne Aspynn

Alliance #2: Alona Lorelle, Aspen Lorelle, Tommy Harns, Cheyanne Violanta, Dipper Pines (will join with the alliance above)

Alliance #3: Belinda Wren, Guinevere Bordeaux, Harvey Free

Alliance #4: Wesly Coulderoy, Brann Clatch

Anti-Careers: Aurora Avrett, Alexandrite Bohamia, Sparks Edison, Artemis Moonsliver, Jakub Kunnson, Volts O'Lot, Harvest Cropper, Nair Babyoil, Kim Thorburn

Alone(for now): Kayla Heremiah, Mister Mack, Star Aurora, Audrey Wright


District 1- Lucretius Ashbourne Point of View

I woke up to hear my mother cooing in my ear. I let out a gasp as I hadn't seen her in 5 months. She was in the Capitol as a fashion designer. Some great jobs had their drawbacks. I was about to ask her why she had come home when I remembered; the reaping was today! My father must've told her I was going to volunteer. I smiled weakly up at her. After all, I was tired, it was early in the morning. "Time to wake up, the reaping is in an hour. Meet us there, okay?"

"Ready to see me volunteer and win the games?" I had been training for 10 years for this day and it's the last day I'm eligible to be in the games. I had to take advantage of today. It was time that an Ashbourne was a victor. We had come close several times but no one had won yet. I needed to make that change.

"Of course I am, Lucretius. I just hope everything has been enough. The academy, some extra training from victors, has it helped?" My mother asked hurriedly. I nodded quickly and rapidly; I didn't want her insure of my talents. "I know you'll get picked. I have full faith in you. And I do know the escort. All right then, I'll leave you to get ready." I quickly hopped in the shower before putting on a nice dress shirt and long black pants. I ran my hand through my thick brown hair before deciding I had better brush it; everyone in our world would see me after all. I grabbed some fruit to eat on the way out of the house.

Our house was near everything, including the central square the reaping would take place. There was still a while before the escort would be showing the video of Panem's history so I took my time walking. As soon as I got to the square, peacekeepers ushered me to a table where a kind old lady pricked my finger for identification. "Good luck!" She called as I walked off to the area for 18 year old males. I pushed to the front off the group while nodding my friends. I wanted to be the only thing the escort saw.

A few minutes later, a blue escort wobbled onto the stage. Her hair was a dark blue, almost black, and her eyes were the same color. She had turquoise skin and a blue dress on. Not to mention the largest heels I've ever seen-and those were blue of course. "Hello, citizens of District 1! Of course a large hello and thank you to the Capitol residents and the citizens of the rest of the districts watching this. The reapings for the 120th annual Hunger Games are upon us! Before we can begin selecting the tributes, here is the mandatory video of Panem's glorious history! I groaned along with the rest of the world but I was thankful it was only a few minutes long.

"And there's that!" Blue said as the video finished. "Now for the tributes of District 1! Ladies first, as always." Blue walked over to the bowl on her left. It was filled three quarters of the way with slips of paper. All of those slips contained a name of a girl between 12 and 18. Blue's hand brushed around until she picked a slip. I was surprised no volunteers had been calling out yet. Blue was at the microphone again, calling out a name. "Fleur Lazulia." Now I wasn't surprised about no volunteers. Fleur was one of the best careers I knew, and she was only 17. Fleur walked up to the stage and smiled at the cameras.

"And now for our second lady." Blue said happily. She walked to the bowl again and grabbed a piece of paper that lay right on top. Again I waited for the volunteers to call out, but again I was surprised. "Alexandrite Bohamia." The name was very familiar and I watched a girl with multicolored hair walk to the stage. I racked my brain to figure out where I had seen her. It finally hit me, she was reaped two years ago and her sister volunteered. She died in the final 4 when someone went crazy and ate her. I felt a pang of pity in my stomach and quickly pushed it away. There's no room for pity in the hunger games. I noticed Alexandrite turn her maroon eyes to the sky as if she was praying.

"Now for the gentlemen." Blue said as she walked to the other bowl. I cried out before she even reached it. "I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!" I pushed my way to the stage and smiled to my parents in the front of the crowd. They were gazing at me proudly and I knew I had to make them prouder. "And who are you?" Blue asked me. "Lucretius Ashbourne, the next victor in the hunger games!" I pronounced. Blue nodded wearily and turned back to the crowd.

"Now the last tribute for District 1." Blue walked to the bowl for the last time and as she pulled out a slip, people started volunteering. The loudest voice by far was from the front of the 14's. A kid in a blue shirt went red as Blue beckoned him to the stage. As he climbed the steps, he fell and hastily got up as people laughed. "What's your name?" Blue asked. "Jonah Dare, but I didn't volunteer, it was the person behind me, I swear!" The blue escort shook her head. "Nice try kid but after you volunteer, you're in the games." She pointed at Jonah to stand next to me and started talking to the crowd again.

"Do you at least believe me?" Jonah whispered to me. I looked at him quickly and shook my head sadly. I noticed the crowd dispersing and Blue was headed towards Jonah and I. "Lucretius, you're to follow me to the train with Fleur." She addressed me. "Jonah, wait here with Alexandrite until some peacekeepers come to escort you to a separate train." Blue walked off towards Fleur and Alexandrite and relayed the same message. Fleur mouthed at me to follow them as she and Blue walked off towards the train station. I glanced back at the stage and my parents before leaving this life in District 1 behind.

District 2-Rift Stonefield's Point of view

I woke up early and eager as my alarm went nuts. I bounced out of bed and got ready in what felt like seconds. I didn't have time to waste; the reapings were today! I would bring victory to District 2 for the 3rd year in a row. I looked at the clock, 6:32. I still had hours before I volunteered, hours for me to spend for last minute training. I hastily waved to my mom and dad in the kitchen and walked out the door.

I raced to the Career Academy and saw a few others also training. There were mainly younger kids, no surprise there. All the older careers were getting ready for reaping where they were to volunteer and hopefully get picked by the escort. I grabbed a sword and started slashing away at dummies. It was easy enough but I needed to keep my skills as good as they've been.

I turned around as someone entered the training area and recognized Prewitt Drinore, another career. He's also near the top of the class and is one of the few people I haven't had to fight. I nodded to him and studied him curiously as he picked up a battle axe. Prewitt walked towards a dummy and sliced its head clean off with one swift chop. I got back to stabbing dummies with swords and machetes. I threw a few spears around as well.

"Are you volunteering today?" I heard Prewitt's quiet voice ask. "I am." I wasn't one bit surprised by that. "I am too. May the best career win." I said grinning. He nodded and put his axe back with the rest of the weapons. I glanced down at my watch and gasped;the reaping started in half an hour. I ran out of the academy and sprinted home. I threw on a nice outfit and darted back outside. I looked at my house and my neighborhood in general. It's not the nicest place ever but it's home. If I come back, my family and I won't live here anymore. We'd be in Victor's Village and as great as that'd be, I'm not sure if I would completely love leaving this old place.

As I got to the square at the base of the Nut (I hate that nickname), I saw the large crowd for the reaping. I got my finger pricked and made my way to the area that contains 18 year old boys. "Hi Rift." I heard Prewitt say. "You again?" I muttered. I glared at him until he took the hint and walked away. I would get SO mad if he becomes a tribute and I don't. Our escort, Nimmo Dugald, walked onto the stage in a very glittery outfit.

"Hello, hello. Today is the reaping for the 120th annual hunger games." Nimmo said without much enthusiasm. "The video is about to play so please be quiet." I waited patiently through the video without listening much. When I first saw it, I absolutely adored it. I can't believe that ever happened.

"Now doesn't Panem have a fascinating history." Nimmo said, not sounding fascinated at all. "Now it's time for the real reason we're here, the tributes!" That brought out several chuckles. Nimmo walked over to the bowl with the girls names in it. I waited for voices to ring out, saying how much they wanted to volunteer. "I volunteer!" A voice finally broke the silence, though it wasn't a very loud voice. "Then come on up!" Nimmo said, welcoming any kind of volunteers. The girl who volunteered had silver hair that immediately caught my attention. I didn't think I recognized her so probably not a career. "What's your name, sweetheart?" Nimmo asked, smiling warmly at the girl. "Artemis Moonsliver." She replied, a fitting name I thought.

"And now for the next female tribute!" Nimmo said, walking back to the bowl. He grabbed a slip of paper and looked expectantly at the crowd of girls. Many of them looked quite nervous. I suppose they were scared of the chance of having to survive through two hunger games, although the first one wouldn't be too severe. Nimmo was back at the microphone and halfway through reading the name. "-ey Lancaster." Again I waited for some volunteers but again they didn't come. The person called was a career, her name was Audrey, although I didn't know her well.

"Now for our males." Nimmo walked to the bowl and as soon as he stuck his hand in, voices rose around me. "I VOLUNTEER!" I yelled but I was too late. Nimmo has picked someone to my right. I leaned to get a better view and saw Prewitt walking to the stage. "Now who are you?" Nimmo asked. "Prewitt Drinore." Prewitt answered while throwing a smug look my way. If I, when I, get in these games, he had better watch his back. I clenched my fists before trying to take deep breaths. Calm down Rift, calm down.

"Now for District Two's final tribu-" I took a deep breath before shouting out, "I VOLUNTEER!" I pushed past a few people and made my way to the stairs. As I walked past Prewitt, I pushed him a little and sneered. "Who are you, young volunteer?" Nimmo asked me. I wanted to sound a little charming for the audience, I needed sponsors. "I'm Rift Stonefield, thank you for asking, Nimmo." That sounded good enough and Nimmo looked like he loved that answer.

"Let's give a big hand for the tributes of District 2!" Nimmo roared. The crowd clapped politely and I made eye contact with my mom and dad. I gave a little wave and smile before Nimmo pushed me towards Audrey. "I'm on a tight schedule. You two wait here for a peacekeeper to bring you to a train." Nimmo said quickly before walking away with Prewitt and Artemis. I smiled at Audrey and sighed, not wanting to wait one bit.

