Hello everyone! I have recently been participating in Cloveismywife's '200th Hunger Games - Battle at the Reaping' and it inspired me to create my own fan-fictional Hunger Games! They will be very similar to Cloveismywife's Games and the rules will be very similar too. However, I will only write the Reapings and the Private Training sessions/Training Scores and then I will go straight to the Games. I will write in detail, so the write-ups may only come once a day. This will give you time to give advice to your tributes and send them the supplies that they need.

(P.S Hi Shannon, Jess, Emily, Vaneeza, Annie and Lucy ;) Hope you like it)


Nearly 100 Games ago, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark demolished the Hunger Games as an act of rebellion towards the Capitol, but their great-great Grandon became the president of Panem and called upon The Hunger Games to be brought back. In the act of fairness, District 13 and the Capitol have to submit 1 male and 1 female tribute to be sent to The Hunger Games so that a rebellion does not occur again.


1. You may enter up to three tributes. However, you may not be guaranteed the spot just because you post your tribute first. I want unique, interseting, well-thought out tributes that will make an impact towards the Games. You must list three districts that your tribute could be from, and if there are better tributes in those districts, your tribute will not be accepted.

For example, say Wikia Contributor A submits this tribute:

kyle namert

district 2

good at all weapons

bad at nothing

training score: 12

I will put Kyle Namert up there for the D2 male, but if someone else submits a better tribute, that person will get the spot.

Here is a template for what your tribute submission should contain:


Districts: (List three, in order of preference)






Appearance: (You can make your own Lunaii, or I will make one for you. If you make your own Lunaii, I will use that Lunaii in the tribute gallery. If you don't submit a Lunaii, I will make one for you and add it to the tribute gallery. YOU MUST include their hair colour, hair length/style, eye colour and skin colour. You can add other details about their appearance if you wish to do so).

Weapon: (List 1 or 2)

Strengths: (besides weapon) (List 2)

Weaknesses: (List 2)

Fears: (List 1)

Bloodbath Strategy:


Alliance: (can be filled out later)

2. I would prefer if your tribute is brand new and hasn't been in any other fan-fictional Games (brand new tributes probably have a better chance of getting the slot), but you can use tributes that have been in other fan-fic Games if you want to do so.

3. I will give everyone 24 hours to send their tribute/s advice and supplies. I may occasionally wait a little bit longer, but 24 hours should be enough time for everyone to write their advice and send their supplies. If not all mentors have sent their tributes advice and/or supplies, I will do the update without waiting for them to post their advice.

4. Do not get mad at me if/when your tribute dies.

5. I do not need stylists because I will not be writing about the parade.

6. Everyone who submitted a tribute has $500 in sponsor money. Users who submitted more than one tribute have $500 to spend for each tribute.


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
1 Male Diamond Unshatterable 18 6'4 Sword, Mace Polinarose
1 Female Katy Belle 12 5'0 Trident Tiaraaaa
2 Male Carl Camm 15 5'9 Sword, Throwing Knives Polinarose
2 Female Mckenna Ecelintic 18 5'11 Bow and Arrows, Axe pierulesnotyou
3 Male Brann Clatch 16 5'10 Axe, Sword Robin040197
3 Female Isa Guard 13 5'4 Bow and Arrows, Knife Annamisasa
4 Male Lyze Kiel 13 5'6 Trident, Sword District3 luv
4 Female Coral Fable 15 5'5 Trident, Throwing Knives FrostSnake
5 Male Aquan Swimmers 18 5'1 Trident, Throwing Knives Polinarose
5 Female Gabrielle Beets 15 5'7 Spear, Knives jsm13athome
6 Male Travis Lindberg 14 5'4 Sword jsm13athome
6 Female Katrina Villa 15 5'6 Throwing Knives Cloveismywife
7 Male Tommy Lohter 18 6'5 Spear, Knife AsherMizzou
7 Female Brie Stevens 18 5'9 Axe, Throwing Axe Cloveismywife
8 Male Elliot Ryan 16 5'7 Spear, Blowgun FrostSnake
8 Female Opal Bayler 16 5'6 Throwing Knives, Machete Dedejacob
9 Male Scott Jameison 17 5'8 Axe, Spear Mysims
9 Female Delilah Woods 17 5'6 Sword, Mace Mysims
10 Male Ordosal Livingston 17 6'3 Axe, Spear EvilhariboMadness
10 Female Serina Frostwords 15 5'3 Bow and Arrows Annamisasa
11 Male Tristan Kirp 14 5'4 Throwing Knives AsherMizzou
11 Female Berit Forne 14 5'3 Awl Cloveismywife
12 Male Asher Silvera 17 5'9 Axe, Spear Thena.airice14
12 Female Lily Kane 12 4'3 Bow and Arrows Tiaraaaa
13 Male Peter Blake 15 5'1 Spear Wikia Contributor A
13 Female Lavender Rose 17 5'9 Sword, Sickle Dedejacob
C Male Cyan Richest 18 6'1 Sword Dedejacob


Female Lindsay Mill 16 5'6 Mace jsm13athome


Tribute Gallery


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Machete: $150

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Sickle: $125

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125



District 1

Diamond Unshatterable - District 1

I woke up a little nervous, because today was reaping day and I was going to volunteer. I hated the way people treated me, and the popular kids at school always pointed at me and laughed at me. I wanted to break away from all the horrible things that hurt me inside, so I decided that the only way I could do it was by volunteering as tribute for the 173rd Hunger Games. Some people think that volunteering as tribute means you are signing your own death warrant, but in the career districts, we see it as an honour to represent our district in the Hunger Games. I am not going to tell my mother that I am volunteering, but I will miss her when I’m in the arena. She is my best friend and I want the best for her, so I’m going to make sure I win these games for her.

I took the long route to the centre because I wanted to embrace District 1 for one last time. The beauty of the meadows and fields reminded me how much I would miss this place and how much I was sacrificing. I must’ve gazed at the fields for too long and lost track of time, so I started jogging towards the centre.

Just after I arrived and had my blood taken, Elena Plumpt, District 1’s escort, came on to the stage and there was a small round of applause for her. She was known for being the escort for many previous victors, so our district had a decent amount of respect for her. She gave a speech about how the Hunger Games were revived and how they have developed over the years, but I wasn’t really listening to her because I could see some boys from my school looking at me and laughing. I couldn’t wait to see their faces when I come back as a victor. As usual, Elena pulled out a girl’s name from the bowl and read it aloud. ‘’Katy Belle’’ said Elena. A small, weak looking girl walked up to the stage. I guessed that she was about 12. I was waiting for someone to volunteer for her, but no one did. Wow, a 12 year old was representing a career district in this year’s Hunger Games. That doesn’t happen very often. I was hoping she would die early in the arena so that I didn’t have to kill my district partner later on in the games. Then, Elena picked out a name from the boy’s bowl. ‘’Cammon Royal’’ said Elena. He was the boy that always picked on me and is the most popular boy in school, and I was going to save his life. ‘’I volunteer!’’ I yelled. I walked up to the stage and walked past Cammon, who mouthed the words ‘thank you’ to me. Wow, did he really just thank me? I guess he is a nice guy deep down inside. Elena asked me for my name, and I replied ‘’Diamond Unshatterable’’. I heard a few boos from the crowd, and it made me feel a little sad. I don’t know why District 1 hates me, but if I came back as a victor, they’d have to love me. I walked over to Katy and shook hands with her. She had a hard grip and I immediately released my hand and began rubbing it. My hand had a small red mark on it, and Katy snarled at me. We walked on to the train and as soon as the train left the station, Katy looked at me and said ‘’I’m going to win these Games, and don’t you try and stop me’’. My district partner was a vicious, 12 year old killer.

District 2

Mckenna Ecelintic - District 2

My mother woke me up and brought me breakfast in bed. I knew it must be reaping day, because my mother never brings me breakfast in bed. After I finished my breakfast, I got up and got dressed. I put on my best dress that I had and prepared myself for what was to come. I knew I was going to volunteer today. I had to make my father proud. He was a previous victor from a Hunger Games nearly 2 decades ago and a few years after he won the Games, my mother gave birth to me. My father taught me everything he knew and we trained nearly every day. I learned how to use a bow and arrow and at the age of 7 I could shoot moving targets with my bow and arrows. We enjoyed life in the victors village but when I turned 14, my father died. We were forced out of the victors village and ever since then my life has never been the same. I had to learn how to train myself because I refused to go to a career training camp. I decided that I had to make my father proud, so today would be the day that my life changed forever. I was going to volunteer.

