Tribute Name Age Strength Weakness Appeance Allies Token Weapon
D1M Ryan Waters 17 Climbing, speed, strength Swimming Light blonde hair, light blue eyes, pale skin, freckles Other careers A sliver chain around his neck Sword and throwing knives
D2M Emmet Wood 18 Speed, strength, hand to hand combat Climbing Dark hair, dark blue eyes, pale skin, 6"4 Other careers Black leather wristband Sword and spear
D3F Newle Harper 12 Good hider, moves silently, smart Dosen't want to kill, not fast Red hair, eyes that are never quite the same color None, has a temper others cant stand and is better of alone Tiny bit of wire that she stole from a factory back home Knives, wit, wire, mines, electricity
D4M Sandy Shipwreck 14 Swimming, fighting, good at charming people Sharks (they ate his parents) Sandy colored hair, fairly big build, bright blue eyes, strong None None Trindent, knices, spear
D4F Ruby Wolf 17 Hand to hand combat, survival skills, not afraid to kill, plant i.d. Gets mad easily Blonde hair, green eyes, average weight, very pretty None Ruby ring Throwing knives, throwing axe, trident, swords
D5F Cassia Slyara 15 Fast, quiet, aglle, small Small, bony, insomniac Blonde curly hair, pale skin, sharp chin, grey eyes, small None None Stealth, bow and arrow
D7F Pine Cherry 18 Great aim, great climber Can't swim None None None Bow and throwing knives
D8M Kale Kapise None Medicine, sewing Swimming climbing Black eyes, brown eyes, strong None None Wooden club
D9M Dustin Light 17 Running, swimming, hand to hand combat, plant i.d. Ability to trust None None Rope necklace his mom gave him Swords, trident, throwing knives, bow and arrow, sling shot
D10M Video Hawthorne 14 Fighting None None None None Throwing knives
D12F Fire Nickson 18 Accuracy and power in his arms Not fast None None None Whip and lasso

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