Hello everyone! This is going to be my first games and I hope it will be as good as Cloveismywife's Hunger Games and Foxfacedfanatic's Hunger Games!


The Hunger Games have been restarted by Katniss and Peeta's great-grandson. They will include the Capitol and District 13.


1. You are allowed 3 tributes.

2. Make them intersesting. NO PERFECT TRIBUTES. I will let other tributes fill taken slots if they are more interesting. I will announce in the comments if that happens. Do not get mad at me if your tribute is dropped from the games.

3. You can either make a lunaii, or I will make one for you. If you don't make the descirption clear.

4. Reservations last until all the other tribute spots are filled. Then they become null and void.

5. Do not get mad when your tribute dies.

6. I will try to update daily.

7. I shall not go to profiles.

8. I will write reapings, and then just do training scores. Then I will go to the games.

9. Please try to make them new.

That's it, so please submit a tribute now!

Tribute Template


District (Top 3):




Reaped or Volunteered:


Strengths (Only 2):



Weapons (Only 2):



Allies: ( If any )

Notes (If any):


District Gender Name Age Height Weapons User
District 1 Female Missy Catania 17 5"9 Throwing Knives, Spear Cloveismywife
District 1 Male Maxwell Robin 18 6"1 Sword, Spear Cloveismywife

District 2

Female Lisa Chrundabell 18 5"5 Club ~PopTart~
District 2 Male Dylan Goyth 18 6"0 Sword, Spear AsherMizzou
District 3 Female Issabella Electrode 18 5"8 Sword, Throwing Knives Prezziesnow9704:)!
District 3 Male Calcium Infinity 12 5"3 Axe, Snares Prezziesnow9704:)!
District 4 Female Cissabella Grey**** 16 5"3 Axe, Trident Mysims
District 4 Male Emmet Wood 18 6"4 Swords, Spears Cato rocks!
District 5 Female Amanda Starling 14 5"6 Bow and Arrow, Blowgun Dedejacob
District 5 Male Tyler Pine 16 5"7 Spear, Axe Wikia Contributor A
District 6 Female Jasmine Richards 18 5"11 Throwing Knives, Sword Eleni12
District 6 Male Flicks Marvel 17 5"8 Spear, Traps RZN2
District 7 Female Peyton Krei 16 5"4 Axes, Throwing Knives Eleni12
District 7 Male Tobious Leck 15 5"7 Spear, Sword Hungergameslover2121
District 8 Female Sian Malley 16 5"5 Throwing Knives, Martial Arts Annamisasa
District 8 Male Zaine Tisch 15 5"5 Traps, Throwing Knives RZN2
District 9 Female Tangerine Kettle**** 12 4"8 Small Knife Mysims
District 9 Male Klaver Fritz 16 5"8 Spear, Dagger RZN2
District 10 Female Ariannah Bear 15 5"4 Bow and Arrow Dedejacob
District 10 Male Lance Thrust 14 5"3 Spear, Trident Dedejacob
District 11 Female Demi Corres 17 5"6 Blowgun, Throwing Knives Eleni12
District 11 Male Matt Intelger 15 5"6 Throwing Knives, Mace Pierulesnotyou
District 12 Female Arla Fleur 12 4"7 Thread, Throwing Knivea Heavy Rotation
District 12 Male Mark Matthews 16 5"3 Bow and Arrow, Dagger Wikia Contributor A
District 13 Male Roger Silk 12 4"8 Sword ~PopTart~
District 13 Female Alexandra Stevens 14 5"4 Bow & Arrow, Knives Annamisasa
Capitol Female Vivian Corey 16 5"6 Blowgun, Knife Cloveismywife
Capitol Male Jake Salamando 15 5"4 Axe AsherMizzou
        • Due to Mysims ban, lily1997 will be mentoring Cissabella and Tangerine.

Tribute Gallerey


Anti-Poison: $100

Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Backpack: $50

Blanket: $50

Bow: $150

Blowgun: $100

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camoflauge Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Empty Water Bottle: $50

Fighting Fans (2): $75

Giant bouncy ball: $25

Instant Relief (Heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Large Tent (Can't be moved; Can house 4 tributes): $250

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (To protect infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (Allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (Large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (Cools tributes down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks(10)[usually for sling shot]: $25

Rope: $25

Shield: $100

Shovel: $100

Sleeping bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Small Tent (Can be carried around; Can house two tributes): $200

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Stuffed Animal (of your choice): $5