I left the house and walked towards District 2’s centre. I didn’t tell my mother I was volunteering, because I knew she would try and stop me. I just wanted to go into the Games and show everyone what I am made of. I don’t need distractions, I just need to win.

As I arrived at the centre, I heard a bunch of cheers coming from the crowd. Leila Doons, District 2’s escort, strutted on to the stage and waved at everyone. She had orange hair this year, last year it was pink. She looked pleased that she had the honour of escorting District 2 again, but also looked like she just wanted to get it over with. She hurried through the speech about how the Hunger Games evolved and immediately stuck her hand in the girls bowl. Before she could read out the name, I yelled out ‘’I volunteer as tribute!’’. I jogged onto the stage with a big grin on my face until I looked at my mother and saw her weeping. I realised that I may never see her again and I started to tear up, but I quickly remembered that if I won, we would have a better life, so I dried my tears and stood proudly on the stage. Leila asked me for my name and I said ‘’Mckenna Ecelintic’’. She smiled and quickly moved on to the next part of her job. ‘’Now time for the boys’’ said Leila. She moved her hand around in the boys bowl for a long time, and then finally picked up a slip of paper. She read out a name, but I wasn’t listening because I was thinking about how my dad must’ve felt in this situation. A large, tall boy slowly walked up to the stage. He looked about 18 years old. But before he could get to the stage, another boy, about 15 years old, shouted ‘’I volunteer’’. He sprinted on to the stage and said his name into the microphone. ‘’Carl Camm’’ he said confidently. Leila said our names to the crowd once more, and then ushered us on to the train. We sat down next to each other and he couldn’t stop staring at me the whole time. He gazed into my eyes, and I just laughed in his face. Does he seriously think he’s going to get into a relationship with someone he might have to kill?

District 3

Isa Guard - District 3

I woke up, got dressed, had breakfast and went hunting in the woodsbefore I left for the district centre.Today was reaping day and I didn't have a good feeling about it, so I made sure that this hunting session was good. I killed a deer and a rabbit, but I didn't take any of them with me to the reaping because that would be stupid. I don't want to get shot by peacekeepers at 13 years old. I want to live my life to the fullest. When I was younger, my parents beat me and abused me and that's why I have a huge scar on my chin. I'd had enough of it and ran away. I evntually moved in with my older sister, and she taught me how to hunt and how to kill and cook animals. Ever since then, I've been practising with my bow and arrow everyday.

I left the dead animals that I shot with my bow and arrow on the floor in the woods. I hoped they'd still be there after the reaping, but I doubted it. I walked down the pathway and arrived at the centre. About 2 minutes after I had my blood taken, Dani Joneston, District 3's escort, walked on to the stage. She had a shiny green dress on and blue hair. I've never understood Capitol fashion, but this lady takes it way too far. We listened to her go on about how the Hunger Games became such a big event and how it evolved over the years. Someone got bored of her after a while and yelled "Get on with the reapings!" Dani looked a little upset by this but she eventually moved on to the reapings. "Ladies first" said Dani. She stuck her hand down to the bottom of the bowl and pulled out a name. "Isa Guard" said Dani. I looked at my sister who was crying and weeping. I started to tear up as I slowly walked on to the stage. No one volunteered for me. I was going into the Hunger Games. "Now it's the boys turn" said Dani. She reached down into the bowl and and picked the name at the very bottom of the bowl. "Brann Clatch" said Dani. A tall, muscular boy walked up on to the stage next to me. Clatch. I remember that name from somewhere. Oh! Now I remember! There was a girl from District 3 that was reaped 3 years ago. She died in the arena and finished around 6th place. She did pretty well for District 3, but we've not had a victor in ages. I shook hands with Clatch and we booarded the train together. I observed him closely and he looked like he was on a mission to avenge her death. I could tell he was raging inside, so I tried to keep my distance from him.

District 4

Coral Fable - District 4

Today was reaping day, but that didn't mean I wasn't going to stop working. I had to make sure I helped out with the family business as much as possible because I want the best for my family.I picked up my trident and starting hunting for fish. The beach was only 5 minutes away from my house so I got there earlier than usual. I got out my net, stuck my trident through a couple of fish and then left. I took what I had hunted back to my house and gave it to my father for his business. I made sure I caught a few extra fish this time, just in case I got reaped. I quickly got changed and headed for the district centre.

Once I arrived, I saw a whole bunch of people pushing to the front of the crowd. Jamie Pierson, a victor from a couple of years ago, was standing there with Helen Cramer, District 3's escort. They were telling everyone how District 4 is the best and how they expect us to do well again this year. I didn't bother moving to the front because I knew that they were just trying to get strong people to volunteer for District 4. When Jamie finally took a seat, Helen moved over to the girls bowl and began to pull out a name. "Coral Fable" said Helen. I looked around to see who had just been reaped until I realised that it was my name. I walked up to the stage feeling sorry for myself. I'd hoped that Jamie and Helen's efforts to get someone to volunteer had worked, but the crowd was silent and they all just stared at me, knowing I would probably die. Helen then trotted over to the boys bowl and picked up a name from the bowl. "Lyze Kiel" she said. A quiet, nervous looking boy walked up to the stage. From a distance he looked older than me, but when he was stood next to me, he looked about 13. The only thing that surprised me was that he was taller than me, yet still looked alot younger than me. I liked him though, and I already started thinking about having him as an ally in the arena. Helen guided us over to the train and we both got on it. I looked out to the crowd one last time, taking in the sight of District 4 cheering us away to the Capitol.

District 5

Gabrielle Beets - District 5

I woke up to the sound of my 2 little brothers screaming down my ears. ‘’Wake up!’’ said Danny. ‘’Go away’’ I said sternly. ‘’But it’s reaping day’’ said Kyle. Oh crap. I forgot that today was reaping day. I had told myself that I was going to volunteer. I’d had enough of living in a house with my 2 annoying little brothers so I want to live in the victors village where I can get away from them. They’re too young to be reaped yet, so they see reaping day as a fun day, but everyone else hates it. My dad is always away working in the Capitol so I never see him enough. My family is wealthy considering we live in District 5, but that’s not enough for me. I want to be spoiled; I want riches and luxuries, so I need to win these Games in order to live the perfect life that I want. I went downstairs and had my breakfast. My mother asked me if I was going to volunteer and I said ‘’yes, mother, I am going to volunteer’’. I had to act nice to her if she was going to allow me to volunteer, so I had been kissing up to her for the last couple of days. I stood up and walked towards the door, preparing myself for the reaping. ‘’Gabrielle, why don’t you come with us to the reaping today?’’ my mother said. ‘’Because I don’t want to be anywhere near them!’’ I said, pointing towards my brothers. ‘’Aren’t you going to say goodbye to us all?’’ said my mother. Goodbye. Goodbye? Does she think I’m going to die in the arena? ‘’Oh it’s nice to know you have confidence in me, mother’’ I said aggressively. I left the house and slammed the door behind me as I made my way towards the centre.

I arrived at District 5’s centre and got my blood taken. I stood in the 12-18 girls section and waited for the reaping to begin. Asha Barnes, District 5’s escort, walked on to the stage and completely skipped the annual speech we are supposed to get every year. Asha was a hopeless escort, and was always forgetting to read out the speech. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was fired from being an escort next year. She trotted over to the girls bowl and read out the name ‘’Nadine Epelfether’’. A small, 13 year old girl walked up to the stage. There was no way I was letting that girl represent District 5. It’s about time we had a victor for a change. ‘’I volunteer’’ I yelled. I ran up on to the stage and pushed Nadine out of the way. She ran off crying and went looking for her mother. What a weakling. I walked over to Asha and she started going on about how fantastic it was that District 5 had a volunteer. I got bored of her little speech about volunteering, so I grabbed the microphone from her and said to the crowd ‘’my name is Gabrielle Beets and I will be coming back to District 5 as a victor!’’. The girls erupted with cheers but the boys were quiet and looked nervous. I guess they were still scared of being reaped. Asha then grabbed the microphone from me and said ‘’thank you Gabrielle, moving on to the boys!’’. She dug her hand into the boys bowl and picked up a slip of paper. ‘’Aquan Swimmers’’ said Asha. I giggled a little bit as he walked on to the stage. What kind of a name is ‘Aquan Swimmers’? Asha presented us to the crowd one last time and we boarded the train towards the Capitol. We sat down and Aquan said to me ‘’I’m nervous. I don’t think I’ll be able to kill anyone in the arena’’. I turned my head to the right and pretended to look out the window. I knew he’d have an early death, so there was no point talking to him.

