This is just like The Mentor Games only with victors. :)

Tribute User Status Prefered Weapon
Blight Cloveismywife Victor Snare


The arena is a valley land filled with rainforests on the edge of the arena. The cornucopia is in the center, as usual.

Day 1

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... The gong sounds. The Victor Games have begun. Gloss and Cashmere are the first to arrive at the Cornucopia, grabbing a few weapons. Gloss aims his spear at a tribute, and the tribute's cannon sounds. He and Cashmere run towards a hillside, leaving Gloss' spear behind.

Haymitch and Johanna reach for weapons and form an alliance with Blight, who has also arrived. They travel westward. Meanwhile, Enobaria and the Female Morphling are fighting gruely. Enobaria is about to dig into the Morphling when she is saved by Finnick, who aims an arrow about Enobaria's head and fires. Her cannon sounds.

Lyme aims a knife at Mags and barely misses. Finnick charges his trident at Lyme but she escapes in the direction of Gloss and Cashmere, but with no supplies except 2 throwing knifes. Finnick and Mags flee.

Woof, Brutus and Beetee finally arrive. Brutus trips over Enobaria and begins to go wild. He grabs supplies angrily and throws a knife at Beetee. It skims his ear, and Brutus runs away. Beetee and Woof form an alliance and camp at the Cornucopia, but Beetee is in need of first aid.


Brutus, Gloss, Cashmere and Lyme are camped at a boundary of the valley and rainforest, plotting their plans for Day 2.

Beetee and Woof are still camped at the Cornucopia, Woof trying to treat Beetee's wound.

Finnick and Mags are camped in the rainforest. Finnick is mourning the loss of Annie's death.

The Female Morphling is wandering aimlessly around the arena, looking for an alliance. I think she is in need of some guidance.

Haymitch, Johanna and Blight are hoping to make a move on the Careers soon. They are camped near a river in the valley.

Day 2

Lyme is the first to wake up. She only has 2 throwing knifes. Out of nowhere, she hears a flashing light floating toward her alliance. It's a sponsor for Cashmere. She begins to steal it when the noise wakes up Cashmere and Gloss. They take the sponsor and attempt to kill Lyme, but she escapes. However, she has no alliance.

Beetee and Woof wake up. Beetee's wounds are getting worse, and it looks like he won't be surviving much longer. Meanwhile, Finnick and Mags are still camped, thinking of a way to avenge Annie.

The Female Morphling is snuggled in a tree with some supplies. Things are looking good for her. Meanwhile, Beetee's wounds have taken it's toll - and he dies of blood lossage. Gloss and Cashmere, noticing that Woof is now alone, take his supplies and Cashmere kills him with an arrow to the back.

Haymitch and Johanna have gone out to look for food while Blight stands guard at their camp. Blight hears two cannons go off, and races in the woods to find his alliance. He runs into Haymitch, who is safe and sound. They look for Johanna for a few minutes, but come out empty handed. Out of nowhere, though, Blight accidentally trips over the corpse of a tribute.

Day 3

Blight is up early in the morning, depressed over the loss of Johanna. So it dosen't come down to him and Haymitch, Blight gathers his supplies and leaves his alliance. After a few hours of sneaking around, he spots Lyme and aims his knife that he got at the Cornucopia at her. Bullseye.

Later in the day, Finnick, Mags and The Female Morphling are planning on attacking the Careers. The Female Morphling had joined the alliance after running low on supplies. The Female Morphling grabbed supplies and threw them to the side before attacking Cashmere with a knife. Cashmere did the same. Finnick attacked Gloss and Haymitch ran out for Brutus.

Mags joined in for the fight as well, helping Finnick. Finnick ended up killing Brutus with Haymitch and Mags with a trident to the stomach. However, Gloss got revenge by killing Haymitch using a spear. Gloss and Cashmere left, as did Finnick, Mags and Female Morphling.

Day 4

Gloss and Cashmere are camped in the original Career camp. Finnick and Mags have decided to break their alliance so it dosen't have to come down to them two.

Late in the afternoon, Finnick hears a cannon and runs towards the river. Mags is dead, and Blight is running away. Finnick begins to chase after him when he is attacked by Cashmere and Gloss. He is beat pretty bad, but he manages to escape. However, a few hours in the night, he dies of his wounds.

Day 5

The Female Morphling wakes up early, and has a desperate wanting to win The Games. She travels to the Careers and uses and axe to kill Cashmere. Her cannon sounds. Gloss spends the rest of Day 5 hunting down The Female Morphling. Blight is planning.

Day 6

It's late afternoon. Blight spots the female morphling coming and quickly sets up his snares. He hears a noise, followed by a scream and finally a cannon. He is suddenly standing over the dead body of the female morphling.

Gloss witnesses this. He aims at Blight - fires - and widly misses. Luckily for Blight, he sees this. He takes his Spear, aims it at Gloss and fires. Bullseye. Blight wins The Victor Games!

Death Chart

Place Tribute Killed by What happened: Day
14 Annie Gloss Spear to stomach 1
13 Enobaria Finnick Arrow in head 1
12 Beetee Brutus Blood loss from Knife 2
11 Woof Cashmere Arrow to back 2
10 Johanna Mutts Ate flesh 2
9 Lyme Blight Knife to Shoulder 3
8 Brutus Finnick Trident in stomach 3
7 Haymitch Gloss Speared repetatively 3
6 Mags Blight Knife to leg 4
5 Finnick Careers Beat to death 4
4 Cashmere Female Morph. Axe 5
3 Female Morph. Blight Snares 6
2 Gloss Blight Spear in leg 6
1 - - - -

Cost of Sponsoring - Each Mentor has $300 per tribute

Bow & 6 Arrows = $75

Spear = $100

10 Throwing Knives = $150

Trident = $110

5 Snares = $80

Sword = $120

Blow Dart Gun = $80

First Aid = $140

Foxface3 12:58, May 12, 2012 (UTC)Foxface3

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