These games are for fun. There are 18 tributes.

Tribute District
Glimmer 1
Gloss 1
Brutus 2
Clove 2
Enobaria 2
Beetee 3
Mags 4
Finnick 4
Foxface 5
Male Morphling 6
Female Morphling 6
Johanna 7
Blight 7
Cecelia 8
Woof 8
Seeder 11
Thresh 11


Day 1

The gong sounds and The Hunger Games have begun. Rue and Mags go to the savannah.

Haymitch and Johanna arrive at the Cornucopia. Johanna quickly grabs an axe and charges at the running tributes. She manages to strike Beetee right in the stomach. Seconds later, his cannon sounds.

Haymitch grabs a few knives and heads for the woods, before a knife flies right by his ear. He turns around the find Clove smirking at him. She fires again but misses. Luckily, Haymitch escapes alive.

The Morphlings arrive and grab backpacks. They then go to the rainforest. Meanwhile, Glimmer shoots an arrow at Wiress but misses. A few moments later he own cannon sounds, as Finnick, stands in front of her, sword in hand. He and Wiress escape to the woods to find Mags.

The last few tributes arrive, and quickly, Foxface is attacked by Brutus. She gets a small cut on her hand but manages to escape. However, with limited supplies. Woof goes for a backpack when he falls down, dead. Clove threw a knife in his back. Cecelia runs away, frightened.

Day 2

Johanna wakes up early in the savannah. In a nearby tree is Rue, sleeping. Johanna decides to leave her alone and heads toward the Cornucopia. Cecelia wakes up early as well. She suddenly hears a beeping noise, and a package floats down. In it is a blow dart gun. She heads through the forest.

Wiress wakes Finnick and Mags up after hearing noises. She looks underneath her to find scorpion mutts diggind in the sand. Finnick quickly escapes to the Cornucopia, as does Mags (somehow?) but Wiress is bitten, and she falls to the ground. Her cannon sounds.

Cecelia has found the Morphlings. She takes her gun - and - bullseye. It hits the girl right in the neck. She starts screaming, but her cannon sound seconds later.

Johanna meets up with Finnick and Mags. They decide to camp out and attack the Careers the following day. Meanwhile, the Careers stay at their camp for the day.

Death Chart

Place Tribute Killed by What happened: Day
18 Beetee Johanna Axe in Stomach 1
17 Glimmer Finnick Sword in back 1
16 Woof Clove Knife to head 1
15 Wiress Scorpion Mutts Bitten in leg 2
14 Female Morphling Cecelia Dart to Neck 2

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