Set 500 years into the future, where wars have come and gone, wiping out thousands within minutes, where most people didn't survive, except a couple hundred. The couple hundred had escaped far away to the planet zuuphord, and started a new "super-human" race. Little did they know that a robot was living amungst them, killing one person each year, slowly using their bodies for the robots master plan....

Blue-Ribbonz and EverAfterHighFreak are proud to present....

Who's The Robot :: Future Academy






Power: (See List, one different power per person)

Real Life Picture: (Can be a model or your own picture)


1. No Fighting In Comments

2. No spamming to get a  "good" number such as 100, 69, 200 ect.

3. The active people will be more likely to survive

4. Stay active! 

5. People may guess after each day, but if they are wrong, the robot claims another victom, if right, then there may or may not be a clue for there character.

6. Enjoy!

7. If nobody guesses the robot, the death will happen twice, if somebody does, somebody will come close to death or the least active person will die >.<


1. Xray Vision

2. Heat Vision

3: Super-Speed

4. Invisability

5. Telekinesis

6. Super-Hearing

7. Elasticity

8. Illusions 

9. Self Duplication

10. Shapeshifting

11. Possession

12. Force Field Conduction

(Whoever is the Robot thanks to Random.Org can easily pretend he/she has the power)

Robots Powers

1. Invisability

2. Illusions

3. Xray Vision

(It may or may not be a person with these powers, but if not, then the robot also has the power written down for him/her)


Name Age Power Status
Aiden 14 Xray Vision Alive (Not-Suspected)
Tara 16 Heat Vision Alive (Not-Suspected)
Kyle 17 Super-Speed Alive (Not-Suspected)
Erlend 15 Invisability Alive (Not-Suspected)
Summer 14 Telekinesis Alive (Not-Suspected)
Same 15 Super-Hearing Alive (Not-Suspected)
Milla 15 Elasticity Alive (Not-Suspected)
Blake 12 Illusions Alive (Not-Suspected)
Sophie-Lee 14 Self Duplication Alive (Not-Suspected)
Billie 14 Shapeshifting Alive (Not-Suspected)
Nick 14 Possession Alive (Not-Suspected)
Aspen 15 Force Field Conduction Alive (Not-Suspected)

  • Sophie-Lee (Self Duplication)
  • Erlend (Invisibility)
  • Blake (Illusions)
  • Summer (Telekinesis)
  • Aspen (Force Field Conduction)
  • Kyle (Super-Speed)
  • Tara (Heat Vision)
  • Billie (Shapeshifting)
  • Nick (Possession)
  • Milla (Elasticity)

Chapter One:|:Dorm's

Milla & Tara's Dorm|Milla's P.O.V

"Hey, Watch it!" I exclaimed, staring at Tara in disgust, who had just used her heat ray vision, aiming right at, or behind me. Tara just laughed "Sorry, didn't see you there!" Tara gave a half-hearted smirk before walking away further into the dorm. I can't belive i've been pared with her, out of everyone. Its like she wears a super-mask or somthing, since in training, she seems so sweet, but now she's just acting a bit bitchy, well, more than a bit. 

I scan the room, takings in all the glowing red patterns along the walls, and the large circular window that gives off a view of the outside sky. Thought it made me depressed looking at it, with the pitch-black sky barly noticable upon the crimson, blood coloured stars. The beds in the room were of course, next to each other, which made me pretty angry. 

I noticed Tara staring into the elevator window, and I walked up to her, not quite sure what she was looking at, but as I approached, it came into view. I let out a small shriek to see a small, dead body. The elevator was covered in the girls blood, and judging by Tara's face, she knew the girl. 

"Oh my god!" she screamed, before she pressed the button to open the elevator and dashed in. I bit my lip, but I wasn't going anywhere near that body.

"Speak to me! Come on!" Tara's voice echoed through the room, before her crying stopped.

"Milla. Read this." I walked up to her, and looked at the blood-stained note she was holding. I scanned the note quickly, and read it out loud.

"Wan't some free cookies? Don't be afraid to take some, the blood is only an accessory to their beauty" I bit my lip and as I examined the body, I noticed a nametag, which read: Rebekah|Elementory Division|Hypnotising. I looked to Tara, and she shook her head. "No!"

I looked around for a minute, before noticing a phone in the dorm, and rushing over to it. I looked at the tiles for a minute, before speaking the numbers and pressing the 'Hologram' option.

The proffessors face automatically came up. "What's the matter?" she asked, her face showing no signs of knowing what happened. "I found an elemetory student.. Dead.. In the elevator."

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