District 3-Tommy Harns Point of View

"Ow!" I moaned. Two of my little sisters decided to jump on me to wake me up. I looked at the clock on my dresser across the room- 9:19. IT WAS SATURDAY TOO! "Why'd you wake me up so early! I like sleeping you know!" I growled at them. "Now I'll have to eat you!" I roared playfully. I grabbed at little Rosie, the youngest in our family of 11.

She squealed and started to slap at my arms. "Don't eat me! I won't wake you up again! Mommy told us tooooooooo!" Rosie screamed. "It's reaping day, Tommy." She said sadly. Even a six year old understood the severity of someone getting reaped. Our huge family had been very lucky. My oldest two brothers were safe from being reaped, as well as Rosie and Al. The rest of us, all 5 of us, were in the unsafe ages of 12 and 18.

"Run along then, Rosie. Go tell Mommy I'll be ready in 30 minutes." I said, releasing her from my grip. "It's your lucky day. I won't eat you today." Rosie giggled and ran out of my room and down the stairs. I was wrong with my prediction of 30 minutes; it took me 23. I went downstairs to eat breakfast.

"-he'd eat me!" I heard Rosie say while giggling to Al. "So I said I'd kill the monster and we wrestled and I won and it was so much fun!" She said without pausing once. I got some cereal and sat down next to Rosie. "That's not at all how it happened. I won and you know it." I said sticking my tongue out at her. She glared daggers at me and I glared back at her. Staredown time. In just a few seconds, her eyes widened and she had to blink.

"The magical forces agree that I won." I said smirking. Rosie shot me one last burning look and I just kept eating peacefully. "Bye Rosie, bye Al." I said before heading to the doorway. My dad walked in while I was halfway out the door. "Good luck Tommy. You'll be fine, just as you were last year and the year before. I'm staying home with Rosie and Al. See you later." He said before moving to talk to some of my other siblings. I walked outside and was in the square in minutes. I smiled at all my friends as I made my way towards the area for 14 year old boys.

I ended up standing next to Volts O'Lot. He wasn't my best friend as he was very hot-headed but I liked him as well as anyone. His blue eyes looked suspiciously towards me and he looked me up and down before saying "Hello." I nodded and fixed my eyes on the stage where the reaping was going to take place anytime now. "Not going to respond? You know that's rude." Volts said angrily. I looked at him somewhat confused. "Sorry?" I said. "I didn't-" I was cut off when our escort walked onto the stage.

"Hello to the people of District 3!" His voice rung out across the crowd of silent people. "And also a warm hello to the people in other districts watching, and of course to those tuning in from the Capitol." Our escort is Lightning Sierk. Lightning, true to his name, has lightning bolts tattooed all over his face and down his arms. His hair is black with blond lightning bolt shaped patterns in random places. "I believe it's time to watch the video of the history of Panem." I've watched this video so many times and it's so obvious to the people of District 3 that most of the footage is fake.

"Now to reap the tributes for the 120th HUNGER GAMES!" Lightning said enthusiastically. "Ladies first, as always." The lightning bolts went into the bowl of names and pulled out the first person to be sent to their (probable) death. Lightning pranced back to the microphone. "Congratulations to Audrey Wright!" I heard gasps come from the 16 year old girls section. "Audrey Wright, come on up here! It's an honor after all!" Lightning said, making it worse. A girl fought through the crowd glaring at the steps, the stage, her slip of paper, Lightning, the many people of District 3.

"And now for the second lady." Lightning made his way back to the bowl and dug around inside it for a while. He picked a name and walked to the microphone again. "Natalie Tecknus, come on up!" I recognized the girl; she was my age, I knew she was awfully poor. I saw two older boys in the 15 and 17 year old section jeering at her. She walked past them, her face red, and went onto the stage. She looked like she wanted to disappear. "So there are our wonderful ladies. It appears we now need some gentlemen in the games."

Lightning walked over to the bowl; the bowl with my name in it. My stomach flipped instinctively. I knew I shouldn't worry though; my name was in there twice. One of my brothers names was in there six times. While I was freaking out silently, Lightning had picked and called a name. I craned my neck to see who it was. "Better you than me." Volts said to someone nearby. He must've called someone who was 14! Volts have me a little push. "Go on up!" He whispered in my ear. Lightning looked at the boys expectantly. "Is there a Tommy Harns somewhere?" I gasped and finally made my way up to the stage. "I thought you'd gotten lost on your way up here." Lightning said with a bit of a laugh.

I smiled weakly and returned to my own thoughts. My stomach was going crazy but my blood felt like fire. Was the fire doing something to my stomach? My name was in that big bowl where Lightning is twice, TWICE, but I managed to get picked. "Volts O'Lot." Lightning said into the microphone. I saw Volts walking to the stage. His hands were clenched tightly and his face was pale. He had an almost bored look to him but I knew Volts well enough to see the fire behind his eyes.

"There's the tributes for District 3! Give them a big hand!" No one clapped, no one moved, it was as silent as it had been the whole time. I knew how it would be now at my house. Mom would have to go home and tell dad what happened. Dad would shut the doors, the windows, as there were party's on the streets celebrating that there kids were safe another year. Rosie and Al would probably cry. "Ok?" I heard Lightning ask Volts and I. "Yup." Volts said sullenly and I nodded. Volts still looked ready to explode and I hoped I wouldn't be around for that. "Then let's go." Lightning said, grabbing my arm and dragging me along, leaving Volts and his anger issue far behind.

District 4-Sharlet Free Point of View

"I VOLUNTEER!" I heard my sister, Millie, yell. I gasped but knew she wouldn't be chosen; there were so many other volunteers shouting. The escort pointed to a girl, though I couldn't see who. Then I saw a familiar face on the stage. I bit back a scream and I saw Millie grin at my parents and I. After the reaping, when Millie could say goodbye, she took me aside and told me something I'll never forget.

"Our parents want a victor. Remember that Sharlet. If I disappoint them, there's just you. Train and win, please." Millie pleaded. I nodded with huge eyes; that was the last thing she ever said to me. She almost won too and I'll never forget her hunger games. She was one of the last three alive and she and a fellow career had split up for a few minutes to track the other remaining tribute.

Millie killed that tribute without him ever seeing her. A trident in his back and he dropped. She turned to find the career, one from district 2(no surprise there), and he threw a knife into her throat. She bled to death and I couldn't look at the TV without almost puking. I was crying my eyes out along with my mom. The day after, I started to train as hard as I could. I knew today, the reaping, was a good enough time to volunteer. I would avenge Millie and please mom.

I put on a pretty dress, blue and lacy, and brushed my tangled hair. I would look pretty for the Capitol, Millie got plenty of sponsors from her looks. I walked downstairs where my mom and dad were talking while making breakfast. "Hi honey! Pancakes for breakfast." Dad said, breaking off from his conversation with mom. He gave her a hard swift look that I almost missed. The meaning was obvious: we'll talk later, with out Sharlet around. That was how most conversations between them started and ended.

"You look very pretty." My mom said cautiously. Almost anything, one spark, could set me off these days. "Thanks." I snapped. "I'm excited for the reaping, how about you?" I asked them. My dad looked pleasantly surprised; I rarely started a conversation. My mom on the other hand looked depressed. "I don't really like reapings. I'm surprised you don't know that by now." I forgot she'd lost her sister as a volunteer as well, oops. Probably shouldn't have asked that question.

"I probably should tell you something." I said nervously. "I'm going to volunteer today. If I don't get picked, I'll try again next year, and the year after that, and the year after that. I'll become a tribute and then a victor. I'll make you proud, mom." I said while she handed me a plate full of pancakes. She sat down across from me in silence.

"If I told you not to even think about it, would it help at all?" Mom asked me. "No, mom. I'm going into the games. You can try and stop me if you want but it's not happening." I told her while gulping down pancakes. I remember that they were Millie's favorite thing ever. I loved them too, as well as my mom and dad. It must be in our genes; our genes are full of pancakes.

I bounced out of the door and down to the road. I almost left but something felt wrong. I knew I had to say goodbye to my mom and dad. I had to tell them I love them again. I waked back inside and hugged my dad, then my mom. "I love you both, remember that." I hated them sometimes but right now, I couldn't believe I ever have. I walked back outside and made my way to the beach.

Unlike other districts, our reaping was held next to the beautiful ocean. We weren't packed in a tiny city square. We were free on the white sand, soft as my bed. As I got to the part of the beach where the stage was set up, I was checked for my identification before going to the roped section for the 13 year old ladies. I watched as the escort, Persei Lowenek, walked onto stage. In my opinion, she looked like a clown. But of course people would say that's rude. "Hello, everyone! I can't wait for the reaping so why don't we get started!" The video played, although Persei skipped a few parts.

"Now for the exciting part...our first lady!" Persei walked to the bowl and quickly picked out a name. I opened my mouth to call out but several older girls had already called out. Persei chose someone near the front, a 17 year old I believe. A girl with short blond hair and a murderous look in her eyes went up onto the stage. I'd have to watch out for her. "What's your name?" Persei asked the girl. "Patty Seafrin." The girl, Patty, grunted.

"Now for the secon-" "I VOLUNTEER" I screamed out, interrupting Persei and her squeaky voice in its squeaky speech. I pushed past people and heard the roar of the waves as I walked onto the stage. Or was it my blood pounding? "I'm Sharlet Free." I said quickly and went to stand next to Patty.

"Okay. Now for our male tributes." Persei walked to the bowl on the opposite side of the stage. Her hand (even her hand had makeup; WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?) brushed around the bowl tantalizingly slow. "I VOLUNTEER!" I voice finally cried out. A 15 year old boy with short black hair and brown eyes walked to the stage. He cast a look back towards a boy that looked a lot like him, probably his brother, a twin. "What's your name?" Persei asked him. "Wes Quince. You better pick my brother when he volunteers." Persei raised an eyebrow (WITH MAKEUP) at this but simply returned to the bowl.

