• Foxfacedfanatic

    Hello everyone! I have recently been participating in Cloveismywife's '200th Hunger Games - Battle at the Reaping' and it inspired me to create my own fan-fictional Hunger Games! They will be very similar to Cloveismywife's Games and the rules will be very similar too. However, I will only write the Reapings and the Private Training sessions/Training Scores and then I will go straight to the Games. I will write in detail, so the write-ups may only come once a day. This will give you time to give advice to your tributes and send them the supplies that they need.

    (P.S Hi Shannon, Jess, Emily, Vaneeza, Annie and Lucy ;) Hope you like it)

    Nearly 100 Games ago, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark demolished the Hunger Games as an act of rebellion …

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