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  • My occupation is Student, Wiki Editor, Founder
  • I am Male
  • FortressSwan

    Hello, I'm FortressSwan! I'm fairly new to this Wiki, however, after taking a look at a few blogs from old/new users, I simply decided to create my very own "Hunger Games" (*Effie Accent*). This is a Quarter Quell! 

    -Effie Trinket steps up to the stage in District 12's town square. She opens up her mouth and begins the reapings.-

    "To remind the Districts that they are basically weak, powerless and defeated rats when compared to the Capitol, the Quell will not only incorperate the selected tributes, but also four of their family members. The tributes must choose whom they will be taking with them. There can only be One Victor; this victor will be crowned, enriched and looked up to for their brilliant achievements in the arena. Best of luck to …

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