I've been thinking about this for a while and I know that MY lunaii contest is on full swing but I want to do this anyways! Welcome to THE REVERSE LUNAII COMPETITION! This is how it works. I will make a lunaii on and then I will post it. You will then write either a tribute application or a history or whatever I tell you to that you think the tribute is. Get it? So I give the lunaii and you make the story. Then whoevers team loses, they vote someone out. This will be repeated every Saturday and Wednesday (each saturday and Wednesday I will make a new blog post.) enter now! Oh and there are two teams, team SNOW and team COIN.

Anna-Athena Nate777
Moviepopcorn123 Rueflower
Wolverine117 Mopping
Rueslullaby Anon...
Nectarine411 Effieluna
Tomgurl22 '
' '
' '

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