District 6

Travis Lindberg - District 6

I woke up to the sound of my siblings screaming. It was the first reaping where my younger brother was eligible to be reaped. He was sweating and looked like he’d been having nightmares throughout the night. I calmed him down, and took him downstairs for breakfast. I saw the small kitchen table and the 21 cereal bowls that were on top of it. It’s hard living in a 4-room house with 20 of your relatives, but I know things will get better, so I don’t complain. 7 of u take tesserae, but we all hope that we will never get reaped. After we all had breakfast, we set out for the centre and hoped that the odds were in our favour today.

As we arrived in the centre of District 6, I hugged my cousins and sisters and walked over with my 12 year old brother to get our blood taken. After that, we went into the boys section and listened to Carlo Blome, District 6’s escort, tell us about how this year’s victor could be from District 6 and not die in the bloodbath like last year. Carlo walked over to the girls bowl and read out the name ‘’Katrina Villa’’. A cute blonde girl walked on to the stage, but she looked a little scared and nervous. ‘’Moving on to the boys’’ said Carlo. He dug his hand deep down into the boys bowl and pulled out a slip of paper. ‘’Travis Lindberg’’ said Carlos. Oh no. That’s my name. I waited for about 5 seconds for somebody to volunteer for me, but no one did. My brother grasped on to me and I had to release his grip as I walked towards the stage. I stood next to Katrina and we shook hands. She looked like she had had a hard life, but it wasn’t going to get any easier. We were both going into the Hunger Games.

District 7

Brie Stevens - District 7

I woke myself up and got dressed. I looked out the window, but it was dull and quiet, and everywhere seemed tense. I knew it was reaping day. My brother was reaped 3 years ago, and everyone expected him to go far, but he died in the cornucopia bloodbath. My parents went into depression, and ever since then I’ve had to look after myself. I figured that if my brother got reaped, I could get reaped too, so I learned how to use an axe and how to be independent. I hope I never do get reaped, but if it happens then I need to be prepared. I left the house and walked towards the centre, hoping that I wouldn’t get reaped.

When I arrived at the district centre, it was filled with a whole bunch of children waiting anxiously for the reaping to begin. I got my blood taken and saw Alice Bergundy, District 7’s escort, walk on to the stage. She gave us the annual speech about the Games and quickly moved on to the reaping. She stuck her hand in the girls bowl and pulled out a small slip of paper. “Brie Stevens” she said. It took me a few moments to realise that it was my name that had just been called out. I walked on to the stage in shock. I could die in the arena, and my parents would never see their last remaining child again. I didn’t cry in front of District 7 because I didn’t want to look weak. I just faintly smiled and then blanked out any other emotions I was feeling. I watched Alice walk over to the boys bowl and read out the name of the boy who I would be fighting to the death with. Before she could read the name, a boy called out “I volunteer”. He walked up to the stage and I immediately recognised him. He was Tommy Lohter, Danny Lohter’s brother. Danny Lohter won the Games 6 years ago and became one of District 7’s few victors. His sister was reaped 3 years later, along with my brother, but she was killed by mutations towards the end of the Games. She was my brother’s district partner in the 170th Hunger Games, but neither of them survived. Alice stood in front of the microphone and said “Oh, isn’t this a coincidence! The tributes representing District 7 in the 173rd Hunger Games are the siblings of the tributes that represented District 7 in the 170th Hunger Games!” I never thought about it like that, but I had to admit it was pretty strange how we both ended up in the same place as where our siblings were 3 years ago. I just hoped that we didn’t end up like our siblings did. I stood up and joined hands with Tommy. I raised our hands up in the air whilst they were still joined together and the crowd cheered. They expected one of us to come back home as a victor.

District 8

Opal Bayler - District 8

I woke my little sisters up and got them ready for the reaping. They weren’t old enough to be reaped yet, but they still got nervous in case I got reaped. My parents were killed in a factory explosion and ever since we have lived with our step-mother. Jade and Ruby love her, but I think she’s a horrible, vile person. She has always treated us horribly and I always think about what life would be like if my parents were still alive. I grabbed my little sisters and walked with them to the district centre. I started thinking about what would happen if I got reaped and how much my sisters would suffer without me, but then I realised that I probably wouldn’t get reaped and some other unlucky person would fight to the death instead.

When we got to the centre, I sent my sisters away into the under 12’s section and got my blood taken. District 8’s escort came on to the stage and started reading the annual speech. I forgot her name, but I was hoping that I didn’t need to learn it any time soon. After she read the speech, she walked over to the girls bowl and pulled out a slip of paper. “Opal Bayer” she said loudly into the microphone. I couldn’t believe it. How could I have been reaped out of all these people? I ran over to my siblings and hugged them tightly. My eyes were flooded with tears. I couldn’t stop crying. Two peacekeepers started to walk towards me and they began pulling me away from my sisters. My sisters were screaming as they watched me being forced on to the stage. I stood in front of the crowd, waiting to see who I would be fighting against or possibly aligning with. District 8’s escort, now my escort, walked over to the boys bowl and pulled out a piece of paper. “Elliot Ryan” she said. A cute looking boy around my age walked on to the stage. He wasn’t crying or screaming like I did, but he just looked nervous and shaky. I quite liked him and had already started to think about allying with him in the arena. Our escort walked us over to the train and we boarded it together, hoping that one of us would come back alive.

District 9

Scott Jameison - District 9

I woke up knowing that today was reaping day. I was sweating from the nightmares I’d been having the night before reaping day. I always had dreams about being killed in the Hunger Games, but I had to always remind myself that they were only dreams and they weren’t real. I was hoping that they never would become real. I went downstairs and had my breakfast. After I had eaten my breakfast, I went back to my room and started painting. I loved to paint and I have always found art so beautiful and creative. I have a very creative mind and love the art of camouflage so every day I always paint something to keep my mind creative. Today I painted a picture of the victors village, hoping that whoever was reaped today would come back as a victor for District 9. We hadn’t had a victor in ages, mainly because the career districts usually produced the victors because they had trained and had volunteered for the Games knowing that they would win. I left my house and walked past the empty victors village houses. I imagined them looking luxurious inside, but my family could never afford a house like that.

I arrived at the centre and had my blood taken. Shortly after I took my place in the 12 to 18 boys section, Ashley Nolen, District 9’s escort, came onto the stage. She read out the annual speech and proceeded with the reaping. She stuck her hand in the girls bowl and pulled out a name. “Delilah Woods” said Ashley. The hottest girl I had ever seen walked on to the stage. She had long blonde hair and had the most beautiful smile. She had to be one of the most beautiful girls in district 9, and could probably use her looks to get far in the Games. Then, Ashley moved over to the boys bowl and dug her hand in it. She picked up a slip of paper and read the name on it. “Scott Jameison” she said. I froze in shock. I didn’t think that I would’ve been reaped out of all of these people. I walked up to the stage, shaking like crazy. I felt so awful and didn’t want to have to go into the Hunger Games. I looked at Delilah and she smiled at me. I guess I would have at least one ally in these Games. She seemed friendly and didn’t look to upset that she had been reaped. We boarded the train together and we spent the journey talking about or strengths and weaknesses and our strategies. We kind of formed an alliance during the train journey, and I was glad that I was going into the Games with someone that I knew I could trust.

District 10

Ordosal Livingston - District 10

I woke up and got my siblings dressed and ready for reaping day. I was nervous for them all, but strangely I wasn’t nervous for myself. I just wanted to make sure that they were all ok and would always be safe. I don’t know what I would do if any of them got reaped. I love them all so much and only want the best for them. Both of my parents are past victors and are part of the small group of District 10’s victors. We live a happy life in the victors village but we still donate to the poor because we are still equal to everyone else. I have always wanted to help people out, and I find pleasure in doing so. I think the Hunger Games is wrong, but for 1 lucky person it gives them a better life afterwards, and that’s what happened with my parents. I don’t think I’ll ever get reaped, but I know that there’s a possibility that any of us could, so I live every day to the fullest.

