Tributes apparience:

District Boys and Girls Apparience Height Weapon
1- Craig

17 years old, golden, yellowish eyes. white skinned

5,8 Spears.
1- Zaphire 16 years old, Blonde and white with her hair pulled backwards. white skinned 5,7 Kukris.
2- Zano 18 years old, Bald Mohawk hair, hypnotizing grey eyes, pale skinned. 6,6

Knives, sword and bow.

2- Dana 14-15 years old, olive skinned, green eyes, long ponytail with puffys. 5,5

Curved Sword.

3- Boy 15-16 years old, pale skinned, yellow eyes, dark golden hair. 5,6


3- Girl 15 years old, Pale skinned, brown hair, yellowish green eyes, short mushroom hair. 5,3 Never learned.
4- Boy 17 years old, blonde Mohawk, light olive skin and blue eyes. 5,9 Hooks.
4- Girl 17 years old, light olive skin, brown eyes, black hair. 5,10 Hooks and fishing.
5- Boy 16 years old, arabian apparience, bald. 5,5 Long Knife
5- Girl 16 years old, pale asian sikinned, red hair light brown eyes. 5,4 Herbal Wisdom.
6- Boy 15 years old 16, pale skinned, redish eyes, dark brown long hair. 5,5 Animal's Rage claws, fangs, insanity and kinfe.
6- Girl 14- years old, red haired ponytails, pale skinned, dark brown eyes. 5,1 Baton and steeling.
7- Boy 15- years old, brown hair, olive skin, brown eyes. 5,4 Axe.
7- Girl 15- years old, dark golden hair curly tails, dark brown eyes, redish skin with frekles. 5,4 Axe.
8- Kyley 16- years old, 5,5 Spear.
8-Cecelia 14- years old, aqua green eyes, red curly hair and pale skinned with frekles. 4,11 Large Knife.
9- Devine 14- years old, yellow eyes, caucasian, black hair. 5,4 Large Spear.
9- Fenix 13-14- years old, yellow eyes red haired long ponytails that reached her hips. 4,11 Quick, Survival skills.(even though she doesn't believe it.
10- Boy 18- light olive asian skin, brown hair, brown eyes, frekles. 6,3 Throwing Knives.
10- Kenia 14-15 Years old, brown hair, reddish eyes, caucasian. 5,5 Steeling.
11- Kalim 17- years old, olive skin, bald, green eyes. 6,1 Sword.
11- Tamir 12- years old, Olive skin with short curly tails and brown eyes. 4,6 Hide.
12- Boy 16- years old, pale skin, blonde hair, and grey eyes. 5,11 Bow.
12- Girl 12- years old, blonde short ponytails, pale skinned blue eyes. 4,8 Knife.

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