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  • My occupation is Playing IB
  • I am Two People
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    Set 500 years into the future, where wars have come and gone, wiping out thousands within minutes, where most people didn't survive, except a couple hundred. The couple hundred had escaped far away to the planet zuuphord, and started a new "super-human" race. Little did they know that a robot was living amungst them, killing one person each year, slowly using their bodies for the robots master plan....

    Blue-Ribbonz and EverAfterHighFreak are proud to present....

    Who's The Robot :: Future Academy





    Power: (See List, one different power per person)

    Real Life Picture: (Can be a model or your own picture)

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    2. No spamming to get a  "good" number such as 100, 69, 200 ect.

    3. The active people will be mo…

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