When we all arrived at the centre, we had our blood taken and waited for the reaping to begin. When Luna Grange, District 10’s escort, walked on to the stage, the whole crowd went silent. She read out the annual speech and got on with the reaping. She picked out a name from the girls bowl and read it to the crowd. “Serina Frostswords” said Luna. A tanned redhead walked on to the stage. She looked like an athletic girl but I didn’t think she could win the Games. Luna walked over to the boys bowl and began to pick out a slip of paper. She picked one out of the bowl and announced it out loud. “Ordosal Livingston” said Luna. I immediately looked towards my mother and father and they smiled at me. They probably thought that I could win it, and I had a small feeling that I had a good chance of coming back as a victor. I walked on to the stage confidently, but I was thinking about how much I would miss my siblings. I knew that I had to win it for them. I shook hands with Serina and we boarded the train together. I was larger than her, but I felt like she had more of an edge over me. I don’t know what it was about her, but she seemed like a strong contender to me.

District 11

Berit Forne - District 11

I woke up and I immediately knew that today was reaping day. It would be my last day ever with my parents because I was going to volunteer. My parents would always abuse me and hit me and one day I decided that I had had enough of it. The only way I could get away from them was by volunteering for the Hunger Games and living in the victors village alone. I knew that by doing this I would be risking my life, but I know that I can win it. I need to win it for myself to show me that I can survive anything that life throws at me. I got dressed, left the house and headed for the centre. I skipped breakfast because I knew I’d be getting a lovely buffet on the bullet train to the capitol.

When I got to the centre I had my blood taken and waited for Talia Loomberg, District 11’s escort, to come on to the stage. I thought about how most of my siblings had died from malnutrition and how my parents only had me left. I thought about how my brothers moved out of our house and left me alone by myself and how my parents were about to say goodbye to their youngest child, but I knew that I had to do this. I couldn’t stand to be around them any longer, so I wanted this reaping to be over with quickly. When Talia finally arrived, she read out the speech that we get every year and then began with the reaping. She walked over to the girls bowl and picked out a name. Before she could read out the name, I yelled out “I volunteer” as loudly as I could. The crowd gasped as I walked on to the stage. They were shocked that someone from District 11 had volunteered for the Games. I stood on the stage and thought about what I would have to do to win these Games. Before I could come up with a plan to survive, Talia read out the name on the piece of paper she had just picked up from the boys bowl. “Tristan Kirp” said Talia. A boy my age walked on to the stage and stood next to me. We shook hands and boarded the train together. I needed to make sure that I came back alive.

District 12

Lily Kane - District 12

Today was reaping day and I was more nervous than ever before. I had a bad feeling about today, but I didn’t quite know why. I went downstairs and could smell the golden bread my mother had been baking this morning. I wasn’t allowed to have any because they were supposed to be for the customers, but my mother usually gave me a piece on the morning of reaping day even though today is the first time that I could actually get reaped. After I had eaten my breakfast, I got dressed and picked up the locket my father had given me. My father died in a kitchen fire when he was baking one night, and he was burned alive. If I was ever sent into the Games then I wanted my token to be the locket that my father gave to my. It was the last thing I had that reminded me of him, so I had to keep it with me until the day I die.

I arrived at the centre and got my blood taken. Janina Berrington, District 12’s escort, came on to the stage and began with the reaping ceremony. After the speech, she put her hand in the girls bowl and pulled out a slip of paper. “Lily Kane” read Janina. That was me. I was going into the Games to fight to the death. I had no clue what I was going to do in the Games. I was probably going to die. I walked on to the stage, crying my eyes out. Janina proceeded with the reaping and picked out a boy’s name. “Asher Silvera” said Janina. A 17 year old boy walked up to the stage and stood next to me. He was evidently larger than me and I started to get nervous. We boarded the train together and I was panicking. There was no way that a 12 year old girl could defeat a 17 year old boy like Asher. I had to pull off a miracle to survive these Games.

District 13

Lavender Rose - District 13

I woke up and I knew it was reaping day. Everyone at school had been talking about last year’s Games because Emmanuel Weightman won them and he was from District 13. It had been a long time since District 13 had won the Games and when Emmanuel won, the whole of the district went crazy. I liked going to school. Not because I like the lessons or anything, but because I’m the most popular girl in school and I love the attention. All the boys flirt with me and I always flirt back with them, as long as they’re cute. I don’t worry about reaping day that much because I’m pretty sure someone will volunteer for me if I do get reaped. The good thing about being popular is that you have so many people that admire you and it makes you feel like a celebrity. I hope that I don’t get reaped, but if I do then I hope someone volunteers for me.

I took a short walk to the centre and got my blood taken when I arrived. Alexandra Goodman, District 13’s escort, came on to the stage with Emmanuel Weightman, last year’s victor. Everyone was cheering and chanting Emmanuel’s name. It was a big thing for someone from District 13 to have won the Games, and expectations are high this year since Emmanuel had showed Panem that District 13 is a strong district. Alexandra then gave us the speech about the Games, but she also added about how great it was that Emmanuel was able to win for District 13 and how we are expected to do well again this year. Then, Alexandra put her hand in the girls bowl and pulled out a name. “Lavender Rose” she said. I smiled and looked around the crowd, waiting for someone to volunteer for me. The whole crowd was silent. I started to sweat. No one had volunteered for me like I thought they would’ve. I walked on to the stage shaking. I didn’t expect to be going into the Games. I stood on the stage, waiting for Alexandra to reveal the name of the boy who would be going through this with me. She stuck her hand in the bowl and pulled out a name. “Peter Blake” said Alexandra. A blonde boy about 2 years younger than me walked on to the stage. He was cute, but I would never date him, especially in these circumstances. We were taken away to the train carriage and shortly after we boarded the train, it departed and made its way towards the Capitol. We were heading for the Hunger Games arena.


Lindsay Mill - Capitol

It was reaping day today and I was a little nervous. My brothers left a week ago because they had to start planning new ideas and the arena hazards for the Games. All three of them are gamemakers and work within the Games. They help come up with ideas for the Games and what the tributes will have to go through in order to survive. I am strongly against the Games and I always tell my brothers that what they are doing is wrong, but I can’t complain because they make a lot of money and they spend it on things for our family. If I got sent into the Games, people would think that my brothers would fix the Games so that I’d win, but they’re only involved in pre-planning the Games so I’d be out there on my own, facing death.

I arrived at the Capitol centre and got my blood taken. I saw a whole crowd of people with coloured hair and powdered skin. It looked like aliens had landed from outer-space. I looked quite normal for someone from the Capitol. I had long, brown hair, brown eyes and wore clothes that didn’t light up or glow. Even though I didn’t look like an alien, I do feel a little left out. There are only a few normal-looking people in the Capitol, so I tend to feel a little lonely sometimes. But I like the way I am and don’t want to change a thing about myself. Carrie Cole, the Capitol’s escort, walked on to the stage with her pink fluffy wig balancing on her head. She told us how great it was to be the Capitol’s escort and how the Hunger Games Arena was right next door to us. She gave the speech about why the Capitol had to participate in the Games and how they were brought back and then immediately began with the reaping. She put her hand in the girls bowl and pulled out a name. “Lindsay Mill” said Carrie. I walked up to the stage in tears. I could not believe what was happening. I stood on the stage and saw my parents crying. I wasn’t ready to die, not yet. I stood on the stage, looking weak and upset. Then, Carrie picked a boy’s name out of the boys bowl. “Cyan Richest” she said. A freakish-looking boy walked up to the stage. He had purple hair and blue skin. He looked like a human glow stick. He had to be the weirdest kid I had ever seen. The crowd started laughing at him, but the ones laughing looked even worse than him, so they had no right to laugh at him. Carrie ushered us on to the train and we arrived at the training centre within 5 minutes. We were given a training kit to wear and we changed into it before we exited the train. We walked into the training centre and saw 26 other tributes staring at us. We stood around the trainer woman and listened to the training rules. We had 3 days to train in front of the other tributes. It meant that the private training sessions with the gamemakers were in 4 days. I only had 3 days to learn how to fight for my life. I only had 5 days before I was going into the arena.

