aka Fox

  • I live in District 3
  • I am Male
  • Foxface3

    24. District 9 male

    23. District 3 female

    22. District 5 male

    21. District 4 female

    20. District 6 female

    19. District 9 female

    18. District 6 male

    17. District 7 male

    16. District 8 male

    15. District 7 female

    14. District 4 male

    13. District 10 female

    12. District 8 female

    11. Glimmer

    10. District 10 male

    9. District 3 male

    8. Marvel

    7. Rue

    6. Clove

    5. Foxface

    4. Thresh

    3. Cato

    1. Katniss & Peeta

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  • Foxface3

    Personal Games

    May 19, 2012 by Foxface3

    These games are for fun. There are 18 tributes.

    Tribute District
    Glimmer 1
    Gloss 1
    Brutus 2
    Clove 2
    Enobaria 2
    Beetee 3
    Mags 4
    Finnick 4
    Foxface 5
    Male Morphling 6
    Female Morphling 6
    Johanna 7
    Blight 7
    Cecelia 8
    Woof 8
    Seeder 11
    Thresh 11


    The gong sounds and The Hunger Games have begun. Rue and Mags go to the savannah.

    Haymitch and Johanna arrive at the Cornucopia. Johanna quickly grabs an axe and charges at the running tributes. She manages to strike Beetee right in the stomach. Seconds later, his cannon sounds.

    Haymitch grabs a few knives and heads for the woods, before a knife flies right by his ear. He turns around the find Clove smirking at him. She fires again but misses. Luckily, Haymitch escapes alive.

    The Morphlings arrive and grab backpacks.…

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  • Foxface3

    The Results are in!

    • Glimmer

    • Cato

    • D8 Female (Lighted fire)

    • District 6

    • Glimmer and Cato (Tie!)

    • Tracker Jackers

    • Glimmer - Tracker Jackers

    • Isabelle Fuhrman - Clove (By a mile...)

    • Stanley Tucci - Caesar Flickerman

    • Katniss/Peeta
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  • Foxface3

    The Victor Games

    May 12, 2012 by Foxface3

    This is just like The Mentor Games only with victors. :)

    Tribute User Status Prefered Weapon
    Blight Cloveismywife Victor Snare

    The arena is a valley land filled with rainforests on the edge of the arena. The cornucopia is in the center, as usual.

    5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... The gong sounds. The Victor Games have begun. Gloss and Cashmere are the first to arrive at the Cornucopia, grabbing a few weapons. Gloss aims his spear at a tribute, and the tribute's cannon sounds. He and Cashmere run towards a hillside, leaving Gloss' spear behind.

    Haymitch and Johanna reach for weapons and form an alliance with Blight, who has also arrived. They travel westward. Meanwhile, Enobaria and the Female Morphling are fighting gruely. Enobaria is about to dig into the Mor…

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  • Foxface3

    This is .... The Quarter Quell Games!

    There are 24 tributes. All of which are from the actual games. I will assign you to a random tribute. You will then guide them through the Hunger Games, giving them advice, telling them what to do. It is similar to The Mentor Games, except there are no interviews, parades, or training.

    Since only 5 people signed up, I have cut it down to 5 tributes. There are sponsors, each mentor has $100.

    Bow & 5 Arrows - $40

    First Aid Kit - $50

    Belt of 5 Knives - $100

    Spear or Trident - $80

    Blow Dart Gun - $50

    Tribute Status Best Weapon User
    Brutus Alive Throwing Knifes, Spear Justafox
    Blight Alive Spear FHT
    Cecelia Alive Blow Dart Gun Shadow Seer
    Johanna Alive Throwing Knifes Paigeelizabeth92
    Male Morphling Alive Throwing Knifes…

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