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Waffles (10): $50

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125


Maxwell Robin, District 1

Beep, beep. I wake up to that sound every morning to go to career training. I put on my training clothes, thinking that it was training today like always. When I get down stairs into the kitchen, I see my parents and sister, Annabelle talking. I don't know why she's down here this early. It's not like she has to go to school or training anymore ever since she won the Hunger Games. I'm about to head out the door, while eating a pancake until Annabelle comments "Your really wearing that to reaping? I thought you were volunteering today!" I sprint up the stairs. I totally forgot it was reaping day. I put on some nice clothes and rush out the door. My parents don't even wish me good luck, or even look up as I leave. I never get any attention anymore. It's Annabelle this, Annabelle that. As I leave I hear my sister say, "If he wants to win, he's gonna have to do better than forgetting its reaping day." She makes my blood boil. Why did she have to get reaped? I think to myself. Instead of being happy, she's so obsessed with herself. I'll show her by winning. I get my finger pricked and wave to my best friend, Lion Emerald. He is one of the few people in our district that doesn't want to be reaped or volunteer. He comes over and I suddenly feel bad about volunteering and leaving. But I know I'm going to come back, but I still don't tell him I'm volunteering. Just then, our escort, Flower Destiny bounds onto the stage, looking like a hippie, and greets us. The crowd cheers and she says: " Let's choose some tributes to represent our fabulous district!" She walks over to the girls bowl. She yells " Riley Norris!" a small 13 year old steps up to the stage until a beautiful girl yells "I volunteer!" It's Missy! She sits next to me in class. It's a shame I'm going to have to fight her."What's your name dear?" Flower asks."Missy Catania!" She cheerfully says in response. "Now for the boys!" She pulls out the top slip and calls "Lion Emerald!" He glances at me and his lip quivers. He walks shakily up to the stage until I yell "I volunteer!". He looks at me and smiles. "You can win this!" he yells to encourage me. I smile and walk up to the stage and announce "I am Maxwell Robins, and I will come back as a victor!" Flower claps along with the audience. "Annabelle's your sister right?" Flower asks. I nod and she smiles and says "I hope you do just as well as she does." The crowd cheers, and I shake Missy's hand. We climb into the train and meet Summer Ashton, another mentor who is also Annabelle's best friend. We also see Annabelle and she begins to tell us everything we need to win. I know I can do this.

Lisa Chrundabell, District 2

I ran down stairs in my best dress. I slid into my seat at the table where my parents were already sitting, drinking coffee. It's been 8 years since I last went to actual career training, after my parents lost their jobs and we could no longer afford it. But I've been training by myself, and I am planning on volunteering today. I know that I can win. "Mom, Dad..." I begin, but before I can finish my dad gets up and gives me a hug. "You'll do great out there honey." my dad tells me. "How did you know?" I ask. My mom laughs and says "I know you didn't notice, but we've been watching you train all this time. We've figured out you want to win, to make life better for all of us." I grin and say "I will!" I wave and run out the door. I see all the other girls who tease me because I didn't go to the career academy, and I lose all my cheerfulness. I put my head down and walk to reaping quietly. I get my finger pricked and stand in my area. Ella Flores runs out onto the stage in a crazy, umm I think it's a clown outfit? But everyone laughs and she yells, "Let's choose who will hopefully win for our district!" The crowd cheers and she reaches into the girls bowl. As she pulls out a slip I yell, "I volunteer!" Just seconds before other girls start yelling the same. I walk up to the stage proudly and tell Ella "My name is Lisa Chrundabell." The group of girls that tease me laugh, and someone yells, "Hey Lisa, how are you gonna win if you didn't go to Career Academy?" My face turns red, but I stay quiet. I'll show them when I win this thing. Ella yells "Be nice!". The crowd quiets down, but before she pulls a name from the boys bowl,she says "This time wait till I read a name before you volunteer!" Ella reaches into the bowl and calls "Richy Henderson!" The crowd laughs at his name and then someone yells "I volunteer!" A tall boy jogs up onto the stage. "Name please?" Ella asks. "Dylan Goyth." he replies. We shake hands and then Ella yells "Our tributes, Lisa Chrundabell and Dylan Goyth!" The crowd cheers as we board the train to the Capitol.

Calcium Infinity, District 3

I wake up and look at my mother, who is still in bed. A couple of years ago, my dad was killed by a fire in a factory he owned. My mother has never been the same since. She spends most of her time in bed, but she needs to get out today, because it's my first reaping. I nudge her and she blinks up at me. "Yes?" she asks, as if she is in some kind of daze. "Come on Mom! It's my first reaping day! You've got to come with me! I'm pretty scared!" I practically yell at her. She sighs. I head to the kitchen and make oatmeal. I drag my mom out of bed and to the breakfast table. I make her eat, and I begin to wonder why she is being SO VERY difficult. I usually walk everywhere because I'm not old enough to drive, but I make my mother drive us to the square today. I wave at her and go get my finger pricked. Bob Beetle, our escort, runs out onto the stage in a neon yellow jumpsuit. He yelled "Let's get on with it! Ladies first!" He skips over to the girl's bowl and reaches in. "Adrianna Softly" a pretty girl walks slowly up to the stage, knowing she will probably die. That is until a EXTREMLEY tough looking girl yells "I volunteer as tribute!". Bob looks impressed, and the girls grabs the microphone and screams "I am Issabella Electrode, and you bet I'm going to be coming back to District 3!" District 3 cheers in response to that. "Now for the boys!" Bob calls out. He reaches for the top slip and calls "Calcium Infinity!" I stare in shock. How, how is that possible? I'm sobbing as I walk up to the stage. I watch as my mother starts sobbing then collapses to the floor. "Mom..." I choke out before getting to the stage. Bob pulls out his phone and dialls 911. The last thing I see of district 3 is my mom being rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