Training Scores

Tribute Training Score
Diamond Unshatterable 10
Katy Belle 11
Carl Camm 9
Mckenna Ecelintic 11
Brann Clatch 6
Isa Guard 8
Lyze Kiel 8
Coral Fable 9
Aquan Swimmers 4
Gabrielle Beets 10
Travis Lindberg 5
Katrina Villa 8
Tommy Lohter 6
Brie Stevens 10
Elliot Ryan 8
Opal Bayler 7
Scott Jameison 5
Delilah Woods 6
Ordosal Livingston 8
Serina Frostswords 9
Tristan Kirp 4
Berit Forne 7
Asher Silvera 8
Lily Kane 7
Peter Blake 6
Lavender Rose 8
Cyan Richest 6
Lindsay Mill 7

Money Bonuses

$50 per kill

$100 for Top 10


The 173rd Annual Hunger Games

Day 1 - The Cornucopia Bloodbath

Isa Guard - District 3

I entered my launch tube and it began to slowly rise. When we all surfaced, we saw a huge grass field with the cornucopia in the middle of it. I was directly in front of the cornucopia entrance, and I was only a couple of feet away from a backpack, but I wasn't sure whether I should risk it or not. There was a river filled with clean water on the outskirts of the field and a forest to the right of me. To the left of me, there was a rocky area filled with stones, boulders and rocks. There were alot of caves in the rocky area, but in the forest area there wasn't much cover. There was a little pond in the forest though, so I guess you could only get water from the field or the forest, but not the rocky caves. Anyone who went into the rocky area would need their mentor to send them some water or would need to sneak towards the outskirts of the field area and get some water without being spotted. There are good points and bad points to each of the 3 areas. There isn't any cover in the field apart from the cornucopia and a couple of small bushes, but there was water supply and access to supplies if you were to set up camp in the cornucopia. The careers would take over the cornucopia though, so I'd probably stay away from the fields. You'd need to be very sneaky if you were to switch areas and not be spotted. In the forest, there is a small pond which could be used as a water supply for tributes, but, like the field, there wasn't much cover in the forest apart from a couple of bushes unless you were able to climb a tree high enough so that you were out of sight and range from the other tributes. There were fruit trees and fruit bushes, but I doubt that all of them were edible. A couple of them were probably poisonous, but the ones that weren't would be a good supply of food. However, the bushes in the forest were alot bigger than the bushes in the field, so you could probably duck behind them if you saw someone coming. There were a few small animals running around in the forest though, so if you could catch them, you could cook them and eat them. In the rocky area there were lots of caves, and apart from the cornucopia in the field, it looked like the only other place where you would get warmth without the use of a fire or a sleeping bag. You could probably smash someones skull in with one of the boulders that were scattered around the area. There were a couple of trees in the rocky area, but only towards the back of the area where there were only a few caves. There were some birds in the trees at the back of the rocky area, but you'd need to be able to throw a boulder high enough to kill them or be able to use a bow and arrow to actually kill them and then cook them and eat them. There were about 7 caves in total, 4 at the front and 3 at the back with the trees. I wasn't sure where I was going to go, but my thoughts were quickly interrupted by the countdown voice. "10.....9.....8.....7....".

Katy Belle - District 1

"6.....5.....4.....3....2....1....GONG!". The gong sounded and the whole arena went into chaos. There was screaming, fighting and running going on everywhere you looked. I dashed into the cornucopia and grabbed a trident. I saw Aquan (5) running towards me, but before he could get any closer, I pierced his body with my trident. BOOM He fell to the ground, dead. Awesome! I got the first kill!

Brie Stevens - District 7

I just saw Katy (1) kill Aquan (5) with a trident. I was going to allign with Aquan (5), but now I was focused on alligning with Gabrielle (5) and Tommy (7). I ran into the cornucopia, grabbed some supplies and an axe and then turned around to exit the cornucopia when I saw Tristan (11) standing in my way. He charged at me, but I swung my axe at him and it landed in his skull. BOOM I pulled my axe out of his head and ran towards the edge of the forest. I waited with Tommy (7) for Gabrielle to come out of the bloodbath with some supplies.

Lavender Rose - District 13

I planned on alligning with the careers, but I had to show them that I was able to fight. I grabbed a dagger that was laying on the grass and saw Ordosal (10) running towards a backpack. I ran towards the backpack and we both grabbed it at the same time. I pulled it towards me and the rope snapped, sending the backpack flying towards me. I dropped the dagger and caught the backpack in my arms. I turned away from Ordosal (10) as he seemed like he didn't have any weapons on him, but as I started walking, I felt a sharp object lunge into my back. I fell to the ground, and the last thing I saw was Ordosal (10) pulling his axe out of my back. BOOM

Scott Jameison - District 9

I grabbed Delilah's (9) hand and we ran off together into the rocky area. We settled down into one of the 4 caves near the front of the rocky area and I placed a boulder in front of the cave opening so that no one would spot us. We could still hear the chaos going on at the bloodbath from inside the cave.

Gabrielle Beets - District 5

Brie (7) and Tommy (7) were waiting for me on the outskirts of the forest. I ran towards the cornucopia and saw Carl (2) stabbing Travis (6) in the heart. BOOM I crept up behind Carl (2) and sent my spear through his head. BOOM I ran away with my spear and a couple of supplies and met up with Brie (7) and Tommy (7). We ran deep into the forest, away from the bloodbath. We set up camp on the ground. Brie (7) stayed high up in the trees whilst me and Tommy (7) guarded our supplies.

Katrina Villa - District 6

I had planned on alligning with boys, but lots of boys had either ran off or had joined the careers. I didn't know what to do, so I just ran into the rocky area by myself and hoped to find someone who I could ally with.

Serina Frostswords - District 10

I saw Isa (3) run into the forest by herself. I didn't want to follow her because I knew that there were already a few people in the forest, so I ran into the rocky area. I could hear Berit (11) running into the rocky area behind me, but once we passed the first 4 caves I couldn't hear her anymore. I ran to the back of the rocky area and settled down into one of the caves towards the back of the area, but I planned on hunting for food later tonight.

Coral Fable - District 4

I saw Peter (13) walking around confidently with a knife in his hand. If I remember correctly, he got a 6 in training. Not that impressive. Me and Lyze (4) went over to him. "Hey, I'm here and ready to join the careers" said Peter (13). I laughed in his face. "Uhm, you got a 6 in training, right?" I said. "Yeah" he said. "There's no way you're joining us, but we can kill you if you like" said Lyze (4). Peter's (13) huge smirk turned into a scared look. He started to run towards the forest, realising that there was no way he was joining the careers. "Oh, I don't think so" I said. I threw a throwing knife at him and it landed in his skull, killing him instantly. BOOM We hadn't accepted anyone into the careers, apart from Ordosal (10). He had proved to be a good fighter, so we let Ordosal (10) join us. There were only a few non-careers left at the cornucopia, but none of us wanted them to join the careers. All the strong people had run off into one of the areas. I looked at Diamond (1) and he had a menacing look in his eyes. He was ready to get a kill.

Asher Silvera - District 12

Me and Brann (3) had formed an alliance in the heat of the moment. We ran into the forest with a small weapon each but we didn't have any supplies other than one backpack that contained a pair of night-ray vision glasses and a canteen with no water in it.

Elliot Ryan - District 8

Me, Opal (8) and Lindsay (C) had formed an alliance and we ran into the forest together. Me and Opal (8) had a backpack each which both contained some bread and water, but Lindsay (C) only had a weapon. It was a small dagger, but we could use it for many things.

Lily Kane - District 12

I was searching for a backpack, but I couldn't find one. I saw Cyan (C) run into the forest with a backpack, so I decided that I was going to follow him. I realised that I was the only non-career left at the cornucopia, so I began to run. I tripped over a rock that was lying on the floor and I fell to the ground. The last thing I saw was Diamond (1) sending his sword into my stomach. BOOM

Aftermath - Afternoon/Evening

Mckenna Ecelintic - District 2

Diamond (1), Katy (1), Lyze (4), Coral (4), Ordosal (10) and me were all in the cornucopia, talking and laughing about who was our competition in these Games and who was going to die early. We had all the supplies we needed in the cornucopia, and there was a whole range of weapons to choose from.

Tommy Lohter - District 7

Gabrielle (5), Brie (7) and me were all in the forest. We had weapons and supplies that would last us a couple of days and we had a large backpack to store our supplies in. The pond wasn't very close to us, but we could make a short journey towards it if we ever needed water.

Isa Guard - District 3

I was alone in a tree in the forest. I had managed to grab a backpack, but it only contained a canteen filled with water and a dagger. I wanted night-vision glasses to be in my pack so that I could see people at night, but I was grateful for what I had.

Opal Bayler - District 8

Elliot (8), Lindsay (C) and me were doing fine in the forest. We had a dagger and two backpacks that contained bread and water. We had to split the food and water equally, so it would only last until tomorrow.

Brann Clatch - District 3

Asher (12) and me were in the forest. We were waiting for it to go dark so that one of us could try out the night-vision glasses.

