This is my first Hunger Games. So if somthing dosnt happen correctly then I apologize ahead of time. But, I will try my best to stay on top of things. Three tributes each. You can ally with up to 2 people but you must ask and be approved before hand. I am going to go from distict 1 to district 12. And may the odds be ever in your favor!Edit

Tribute Name Age Weakness Apperence Weapons Allies
D2M Guy Kirk 16 Mud, rocks Tall, brown hair, green/hazel eyes, tan skin Torch, sword, bow None
D4M Thomas Quince 15 Too kind and nice Short black hair, short, brown eyes Trident, net, spear None
D5F Felicity June 17 Not very agile Brown hair, brown eyes Knife None
D6M Brann Clatch 16 Bad at swimming Brown hair, brown eyes, strong, tall Sword None
D7M Court Morgan 17 Afraid of heights, does not kill weaker tributes Afriacn american, black hair, very attractive and handsome Sword, traps None
D9M Kevin Quince 12 Afraid of losing his brother Black hair, blue eyes Trident, net Ivory Rainer
D12F Nutmeg Spice 16 Won't kill younger tributes, is afraid becoming allies and then then get back stabbed Normal height for her age, hazel eyes, freckles, curly carmel colored hair Trident, sword, bombs None

Day one: Thomas Quince (D4M): The numbers slowly getting lower. My heart fastly beating beyond containment. My

palms start to sweat and I suddenly get blasted back to reality and am face to face with what is happening.

I see MY spear and I'm ready to go. all sound around me fades. I grab my spear but don't

have enough time to grab anymore before (D1F) Froot Loop throws a knife at me and misses. I throw

I throw my spear at her heart, and I hit her! But, I start to feel as if I'm losing surculation in my right

leg and I look down to find a knife in me.We both fall to the ground and begin to bleed. Last thing I remember

is being dragged into a meadow by my partner (D4F) Hannah McCarter.

Froot Loop (D1F): and I run. Only one person passes my path. I'm a career and cannot lose to

someone as worthless as (D4M) Thomas Quince. I grabbed a backpack and several throwing

knives and also other weapons. I throw a knife at Thomas but I miss. He throws his spear at my chest

and I fall to the ground but as soon as I do my knife back glides past my finger tips and into his leg.

Now lying here as a career and seeing people such as (D12M) Charlie Fear pass me makes me feel

like I WANT to die, but I don't have a choice anymore. My eyes close and never return open again and

I'm in a forever endless sleep.

(D4F) Hannah McCarter: I look around the arena and find that we are on a beach. I grab a backpack

but I was to afriad to stick around long enough to grab an axe so I run. No. Not run. I DART to a

part of the beach where there is a meadow of catails not looking back, when I stumble on my fellow

teamate from my district Thomas Quince. He's hurt. After being "reaped" together, training and

practically living together for a short period of time with him I could not leave him behind. I dra

him into the meadow and I find a nice little nook where we will stay and I will try to figure out

how to help him and his injury. I sit there, Thomas is alive but appears to be unconsious

or something. I look at the sky, praying for someone to send him some medicine. I see the names

of the tributes that have died in the bloodbath. Anna Roke (D3F), Selma Michigan (D5M), Mazie Price (D6F),

Sam Mellark (D7F), Linda Woo (D8F), City Woo (D8M), Lillianna Pamline (D9F), Kyler Homes (D10M),

Ivory Rainer (D11F).

End of day one.

Day two: Selma Michigan (D5M):

Wow! I am SO suprised I made it out of the bloddbath! I went into the games knowing that I would

just give up at the blood bath but, when I went off my pedestal and got my throwing knives no one

bothered me! So I decided to give this game a try. I ran into a part of the meadow and got a little

scratch from a spikey plant but didn't think anything of it. I feel so happy like I could actully win this thing!

Bring it on games!!!!

Nutmeg Spice (D12F)

I got my trident but couldn't find any bombs so I just grabbed a backpack. But, while I was grabbing the

backpack, my district partner Charlie Fear (D12M) aslo grabbed for it. At first I thought he would ask me

to become allies with him, but the look in his eyes showed such fear that I know he would kill me get that

backpack. I saw him reaching for a throwing knife and I took out my trident and right before I through it he

started to cry. Ok, I feel really bad now. We have been together through this whole journey and now we are

trying to kill each other. I realize what I'm about to do is wrong. I started to put down my trident and the

right as I do he notices me doing it and realizes I have fallen into his trap. He puts this HUGE grin on his

face and throws a knife at my head. I duck and fling my spear into his eye. EWW!! Out of all places my

bad aim throws there. I rip my trident out of his eye and run into a meadow.

Hannah McCarter (D4F)

YES!! Its a beach!!! Me being from D4, I have a very large advantage!!! I am running towards the cornacopiaand smash!

I actully run into somone's trident!! I can't beleive this!!! He didn't even move and he killed me,It was Banack Crane. I fall to the ground and die. The fallen of day two are Charlie Fear

and I.

Day 3

Nial Maney (D11F) and I (Zanna FInalnd (D10F)) have been trying to stay alive. It's a struggle.