Cissabella Grey, District 4

I stare out the window of my room at the care home, at the ocean. The sun hasn't risen yet. I'm planning on volunteering today. I'm going to make my parents proud, even though I never met them. I put on a blue dress and slip out the door. I creep onto the beach, and stand as far away from the water as possible. I'm not sure why, but water scares me a lot. I run through the sand quietly until I reach the cave that I keep my traing supplies in, for whenever I want to train alone. I grab my axe and practice swinging it around. I put it back and grab my wooden trident I made. I throw it, and for a moment I'm proud of how far it goes, until it lands in the murky, blue water. Oops. It's still dark out so I can't even see it, much less think of retrieving it. I guess it doesn't matter, because I'm going to win, and I don't have to train after that. I wish my parents hadn't been drug addicts. They would have been encouraging me, helping me and everything. But at the orphan care center that I live in, you just get blank stares. I reflect on my past as I walk back to the care home. The sun is beginning to rise by the time I get back, and everyone is lining up to go to reapings. I jump in line and we walk to the reaping in single file. We get to our reaping square and find... that it is covered in seaweed? Weird... Anyway, we get our fingers pricked and I head to the girls section. Mina Blue runs out onto the stage with her skin dyed blue. Gross. "Hello District 4!" Mina yells into the microphone. Everyone cheerss for her and Mina smiles. "Ok, no speeches this year! Let's choose who has the great honor to represent us this year!" The crowd cheers some more as she walks over to the girls bowl. "Ste-" She begins until me, and around 20 other girls scream "I volunteer!" She points and me and I walk up to the stage where I see a bunch of 18 year olds staring angrily at me. I laugh to myself until Mina asks for my name. "Cissabella Grey." I say into the microphone. "Let's give it up for our female tribute, Cissabella Grey!" Mina practically screams. The crowd goes crazy and I smile. Mina struts over to the boys bowl, but before she can reach in, and 18 year old yells "I volunteer!" The rest of the boys section looks angry, because your not supposed to volunteer until after the first letter is said. "I'm Emmet Wood!" He announces proudly. Mina ushers us into the train and starts giving Emmet the etiquette talk and how he should listen to the rules. He's not even listening as she blabs on, and on and on.

Amanda Starling, District 5

I wake up with a grin on my face. I don't even care that it's reaping day, because I finally have a family. I've lived on the streets almost all of my life ever since my village was destroyed. A power plant error did it, and basically destroyed my family, my life and everything. I've had to live on the streets ever since. Until 2 days ago, a family found me and took me in. That's why I'm so thrilled. I have a new life, a new family. I put on a beautiful dress, and gasped. I can't believe I'm wearing this. I skip down stairs and see my new parents and I smile. They get up and I hug them. My new brother, Arthur, who is 8, jumps happily into the kitchen. We all sit down at our table and eat something called waffles. They're pretty good. My new family and I hop into our small car and drive to the big square for the reaping. I hug everybody before I get my finger pricked and head into the girls section. I cross my fingers and hope that I won't be picked when Jeremy Thornhead comes bounding out onto the stage. I guess he expected a big applause or something because he looked disappointed when he was greeted with solem faces. "Not in the mood for celebrating I see, so let's pick some tributes and get it over with!" The crowd begins to murmur with anxiety, hoping they won't get picked. For some reason he struts over to the boy's bowl and reaches in. "Tyler Pine!" he yells. I see a boy walking slowly up to the stage, and I see a girl sobbing, I believe her name is Lauren Myers, she's his girlfriend. He tries to smile, but it's obvious he's pretty sad. Jeremy claps and walks over to the girls bowl. I'm starting to get nervous. My name is in there 20 times. Jeremy grabs the top slip and calls "Amanda Starling!" I almost faint. How... How... Could it be me..? I see my new family crying and my dad screams "You can do it honey!" I walk to the stage crying softly. I'll try to win. I hope I can. I yell "I love you, and I'll try!". I slip onto one of the cushioned chairs and start crying. I'll probably die, is my last thought before I fall asleep.

Flicks Marvel, District 6

I wake up getting shaken by my brother. Timothy is only 12 and he is quivering with anxiety. I grab his hands and say "It's ok, your not going to be reaped." He sighs and I can tell he's not positive that he won't be reaped. I grab his hand and we walk to our house's kitchen. My parents aren't awake yet so we head into their room and shake them awake. They hop up and we all walk into the kitchen. It's a mess. My mother looks around in dismay. I pipe up and say "Let's go out to eat then!" We go to the Italian Buffet.

1 hour later...

We are happy, full and then we remember we have to go to reaping. We drive over and arrive just in time. I grab Timothy's hand and we go get our fingers pricked and run into the roped section. Amy Cleo, our escort, jogs out onto the stage with neon green hair. The crowd cheers and she says "Who's our lucky representatives? Let's find out!" The crowd holds their breaths in anticipation. I squeeze my brothers hand and as she calls out the girls name "Jasmine Richards!" A pretty girl sobs on her way up to the stage. I feel badly for her. Amy claps and walks over to the boys bowl. I hold my breath and hope its not me. "Timothy Marvel!" she screams into the microphone. It wasn't me, but it was Timothy. "But you said... It wasn't going to be me... " Timothy says as he begins to sob as he walks up to the stage. "And it won't! I volunteer!" I yell and step to the stage. "Please come home!" I hear Timothy yell. I hope I can I think as I step into the train.