Berit Forne - District 11

I was sitting in my cave with nothing but a blanket that I had picked up from the outskirts of the cornucopia. The rocky area seemed quiet. I presumed that most of the tributes went to the forest. I was just about to go to sleep when I heard a noise outside. I peered out of the cave and saw Serina (10) looking for something. I guessed that she was out hunting since she looked like she didn't have much. She saw something on the floor and stomped her foot on the ground as hard as she could. A giant boulder came from out of nowhere and started rolling rapidly towards Serina (10). "Look out!" I yelled. She turned around and jumped out of the way just in time. I got out of my cave and walked over to her. "Thank you" she said. "You saved my life!". "You're welcome" I said. "Alliance?" said Serina (10). "Uhm, ok" I said. I never trusted people easily, but I liked this girl. She seemed nice and trustworthy. We entered my cave and she turned around and said to me "I don't have much, but I picked up this piece of wire. It may be some use to you, but it means nothing to me". This was just what I needed. I took the wire from her and started making a trip wire at the entrance of the cave. If anyone tried to enter our cave, they'd fall over and alert us to their presence. We snuggled down together and shared the blanket between us. We felt pretty safe, but we were hungry and thirsty.

Scott Jameison - District 9

Delilah (9) and me were in our cave. Delilah (9) went outside to see if anyone was near us or approaching us. I heard Delilah (9) scream and I immediately ran outside to see what was going on. I saw that Katrina (6) had Delilah (9) pinned down to the ground. Katrina (6) pulled out a dagger and was about to stab Delilah (9) when I kicked Katrina (6) off of her, sending the dagger out of her hand. I grabbed the dagger and jumped on top of Katrina. "Please don't kill me" she said. "You were about to kill Delilah (9), so now I'm going to kill you" I said. I plunged the dagger into Katrina's (6) chest, killing her instantly. BOOM

Isa Guard - District 3

The anthem began to play and I looked up towards the sky. Tributes faces began appearing in the sky. I saw the boy from 2 first. Wow, a career died on the first day. I didn't expect that. Then I saw the boy from 5, the boy and the girl from 6, the boy from 11, the girl from 12 and the boy and girl from 13.

The Fallen

Aquan Swimmers - District 5

Tristan Kirp - District 11

Lavender Rose - District 13

Travis Lindberg - District 6

Carl Camm - District 2

Peter Blake - District 13

Lily Kane - District 12

Katrina Villa - District 6

Day 2 - "Is he dead?" - Berit Forne

Katy Belle - District 1

I slipped away from the careers in the early hours of the morning. I grabbed some supplies and made my way towards one of the caves at the back of the rocky area. I didn't kill any of the careers because I knew that if I did, it would wake the others up. There was only me, the pair from 9 and the girls from 10 and 11 in this area, so I felt pretty safe.

Delilah Woods - District 9

Me and Scott (9) hadn't received anything from our mentor and we were thirsty and starving. I got out of my cave while Scott (9) was still asleep and I saw a bush filled with lots of juicy berries. I was so hungry and the berries were so tempting, so I picked one and slipped it in my mouth. I remember feeling light-headed before collapsing to the floor and dieing. BOOM

Scott Jameison - District 9

I heard a cannon and saw that Delilah (9) wasn't in the cave. I immediately ran out and saw Delilah's dead body and the nightlock that was on the ground next to her. My district partner just died and I was all alone by myself.

Lyze Kiel - District 4

We all woke up and saw that Katy (1) wasn't here. We'd heard a cannon and thought that she had died, but after a while we figured that she was smart enough to survive by herself. We were all sitting happily in the cornucopia, but we were a little anxious knowing that Katy (1) was out there somewhere.

Lindsay Mill - Capitol

Me, Opal (8) and Elliot (8) were all eating the food that our sponsors had sent us when we heard a noise from within the trees. I went looking by myself to see what was causing the noise when I heard a voice whispering to me. "Hey, Lindsay! It's me! Alliance?". I recognised his voice immediately. "Sure" I said. Cyan (C) appeared from out the bushes and I walked him over towards Opal (8) and Elliot (8). "Guys, this is Cyan. He's from the Capitol like me and he's the newest addition to our alliance!". They both welcomed him to the group and continued with their meals. After they'd finished, I suggested that we relocated to the rocky area because there were less tributes there. Everyone agreed, but we all knew it would be tough getting past the cornucopia without alerting the careers to our presence.

Coral Fable - District 4

We were all in the cornucopia when we heard a noise from outside. We ran out and saw Elliot (8), Opal (8), Lindsay (C) and Cyan (C) making their way from the forest towards the rocky area. All of us careers ran towards them with our weapons and all hell broke loose. Weapons were flying around and people began fighting. I was just getting my throwing knives ready when I saw Elliot (8) send a dart from his blowgun into Diamond's (1) neck. BOOM Diamond's (1) body slupmed to the floor and his neck was still splurting out blood. I ran towards the cornucopia and grabbed some more weapons. When I ran back out, Lindsay (C), Elliot (8) and Opal (8) had all reached the edge of the rocky area and were waiting for Cyan (C) to cross over to them when Mckenna (2) sent an arrow into his skull. BOOM The 3 non-careers ran away into the rocky area, but none of us chased after them. We didn't feel safe in the cornucopia anymore, so we grabbed all the supplies that we could and relocated to the forest. None of us had poison, so we couldn't poison the water stream near the cornucopia, but we were just focused on moving to somewhere safe in the forest. We hoped that tomorrow there would be a feast so that more tributes would die, because our alliance was rapidly decreasing in numbers. The only people left were me, Lyze (4), Coral (4) and Ordosal (10). Katy was nowhere to be found.

Berit Forne - District 11

Me and Serina (10) were sat in the back of our cave when all of a sudden we heard a huge thud. We moved towards the opening of our cave and saw Scott (9) lying on the floor in the opening of the cave. He must've tripped over the trip wire that I had set up. His nose was bleeding and he had a big bruise on his forehead. "Is he dead?" I asked. "No. He's just unconscious. We would've heard his cannon by now. Berit, you finish him off with your awl" said Serina (10). I grabbed the awl that my sponsor had sent me, took a deep breath and plunged the awl into Scott's (9) chest. BOOM His cannon sounded and we pushed his dead body out of our cave. We took his dagger from him, but that was all he had. We went back inside the cave and waited for the hovercraft to pick up his body.

Tommy Lohter - District 7

We'd heard four cannons today, and we were hoping that there would be some more. I told Gabrielle (5) and Brie (7) that I was going hunting for food, and they told me to be careful. I didn't need to be careful though, because I presumed that most of the deaths had happened to tributes in the forest. I hunted for a short while and eventually found a rabbit running around on the floor. I lined up my spear, ready to throw it at the rabbit, when I felt an arrow go straight through my head. I saw Isa (3) jumping down from her tree with her bow and pulling the arrow out of my head. Then, my eyes closed and my heart stopped. BOOM

Brann Clatch - District 3

It was dark and me and Asher (12) were enjoying the soups that Asher's mentor had sent us. We'd both received weapons and water from our sponsors, so we were doing pretty good. We heard the anthem play and looked up in the sky to see who had died to day. The boy from 1 appeared first, followed by the boy from 7, the boy and girl from 9 and the boy from the Capitol. We were pretty happy that we had made the final 15, but we knew that our alliance would have to be broken off at some point.

Gabrielle Beets - District 5

Me and Brie (7) were still in shock at the tributes that had died today. We thought that Tommy was still out hunting, but it turned out that he was killed. We were just about to go to sleep when we heard Claudius Templesmith's voice on the loudspeaker. "Hello tributes. Congratulations on making the final 15! Tomorrow there will be a feast. Each of you will have your own bag containing something that you will benefit from. I can exclusively reveal that one tribute's bag contains instant relief, something which all of you may need in order to survive the final battle at the end of the Games. Oh, I forgot to mention, we've planned a surprise for all of you that choose not to attend the feast. Can you afford to attend the feast or are you desperate to see the surprise that we've planned for the non-attenders? The choice is yours..."