"I VOLUNTEER!" A few voices called out. The boy who looked like Wes was jumping up and down and waving his arms. Persei beckoned him to the stage and he smiled and ran up. "Thomas Quince." He said without Persei having to prompt him. "There they are! The tributes of District 4 for the 120th Hunger Games!" Persei said happily. The crowd dispersed soon after that and Persei waved Patty and I towards her and the boys.

"Patty, you're coming with Wes and I. Sharlet, you're to stay with Thomas." She said and turned to walk off. "Wait, can't Wes and I stay together?" Thomas asked. Persei shook her head and gave him a quick look of pity. "We've got to go. Sorry!" She said before taking off with Wes and Patty chasing after her. Thomas sat down on the stage and I sat down next to him.

District 5-Sparks Edison's Point of View

"Wake up, Sparks. Wake up!" I heard a voice calling to me while I was in that state between asleep and awake. I couldn't tell if it was a dream or not so I just rolled over. Anyway, I was just have the most delightful dream. She was running around in North America, not Panem, NORTH AMERICA! "Wake up, Sparks!" The voice called again but this time there was a little push on my back.

I blinked open my eyes and saw Nina staring at me. "Can we play hide and seek? Pleeeeeeaaaassssseee?" She asked me with her huge little kid puppy eyes looking at me. With Nina, it was impossible to say no. "Only if I get to hide first." I told her and she groaned. "Fine. 1...2..." I dashed out of the room and ran into Nina's room. I looked around for a good place to hide and decided under her bed. I squirmed under and tried to slow and quiet my breathing.

Nina walked into the room and poked around once then left. She came back in after a few minutes had passed. This time she really made a mess. She threw sheets everywhere and sounded very angry. "I know you're in here somewhere!" Nina said with a very frustrated tone. "I give up!" I was waiting for her to say that and I wiggled out from under the bed. "I didn't know you could fit in such a small place!" Nina exclaimed.

"It was magic, Nina. All magic." I said with her giggling. "Now you have to hide." I turned to face the wall before counting slowly. "1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8..." I heard her footsteps echoing in the long hallway before disappearing. She probably went into the bathroom. "Ready or not, here I come!" I said before haring to the bathroom. I heard giggles coming from the closet where we kept towels.

"Where could she be?" I wondered aloud. Then I opened the closet. "There she is." I scooped her up and ran down the stairs with her in my arms. She weighed about a pound. I saw my parents eating breakfast along with my brother, Jason. "Sparks, you should be getting ready. Today's the reaping." Oh. I'd forgotten. Today was my first reaping. I nodded and turned to go back to my room. "You'll be fine Sparks." Nina tells me. I smiled at her, how can you not love little sisters? I decided to wear a nice red dress.

After I was ready, I decided to go straight to the square. I waved goodbye to Nina and told her we could keep playing hide and seek after. The square was about 5 minutes from my house so I was going to be very early. The whole five minutes (and of course the time after), I was scared to death. I still don't know why I was. My name is in there once as I don't have to take tesserae and probably never will. I was still sweating and my heart was beating a billion times per second. As I got to the table for identification, people started to notice my distress. "This is your first time? You'll be perfectly safe." The lady who pricked my finger told me.

I paced inside the area that held my age group. I wasn't sure how long it was until the escort came on stage but it seemed forever. I ended up staring at the many power plants around here. I never noticed just how many there were. Our escort, Shilea Sheenara, walked out of the town hall and onto the stage after a few eternities. Shilea had been the escort for District 5 for as long as anyone could remember. She must've had plastic surgery thousands of times as she looked around 25. She had an obvious wig that was mainly a bright red, with streaks of blue and green. Shilea had cat eyes that I believe she had taken from an actual cat. "Hello, District 5! Also a very warm hello to everyone else watching in the other districts and our own Capitol. I believe it's time for the showing of the video of the history of Panem." Shilea said happily.

No one likes the video. It just shows how the Capitol pushed everyone around. After the video, it's time for the most dreadful part: the reaping. "As everyone knows, I don't like how everyone always says 'ladies first', so I will choose the male tributes first." Shilea said while walking to the huge glass bowl. Why did she have to do this to me? Now I'll be nervous for even longer. "I VOLUNTEER!" A voice cried out. A boy from the 18 year old area stepped onto stage. "I'm Lysander D'arcangelo. Don't think I volunteered because I like the games. It's this or execution. I'd rather go down with a fight." The blond haired boy, Lysander, said. He went to stand near the bowl.

"That's nice." Shilea said, not realizing how 'not nice' that was. "Now for our second gentleman." Shilea walked to the bowl again but this time no volunteers broke the silence. "Jacob Naobel." Shilea said. A short boy with ragged blond hair walked to the stage. If I didn't see him come from the 14 year old section, I would've thought he was 12. He glared at Shilea and stood next to Lysander. Now my heart started beating faster. I wouldn't have thought that possible.

"And second, our ladies!" Shilea walked to the bowl that had my name in it somewhere. Her hand brushed a bunch of names; why can't she just pick one? The suspense was eating me alive. Shilea finally picked a name. Please don't be me. Pretty please with a cherry on top. "Sparks Edison." Crap. My face turned red, then pale, then it was red again. By the time I was on the stage, it was pale again. Shilea smiled at me and motioned for me to stand near her. "Congratulations!" She said to me. I wanted to slap her; congratulations for what? Being chosen to die?

"And now for District Five's final tribute." Shilea said happily. She walked to the bowl, the bowl that sealed my fate, and picked the first name she touched. She walked back to the microphone. I wonder who else she's sending to their death. I suddenly thought how easy I thought life would be. I'd grow up happily with Nina and the rest of my family. Would I even live to be 13? A girl with red hair held back and lots of freckles was standing next to me, looking angry.

"Um...who are you?" I asked her. She stared at me like I was crazy. "Shouldn't you be paying attention to the reaping? Especially the one you're in?" She asked me. She definitely had a point so I just continued to stare at her. "I'm Kayla Heremiah. And I payed attention so I know you're Sparks Edison. Fitting name for our district." Kayla said before shifting her gaze back to the crowd. She wasn't the friendliest but I still liked her well enough.

Shilea walked over to Kayla and I with the boys following behind her. With the first words spoken out of her mouth, I knew I hated her. "Sparky or whatever your name is, you're coming with me. Kelly, Jake, stay here. Oh and Lesader, you're coming with Sparky and I." Shilea grabbed "Lesader" and my wrists and dragged us towards the trains. I glanced at Lysander and he looked as annoyed as I was. Now I couldn't wait to be in the games away from Shilea.

District 6:Veronica Morderkaiser's Point is View

Today's the day! It's the reaping, the day I volunteer, kill, and win the Hunger Games. My mom (a victor who used to live in District 2) has been training me for this day. It was to be as good as a career and I wouldn't be, I'd be better. I woke up on the day of the reaping and leapt out of bed. I made sure I put the necklace that would be my token on. It was shaped like a dagger, a bloody dagger of course. It was my mother's token and it had worked well for her, so it would work for me. I went downstairs where my parents were sitting, along with our black cat, Shadow. I stroked Shadow before tossing her out of my chair. "Why does she always think it's hers? I throw her out every morning yet every morning she's back." I say to my parents. My dad shook his head. He's the bad egg in our family. I should actually probably say the good egg. He's kind and has never put one toe out of line. I have no idea how mom likes him or how he likes mom. Dad seems to hate me, or at least disapproves of every single thing I do. "You really shouldn't throw Shadow at all." He told me. I rolled my eyes.

"How much longer until the reaping?" I ask eagerly. My mom got up and beckoned me to the living room. "Still a few hours but we should watch the other district's reapings. You should know your enemy, and your allies." She tells me while flipping through a few television channels. "The District 1 reaping starts in 2 minutes." Mom says. Sure enough, two minutes later an escort that looks completely blue walks onto the stage. The older male, Lucretius looks dangerous, as well as Fleur. The other two, not so much. The other boy claims to not have volunteered. Of course no one believes him. I laughed as that happened, "It's obvious he volunteered!"

In District 2, both male tributes look very strong and capable of killing everyone. They appear to not like each other much so hopefully they finish each other off. The two females looked quite weak. It wouldn't be too hard to finish them off. Of course no one too noticeable from 3. We were halfway through 4 when my mom told me to get ready. I put on a white dress quickly and went to say goodbye to my parents.

"I'm so proud of you." My mom said while squeezing me. I was surprised by the show of emotion. She rarely made physical contact with anyone and hugging someone was unthinkable. "We both are." She said, shooting a look at my dad. He nodded reluctantly and joined the hug. "I love you, Veronica. I can tell you don't believe me but I do and always will." He told me. I flinched away from him. I bet Mom told him to say that. He did anything she would say, probably scared of her (and me).

"Bye mom. Bye dad." I said to them. I smiled at my mom one last time and nodded to my dad. "Make us proud." Mom called as I walked out the door. I would make them very proud. I'd be the next victor in the family. I walked around District 6 for a while lost in my thoughts for a while. I completely hated District 6. I was we had never moved from 2. Now we're in the biggest district filled with morphling addicts. It doesn't help that nobody knows one thing about weapons so we haven't won a games in decades. As soon as I won, I'd move to District 2.

I decided I might as well go to the square since the reaping is in 10 minutes. I was fairly close, maybe 5 minutes away. As I got to the square, I started to get excited. Excitement normally makes me act crueler so I started pushing through people, shoving some to the ground. I pushed one blond haired girl that almost looked like she wanted to fight back. After I got my finger pricked, I made my way to the area for the 18 year old area.