Tobious Leck, District 7

I weigh my spear in my hand, knowing this would probably be my last day of training before I become a victor. I narrow my eyes and look at the tree that I use for target practice in the forest training center that I've used for the last 10 years. I fling the spear and it soars through the air and hits the bulls eye I painted on the tree. I pull my sword out of a log and take a breath of the cool morning air. I look at the dummy I made out of leaves and chop it up. It falls apart, and I smile, knowing I'm ready. I walk back slowly, as it's still dark out. As I walk I begin to ponder how to tell my parents that I'm plannig to volunteer. I trained in secret and my parents never knew about it. I slip through the back door and climb in bed. A couple minutes later my mom comes into my room and gently shakes me so I will wake up. I pretend to groan and I act all sleepy. "Reapings today right?" I ask my mom. She smiles and says "It is, let's hope you don't get reaped today!" she says and ruffles my hair, and leaves me to get ready. I suddenly feel bad about volunteering, but I have too. I put on some nice clothes and run down stairs and grab a pop tart. My mom and dad sit on our couch and suddenly I feel toung tied. "M-Mom, D-Dad" I begin slowly. They stare at me intenltly and I gulp. "I've been training and I'm, I'm going to volunteer today." My dad looks shocked and my mom starts to cry. She gets up and grabs my hands "Then you have to win!" I hug her. "I will!" I announce and hug my dad, wave to them one last time and walk to reaping. I hope I see this beautiful place again. That's when I see her. Lyra. The girl I have had a crush on for like ever. If I win, she'll have to go out with me, but I don't think she would if I didn't volunteer and ask her out. She waves and I smile. I get my finger pricked and then Naomi Eden, our insane escort runs onto the stage. "Hello, hello, let's begin." she yells. I hope Lyra doesn't get reaped. "Peyton Krei!" she yells as she pulls a name from the girls bowl. At least it's not Lyra. Then she reaches for the boys bowl and I scream "I volunteer, and my name is Tobious Leck!" Lyra looks shocked, and Naomi claps and ushers us towards the train and I wave smiling towards what could be my death.

Sian Malley, District 8

Sunlight streams through the window of my small house and I blink awake. I peek down to the bottom bunk of my bed, where my only friend, Nicole Jacobson, is still asleep. I lean my head back and I drift into the memory of the day we met. One day, about a week after I bought my house from old furniture I had sold from my parents old house. My parents had died when I was young, and I had lived on the street ever since, saving my money. Nicole lived on the street as well, but I never met her until the night she saved me. On my way back from hunting late one night, I was attacked by a couple of rebel boys. I did well, I knocked one out cold, but then the other boy broke my leg. I didn't want to find out what would he would do to me. Luckily I never found out because of a girl and her throwing knife. Nicole saved me that night. I let her move in with me as long as she taught me how to throw knives. She became more than a teacher after a while, she became a friend. My thoughts are distrupted by a loud "What's for breakfast?". I hop out of the bunk and poke Nicole in the stomach. She laughs and squeaks "But I'm hungry!". I sigh and wander into my small kitchen and find that there is no food. "Nicole..." I call. "Let me guess, we don't have any food? In that case let's see your knife skills by going hunting!" I nod and she hops out of bed and hands me 3 knives. As we walk out the door, I see a rabbit and instinctively throw a knife at it. It kills it and Nicole cheers. We bring it inside and we have rabbit stew for breakfast. After she finishes eating, Nicole checks our calendar and sighs. "Reaping..." She says. She looks at me and asks "What will I do if you get reaped and die?" She asks. "I suppose you get this house, just without me here, lets go and get it over with!" Nicole smiles and I put on a leather bracelet she gave me. We walk to the reaping square and on our way Nicole talks about this boy she has a crush on. I sigh and say "No boy would ever want to go out with me..." Nicole looks astonished and protests "That is so not true!" I laugh and we get our fingers pricked. I find it weird how it flashes and says Sian Malley, Age. 16. When we get into the girls section, Polly Poof-Puff, our crazy pink fur loving escort, runs out onto the stage. Her high, squeaky voice can be heard throughout the square. "Don't you just love the hunger games?" She cries. "Because I do, and I can't wait to see who will die- I mean have a shot at victory!" Polly is so sick, not even just Polly, the whole Capitol is like that I heard. Who would want to watch children fight to the death? She skips over to the girls bowl and pulls out a slip. "S-Si- Oh that's how you say it! Sian Malley!" How... Tears start to well up, but then I brush them away. I have to be strong. I squeeze Nicole's hand and she smiles half heartedly but then I single tear falls down her face. I walk up to stage realizing I may never see my only friend again. Polly cheers and I feel a boiling anger. I snatch the microphone from her when I get up to the stage. I yell into it "I will win, but not to please the sicko citizens of the Capitol, but to see my best friend again!" Polly looks shocked and I smile. "Here, choose the boy that will participate in your cruel games." I say as I give her back the microphone. I don't think she was listening, because she says "Wow, I think we do have a winner!" I roll my eyes. She pokes around in the boys bowl and then calls "Zaine Tisch!" I smirk knowing I can win, he will be no threat. I make eye contact with Nicole and she nods. I walk onto the train over flowing with confidence.

