Hello, I'm FortressSwan! I'm fairly new to this Wiki, however, after taking a look at a few blogs from old/new users, I simply decided to create my very own "Hunger Games" (*Effie Accent*). This is a Quarter Quell! 

Quarter Quell's Twist 

-Effie Trinket steps up to the stage in District 12's town square. She opens up her mouth and begins the reapings.-

"To remind the Districts that they are basically weak, powerless and defeated rats when compared to the Capitol, the Quell will not only incorperate the selected tributes, but also four of their family members. The tributes must choose whom they will be taking with them. There can only be One Victor; this victor will be crowned, enriched and looked up to for their brilliant achievements in the arena. Best of luck to all! Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor....!" 

-Effie Trinket and the other "reapers" that correspond to their designated District reach into the two glass bowls beside them; they choose:


District 1 (User:ClovelyMarvelous)


Female: Amethyst Styles

District 2 (User:ViniciusDeAssis1999)

Male: Herman Mostrate

Female: Herleva Diester

District 3



District 4 (User:EHKnight)



District 5



District 6



District 7 (User:Mystimolia)



District 8



District 9



District 10



District 11



District 12



Application Process

Submit your characters with the following:

1) Picture

2) Name

3) Strengths

4) Weaknesses

5) District

6) Age

7) Personality

8) Appearance

9) Short History Bio

10) Token

Every user must submit two characters from the same District (male/female). Each user can only apply for one District.


As usual, the Cornucopia is stationed at the very center of the Arena. The arena is composed of a waste land, a volcanic area and a desert. You'd be lucky if you found a "green spot"; an area with trees, water and fertile soil.

Volcanic area

Volcanic portion of the Arena.

Within the confines of the volcanic portion of the Arena are vicious dinosaur mutts. They devour flesh, have incredible strength, speed, agility and technologically enhanced eyes for aiming. Within them are stocks of explosive missiles; get hit by one of those and you're basically dead. Luckily for you, the Capitol has mercy! There are hot springs in the area... with sweet water! Careful, though. Some might be poisoned, others might be infested by piranha mutts. These special critters can grow legs and breath in / out of water. They can run and swim at rather high speeds. Their bitting capabilities are greatly enhanced. Their saliva contains a special sedative that leaves pain receptors active, meaning that if you're unfortunate enough to get bitten, the pain won't go away. DISCLAIMER - BEWARE OF THE DAILY ERUPTIONS/RANDOM MAGMA HOLES.

Radioactive wasteland

Radioactive portion of the Arena.

As for the wasteland, it's all radioactive and poisoned. There are no green areas or fresh water springs in this part of the arena. There is no food, and this wasteland is miles long. Hopefully you don't starve to death or die of thirst before getting out of it... Unfortunately, this portion of the arena is full of radioactive ponds. Fall into one and not only will you drown, but your body will deteriorate and fall apart within this waste. It only takes seconds for this to happen. The process is highly painful. This radioactive plane is full of bird mutts. These are neon green in color and are immune to the radioactive properties of the terrain. Their beaks are full of poison; this poison has enough potential to effortlessly bring an elephant down. Oops! They also bite! Luckily for you, however, the Capitol has shown yet another act of mercy! The bird mutts are edible. They taste really, really good. The chemicals within the mutt's meat can keep someone healthy, full and satisfied for 3 days! A lot of exposure to the radioactive air can cause brain damage and cancer!

Desert area

The Desert portion of the Arena.

The desert is full of green-spots, however, they are scattered and are really hard to find. This portion of the arena is very, very dry. There is only one spring in this part of the arena. Well, I guess the tributes will have to learn how to share. The desert's climate/terrain isn't what is worth worrying for. Beware of the kangaroo, snake, vulture, jackal, mole and wolf mutts! The kangaroo mutts have enhanced leg strength, and can jump very high. They are highly vicious and can easily tear away at the flesh. The snakes contain an extremely deadly poison; it exposes acidic toxins into the bloodstream, causing a painful burn throughout the entire body. This eventually exits the body through sweat and tears, thus, eroding at the skin. This really burns... The vultures eat at living and dead flesh. Their feathers are genetically mixed with explosives that react to the air after a certain amount of time; 1 minute. The resulting explosion has more power than a hand grenade. The jackals that are scattered around the arena are infested with rabies, aids, flu and fever germs. Each jackal has their own disease. The jackals have enhanced leg & jaw strength for faster running and bitting. The mole mutts are the scariest; no one knows when they will attack. They can effortlessly drag a tribute into the sand and eat away at their flesh. Their eyes are technologically enhanced to see through solid objects. This is made for tracking. Their muscles are also altered for better strength.

Boss Mutt

Sadly, we've incorporated a boss mutt. It's a genetically enhanced human; her body has been turned into that of a robot. Her body holds: missiles, swords, needles and daggers. She can shoot lasers from her eyes. Unfortunately, 3 random tributes will be forced to face this boss.


1. Cancer Ointment - 50 Capitol Credits

2. Cough, Cold and Fever Medicine - 30 Capitol Credits

3. Aids Vaccination - 85 Capitol Credits

4. Rabie + Flu Mist - 70 Capitol Credits

5. Antidote - 60 Capitol Credits

6. Water - 100 Capitol Credits

7. Skin Burn/Rash Ointment - 90 Capitol Credits

8. First Aid Kit (iodine, bandages, cough syrup, rubbing alcohol, matches, needle & thread, skin ointment) - 250 Captiol Credits

9. Gas Mask - 150 Captiol Credits

10. Breakfast (scrambled eggs with cheese, cheese bread, small butter container and water) - 300 Capitol Credits

11. Lunch (nicely crafted sandwich containing roast beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and fluffy wheat bread. Juice, a water bottle and a boiled egg) - 300 Capitol Credits

12. Dinner (steak strips, rice, small salad, juice, water and salad dressing) - 300 Capitol Credits

13. Sword - 100 Capitol Credits

14. Daggers - 120 Capitol Credits

15. Dual Swords - 200 Capitol Credits

16. Set of throwing knives - 130 Capitol Credits

17. Spears - 150 Capitol Credits

18. Bow & Arrows - 350 Capitol Credits

19. Claws - 200 Capitol Credits

20. Weapon Poison - 90 Capitol Credits

21. Knuckle Spikes - 150 Capitol Credits

22. Maul - 170 Capitol Credits

23. Metal Tipped Whip - 200 Capitol Credits

24. Flail - 150 Capitol Credits

25. Mace - 100 Capitol Credits

26. Club - 95 Capitol Credits

Chariot Rides

Pre-Game Interviews

Games =

Final - 8 Interviews

Victor's Ceremony

Victor's Interviews

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