"What are you looking at?" I snapped at a girl who looked strangely at my dagger necklace. She looked at me with a look of fear and started to blend back in with the rest of the people. I laughed loudly; I loved when people got scared of me. Our escort, Romulus Galloway, walked onto the stage soon after. He looked like a normal person, unlike other escorts. "Welcome to the reaping for District 6!" He called out. Romulus grinned at everyone. "You all have seen the video we play annually too many times so I say we cut right to the reaping!" He said it like he was expecting cheers at that but you could hear a pin drop.

"Okay." Romulus said, quite disappointed. "Ladies first." This was it! I was about to volunteer! My heart was pounding wildly and I could feel the adrenaline everywhere. Romulus had already picked out a name and was headed back to the microphone. "Ma-" he started to say. "I VOLUNTEER!" I screamed out. I walked to the stage where Romulus seemed thrilled. "A volunteer? Yes, come here. Please introduce yourself." He ordered. "I'm Veronica Morderkaiser and yes, my mom was a victor." I told Romulus and the world.

"Excellent, just excellent!" Romulus said happily. "We need another lady to join her, yes?" He walked past me to the bowl again. His hand dug around before picking a name. He walked slowly back to the microphone and read the name. The whole district seemed to draw in a breath as Romulus spoke. "Maco Jerzy. Wow, that was the name I drew last time. You know, when Veronica here volunteered?" The girl who looked like she'd wanted to fight back when I pushed her was on stage. I didn't know what to think about her. She looked very afraid but somewhat defiant, like she wasn't going down easy.

"Now for their male counterparts." Romulus said while walking to the bowl filled with male names. His hand swiveled around above the names before picking one. "Harvey Free." He said while looking around. "Harvey Free?" He said again after nobody came. "Where is Harvey Free?" Romulus demanded. Finally, someone was pushed to the front of the 14 year old area. Harvey was very pale and clammy. He walked hesitantly to the stairs and climbed to the stage. "You took forever." Romulus notes.

"The last tribute now," Romulus said before walking to the bowl one last time. So far I wasn't impressed by any of my District partners. I guess if I die, there might not be a very good chance of a District 6 victor. "Brann Clatch." Romulus announced. A somewhat handsome 16 year old boy came up onto stage. The name sounded familiar. Was a family member in the games? He didn't look too scared but he didn't seem too strong either. "There they are! The tributes of District 6!" He walked over to Maco and said a few things. She nodded and walked over to Harvey and Brann.

They both nodded in unison and Harvey came towards Romulus and I while Brann and Maco stayed put. "Let's go then!" Romulus said. Brann and Maco still didn't follow when Romulus walked towards the train station. Did I mention I hated those trains? I do. "Wait, what about them?" I asked Harvey and Romulus. "They get separate trains that will take them right to the arena of 24." Romulus told me. "Meanwhile, you should be focusing on yourself. Right now, my money is on you. At least if I were allowed to bet." Romulus winked at me.

District 7-Joelenne Aspynn's Point of View

"Wake up, Jackson." I called to my sleeping brother. His huge eyes opened sleepily and he blinked at me a few times before rolling over. "Jackson, you have to get up!" I said a little louder. "If I get reaped today, is this how you want me to remember you?" I asked, only slightly kidding. With that, Jackson bolted out of bed and hugged me. "I'm sorry, Joa." I smiled warmly down at him and hugged him back. "It's fine, Jackson. It's fine." I said softly. "Just go get ready please." He nodded and started shuffling through his dresser. One brother awake, two to go.

I walked across the hall to my littlest brother James' room. As soon as I cracked open the door, he jumped up. "I'm up, don't worry Joa." He said. James has the best hearing of anyone I know. "Of course you are. When aren't you?" I asked him. James smiled a partially toothless smile at me. One of his front teeth was missing. I thought it made him 100% cuter. "The reaping is today. You'll have to come with Joel and I." I told James. He nodded, his good mood slightly killed. "Breakfast should be ready in 20 minutes." He always wanted food.

"Hey, little bro." I said to my twin brother Joel. "You're awake for once." I remarked, quite surprised. "The reaping starts in about an hour so we should probably be ready in 40 minutes, little brother." I told him. "Stop calling me your little brother! I'm 19 seconds younger; that really shouldn't count." Joel said angrily. I loved teasing him as he took it so seriously. "19 seconds?" I exclaimed. "I thought it was 19 years." Joel's face was red and he gently pushed me out of his room. "Get out." He mumbled. He shut the door in my face and I giggled. "When's breakfast?" Joel's head poked out. "20 minutes."

I ended up just making french toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast for the four of us. James was in the kitchen begging for for food first naturally. He was closely followed by Joel and then Jackson. Boys really seem to love their food. "Really? Just 'where's the food?' No 'good morning, Joa. How are you?'" I asked them. Joel looked a little apologetic but little James and Jackson just shrugged. I laughed cheerfully. I was a lot happier than I thought I would be on the day of the reaping. "Take your food, you ungrateful young people."

James grabbed his plate and raced to the table. Joel and Jackson followed slower (although only a little bit). I filled my plate slowly and just watched the boys eat. We somehow weren't a very poor family but they still ate like they haven't seen real food in weeks. "Why are you watching us eat?" Jackson asked me. I opened my mouth, closed it, opened it again and shrugged. I walked to the table and ate and laughed alongside them.

"I'm afraid it's time for the reaping." Joel said after a little while. I groaned. That was a great way to ruin a happy mood. "James, Jackson, listen to me." I said to them. It was time for the annual "what to do if both of us are reaped" talk. "It's very unlikely that even one of us are reaped but you have to remember what to do if both of us are. You go to my friend's house. Clair's. You remember her, right? You remember where she lives as well, right?" They both nodded quickly. "One of us WILL win. You just have to stay with Clair for a little while." I say to them. Both of us had better not get reaped.

"I understand, Joa. Don't worry one bit." Jackson told me. "I'm guessing you have to go now so good luck. You will be fine." He told me with so much certainty, I couldn't help but believe him. James was talking to Joel now. No doubt on how all of us will be fine. "Good luck to both of you." James said. He hugged Joel and stuck his hand out to me. I rolled my eyes and shook his hand, then embraced him. "AHHHHHHHHHH GET IT OFFFFFF!" James screamed.

I sighed and let go of him. "I do not have cooties James." He still looked at me suspiciously and all I did was groan. "Bye James. Bye Jackson. See ya soon!" Joel said to the boys. "Bye you two. Be good." I added. Joel and I left the house to go to the square. The reaping started almost the minute we got there. Our escort, Augustus McLeky, was a young man that looked like a cat. He had whiskers, a tail, everything. Even that triangle-ish nose. "Reaping day!" Augustus says. "Who will the tributes for District 7 be? We'll find out after the video." The video played in what felt like a second and an infinity. It was quite a small infinity if it took 5 minutes.

"Our ladies are up first as always." Augustus said. He limped over to the bowl filled with names, several of which are mine. If any of those several slips are pulled, my life will change forever. Augustus picked a piece of paper and I closed my eyes, quite scared. "Joelenne Aspynn." No. No, no, no, no, no! I walked slowly up to the stage. "Why me?" I muttered under my breath. The odds were in my favor, but now they're not. I stood next to Augustus and glared at him, then the cameras. Joel had better not get picked. If Joel gets picked I will attack Augustus.

"Now who will our second lady be?" He asked. I don't really care. Augustus walks past me painfully and gives me a smile full of pity. He picks a name and walks past me again although no smile this time. "Alona Lorelle." He announces. A girl with brown hair walks onto stage and stand next to me. I give her a reassuring smile and she smiles right back. "You ready to be sent to your death?" She whispers to me. I'm shocked by her straightforwardness and end up just shaking my head. "I'm not because I'm going to win." She says cockily. I roll my eyes, cockiness wouldn't get a 13 year old girl from an outlying district much against a bloodthirsty creature from 1 or 2.

Augustus has already picked a name. Please don't be Joel. Whatever God or gods are out there, just please don't have Joel get picked. "Ash Lorelle." Alona gasps beside me. That must be her brother. I feel terrible for the family; it's like imagining Joel and I getting picked. The boy begins walking to the stage when another voice cries out. "I VOLUNTEER!" I recognize the voice, Aspen Lorelle. He's in my year and I used to have a crush on him. Aspen jogged to the stage while whispering a few things to his brother. He winked at Alona who giggled. "I'm Aspen Lorelle." He introduced himself.

"So is that you're brother? And is that you're sister?" Aspen nods twice. "Bad luck for your family." Augustus said. He actually sounded somewhat sad and it sounded like he meant it. Maybe not all Capitol people are heartless freaks. "Now for our last tribute." He says before limping to the bowl one last time. He walks back and clears his throat. As long as it's not Joel, I'll be fine. "David Viavotoni." Augustus says. At least one of us is definitely safe. The David fellow seems strong but very nervous. He climbs the steps and stands a distance away from Aspen. "I don't bite." I hear Aspen say. David flinches at that, scaredy cat.

Apparently the reaping has ended since I zoned out as Augustus limped towards Alona and I. "Alona, I'm afraid you have to wait here with David. Joelenne, I'm going to escort you to the train and then to the Capitol." He tells us. "Thank you Augustus. And please, call me Joa, everyone does." I say to him quietly. Augustus nods. "And most people call me Gus." Gus goes to relay the message to the boys and the three of us, Gus, Aspen, and I, go to board a train.

District 8-Star Aurora's Point of View

Hey, Star. It's time to wake up." My mom said gently. I was already awake but I don't want to show that. "I don't want to." I hissed in what I hoped was a somewhat sleepily tone. "You've got to get up sweetie." My mom said. She laid her hand onto my head and I flicked it away. "Go away mom!" I said, a bit louder this time. She shook her head, "Not until you wake up." She told me. "It's reaping day after all."