Klaver Fritz, District 9

It's a mutt, it's going to kill me! I think as I run for my life from a tiger mutt. That's when I run into the girl from 1 who is laughing at me, holding a knife. I look behind me. The tiger mutt is mauling someone else. She throws the knife, I scream, knowing that I failed, I'm going to die. Then everything turns black and I find myself in my room. I take a breath, and remind myself that it was just a dream. What, what if I don't win? What if that happens? It's reaping and I'm volunteering, I trained and my four brothers can be reaped. I know our family needs money, so I am going to win. I sneak down stairs, my family isn't awake yet. I scribble a note saying I couldn't sleep, so I left for reaping early. I eat an egg, and walk out the door, wondering if I will ever see my home, or my family again. I can't bear to face them, to tell them what I'm planning to do. I take the scenic route, since I'm walking. The grain fields are so pretty, I hope my arena has one in it. I reach the reaping circle, and I think about how stupid reaping circle sounds. I get my finger pricked, and jog up to the front of the area. Argo Door, our dumb escort, is testing the microphone. He looks like a crazy rocker with his green hair and over-sized boots. Slowly the District begins to arrive. Their showing the recaps of the reapings, and I see the girl from District 8, who is hot, but EXTREMLEY tough, plus she planned to win. Maybe I'll volunteer next year, so I can win AND go out with her. I now don't plan on volunteering this year. Argo finally gets the microphone working and announces "Happy 196th Hunger Games! Who will represent us? Lets find out!" Reaching into both bowls simultaneously he calls "Tangerine Kettle and Marco Fritz!" No! Not my 12 year old brother! Two 12 year olds walk up to the stage, one of them being my brother. Maybe they will allow two victors this year, so that girl will fall in love with me, because I'm volunteering after all. "I volunteer as tribute!" I strut up to the stage and announce into the microphone " Hey everyone, I'm Klaver Fritz!" The only thing I can think about on the train rid to the Capitol is that hot girl from District 8 that I'm falling for. I think her name is Sian.

Arrianah Bear, District 10

I wake up to find myself being shaken by a peacekeeper. Just a couple days ago, my brother Lance and I were taken to the District 10 justice building. We had been surviving in the forest with our family when one day we were found by peace keepers. I guess because we didn't even know about the hunger games, much less get entered in the reaping. They marched into our little cabin, and my parents rushed to protect us, and yelled for us to run. The peacekeepers shot our parents, and grabbed us and took us to the justice building. They told us about the death match called the hunger games, and if killing our parents wasn't bad enough, they're making us volunteer as a punishment. I'm pretty sure I'm going to die, and there is no way both Lance and I will make it out alive. The peace keeper checks his watch and announces solemnly "An hour till reaping, get ready. I'll be back." Lance walks in from his adjoining room and sits on my bed. I begin to cry and I say "Oh Lance, what are we going to do?" He sighs and for once, he doesn't have an answer. "I-I really don't know Arrianh..." I try to say something, but the words won't form on my lips. I take a deep breath and say "I-I-I really don't t-think I can win, b-but I r-really think you can." I smile and continue, "I guess my life is practically over Lance..." Lance stands up and says "I will protect you Arrinah, your my sister and I will protect you no matter what." I bury my face in my hands and begin to cry again. "I don't know Lance, I guess we'll figure something out, we better get dressed though." I wipe the tears from my eyes and push him out of my room. I close my eyes and remember my parents. I grab my only dress, the only thing I had left and put it on. I smile despite my grim situation. I grab what will be my token in the arena, a brown bear hat and place it on top of my head. I knock on Lance's door and he has his panda hat on. Just then the peacekeeper arrives and hurries us along. We hop in a car and speed to reaping. When we get to the square the peace keeper laughs manically and says "Hope you don't get reaped! NOT!" And with that he speeds off and I glare at where his car was a moment ago. I get my finger pricked, and head to the girls section and nod to Lance. He smiles, and Tilly Whale, our bright blue escort skips out on the stage and makes sounds like a beluga whale. What a freak. "Hey! What's up my peeps?" She begins dancing and the crowd laughs. "I know you love ME but what about who will represent us? Hmm?" She moonwalks over to the girls bowl and calls "Hannah Demosthenes!" A brilliant 16 year old walks up to the stage, but I know she has a future and I don't. Summoning every ounce of courage I have, I call "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" Tilly is about to die from excitement. Hannah high fives me as I walk up the stage. Tilly hugs me and squeals "OMG!!! We have a volunteer!!! This is like so totally like exciting!" Shuffling over to the boys bowls she calls "Peter Wells!" The cutest boy walks to the stage, and I can't wait to get to know him better until I hear "I volunteer!" I begin to glare at the volunteer until I remember it's Lance. Oops. Tilly screams "Oh My Gosh this is like the best reaping ever!" Then she faints out of excitement. Lance picks up the microphone and says awkwardly "Uh, hi, umm I'm Lance. Lance Thrust." We step into the train and peace keepers drag Tilly in who is still muttering "Omg... How exciting..." Oh gosh, this going to be a nightmare.

