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  • Frizbee9800

    51st hunger games

    July 4, 2012 by Frizbee9800

    I flinch as the plexiglass tube drops around me and the plate brings me up. I adjust the clothes they gave us to wear which consist of a light green jacket, a black shirt, black jeans, a bandanna with my district number on it, socks, and steel toe boots (that are for kicking I presume). when I reach the top, my eyes are drawn to the other tributes and something is off of by the way we're orderd. Then it hits me we're put together by our alliances. The leaders of each group are in the middle of there alliance. My eyes are fixated with Nico and the deterimation on his face. All thoughts of him are erased when the find Eleka. She received the highest score in training, an 11. Wow, thats why we have Martly. He's gona tell us everything he know…

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