At that I got somewhat interested. I liked watching the games unlike the rest of my family. I looked forward to it, although not as much as the people in the Capitol. I've been thinking about volunteering for ages and I'm really starting to think today might be the day. "Fine, mom." I grumbled. "I'm awake. Just get out." She looked at me with a hurt look before walking across the room to the door. I got out of bed and looked at the mirror. My hair was perfect as usual. I smiled a cocky smile, I love how gorgeous I look.

I decided to put on a purple dress. It was my favorite dress that I owned, I wore it the year before for the reapings and so many boys thought I was perfect. I liked to seduce the boys to stomp them down to their worst. As I went downstairs, my dad hugged me. I pushed him away, furious he tried to touch me. I brushed the dress out and sat down at the table. "Can we watch the reapings?" I asked eagerly.

My parents rarely denied me of everything, I'd say mainly because they were scared of me. They turned the reapings on and it was halfway through District 2. One small yet strong girl with silver hair was already on the stage and another girl was walking to the stage. Neither of them could be older than 15. I watched two strong 18 year old boys volunteer and they seemed to be at each other's throats. As they would probably be the strongest ones in the arena, I hoped they would finish each other off.

Halfway through the District 4 reaping, I made up my mind. I was going to volunteer and no one was going to stop me. "Mom, dad, I'm volunteering for the games." I said proudly. Mom looked terrified and Dad looked curious and angry. "Why would you do that?" He asked me. I looked at him like he was stupid, and he was. "Really Dad? I thought you were smarter than that? Neither you nor mom like me and I think I could do well in the games." I told them. My mom looked like she wanted to say something but neither of them spoke.

"Bye, Star Aurora. Good bye." My dad said. He stuck his hand out and I reluctantly shook it. "Or I suppose I shouldn't call you Star Aurora anymore. I'm disowning you." I gasped. My father was the kindest person I knew. I would never have done something so much like me. After all, people say I'm a wicked, conniving bitch. My mom looked at Dad like he was crazy. It was obvious they hadn't talked about this. "Aurora is my name and I have the rights to who gets it. Get out Star. Don't come back." Dad said with a cold gleam in his eye. I smiled at him, what else could I do?

I walked out of the door with a smile still on my face. I was at the central square when I realized I didn't have any of my belongings. I'm going into the games anyway, who needs clothes anyway. I saw a few boys looking at me in my sexy dress. I winked at them and two winked back. I turned away to hide my laughter; none of them were one bit attractive.

"Hello! I'm Winnoe Pyrnsmith bringing you to the reaping in District 8! Exciting times today!" Winnoe, our escort, squealed. She reminded me so much like a mouse. "We are going to cut to a commercial break as the citizens of 8 watch a video of Panem's history." A screen seemed to appear behind Winnoe and a voice rung out. "War..." A picture of people fighting appeared. "Death." Dead bodies littered a battlefield. "The Dark Days." A short clip of fighting began. "13 districts rebelled against the Capitol, 12 survived. The Capitol rose in it's glory and created the Hunger Games. All was well for 75 years before a second rebellion began. Many people died but the Capitol prevailed again. Now every year there is a twist in the games..." The voice was of the late President Snow.

"And now we're back!" Winnoe declared. "Ladies are to be drawn first." She marched over to the bowl full of names. "I VOLUNTEER!" I cried out. I walked up to the stage and saw so many girls who looked relieved. I guess I had unwittingly saved a life by volunteering; although I might have doomed mine. "A volunteer! How great!" Winnoe said happily. "What's your name, young lady?" What was my name? I had just been disowned. Do I still have any name to the name Star Aurora. "Star Aurora." Why not. At the very least, I've pissed off my dad as I go towards a possible death.

"Now for our male tribute." Winnoe announced. A peacekeeper walked up to her and said something. "Oops. I forgot our second lady!" She walked back to the bowl and picked out a name. Winnoe's face was very red as she read the name. How terrible her life is now. "Clotho Thraetal." Another very pretty girl with brown hair walked to the stage to stand next to me. She smiled at me so I glared at her. Clotho's expression changed in seconds and she matched my glare with one nearly as harsh.

"Now it's time for the gentlemen." Winnoe said with a little bit of a laugh. I glared at her for interrupting Clotho and I's glare contest. I was about to win was well. Winnoe was staring with a red face at the name. "Favian Thread." Winnoe said. Both Clotho and I gasped, along with most of the crowd. Favian was a blind kid who I believed wouldn't last a second in the games. He carefully made his way to the stage, ignoring someone screaming his name. A girl (probably the one who was screaming) eventually came up to guide him but peacekeepers pushed her away. Favian slowly got onto the steps but fell on his face, causing laughs from many people, including me. He finally made it onto the stage but one of his hands stayed on his eye for a while.

"Now for our final tribute." Winnoe walked from the microphone to the bowl. She looked at the name for a few seconds before calling out. "Connor Smitherson." A young boy, 14, walked towards the stage. An angry look painted his face and as he got to the stage, it changed to indifference. "Congratulates to Star, Clotho, Favian, and Conner!" Winnoe squeaked. "The reaping for District 9 will be broadcasted in 10 minutes! Tune in then!"

Winnoe walked to Clotho and hugged her. She have me a look of disgust and went to hug Favian and Conner. I threw a curious look to Clotho. "She's probably one of those Capitol people who dislike the games. She won't like you as you volunteered." Clotho explained. It made a lot of sense. "Like I care if an old anti-Capitol person likes me or not." I said to her. Clotho rolled her eyes and walked towards the boys and Winnoe. I was determined not to follow her.

A few minutes later, after the four had finished talking, Favian and Winnoe approached me. Winnoe had a hand around Favian's wrist and was guiding him gently. I would hate to be so dependent of other people. If he didn't get good allies quickly, he was dead in seconds. "You're coming with Favian and I." Winnoe snapped before walking off. So neither of us liked the other. I followed them. "Who's Favian? The person without working eyes?" I asked. I heard Favian growl like a wild animal.

Winnoe glared at me and muttered something to Favian. "You can shut up." He told me. Oh haha, so witty. "Did your grandma tell you to say that. Oh sorry, great-grandma." At that, Winnoe's face turned red. Were they related? I thought that Favian had no relatives besides his sister. I decided to shut my mouth after that. What if Favian is a bloodthirsty freak who comes after me in the games with giant allies, like those two boys from 2. I boarded the train and planned to say nothing to Favian and Winnoe the whole way to the Capitol.

District 9-Dipper Pines' Point of view

"Did you hear that? This place has to be haunted!" I said to my sister, Mabel. We had just recently moved in with our great uncle Stan. "Stop being so paranoid." She told me. Mabel thought I was way too paranoid and many people agreed with her, but I definitely was not. "Waddles, come here!" Mabel suddenly called out. Our pet pig Waddles waddled over to Mabel. With a fascination with animals, she would've done well in 10.

"Waddles, guess what! It's reaping day!" Mabel said excitedly. "It's our first time to possibly be in the games!" I looked at her like she was crazy. Yes, we lived in the Capitol two years ago but Mabel still acted like she was in the Capitol. "If I'm reaped, do you think I could bring Waddles as a token?" She asked me. "Of course not." I said exasperated. "He's an animal. That's like bringing a person as a token." Mabel looked down for a moment before lightening up again. "You know, most people don't like being called animals. Most aren't, except you of course."

I sighed and rolled my eyes. Had she said that to Soos or someone else, I probably would have laughed. I decided to leave Mabel with Waddles to think about what her stupid jokes have done. I walked to the store part of our shack/home. Wendy was standing behind the counter. "Hi Wendy." I waved. "Hey." She grunted. I remembered how obsessed I was with her. That was before I got to know Cheyanne. Cheyanne is just perfect. She's beautiful and smart and I get lost just thinking of her.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Wendy asked me. I blushed. "Umm. I don't know?" Wendy laughed and I blushed even more. "Are you nervous for the reaping?" She asked me. "A little." I told her. "Are you?" I hoped she was. Even though I didn't like her anymore, I don't want to seem like a little scared kid to her. "Of course, Dipper. Everyone is. Even the 18 year olds, especially them actually. You get used to it though, kind of."

I let out a breath. Good, I'm not worrying for nothing. "You'll be fine though. 12 year olds are rarely reaped." Wendy said. Now she was trying to reassure me, isn't that great? "I know." I told her. "I'm going to go grab a bite to eat." Wendy nodded and I went to the kitchen. Cereal, produced here in our own District 9. I jumped as a floorboard creaked but it was only Mabel and Waddles. "Are you following me?" I asked suspiciously. Mabel shook her head, confused. "Everyone has to eat." She told me. Oh yeah...

"I hope I don't get reaped." I told Mabel. "You seem excited about the reaping but you know neither of us would stand a chance, right?" I asked her. Mabel thought about this for a minute and opened her mouth to argue. She closed it and ended up nodding. I felt proud for some reason; I rarely won in an argument against her. For a second I wondered what would happen if Cheyanne got reaped. I shook that thought away, no. That wouldn't happen. Don't think bad thoughts Dipper. It won't help your cause.

Stan, our great uncle, walked into the room after a few minutes of silence. He stared at Mabel and I and looked quite confused. "Why are you here?" He asked us. "People need to eat." I answered him. Mabel looked at me, somewhat annoyed that I stole her joke. "I guess so. I just rarely see you eat. I thought you didn't know where the kitchen was." Stan said before turning and walking back the way he came from. I got into some better looking clothes for the reaping and walked back to where Wendy was.

"How long are you working?" I asked. I wasn't sure if working was the best way to describe what she does here though. She sat at the checkout counter. "Until the reaping." I checked the clock behind her. "You might want to check the clock then." She turned around and raced out the door. "See you later!" Wendy called. I laughed quietly and went to get Mabel.

