The 57th Hunger Games were seattled 18 years before the 3rd Quarter Quell. With Cecelia as the victor.


District Boy Girl
1 Craig Zaphire
2 Zano Dana
3 Tribute Boy Tribute Girl
4 Tribute Boy Tribute Girl
5 Tribute Boy Tribute Girl
6 Tribute Boy Tribute Girl
7 Tribute Boy Tribute Girl
8 Kyley Cecelia
9 Devine Fenix
10 Tribute Boy Kenia
11 Kalim Tamir
12 Tribute Boy Tribute Girl

Only 11 tributes were named.


The arena was pretty different than others:

57th Hg

57th HG arena

It was half Forest with same resources as the one in the 74th HG, half medieval ruins and half mountine and lake.


Cecelia hears the gong sound she fails to jump from her pendium, she looks up and sees the girl from 6 crawling away from Zano, then she sees Zaphire slamming the girl from three with a crate and leave her falling, then she sees the boy and the girl from 12 scapping with weapons and bags while they are being chased by the boy from 4 and 6, then Dana appears with a curved sword running towards Cecelia but Fenix jumps and attacks Dana but she couldn't kill her, while Cecelia runs to get a bagpack Zaphire stabbs the district 3 girl with a Kukri pulling her throat out her neck, then the boy from five tries to grab bagpack but Zano grabs him and kills him while Cecelia runs and scapes with her large knife and her bagpack.

Tributes Death Order:

Day Tributes
2 Devine, Both from 7 and Kenia.
4 Boy from 4 and 6.
7 Craig, Dana, Boy from 10 and Tamir.

Both from 12 and Kalim.

11 and 12 Zano and Zaphire.

After the death of Zano, mourning comes but it was still dark, Zaphire throws Cecelia to a cornucopia wall and once cecelia is sitting on the grass, Zaphire thrusts a knife on the right side of her chest but only as close to injure her arm, cecelia scared by all the things Zaphire was saying about winning and kill her slowly she takes a knife and stabs her in the stomach with a large knife cecelia had, Zaphire ends up with a big wound inside her stomach and dies leaving Cecelia as the victor.

Tributes apparience:

District Boys and Girls Apparience Height Weapon
1- Craig

17 years old, golden, yellowish eyes. white skinned

Male Spears.
1- Zaphire 16 years old, Blonde and white with her hair pulled backwards. white skinned Female Kukris.
2- Zano 18 years old, Bald Mohawk hair, hypnotizing grey eyes, pale skinned. Male

Knives, sword and bow.

2- Dana 14-15 years old, olive skinned, green eyes, long ponytail with puffys. Female

Curved Sword.

3- Boy 15-16 years old, pale skinned, yellow eyes, dark golden hair. Male


3- Girl 15 years old, Pale skinned, brown hair, yellowish green eyes, short mushroom hair. Female Never learned.
4- Boy 17 years old, blonde Mohawk, light olive skin and blue eyes. Male Hooks.
4- Girl 17 years old, light olive skin, brown eyes, black hair. Female Hooks and fishing.
5- Boy 16 years old, arabian apparience, bald. Male Long Knife
5- Girl 16 years old, pale asian sikinned, red hair light brown eyes. Female Herbal Wisdom.
6- Male 15 years old 16, pale skinned, redish eyes, dark brown long hair. 5,5 Animal's Rage claws, fangs, insanity and kinfe.
6- Female 14- years old, red haired ponytails, pale skinned, dark brown eyes. 5,3 Baton and steeling.
7- Male 15- years old, brown hair, olive skin, brown eyes. 5,4 Axe.
7- Female 15- years old, dark golden hair curly tails, dark brown eyes, redish skin with frekles. 5,4 Axe.
8- Kyley 16- years old, 5,5 Spear.
8-Cecelia 14- years old, aqua green eyes, red curly hair and pale skinned with frekles. 4,11 Large Knife.
9- Devine
9- Fenix
10- Male
10- Kenia

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