The Fallen

Delilah Woods - District 9

Diamond Unshatterable - District 1

Cyan Richest - Capitol

Scott Jameison - District 9

Tommy Lohter - District 7

Day 3 - The Feast

Brann Clatch - District 3

I decided not to go to the feast. I hadn't received any advice from my mentor, so I assumed that this 'surprise' wouldn't anything major. I said goodbye to Asher (12) and climbed up a tree so that I would be safe from any land-muttations. Me and Asher (12) had agreed that after the feast, we would be ending our alliance. Asher (12) was going to relocate to the rocky area after the feast, but I was going to stay in the forest. I was resting against the tree when I heard a strange noise coming from the sky. I looked up and saw bird muttations flying towards me. I jumped out of my tree and fell on my leg. It was twisted and looked broken. I screamed out in pain as the bird mutts pecked my eyes out and ripped out my throat. BOOM

Lyze Kiel - District 4

I'd just heard a cannon and I started to get worried. Mckenna (2), Coral (4) and Ordosal (10) had gone to the feast and had left me to guard the supplies. I heard barking coming from behind me. I turned around and was immediately pinned down to the ground by land muttations. I felt one of the muttations to sink it's teeth into my chest and my eyes slowly closed. I just heard the sound of my cannon before my eyes shut completely. BOOM

Serina Forstswords - District 10

Me and Berit (11) were crouched down behind a rock where we could see the opening of the cornucopia. The hovercraft came hovering over the cornucopia and dropped the bags in front of it. I saw Coral (4) immediately run out of the cornucopia and grab her bag. She ran straight back into the cornucopia with her bag and waited there. She had a trident and I presumed that she was going to kill any non-careers that went for their bags. I saw Ordosal (10) run out of the cornucopia and check each bag to see which had his district number on it. I stood up, loaded my bow and fired it at him. It landed straight in his neck, killing him instantly. BOOM Me and Berit (11) moved behind a rock further away from the cornucopia. I still had a grin on my face, knowing that I just killed a career.

Katy Belle - District 1

I lanned on alligning with the carrers again, because I found it hard surviving on my own. I ran into the cornucopia, knowing that Coral (4) was in there. As I entered the cornucopia, I saw Coral (4) sticking her trident into Lindsay's (C) chest. BOOM She dropped to the floor, dead. Opal (8) was stood in the cornucopia, and she didn't have an ally to protect her anymore. I threw my trident at Opal (8), and it landed in her stomach. BOOM I saw Elliot (8) firing darts at me and Coral (4). I pulled out my trident from Opal's (8) stomach and ran away with Coral (4). She told me that Mckenna (2) was the only career left besides from us, but when we reached the edge of the forest, Mckenna (2) was nowhere to be seen. I turned around and saw Mckenna (2) running away into the rocky area with her bag. Me and Coral (4) were the only members left of the careers alliance.

Asher Silvera - District 12

While all the fighting was happening, I'd snuck across into the rocky area. I didn't get my bag because I knew that I'd be in danger of being killed. I found a cave and set up camp there. I realised that I didn't have many supplies left and that I needed these Games to be over soon if I was going to survive.

Isa Guard - District 3

There was only me, Gabrielle (5) and Brie (7) left at the feast. Everyone else had ran off. I didn't set up a trap at the feast, and there was no point in doing it now. I saw Gabrielle (5) and Brie (7) running into the cornucopia and grabbing there bags. I shot an arrow at them, but it missed. They looked up and saw me in the tree. I immediately jumped out of the tree and started to run away with my backpack that had some of my supplies in it. My wire was at my base camp and I was holding my bow and arrows whilst I was running. I could hear them chasing me from behind. I started to get tired, and I wasn't running as fast as I was before. I felt a knife plunge into my back, and I fell to the ground. The last thing I saw was Gabrielle (5) pulling her throwing knife out of my back and Brie (7) taking my backpack that had my night-vision glasses in it, and a canteen filled with water. BOOM

Berit Forne - District 11

Gabrielle (5) and Brie (7) had ran away from the cornucopia and were hunting down Isa (3). We heard a cannon, but we didn't know who's it was. We had hidden behind such a large rock that no one ever spotted us. We ran towards the cornucopia and grabbed our bags, knowing that we were the last ones here and that the bags would be taken away by the hovercraft again soon. Once we had our bags, we ran back to our cave and settled down. We opened our bags up and they both contained a pair of night-vision glasses and instant relief. We hugged each other, still in shock that we had just gained the two of the most expensive items that the Games could offer.

The Fallen

Brann Clatch - District 3

Lyze Kiel - District 4

Ordosal Livingston - District 10

Lindsay Mill - Capitol

Opal Bayler - District 8

Isa Guard - District 3

Everyone gets +$100 for Top 9!

Day 4 - The Penultimate Day

Coral Fable - District 4

We were down to the final 9 and I knew that I had to start taking risks in order to win. It was early morning, and Katy (1) was still sleeping. I picked up my trident, took a deep breath, and stuck the trident into Katy's (1) chest. BOOM I knew that Gabrielle (5) and Brie (7) were the only other tributes in the forest, and I planned on killing both of them so that I would be a step closer towards winning this thing. I knew it would be hard, but it had to be done.

Gabrielle Beets - District 4

Me and Brie (7) woke up to the sound of a cannon. We hoped that Coral (4) had been killed because she was our biggest competitor. We were about to eat some bread when all of a sudden a throwing knife landed in our pack of supplies. I looked up and saw Coral (4) tied to a tree, throwing knives at me and Brie (7). I knew that if I threw my spear at her, she couldn't avoid it because she was tied tightly to the tree she was in. I picked up my spear, aimed it at Coral (4) and released it. It went flying towards her, and went straight through her stomach. BOOM Her body was covered in blood and it wasn't a pretty sight. I climbed up the tree and closed my eyes whilst I retrieved my spear. I jumped down from the tree and me and Brie (7) began to realise that were we the last ones in the forest.

Berit Forne - District 11

Me and Serina (10) had come up with a plan to kill another tribute. I set up a snare whilst Serina (10) rubbed posion on a dead animal that we had killed. We put the poisoned animal in the snare and went back into our cave. We peeped through the hole in our cave and saw Asher (12) walking towards our trap. He took the dead animal from the snare and started roasting it on the fire he had created. After about 5 minutes, he shoved the posioned meat in his mouth and started choking. He gasped for air before his eyes closed and his cannon sounded. BOOM Me and Serina (10) looked at each other and smiled, knowing that we were so close to the end now.

Elliot Ryan - District 8

I camoflauged myself on one of the trees that was in the rocky area and waited for a tributw to walk by. I saw Mckenna (2) walking towards me, and I knew this was my only chance to attack her. I quickly grabbed my blowgun and started shooting darts at her. The first one missed completely, and she soon noticed where I was. I immediately shot another one at her and it landed in her neck, just as she was running at me. BOOM It was a very close shave, but I came out of it alive. It was dark now, and it was time to see who had died today. The girl from 1 appeared first, then the girl from 2, then the girl from 4 and finally the boy from 12. Wow, all 3 remaining careers died today, and I was the only boy left in the arena.

The Fallen

Katy Belle - District 1

Coral Fable - District 4

Asher Silvera - District 12

Mckenna Ecelintic - District 2

Day 5 - The Victors Are Crowned

Brie Stevens - District 7

We woke up and all of a sudden the ground began shaking. Pieces of the arena became falling debris and the ground started collapsing and formed a giant black hole. Me and Gabrielle (5) grabbed all of our weapons and ran to the field area. When we arrived, we saw Elliot (8), Serina (10) and Berit (11) all stood in the field area with their weapons. I looked around and the whole arena was an empty field. The forest and the rocky area had disintergrated and the field had taken over the whole arena. The cornucopia was in the center, but it didn't have any weapons in it. All of a sudden, Claudis Templesmith's voice came on the loudspeaker. "Hello final 5 tributes! Before you start fighting to the death, there is something you should know. This year, the tributes of the 173rd Hunger Games have impressed the gamemakers so much that they are allowing 2 victors this year. Yes, that's right, 2 tributes will become victors this year. But, for the other 3, you will have fallen at the final hurdle. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour!".

