Hi this is my new Hunger Games. I will write the story, but I will also draw pictures to go with it.


Tribute criteria: Name, age, district, skills, weakness, history, strategy, personality, token, and a Lunaii.

In my games, once thay have started, any user that is not participating in my games can sponsor any tribute with the following items (the valuable ones are towards the top of it's category and the less valuable ones are toward the bottom of it's category):


Capitol Feast (Stewed lamb with plums on wild rice with apples, cheese, rolls, and silverware)

Beef strips

Loaf of bread

Bread rolls



Dried fruit

(more to come soon, i'm in a rush)


Tributes entered so far

Male Female User
1 Quinn Neealeya Avia Hannith Eievie
2 Grey Wolf Cindy Regar Nate77
3 Digit Starr Lilli Wong Anon...
5 Ashes Mackay De'Nada Dreader Kenzen11
6 Acorn Fields Aurora Rose Jabberjay78
7 Jeff Redwood Jenny Grove Nate77
8 River Rhodes Sutton Yates Wolverine1717
9 Music Note Violin Rosin EffieLuna
10 Talon Faust Kedzie Woods Firecatcher3
11 Lion Coy Alice Wonder Kenzen11
12 Faurest Lokin Nemphisi Everness Nemphisi

The crowd screams as the District 1 chariot pulls into the city circle. And anyone can see why. Avia's sloulder-length hair is piled on top of her hair and she is wearing a glittery gown that reaches the floor while Quinn is dressed in an appropriate glitter tuxedo. Avia trips, ensnared in her dress, and they both go over the side of the chariot. Oh well, district one gets enough sponsors anyways.

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