"What is Waddles in?" I asked her. Mabel was in a pink dress and so was Waddles. Mabel beamed at me. "He's bring pink to the reaping!" She told me. She was crazy, absolutely crazy. "We've got to go. The reaping's about to start! We have...5 minutes." Mabel (carrying Waddles) and I raced out of the shack and got to the square with seconds to spare.

"Hello, hello." Our escort said. What was his name again? "I'm Remus Galloway and I'm bringing you to the reaping in District 9." Remus Galloway, the name seemed familiar. Where could I have heard Galloway from? "We are going to watch a video before the tributes are picked." I've heard so many terrible things about the video but I liked it as much as anything. "Now isn't that great?" Remus asked. Many people groaned. I thought it would be bad if I cheered so I stayed silent.

"Who will our first girl be?" Remus asked while walking towards the bowl. His hand dug around. I hope it isn't Cheyanne or Mabel. I thought how terrible it would be for one of them. "Cheyanne Violanta." "NO CHEYANNE!" A voice cried out. Somehow it wasn't me but oh no. I saw her hair bouncing from the area of 12 year old girls. I saw her face and she was acting proud, obviously for the cameras. I was watching her closely though and saw a tear fall. Cheyanne was reaped, now what? I could volunteer. The idea popped into my head and I immediately knew I had to follow it through.

"Now for our second lady." Remus said. I barely payed attention. "Eva Fenrir." A 14 year old I somewhat recognized climbed the stage and stood next to Cheyanne. I thought they exchanged a few words. I wondered what they were talking about. I wished I could be up there with her, next to her. I had to stand on the other side of the stage when I volunteered.

"Our boys now." Remus said. "I VOLUNTEER!" I yelled. Earlier I was saying how bad it was to be in the games, now I volunteer. "Dipper." I heard Mabel faintly cry. I ignored her and continued to walk to the stage. I smiled at Cheyanne who looked confused. She knew of my hatred of the games. 'It was for you.' I mouthed. Her eyes grew and a hand went to her mouth. "What's your name?" Remus asked me. "Dipper Pines." I said proudly.

"How exciting. We need a fourth tribute." Remus walked past me to the bowl and grabbed a name. "Harvest Cropper." He said. Another 14 year old boy walked up to the stage with a blank look on his face. He showed no emotion and I wondered what could be going through his mind right now.

"The tributes of District 9!" Remus said. He turned off the microphone and turned to Harvest and I. He pointed to Harvest. "Stay," and then to me. "Come." He did the same thing to Cheyanne and Eva. Eva was told to stay and Cheyanne to come. Cheyanne and I fell into step behind Remus. "I've got to tell you something. I love you." I told her. "What?" She asked. I realized a train had drowned out my last sentence. I turned red. "I'll tell you later." I murmured.

District 10-Jamieson Erie's Point of view

"Hi mom! Hi dad!" I called as I walked into the kitchen. They were watching the reaping in District 4 while heavily flinching. So many people were volunteering at the moment. I chuckled, I loved to watch the reapings to see everyone's reactions. The only reason I like the hunger games is because of the show everyone puts on. Right now, a boy was talking to the escort saying how his brother should also be picked. Sure enough, he was.

"Hi dad, hi Arianna. Hey Jamieson." My stepsister Irene came in. "What are you guys doing?" She asked. She looked at the television across the room and sighed. "You shouldn't bother watching the reapings; only the games are mandatory." She said while reaching for the remote. I lunged at the remote as well and got it first. "This is the only entertainment we've got." I argued.

"Irene, Jamieson, calm down." Dad ordered. We rarely got on each other's nerves but when we did, watch out. "You shouldn't be arguing today." I immediately felt guilty. If one of us were reaped, this could be our last impression of each other. "Sorry." I said. "Sorry." Irene echoed. Dad nodded, pleased that we were a nice happy family again.

Now the reaping for District 5 had started. A 12 year old was reaped and immediately a pang of pity hit me in the stomach. In the chair next to me, Irene was glaring at the television. It looked like she was staring right into the escort's soul, judging her. I knew how much Irene hated the Capitol for the games. I knew she's thought a lot about trying to start another rebellion.

"Calm down, Irene. She'll be fine." I whispered to her. She turned her glare to me and I met it with a soft look. She stared at me for a little while before the angry feelings melted away. I smiled at her and she smiled a wistful smile back. I was one of the few people who could calm her down when she went crazy. "Why do they have to do this?" She asked me, tears were swimming in her eyes.

"I don't know. I wish they wouldn't but they just do." I said back. Our parents were watching us closely and I put a hand on Irene's shoulder. "Shhh..." I whispered. She closed her eyes and I leaned on her. Irene embraced me and I smiled softly. After a minute, I squirmed out of her grasp. I turned back to watch the reapings.

It was already at District 7, two siblings had been chosen. One was reaped, one volunteered for a younger boy. I don't understand how some families could be so unlucky. Our family, dad, mom, Irene, and I, were very fortunate. We had a nice house and my parents ran a nice farm. Some families didn't have any of that and that is terrible.

"Irene, Jamieson. You should go get ready for the reaping." My mom said. I nodded and walked to my room. I didn't hear Irene behind me so I knew she was showing her rebellious side. I put on some pretty nice clothes and brushed my knotted hair. Perfect. I went back to the kitchen to say goodbye to my mom and dad before going to the reaping.

Irene was there hugging Dad. She looked stunning. She had a bright yellow dress on that I haven't seen before. "Bye mom. Bye dad." I awkwardly said. Mom looked at me like I was crazy and pulled me tight into a hug. "Ow." I said but I squeezed her back. Dad hugged me too, but not nearly as hard. "I'll see you two later, okay?" He asked Irene and I. We nodded. "Don't be nervous." Mom told us. "Of course not." Irene said. She was lucky; she was almost done with the reapings.

After a few more waves and goodbyes, Irene and I left the house. We walked to the square in silence and split up. "See you later?" I asked. She nodded. My finger was pricked and I flinched slightly when I saw the red blood. Our mayor comes on stage and says a few words before introducing Katri Trinket. "Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!" Katri says. She has pink hair and eyes. Katri is Effie Trinket's niece. THE Effie Trinket. The escort to the famous Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. "I believe it's time to watch a video."

After the video, it's time for the real reason we are here. "Ladies first!" Katri says before shuffling to the bowl filled with names. She digs her hand into the bowl and pulls out a slip of paper. Katri walks back to the podium. "Sable Wren." She announces. A 14 year old shakily started to walk to the stage. "I VOLUNTE-" A voice screamed before being cut out. Another 14 year old had tried to volunteer before an 18 year old had stopped her. "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" The 18 year old said, pushing past Sable. Sable ran back and hugged the other 14 year old girl. "Who are you?" Katri asked the older girl. "Belinda Wren." She said. I smiled. She must have volunteered for her sister, how sweet.

"Now for our second female." Katri announced. She went back to the bowl and dug her hand around. She grabbed a slip and went to read it. "Aeralene Ekiert." A very pretty 18 year old girl walked slowly to the stage. She looked out at some other kids, her friends? Aeralene was looking up to the sky, praying maybe.

"Now we need male tributes!" Katri announced. She went to the other bowl and picked out a name on the top. "Jakub Kunnson." A boy a little to my left walked to the stage. I heard many people jeer around me and I felt bad for Jakub. He was gay and had no friends. I've tried to talk to him several times but he always ended up becoming angry at me. All of a sudden I smiled, I was almost 100% safe this year.

"Who will be the last tribute? Let's find out!" Katri walked to the bowl for the last time and pulled out two names. "Oops." I faintly heard her say. She let go of one name and went back to the microphone. Whoever that was just got extremely lucky. Whoever's name just got pulled got extremely unlucky. "Jamieson Erie." I sighed. It looks like I was the person who got extremely unlucky.

"The tributes of District 10! Congratulations!" Katri clapped and a few halfheartedly joined her. Katri walked away from the microphone and went towards Belinda and Aeralene. They spoke to each other a little before Belinda and Katri approached Jakub and I. "Congratulations!" Katri said while Belinda lingered awkwardly behind. She extended her hand towards me and I shook it. Then she and Jakub shook hands. "Jakub, you're coming with us, Belinda and I. Jamieson, can you wait here with Aera?" Katri asked me. I nodded and went to stand with Aera, wondering why I had to be the unlucky one.

District 11-Tim Thorburn's POV

I got out of bed hobbling. I hated my prosthetic leg; it always held me back. I limped to the kitchen to see everyone sitting around the table. By everyone I mean my adoptive parents (Katie and Allen), their son Bryce, and my sister Kim. "Hi!" I said as I walked in. I sat down between Allen and Kim. Everybody smiled warmly at me but Bryce. Bryce just glowered into his food. "Good morning, Bryce." I said. He looked at me for a second before muttering something into his plate. His mother whispered something into his ear.

"Good morning, Tim." Bryce said, his tone flat and his eyes on fire. What did I ever do to him? Apparently, both Kim and I did something awful to him. "How's your leg feeling?" Kim asked me. I shrug, it hurts a lot. "It's good." I tell her. At the same time, Bryce snorts. "I wouldn't call that a leg." I get up and walk out of the room. I can't believe I have to deal with Bryce on top of the rest of this. I hear someone else come into the room.

"You okay, Tim?" Kim asks quietly. Of course I'm not. I shake my head and sigh. "Bryce always has to be here to make me angry, doesn't he?" I asked her. "Yup." Bryce says, coming into the room with a great big smile on his face. A cold smile. "Can you just leave, please?" Kim asked him. Bryce laughed and came a bit closer. "Of course not, sweetie." He said in a mockingly nice tone.

"Did you know I just turned 18? Do you know what that means? It means I'm about to be safe from the reaping, unlike you two." Bryce sneered at us. Kim looked to know where this was going and started pulling at my arm. It was obvious what this meant 'let's go!' I shook my head and turned me gaze back to Bryce. "You two meanwhile, are going to be reaped and killed." A wave of fury flashed through me. I'd never felt so angry. I lashed out at Bryce and my fist hit him in the face.