Elliot Ryan - District 8

Everyone immdeiately got into their fighting positions and I knew I was at a disadvantage because I knew that Serina (10) and Berit (11) would team up and that Gabrielle (5) and Brie (7) would team up. I began shooting my darts as fast as I could, but they weren't hitting anyone. I had a few darts left when I heard someone running at me from behind. I turned around and saw Brie (7) charging at me. I started blowing darts at her but they kept missing. I only had one left, and was about to shoot it when Brie (7) sent a throwing axe straight into my chest. BOOM

Serina Frostswords - District 10

Elliot just died, and now it was me and Berit (11) vs Gabrielle (5) and Brie (7). Gabrielle started running at Berit (11) and Berit began throwing awls at her. The second awl that Berit (11) threw landed in Gabrielle's (5) leg. Gabrielle screamed in pain, and threw at knife at Berit (11) in anger. It landed in Berit's stomach, and she had a massive wound. "Use your instant relief!" I yelled at Berit (11). She started looking through her backpack, desperately trying to find her instant relief. Gabrielle (5) had gotten back up and was advancing towards Berit (11) with a spear. "Hurry up Berit!" I yelled. Just as Berit (11) found her instant relief, Gabrielle (5) stood over Berit (11) and sent a spear into her chest, killing her instantly. BOOM "NOOOOO!" I screamed. My body was raging with anger, and without hesitation, I sent an arrow flying straight into Gabrielle's (5) skull. BOOM All of a sudden, Claudius Templesmith's voice boomed into the arena. "Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the victors of the 173rd Hunger Games, Brie Stevens of District 7 and Serina Frostswords of District 10!".

Brie Stevens - District 7

A hovercraft came over us and took us out of the arena. As we left the arena, I looked at it one last time, thinking of all the chaos that had happened there over the past few days. I saw Elliot, Gabrielle and Berit's dead corpses all lying on the ground, and then all of a sudden, the hovercraft zoomed off and took us to our chambers. I remember seeing Capitol workers drugging me and sending me to sleep. Then, I woke up, and saw that my cuts and bruises had vanished, and my body had never looked better. My prep team entered the room and started getting me ready for the highlights of the Games and the winner's interview. I hadn't seen Serina (10) since the Games, but we would be seeing each other soon. Serina Frostswords - District 10

Me and Brie (7) sat down and watched the highlights of the Games. First, they showed the bloodbath, and Brie (7) killing Tristan (11) with her axe. Then, they showed a clip of me hunting in the rocky area and the giant boulder rolling towards me, and Berit (11) warning me to get out of the way just as I dodged the boulder. If it wasn't for her, I would've died that day, but instead, I'm alive and she's dead. I started to get teary-eyed, but I held the tears back, because there were worse clips to come. They showed brief clips of me and Berit (11) finding Scott (9) unconscious and Brie's (7) district partner, Tommy (7), getting killed by Isa (3). Then, they skipped to the feast, and they showed the clip of me sending an arrow into Ordosal's (10) neck. I wondered what District 10 would think of me, knowing that I had killed my district partner. Then they showed Brie (7) and Gabrielle (5) hunting down Isa (3) and killing her. They also showed a clip of Brie (7) and Gabriele (5) killing Coral (4) too. I realised how much of an impact Brie (7) and Gabrielle (5) had had on these Games, and how I had killed Gabrielle (5), the most lethal tribute in the arena. They showed me and Berit (11), posioning the animal's skin and watching Asher (12) die from it. Then, they showed the final battle. The part that I was dreading. They showed Brie (7) killing Elliot (5) with her throwing axe, and then they showed the most awful moment of my life. The moment that Gabrielle (5) sent a spear into Berit's (11) chest whilst she was trying to get her instant relief. They showed me yelling and screaming before sending an arrow into Gabrielle's (5) skull. Then, the footage ended, and the screen went dark. The buzzer sounded for a commercial break and I ran off crying into my dressing room. My escort came in and gave me a copy of the Hunger Games Review Book, but I didn't bother to read it. I simply just skipped through the pages, tore Berit's picture out and kept it safe with me. She was my best friend, and I lost her. I felt like it was my fault that she had died.I could've risked my life to save her, but no. I'm here with Brie (7), when I should be here with Berit (11). My escort came back in and told me that I was needed back on stage. I dried my tears and prepared myself for the interview with Caesar Flickerman.

Post-Games Interview

Caesar: Ladies and Gentleman, I am proud to introduce the victors of the 173rd Hunger Games, Brie Stevens from District 7 and Serina Frostswords of District 10! *audience cheers and applauds*

Caesar: So, let's start with you, Brie. You proved to everyone that you were a strong competitor, and a force to be reckoned with. What do you think it was that helped you get here?

Brie: I couldn't have done it without Gabrielle. Me and her were both wanting to kill the others so that we could go home. Unfortunately, Gabriellemissed out by one spot, but I am glad to have met her, and she will always be in my heart.

Caesar: What do you think was the key moment for you in the Games?

Brie: I think that when I killed Tristan, it gave me confidence that I could win these Games and that I wasn't just going to die early, but that I was in these Games for a reason. I lost my brother to the Games a couple of years ago, and I have never got over it, and never will, but I am proud to have won it for him and for my family.

Caesar: And what about you, Serina? How has the Games affected you?

Serina: I will never be the same again. After losing Berit, I don't think I'll ever find someone as special as her in my entire life. She meant something to me, but to you guys, she was just a piece in your Games. It sickens me that someone as kind and as loving as Berit could just die in an instant for no reason other than people's pleasure.

Caesar: You never came across as a tough competitor until the feast, when you killed Ordosal, your district partner. What sparked the fire in you to become a ruthless tribute?

Serina: I knew I had to come home, and I knew that in order to do that I had to kill Ordosal. I believed that I could win, but I never thought about Berit dieing, because it was something that I didn't want to happen, but, her death was tragic, and I will always think about her in my thoughts, and she she was a loyal friend, something that I don't have back in District 10.

Caesar: Well congratulations once again to Brie Stevens from District 7 and Serina Frostswords from District 10! I hope you enjoyed these Games as much as I did and I am glad to say the the odds were in these young ladies favours. Goodnight, and until next time, goodbye!

Epilogue - After The Games

Brie Stevens - District 7

I had become a well-known celebrity in District 7 and I enjoyed the luxurious lifestyle that I lived in the victors village with my parents. They had become happy again, and even though they weren't over my brother's death, they were glad to have me home. I made regular trips to District 5 and visited Gabrielle's family every so often. I gave them gifts and brought them things that they could enjoy, and I always thanked them for how loyal and trustworthy Gabrielle was to me. The Games had changed my families life in both good and bad ways, and it had changed my life completely. I would never forget them.

Serina Frostswords - District 10

I made trips to the Capitol whenever I could so that I could make some money. Obviously I didn't need the money, but I wanted to thank District 11 for allowing Berit into my life, and I wanted to repay them. I'd set up a boutique in the Capitol and it had become a popular store for Capitol citizens to visit. The store was decorated with pictures of the most beautiful tribute, inside and out, that the Games had ever seen. All of the Capitol knew who this girl was. She had become a well-known tribute, and even though she didn't win, she won the heart of Panem. The name of the store? Berit's Boutique.

Death Chart

Place Tribute

Day Killed

Killed By Killed From
28 Aquan Swimmers 1 Katy Belle Trident in Chest
27 Tristan Kirp 1 Brie Stevens Axe in Head
26 Lavender Rose 1 Ordosal Livingston Axe in Back
25 Travis Lindberg 1 Carl Camm Stabbed in Chest
24 Carl Camm 1 Gabrielle Beets Spear in Head
23 Peter Blake 1 Coral Fable Knife in Head
22 Lily Kane 1 Diamond Unshatterable Stabbed in Stomach
21 Katrina Villa 1 Scott Jameison Stabbed in Chest
20 Delilah Woods 2 Nightlock Berries Food Poisoning
19 Diamond Unshatterable 2 Elliot Ryan Dart in Neck
18 Cyan Richest 2 Mckenna Ecelintic Arrow in Skull
17 Scott Jameison 2 Berit Forne Awl in Chest
16 Tommy Lohter 2 Isa Guard Arrow through Head
15 Brann Clatch 3 Muttations Throat Ripped Out
14 Lyze Kiel 3 Muttations Teeth in Chest
13 Ordosal Livingston 3 Serina Frostswords Arrow in Neck
12 Lindsay Mill 3 Coral Fable Trident in Chest
11 Opal Bayler 3 Katy Belle Trident in Stomach
10 Isa Guard 3 Gabrielle Beets Knife in Back
9 Katy Belle 4 Coral Fable Trident in Chest
8 Coral Fable 4 Gabrielle Beets Spear in Stomach
7 Asher Silvera 4 Serina Frostswords Poisoned
6 Mckenna Ecelintic 4 Elliot Ryan Dart in Neck
5 Elliot Ryan 5 Brie Stevens Axe in Chest
4 Berit Forne 5 Gabrielle Beets Spear in Chest
3 Gabrielle Beets 5 Serina Frostswords Arrow in Skull
Victor Brie Stevens -------------------- -------------------- --------------------
Victor Serina Frostswords -------------------- -------------------- --------------------

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