Matt Intelger, District 11

I wake up to see the smiling face of my sister Aleena. She is a victor, so we live in the victor's village, and have plenty of money. That doesn't mean I get very much attention though. Being the youngest of 9 kids means I don't get to much attention. I swear the only person who cares about me is my friend Jake. I grab an egg and slip out the front door. My family doesn't even notice I'm gone. I walk down the ill into the orchards and remember how when I fell and got a concussion the only person that was there to help me was Jake. I slip between trees, knowing that if I get caught, I will have to go to jail, or I might get shot. I grab an apple from an orchard basket and creep below the bridge and I see a familiar face. "Hey Jake!" I whisper through the gloom. His family isn't as fortunate as mine, so I help him out whenever I can. I toss him and apple and he catches in and smiles. I begin to eat my egg, I hear him crunching on his apple. I sigh "Today is reaping." That kills the mood and I look around. "If I ever get reaped, I'll miss you and this place." Jake frowns. "Why talk about such a depressing subject? You don't have to take tessera so you probably won't get reaped." Jake comments. I smile for the first time that day. "You know, you are right!" Then I hear a loud noise. We press up against the bridge until I realize it's a hover craft. Reaping. "I've got to go get changed." I tell Jake. "See you at reaping?" "Sure, see you there!" Jake responds, crunching the remains of his apple. I wave and sneak out of the orchard and sprint back up the hill. I open the door and climb the stairs. I then slip into my room, throw on a nice shirt, pants and a tie and sprint down the stairs and catch up to the rest of my family as we walk to the reaping square. I wait in line to get my finger pricked and see the fierce tributes that will be competing in this year's games. I shudder and pray I don't get reaped. "Next!" I hear the peace keeper call. I step up to the table and I flinch as my finger is pricked. Mr. Halbert, our escort runs, trips, falls and slides across the stage. Everyone laughs and his face turns purple since his skin is blue. That makes everyone laugh even harder and he screams while pulling names from the bowl "SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS! I hate it here so our dumb tributes that will die in the blood bath are Demi Corres and Matt Intelger!" He smiles stiffly as I walk up to the stage. Aleena hugs me when I get there, and I see a pretty girl walking slowly to the stage, and when she arrives, the train door opens. She smiles sweetly as she stands next to Mr. Halbert, but then scowls and punches him in the face. She laughs, grabs me by the hand and pulls me into the train. Ooh lala.

Arla Fleur, District 12

I check to make sure there is no peace keepers around me, then I race into an alley. I grab a bag of chips from a dumpster and race back into the forest. After my parents died, I have lived off the land, since I didn't want to live in the community home which seems horrid and scary. I make a salad of grass and dandelions and put some water from the river in a hollow rock that I found. I force my self to eat the salad, even though its not very tasty. The cold water feels good in my throat however and I close my eyes and savor it. But what I truly want to eat is my chips, and I give into the temptation and tear open the bag and take a bite. Mmmm, delicious. I pick up some fabric and a needle and begin to sew a pillow. Then I hear a BRIING!!! Curse it, it's the reaping bell. I put on a dress I had sewn myself and walk through the forest. I stop and pick a flower and carry it with me for good luck at the reaping today. The peacekeepers don't realize that I don't have parents or that I don't go to school. I don't think they care to be honest. The thing I have to careful of is being caught when I'm stealing. I look around and check in the ally one more time. I find a loaf of bread in a bag and I pick it up and smell it. Mmmm fresh bread. I eat it as I head to reaping. I get my finger pricked just as Madam Lollipop streaks onto the stage. Green jumpsuit, short pink hair, and a neon pink belt, not to mention lollipops on her shoes, she looks absolutely ridiculous. "Hello District 12!" She cries into the microphone, her unusually high voice echoing throughout the square. "Another year of our fabulous games! So who will our lucky tributes be hmm?" She announces, her voice ringing through the air. The square stays silent, hoping it won't be them who gets picked. "Primrose Everdeen!" She calls. Everyone looks around in shock and Madam laughs. "It was a joke you sillies!" She laughs and cartwheels over to the girls bowl. "This time it's for real! Arla Fleur!" She calls. A bunch of girls sigh in relief as I do a double take. Me, me, me. Why me? I walk confidently to the stage as she calls out "Mark Matthews!" A tough boy walks to the stage. I gulp. This isn't going to be easy if I ever want to see my home again.

Roger Silk, District 13

I groan and roll over in my bed as my alarm clock goes off. I stick my arm under the schedule thing and read it. 6:00 Recap of last years games, 8:00 Reaping. I gulp, it's my first reaping today. And to make matters worse, I have to watch again how my sister did so well but died at the end. She had gotten hit on the head, and volunteered, not knowing exactly what she was doing. I remember sobbing for hours when she died. Right on cue, the clock ticks to 6:00 and the TV flashes on and states that viewing is mandatory. I watch the blood bath, and I see Sierra running, and the careers laughing. I shudder to think about what would happen if I was reaped. Then the screen flashes to the career pack hunting and killing Sierra's four allies and Sierra killing a career and fleeing. It shows a volcanoe wiping out many weaker tributes and many careers froze to death from a blizard or eaten by polar bear mutts. But none of that happened to Sierra. A stunning girl from District 1 killed the 2 remaining careers, and began to hunt my sister. She hid up in a tree but Melody, I think that's what the girl from District 1's name was, took her axe and stood below the tree where Sierra couldn't hit her with throwing knives. Melody chopped down the tree, and a BOOM!! rang through the arena. Melody cheered and yelled to her parents happily. Trumpets blared and a hover craft came, and then the screen went blank. A minute later the words "Please get ready for reaping" was on the screen. My parents are crying all over again. I put on a nice shirt and pants, knowing I probably will never be in the arena. At least not this year. My name is only in there once. I drag my parents out the door, and we take the elevator to the basement where reaping is held. I get my finger pricked for the first time, and I almost scream in pain. I look at my finger and there's a drop of blood. Oh, not that bad. Bev Sellsomething comes on stage looking like a rapper with all his gold bling. "Ooh, here we go!" He sings. Once he's over to the girls bowl he sings out "Alexandra Stevens!" A quiet, miserable girl walks to the stage. "I go by Alex." She says into the microphone. Bev comments "Ok, cool Alex." He walks like an Egyptian over to the boys bowl and raps out "Sierra Silk's bro Roger Silk!" I begin to cry. I'm going to die, like Sierra, but I'm only 12. I'm having my life stolen. I wave sadly to my parents and see they are sobbing. I look at Alex and she snaps "What are you looking at?" She then bursts into tears and apologizes, because she hasn't been the same since her best friend was murdered. I hug her and say "Everything will be all right." I don't know if everything is going to be all right, but it's a comforting thought. Alex smiles and she says "Maybe it will."