"You might be older than us but that doesn't mean you can treat us however you like. We have feelings too." I growled. Bryce stared at Kim and I for a minute and I thought he was going to apologize. Then he lunged over and broke my prosthesis. I looked at him in disbelief and Bryce walked out. "It's almost time for the reaping." He called back.

"Oh no!" Kim cried out, finally speaking. "Tim, your leg!" She looked like she wanted to sob. I patted her shoulder. "Shhh. It's fine. I'll be fine." Kim was definitely not fooled; I wouldn't have been either. I went to get up and fell over at once. Kim rushed to help me and we hobbled into the kitchen. "What happened?" Katie asked. She didn't sound as heartless as her son. "Ask him that." Kim pointed to Bryce.

"I didn't mean to!" Bryce said, his head in his hands. He did sound somewhat regretful but not too regretful. "My anger gets away from me. You know that!" Bryce looked up at me with pleading eyes and for a second, I believed him. Then, I thought back to the moment. He came in to taunt us, I said something for once and he snapped my leg.

"Tim, Timmy. I'm sorry?" Bryce told me. It sounded like he asked a question though. I looked at him for a moment before shaking my head. Bryce's gaze immediately became cold. "I didn't want your forgiveness anyway." He said before storming out of the room. Katie ran after him. "We'll get you another one, don't worry. I've got the money." Allen told me. Kim went back to hugging me.

"It's no big deal, Kim. I've just got to deal with one leg for a few days." I patted her head and she nodded along. "I can't believe he did that though!" She exclaimed. "I know none of us ever got along but I thought he was at least a little better than that." Kim shook her head a few times. She still had a worried look on her face but now I just think it's because of Bryce.

"We should get ready for the reaping." I told her. I leaned on Kim as she led me to my room. She brought my clothes that I had laid on my dresser the night before. "I can get dressed myself." I told her. Kim opened her mouth to object but I cut her off. "I'll call for you if I need help or just when I need to walk." She nodded and left the room. I got dressed without too much difficulty.

"Kim? I'm ready!" I shouted. She ran into the room in 4 seconds flat; I was impressed. "Let's go!" She said as we walked out of the house together. Thankfully, we lived within a quarter mile of the square. I only fell twice on the way there. Kim helped me balance as I got my finger pricked and helped me get to the area. "I'll be back right after the reaping, okay? Don't try to go anywhere." Kim told me before hesitantly walking off. I stood and was clutching on to my friend, Lucas. He didn't seem to mind.

"Welcome to District 11's reaping! I guess I have to show you this video!" Our escort Leonis Lascius said. We watched the video (it was boring). "Now it's time for the drawing of the tributes!" Leonis walked to the bowl filled with the girls names. His hand brushed around for a few seconds before pulling a slip of paper out. "Nairsgot Babyoil?" He said questioningly. An 18 year old walked towards the stage looking confused. "Nair." She muttered into the microphone.

Leonis nodded and went back to the bowl. He quickly picked out a slip and walked back to the microphone. "Kim Thorburn." I cried out instinctively. "No!" Kim shook her head at me and walked up to the stage. Not Kim. Anyone but Kim. "I'll go in her place." I whispered. If only I was a girl! Now I have to watch her suffer through this. This is too much.

"Now for our boys." Leonis said. I watched him walk to the bowl. "I VOLUNTEER!" A voice cried out. Several girls gasped and a 15 year old walked to the stage, waving at some girls. It was Wesly Coulderoy. Pretty much every girl I knew was obsessed with him. I rolled my eyes; he wasn't too special. Not to mention he was somewhat stuck up. "What's your name?" Leonis asked smoothly. "Wesly Coulderoy." Wesly went to stand next to Leonis and he winked at Nair and Kim, AT MY SISTER!

"And now our last tribute!" Leonis went to the bowl of boys names. I watched him pick one and go back to the microphone. "Bryce Kronin." I watched Bryce shakily make his way up to the stage. He looked terrified. I wanted to think how he deserved it but all I felt was pity. I turned and saw Katie and Allen looking on in despair. "The tributes of Distri-" I cut Leonis off. "I VOLUNTEER!" I hopped up to the stage, not falling once. I passed Bryce on the way and he looked very grateful. I grabbed Wesly to stop from falling over.

"Who are you?" Leonis asked me. "Tim Thorburn." I told him. His eyes cut to Kim and back again and I nodded. "The tributes of District 11!" Leonis announced. He said a few more words but I didn't pay attention. Soon he approached Wesly and I. I was still clinging to Wesly. "Tim, you go wait with your sister, okay?" He asked me, it was more of an order. I nodded and hopped to Kim. When I was in reach, she grabbed me and hugged me tight. "We will be fine. One of us will win." She whispered.

District 12-Aurora Avrett's POV

"Wake up!" My instincts cried out. My eyes flew open and I was instantly confused. I was lying in grass, surrounded by a forest. Where was I? Then it hit me. I was where I've been for the last two years, on the run. I heard a stick crack and I leapt to my feet. I grabbed my bow from the ground and notched an arrow. I aimed towards where I heard the crack. Suddenly, I heard the crunch of leaves behind me. I spun and fired while notching a second arrow. I heard a grunt of pain; I must have hit my target.

I slowly spun in a circle and I heard tiny movements. I heard someone cry out to my right. "Help!" A few pairs of feet made their way over to where one of my traps was activated. I took a step to my left. The trees were the densest there which would play to my advantage or my disadvantage. I took another step and then broke into a full out sprint. I heard a few bullets behind me but didn't dare pause.

Suddenly, I saw a flash of white and a hand grabbed me. I dropped my bow and grabbed my revolver and fired. The grip loosened before the hand dropped altogether. I didn't have time to grab the bow as there were still gunfires behind me. I shot a few bullets back and heard at least two peacekeepers go down. I grinned, these weren't nearly as good as the peacekeepers usually sent after me.

Suddenly, I saw houses. They drove me toward a district! It appeared to be District 5; now what? I paused to think before taking off towards the peacekeepers, thinking I'd catch them off guard. I didn't. My hands were quickly restrained and my revolver and dagger taken. I thrashed around and bit one of them. No way I was going down easy, if I go down at all. "Stop it Aurora. Or should I call you Lindsee, or Maysilee? I could go on and on with all of your aliases." One of the peacekeepers said. "Keep her moving."

I felt a gun poking into my back and there were several others trained on me as well. I was stuck. There's no way I could get out of this situation. What would Katniss do if she was like this? She wouldn't have been as cocky and stupid as I was; she wouldn't be stuck like this. I sighed and walked along with the peacekeeper escort. They seemed to want me alive, I suppose that's a good thing. The longer I'm alive and thinking, the better chance I have of escaping.

"Look over there!" I screamed. Only one peacekeeper turned his head and then shook it. "Nice try." I sighed heavily. This wasn't working. "Where are we going?" I asked, actually curious. We were walking on the outskirts of District 5 still, walking in circles. "We have to get to the town hall so we can get you into a hovercraft. You're going back to 12." A peacekeeper behind me told me. The gun was still digging into my back; it hurt.

"Why don't we go right now?" I asked. One peacekeeper stared at me like I was crazy. I turned around and quickly counted how many there were; 15. "It's reaping day. You of all people should know that." Someone said. I glared in the general direction of the voice. "The reaping will be over in 5 minutes." Someone reported. "We can start walking then." A voice replied. Sure enough, in five minutes, people started to flood the streets. Many were staring at me, surrounded by peacekeepers. I put on my most defiant and proud look.

We were at the town hall fairly soon. "You three, escort those two to the train." A voice ordered. Three peacekeepers walked away and for a moment, the gun was off my back. I hit the peacekeeper next to me with all of my force and he fell. I heard a gunshot and I walked a few steps before collapsing.

I woke up to see a peacekeeper looming over me. I flinched away. "I'm assuming you'd like to not be executed." He said. I nodded and rolled my eyes, obviously. "Then I have deal for you. Volunteer for the Hunger Games and if you manage to survive, we won't kill you. If you don't volunteer, public execution in 3 days." The peacekeeper checked his watch. "The reaping starts soon. You're going no matter what but you'd better make up your mind."

I pursed my lips and nodded. There wasn't much of a choice. I had to volunteer to go into what I've been rebelling against for years. "Am I just going in these rags?" I asked the peacekeeper. He nodded with a smirk on his face. My pants had numerous holes in them and there was a gaping hole in the back of my shirt. "Yay." I muttered. "Wasn't I shot yesterday?" I asked suddenly. The peacekeeper laughed. "It was a tranquilizer." Of course. The peacekeeper escorted me to the reaping and reluctantly left me in the area for 18 year old girls. Several people recognized me, in 12 I was a hero.

"Hello!" I perky lady walked onto the stage. She must be our escort, she's different from the one two years ago. "Welcome to the reaping for the 120th annual HUNGER GAMES!" She roared. "I'm the new escort for District 12, Aleena Guleni. I believe it's time for all of you to watch a video. Meanwhile in the Capitol, there's going to be a commercial break. We will find out our tributes after this!" As we watch the video, fury courses through me. They talked about Katniss as if she was a stupid squished bug.

Aleena starts talking immediately after. "Our first tribute!" I took a deep breath. Should I volunteer or die? There's a very high chance of death either way. "I VOLUNTEER!" My voice rang out. I walked to the stage confidently. I'm not going to die in these games. There is no way in hell I'm going to die. I heard many people gasp as they saw my face on the stage. "What's your name?" Aleena asked me. What name should I go under? "Aurora Avrett...and if we burn, you burn with us!" I announced. The crowd cheered but they were soon silenced as I was dragged into the Justice Building by peacekeepers.

