This is .... The Quarter Quell Games!

There are 24 tributes. All of which are from the actual games. I will assign you to a random tribute. You will then guide them through the Hunger Games, giving them advice, telling them what to do. It is similar to The Mentor Games, except there are no interviews, parades, or training.

Since only 5 people signed up, I have cut it down to 5 tributes. There are sponsors, each mentor has $100.

Bow & 5 Arrows - $40

First Aid Kit - $50

Belt of 5 Knives - $100

Spear or Trident - $80

Blow Dart Gun - $50


Tribute Status Best Weapon User
Brutus Alive Throwing Knifes, Spear Justafox
Blight Alive Spear FHT
Cecelia Alive Blow Dart Gun Shadow Seer
Johanna Alive Throwing Knifes Paigeelizabeth92
Male Morphling Alive Throwing Knifes 50thGamesFTW


The center of the Arena/Cornucopia is a metropolitian city; filled with skyscrapers, and many other buildings.

There are 4 bridges, leading the outer sides of the arena, which is farmland and countryside. What the tributes don't know is that this part of the arena is infested with mutts.

Death Chart

Place Tribute Killed by What happened: Day

Day 1

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... and the gong sounds marking the beginning of the Games. Brutus and Cecelia are the first to arrive at the Cornucopia. Brutus immediately fires are throwing knife at Cecelia, but it misses. He throws another, and it skims her left shoulder. Cecelia manages to escape to the bridges, but is in need of a first aid kit. This gives time for Johanna and Blight to grab a couple backpacks and head into the farmland. Brutus has targeted the Male Morphling next, but they both manage to escape unharmed. Brutus heads toward the countryside and Male Morphling sets up camp on a nearby skyscraper.

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