Introduction + Tribute Information

Hey, it's Wesley (Wesolini) and Annabella (AxedFox) here. We're deciding to make a joint games together, a quarter quell. These games will be very interestng, and for a fact, we will NOT be accepting dull tributes that have been used before. It's time to get creative, because these games will be sensational.

Tribute Information

  1. We won't be accepting tributes that have been used before. We want creative, brand new tributes with something to offer, we need to work well with your tribute. Backstories and personalities are a must in these games, and the most detailed tributes will most likely go far. This includes that names must be creative and unique, and weapons shouldn't just be your average knives and spears, but other weapons like scimitars and halberds.
  2. For tribute pictures, we won't be accepting lunaiis, we will be wanting long, realistic descriptions of what your tribute's appearance is like, and you will be providing a real life image of your tribute. If you can not provide a real life picture, we can find one on google images for you.
  3. Make as many tributes as you wish, we will be selecting the best tributes from the whole swarm, so if you have nothing to do in your spare time on here, submit another tributes.
  4. For your tribute, you must provide; name, age, district, gender, appearance, weapons, strengths, personality, backstory, reaping reaction, interview angle, bloodbath strategy, game strategy, token and any other information you wish to provide. The more, the higher the odds are.

Quarter Quell Twist!

Once a tribute has been reaped, the reaped tribute must bring along a loved one half their age with them as their counterpart. 

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