"You're lucky I don't put a bullet into your head right now." The head peacekeeper of 12 told me. I stared at him until he continued. "One more thing like that and you'll be the first one dead in the games." He shoved me back outside and onto the stage where the crowd started cheering again. A girl was climbing the stage and stood next to me with an admiring look in her eye. "I'm Guinevere." She told me. "I've heard most of your speeches and you've inspired so many people." She smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back. I loved that I have inspired people. Maybe even after I'm gone there could be another rebellion.

"Now for our male tributes." Aleena announced. She went to the bowl and everything was silent. "I VOLUNTEER!" A voice broke the silence. I saw someone walking up to the stage with an insane glint in his eyes. I immediately detested him. Anyone who supports the games enough to volunteer is an enemy. Would me make me an enemy? My situation is different, I told myself. "I'm Mister Mack." He said. What kind of name was that? I stopped myself from saying that out loud. A few other people were thinking along the same lines as me.

"Okay. Now for the last tribute for District 12!" Aleena announced cheerfully. Who else is being sent to their death? Aleena picked a name and walked to the microphone. "Romeo Knightmare." It was a 12 year old. Being reaped when you're 12 has to be the worst thing ever. A 12 year old from District 12 has almost no chance at all. Romeo walked to the stage and for some reason didn't look too scared. That impressed a lot more than I thought it would. "The tributes from District 12!" Aleena said clapping. "Now that all of the tributes have been chosen, the games of 24 will start shortly! Tune in!"

Aleena signed off and approached Guinevere and I. I glared at her and Guinevere looked curious. "Aurora, you're coming with me. Guinevere, you have to wait here for a peacekeeper escort." I followed Aleena hesitantly and she crossed the stage, telling Mister Mack to follow and Romeo to wait. Mister grinned at me and I just ignored him. Romeo looked more nervous now. Suddenly, a 13 year old burst onto the stage and hugged me. I hugged her back and she pressed something into my hand. I looked down and I saw a golden mockingjay pin. I stared at the girl in awe. "Thank you." I whispered. "You'll win. Just like Katniss." She whispered back before running off the stage. I followed Aleena and Mister towards the train station without trying to run off (there were peacekeepers watching).

Hunger Games of 24

Important note:

There wasn't anytime to form alliances so if someone from your alliance killed you, they weren't in your alliance yet, Also, this whole section is pretty much just a bloodbath.

David Viavotoni's POV
It was dark. I couldn't see my hand in front of me, even while I was waving it in front of my face. Why did I have to be reaped second? I bitterly thought. I would be safe, at least for now. Instead, I'm slowly rising to my death. I heard a faint whooshing as the metal plate beneath me continues to rise. I must've been in here for at least 30 seconds; what's taking so long. As if to answer my thoughts, light suddenly burst onto everything. I squinted and took in the arena.
It wasn't a regular arena. There was no cornucopia. Instead, items were littered on little pedestals everywhere. Just to my right was a sword, I've never used one before but this is life and death. I'd figure out how to use the sword. A huge guy, probably 18 years old, was also eyeing the sword. Just my luck, I was placed next to a career who's going to have a weapon in seconds. The arena itself was just one large, half lit room. I could feel the bloodbath waiting to happen.
23 other tributes were bracing themselves, ready to leap to weapons. There weren't any other supplies, just weapons. Why would you need supplies when 12 people will be dead within the half hour. "16...15...14..." A voice was counting down. I just noticed it. I glanced back at the career and he glared at me. The glare quickly turned into a cocky grin. He knew he was going to kill me in 8 seconds. Should I just give into my fate? "4...3...2..."
Kim Thorburn's POV:
"3...2...1..." The voice counted down so slowly. I'm surprised those 60 second weren't 60 minutes. I lunged to my right and grabbed a sickle. I sprinted towards Tim, who was 5 platforms away. He had gotten a knife and had been trying to slice at anyone who came near. I jumped over a dead body to get to him. "Did you do this?" I asked him in awe. He nodded but looked devastated. "Grab my shoulder. I'll protect you." I couldn't help but keep looking at the body.
The boys hair was dirty blond and he had a frightened look on his face. A sword was lying next to him, a bloody sword. I looked at Tim and noticed that he was bleeding. I gasped and pointed to his side. He waved me off. "I'll be fine. We should try to go to that wall over there." He pointed. It was a good idea. We'd have a better view of the fight.
As I guided Tim towards the wall, an arrow hit him in his leg. He collapsed immediately. "Leave me, run!" He gasped. I shook my head, there was no where to run to anyway. I saw a brown haired girl shooting a bow with extreme concentration. She fired another arrow, this time at me. I jumped away from Tim to avoid it and she quickly fired again at Tim. The arrow hit his neck and he started bleeding heavily and thrashing for a moment before stopping.
"NO!" I screamed before taking off after the girl.
Thomas Quice's POV:
I grabbed my trident from the body of the person I'd just killed. I wiped some of the blood onto the ground. I didn't like my weapons to have blood on them. I sighted my next target, a girl standing in a corner with a curved sword. I paused my walk to her to watch a cat fight. The girl from my district, Sharlet, was being chased by another girl. The other girl was brandishing a sickle and screaming something. Probably 'I'LL KILL YOU!'
I continued to walk towards the girl in the corner. I couldn't believe she didn't see me coming. I was practically on top of her when fright clouded her eyes. "Come one step closer and I'll kill you." She warned. I rolled my eyes and nodded. I wouldn't come any closer. I hurled my trident at her and she walked towards me.
I laughed at the easy kill and didn't notice that she had come at me with her remaining strength. She stabbed at my throat and pain coursed through me. I watched her collapse and smiled. She was dead. I turned and walked a few steps before spots danced in my eyes. My neck is really warm, I thought. I touched it gingerly and flinched when I saw my hand coated with blood. More black spots were in my eyes and I couldn't help but fall over. Then I curled up and let out a screech of pain as the world went completely black. "Wes." I weakly called as I remembered my brother. Too bad I wouldn't see him again.
Audrey Lancaster's POV:
I stood back and watched as a girl chased a career around with a sickle. The career was aimlessly firing towards the girl and wasn't even close to hitting her. I thought about stepping in to help but couldn't decide who to help, the coward career or the reckless non-career. "COME BACK AND FIGHT ME, YOU COWARD!" The girl screamed. The career finally turned, time for some excitement.
I looked over my shoulder real quick to see one skirmish in the corner but nearly everyone else was watching this go down. Hopefully no one else wanted to kill me while I was watching this. The career shot a few arrows and only two hit the girl. One hit her arm and one in the leg. The girl wouldn't stop coming and the career eventually realized that. She turned to run but it was too late.
The girl brought the sickle down swiftly onto the career's neck and she dropped at once. At the same time, a bloodcurdling scream pierced the air. I turned to see two bodies on the ground in the corner, they managed to kill each other. "STOP! STOP THE FIGHTING!" A voice echoed through the room. I froze and saw my district partner drop his sword. He was about to kill a boy who had a snapped spear next to him. I found the origin of the voice, speakers in every corner. "This is Octavian Flickerman. 12 people have died and 12 of you remain. The 12 that remain are now being taking to the training building, where you will be staying. Congratulations for staying alive."
The voice cut out and several hovercrafts flew into the room. I just realized that there was no roof to this place. A claw came out of the hovercraft above me and I fought down panic. They wouldn't kill me after this. They wouldn't dare. I was lifted slowly into the hovercraft and we rescued two others, Rift and the boy Rift was about to kill. The hovercraft went back through the roof and we flew to the Capitol.

Place Name District Cause of death
24 David Viavotoni 7 Stabbed (Rift Stonefield)
23 Connor Smitherson 8 Trident in chest (Thomas Quince)
22 Jamieson Erie 10 Stabbed (Aera Ekiert)
21 Jacob Naobel 5 Stabbed (Rift Stonefield)
20 Tim Thorburn 11 Shot with an arrow (Sharlet Free)
19 Natalie Tecknus 3 Slit throat (Brann Clatch)
18 Maco Jerzy 6 Shot with arrow (Guinevere Bordeaux)
17 Romeo Knightmare 12 Knife in heart (Kayla Heremiah)
16 Jonah Dare 1 Poison dart (Clotho Thraetal)
15 Sharlet Free 4 Throat slit (Kim Thorburn)
14 Eva Fenrir 9 Trident to chest (Thomas Quince)
13 Thomas Quince 4

Stabbed then bled to death (Eva Fenrir)

Training Scores and Odds

District Name Score Odds
1 Fleur Lazulia 9 10-1
1 Alexandrite Bohamia 7 18-1
1 Lucretius Ashbourne 10 7-1
2 Audrey Lancaster 7 17-1
2 Artemis Moonsliver 8 14-1
2 Rift Stonefield 11 4-1
2 Prewitt Drinore 11 4-1
3 Audrey Wright 4 35-1
3 Tommy Harns 6 25-1
3 Volts O'Lot 7 20-1
4 Patty Seafrin 10 7-1
4 Wes Quince 8 14-1
5 Kayla Heremiah 7 22-1
5 Sparks Edison 6 27-1
5 Lysander D'arcangelo 9 11-1
6 Veronica Morderkaiser 12 3-1
6 Brann Clatch 7 20-1
6 Harvey Free 5 30-1
7 Joelenne Aspynn 6 25-1
7 Alona Lorelle 6 27-1
7 Aspen Lorelle 8 16-1
8 Star Aurora 10 8-1
8 Clotho Thraetal 8 16-1
8 Favian Thread 5 45-1
9 Cheyanne Violanta 6 28-1
9 Dipper Pines 4 34-1
9 Harvest Cropper 6 26-1
10 Aera Ekiert 8 15-1
10 Belinda Wren 7 19-1
10 Jakub Kunnson 6 25-1
11 Nair Babyoil 7 19-1
11 Kim Thorburn 7 20-1
11 Wesly Coulderoy 6 25-1
12 Guinevere Bordeaux 7 20-1
12 Aurora Avrett 10 8-1
12 Mister Mack 1 100-1

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