aka Franco Dominguez

  • I live in Panem
  • I was born on July 2
  • My occupation is Tribute
  • I am Male
  • FrAnCoTHG

    District Boys and Girls Apparience Height Weapon
    1- Craig

    17 years old, golden, yellowish eyes. white skinned

    5,8 Spears.
    1- Zaphire 16 years old, Blonde and white with her hair pulled backwards. white skinned 5,7 Kukris.
    2- Zano 18 years old, Bald Mohawk hair, hypnotizing grey eyes, pale skinned. 6,6

    Knives, sword and bow.

    2- Dana 14-15 years old, olive skinned, green eyes, long ponytail with puffys. 5,5

    Curved Sword.

    3- Boy 15-16 years old, pale skinned, yellow eyes, dark golden hair. 5,6


    3- Girl 15 years old, Pale skinned, brown hair, yellowish green eyes, short mushroom hair. 5,3 Never learned.
    4- Boy 17 years old, blonde Mohawk, light olive skin and blue eyes. 5,9 Hooks.
    4- Girl 17 years old, light olive skin, brown eyes, black hair. 5,…

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  • FrAnCoTHG

    57th Hunger Games

    August 25, 2012 by FrAnCoTHG

    The 57th Hunger Games were seattled 18 years before the 3rd Quarter Quell. With Cecelia as the victor.

    District Boy Girl
    1 Craig Zaphire
    2 Zano Dana
    3 Tribute Boy Tribute Girl
    4 Tribute Boy Tribute Girl
    5 Tribute Boy Tribute Girl
    6 Tribute Boy Tribute Girl
    7 Tribute Boy Tribute Girl
    8 Kyley Cecelia
    9 Devine Fenix
    10 Tribute Boy Kenia
    11 Kalim Tamir
    12 Tribute Boy Tribute Girl

    Only 11 tributes were named.

    The arena was pretty different than others:

    It was half Forest with same resources as the one in the 74th HG, half medieval ruins and half mountine and lake.

    Cecelia hears the gong sound she fails to jump from her pendium, she looks up and sees the girl from 6 crawling away from Zano, then she sees Zaphire slamming the girl from three with a crate and leav…

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  • FrAnCoTHG


    Males Females
    1 Marvel Glimmer
    2 Cato Clove
    3 Noah Amber
    4 Sebastian Azora
    5 Dean Finch
    6 Jason Tamora
    7 Wallace Sienna
    8 Lee Svannah
    9 Craigh Demetria
    10 Timmer Susan
    11 Thresh Rue
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