• Fries234

    Ever hear of Cloveismywife? Well, he made an amazing series: The Mentor Games. I wanted to continue these games, so here they are.

    There are going to be 30 spots for signup, and each person will be assigned a random tribute from the hunger games after every one signs up. Their job is going to guide their tribute to victory(bloodbath strategy, general advice, sponsor gifts, alliances(but only those that would make sense to the series), etc.) Each tribute will get $500 to spend on their tribute, plus some bonuses. If confused, please refer to Cloveismywife's Mentor Games for more information.

    $50 per kill

    $50 for the top 20

    $100 for the top 8

    $200 for the top 4

    Awl: $100

    Axe: $150

    Blanket: $50

    Blowgun: $100

    Bow: $150

    Bread: $50

    Burn Cream: $125


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  • Fries234

    Hunger Games Reality Show

    October 18, 2013 by Fries234

    Hi, I am Rockman117, on a new account just trying to have fun with the Hunger Games like I used to on this wiki. To do that, I am doing a user competition that will hopefully have two teams of 10 members (that will be named after hunger games mascots) that will do various hunger games related challenges( I pick teams at random). Winners get immunity, losers lose 1 player. A surprise will happen halfway through the game, so look forward to that. To those who join this competition, good luck!

    Careers Anti-Careers
    Gladiator Urlaniou Rainbow Shifter
    Nightlock Kryptonite Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
    Prezziesnow9704:)! RawrImmaEatYa
    Nommehzombies District3
    TDR97 Iron Berry
    EvilhariboMadness TheFireJay
    LivesInDistrict1 Everderp
    WitchAndWizard Mineraku Rhyuabi

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