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  • FlyingKnives

    225th Hunger Games

    October 22, 2012 by FlyingKnives

    Hi everybody! These are my first games and I'm very excited to make them! I am really anxious to start them so please participate.

    Since these are my first games i really am going to try to make them "Deep". This means i will do reapings, training scores, chariot rides and all that yada yada.

    Please keep in mind these are my first games and they might not be good compared to other people's games but i will try my best to make them exciting.

    == The Introduction == After President Snow was executed Panem turned peaceful quickly. The 76th Hunger Games were held and were a great success as President Snow's granddaughter was reaped. Unfortunately Victoria Rose Snow won. People were very cautious to make sure the country was in peace. It worked for…

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