Vivian Corey, Capitol

My mom comes into my room and sits on my bed, and she gently shakes me awake. I yawn and smile, but my smile is quickly erased, because my mom always smiles; except n reaping days. I groan because I hate reaping. I walk out of my room with my mom into our small kitchen. We're the poorer citizens of the Capitol, having to live in an apartment. That's not to say we're poor, it's just we're not AS rich as other Capitol citizens. My dad ruffles my hair and I smile. "Hot chocolate, eggs, and waffles for breakfast!" I cheer, then go back to sulking about he fact that it is reaping day today. "Aww, lighten up Vivian!" My dad tells me. "But what if I get reaped?" I mutter to myself. My dad smiles and says "I bet you won't, now sit at the table and eat your yummy breakfast." I roll my eyes. Dads. I eat like a starving person because it tastes so good. My dad laughs and I look up with Hot chocolate dripping from my chin. He takes my picture and I laugh too, and I smile all the way into my room, and shut the door. I slip on a beautiful dress, and turn on my TV to watch the reapings. I gulp and hope I don't get reaped when I see this years careers and potential careers. My mom knocks and I run out of my room, put some shoes on and ride the elevator down the complex. My mom and dad come shortly after and we hop on the fancy subway and we arrive at reaping just as Cassy Cahill our escort runs on stage. I get my finger pricked and head into the girls section, everyone is cheering for Cassy. I wish the Capitol didn't have to compete though. I cross my fingers, praying its not me as she reaches into the girls bowl. "Vivian Corey!" Cassy calls. I almost faint in shock. My dad was sobbing, my mom had fainted. I walk to the stage hoping I can come home, somehow. I don't even notice she had reached the boys bowl until she calls out "Jake Salamando." A total animal freak walks to the stage and I bite my hand to keep from laughing. Maybe I do stand a chance after all.

Training Scores

District Gender Name Score
Distict 1 Female Missy Catania 10
District 1 Male Maxwell Robin 10
District 2 Female Lisa Chrundabell 11
District 2 Male Dylan Goyth 9
District 3 Female Issabella Electrode 9
District 3 Male Calcium Infinity 5
District 4 Female Cissabella Grey 8
District 4 Male Emmet Wood 8
District 5 Female Amanda Starling 7
District 5 Male Tyler Pine 4
District 6 Female Jasmine Richards 6
District 6 Male Flicks Marvel 6
District 7 Female Peyton Krei 7
District 7 Male Tobious Leck 9
District 8 Female Sian Malley 10
District 8 Male Zaine Tisch 5
District 9 Female Tangerine Kettle 3
District 9 Male Klaver Fritz 7
District 10 Female Arrianah Bear 4
District 10 Male Lance Thrust 5
District 11 Female Demi Corres 10
District 11 Male Matt Intelger 6
District 12 Female Arla Fleur 4
District 12 Male Mark Matthews 6
District 13 Female Alexandra Stevens 9
District 13 Male Roger Silk 6
Capitol Female Vivian Corey 6
Capitol Male Jake Salamando 4

Arena Info

I will post all info for the arena under this category.

Arena Layout

The cornucopia is on top of soft green grass. There is a river running to the north of the cornucopia. There is also a river running to the south. One river is poisonous, can your tribute afford to find out which is which? The rivers divide the arena in half. To the west is a frozen tundra, with only snowbanks for cover. To the east is a desert with pyramids and temples for shelter. There is an oasis right in the middle, but it is guarded by a terrible mutt. If you make it through the tundra you will reach a peaceful forest. There is a beautiful lake in the forest that is not poisoned. There is prey in the forest as well. Past the desert is a beautiful beach. There is many poisonous plants throughout the arena, along with many mutts.

Items at the cornucopia

There is 4 areas at the cornucopia: Outer, Middle, Iner, & Inside.

Outer is right by the tributes starter pads.

Middle is exactly in the middle, the same distance away from the starting pad as from the cornucopia.

Iner is right up by the cornucopia a long way away from the starting pads.

Inside is inside the cornucopia.