But I'll tell you, it's a little easier than I imagined. Well, for now. My partern and I haven't come across one single person!

The blood bath was more of a "get-and-run" then a blood bath. Now we are on our own. It's been easy, but like I said,

even without constint threats, it's a struggle to surive. Little food and water. I couldn't imagine what wound happen

if we were bothered by someone. Well, I shouldn't have asked........Brann Clatch (D6M) ran into us while we were

traveling through the meadow along the ocean. In this situation, I'm forced to take lead. Nial isn't strong nor fast.

Plus I'm older than him. His only weapons are traps and a knife, which neither will help in this situation. Mostly because Brann Clatch is so tall

and strong, I'm sure that if he was stabbed with a knife, it would feel like a tooth pick. With not enough time to think

or light my explosives, I take out my blow gun and hold it to his head. Well.....I tried, but could only reach his

shoulders. He takes my arm and twists it behind my back. Turns out we are high than I though, there seems

to be some sort of cliff with water below. He sticks my head in through the cattails to allow me to see

where we really were, then he twists my body backward. He has me now dangling over the clif of water backwards.

And what is my number one fear. Water. And this clif in SO high! No matter how he pushes me down. I die.

He ties a rope around Nial and I mines wrist, then ties them together so we are back to back tied. He pushes us

off the clif. Boom.

Nutmeg Spice (D12F)

So, I know that I HAVE to kill someone eventually. But.....I can't!! It's to hard......what can I do?

My mentor sent me this package of supplies. YES! I rip open the silver package of seaweed chips

and begin eating them. It tastes so good! It's salty and appetizing. But, there is this one last

chip in the bag that has a darker tone color to it. I decide to eat it anyway. It's better than nothing.

But I'm a bit confused on why my mentor sent my this. He told me before the games started

that I had to kind of heart to win this. He said exactly "My money would never be placed on such

a softie like yourself. You'll never win this so don't even try. You won't get a single package of

anyting from me!" What a change of heart! I guess he was wrong about me and realized it. Either that or

he realized that my partner from D12 died his ONLY bet. I suddenly start to feel something

come over me. I turn around the package of seedweed chips and read the small print. Nothing out of the norm...

Wait! I check to see if there was a note on the blue container the package was delivered in. It read "Don't waste

my money N. Don't wanna be a softie? Eat the dark chip." He rigged one of the chips to make me toughen up.

I guess it's not technically cheating since I'm still me. I just have the guts to kill now. Froot Loop (D1F), a career,

crosses my path. I know its to get my package. She think she's all rough and tough? COME AT ME BRO!

She tries to strike me with a throwing knife. "Not today!" I scream. I take my three pointed trident and stab it

in her face, so two points stabs both her eyes and the third goes right through her skull. She instantly falls to the ground

bleeding and dead. I continue stabbing her all over the rest of her body.....over and over and over and over again.

I drop my trident and fall into and instant sleep. Almost like I'm poisened.

Bannack Crane (D1M)

So I think I've got this whole arena thing figured out, even without a GPS. It's basically one big

island. But the island is also one big clif, and parts of the island flows into the ocean, making the 

ocean and this clif of an island connected....not only by waterfall, but by land connection. How is 

this possible you ask? Well the whole island is on a tilt. The clif is not only a clif, but a waterfall. 

So at one end of the island its a high point that is a clif with a waterfall traveling down it into the

ocean. Then there is a low point of the island which is where we started. I have an extreme advantage

on everyone else. I'm smart. I strategize. I'm caught. I've circled this whole island and never got caught.

Now that I figured out everything, I get caught. I'm now face to face Grose Elland (D2F), Guy Kirk (D2M),

Cale Silverado (D3M). All three of the last standing careers, besides myself. I can take em.

I am, after all, a career also. I take out my spear and try to slice Grose in the groin. I miss and she

strikes at me. Before I can even blink Guy Kirk takes out his bow and peirces Grose. She 

falls to the ground and begins to die. Cale takes out his knife and only slightly cuts Guy in the wrist.

Guy takes his sword from behind his back and slices Cale in the stomach. He falls to the ground already

dead. I stand there, stunned, confused, uncapable of moving. I think to grab my spear but then decide

not to because maybe he wants to be allies. How wrong I was. I guess he just wanted to get close to all

the fellow careers so he could take out his biggest targets. He's done it. He takes a torch and lights it with

matches. Still uncapable to move, I stand there, pressed up a against a tree like a log. He touches the tip

of his torch to the tip of his bow. He aims and fires. Right through my ribs. It peirces the tree behind me and

I try to colapse to the ground but the arrow through me still attached to the tree keeps me standing. I will have

a much slower and painful death if I stay standing. The fire will spread to the tree and the tree will burn. 

Not only will I have an arrow in me, but then I'll have to stand there and burn to my death. I try so hard and walk straight

forward to get out of the arrow. I feel the hard metal feathers go through my body also. I lay there dying. The last thing I see is

Guy walking away. I'm sure, happy as can be.