6 backpacks

-Purple: Matches, Blanket, Knife, Anti-Poison, Dried Meat, & an Empty Water Bottle - Middle

- Green: Dagger, Rope, Water, Portable Fan, Rocks (25), & Slingshot- Outer

- Blue: Poison, Night Vision Goggles, Bread, Spile, Camoflauge Paints, & Rope.-Middle

-Orange: Blowgun, 25 Darts, Parka, Soup, Net, 5 Throwing Knives, & Burn Cream.-Middle

-Red: Neosporin, Wire, Sleeping Bag, Dagger, Anti-Poison, Dried Fruit, Canteen.-Middle

-Yellow: Sword, Shield, Sleeping Bag, Rope, Canteen & shovel - Outer

Knife x5 - Spread out outside

Instant Relief x4 - Inside

Raft- Iner

Paddle x 2- Outer

Small Tent - Middle

Trident x3 - 2 in Middle, 1 Inside

Rope x5 - Outer

Net x2 - Middle

Wooden Club x2 - Iner

Bag of Darts (25 in each) x3

Blowgun x2 - Outer

Night Vision Goggles x2 - One Iner, and one inside.

Bow - Middle

Arrows (10) x2 - outer

Matches x3 - One outer, two middle.

Portable Fan - Middle

Neosporin - Iner

Bread x5 - 3 outer, 2 middle

Water x5 - 3 outer, 2 middle

Empty Backpacks x2 - outer

Sword x2 - 1 Iner, 1 inside

Shields x2 - Inside

Camoflauge Paints x2 - Middle.

Snowshoes - Iner

O.o 71 supplies.... The remaining supplies at the cornucopia will be divided among the careers.


Tributes with a question mark (?) by there name means they may or may not be in the alliance.

I'm assuming everybody else is going solo? If not make sure to post in the comments before tomorrow afternoon.

District 13, Capitol, District 5, District 6 alliance

Roger Silk (13), Vivian Corey (C), Amanda Starling (5), Jasmine Richards (6).


Missy Catania (1), Maxwell Robins (1), Lisa Chrundabell (2), Dylan Goyth (2),Cissabella Grey (4), Emmet Wood (4).

District 10

Arrianah Bear (10), Lance Thrust (10).

Alliance Red

Tyler Pine (5), Peyton Krei (7) (?), Matt Intelger (11), Demi Corres (11) , Mark Matthews (12).

Everyone starts with $500 and gets $50 for each kill.

Top 10: + $100

Top 5: +$125

User Tribute 1 Tribtue 2 Tribute 3

Missy Catania


Maxwell Robin


Vivian Corey



Lisa Chrundabell


Roger Silk



Dylan Goyth


Jake Salamando



Calcium Infinity


Issabella Elctrode



Tangerine Kettle


Cissabella Grey


Cato rocks!

Emmet Wood


Dedejacob Arrianah Bear


Lance Thrust


Amanda Starling


Wikia Contibutor A Tyler Pine


Mark Matthews


Eleni12 Jasmine Richards


Peyton Krei


Demi Corres


RZN2 Flicks Marvel


Zaine Tisch


Klaver Fritz


Pierulesnotyou Matt Intelger


Heavy Rotation Arla Fleur


Annamisasa Alexandra Stevens


Sian Malley


Hungergameslover2121 Tobious Leck


Day One

Day 1 - Blood Bath

Matt Inetlger - District 11

I wave goodbye to my stylist and climb into my tube. I close my eyes as I am raised into the arena. I eye knives spread out close to me as I observe the arena. I lock eyes with my allies, and point to the forest beyond the tundra and they nod. 60...59...58...

Jasmine Richards - District 6

I remember what my mentor said and see the yellow backpack she was referring too, and see a pyramid that I know our alliance is going to head there. I hope I don't die... 12...11..10

Maxwell Robins - District 1

I look at the sword in the cornucopia. I know I'm going to get that. I look at Missy and point to an orange backpack. I mouth the word throwing knives at her and she nods. 3...2...1... GONG! Missy runs over and we lock hands and run to the golden horn. On the way I pick up an empty backpack and Missy grabs the orange one. We make it to the cornucopia and we each stuff an instant relief into our backpacks and Missy pulls out 5 throwing knives and I grab a sword. I see Tyler Pine trying to get a sleeping bag, food and water. Missy throws her knife and it enters his head. Missy smiles and I high five her.

Demi Corres - District 11

I react quickly and run towards the cornucopia, and near the outside I see a blowgun. I see the girl from 1 kill someone, and I move faster. I grab the blowgun & reach for a bag of darts and load my blowgun. I know we're heading towards he snowy area so I dart in and grab a pair of snowshoes and a blanket. I'm about to flee when I see Tangerine Kettle, the girl from 9, standing over me with a knife. I roll out of the way just in time as her knife hits the ground where I was. I land behind a pile of empty backpacks and I stuff some matches and my blanket in one. She sees me and she is about to throw her knife when a sword enters her side. I crouch down as I see Maxwell Robins looking around for his next victim. I sigh in relief as I run into the snow with Matt, and sit behind a snowbank. Arla joins us a second later. I peer over the top of the snowbank to see Mark Matthews being chased by Issabella Electrode who has a blue backpack and a knife. I pull out my blowgun and shoot her in the neck and her body goes limp. I run over to her dead body and take her supplies. Mark hugs me and I smile. Matt is breathing hard, but at least we are safe. The only person we are missing is Peyton.

Lisa Chrundabell - District 2

Us careers have gotten two kills so far, so we're doing pretty well. I see Zaine Tisch running for the instant relief and I scoop up a net and a wooden club. I creep up behind him and throw the net over top of him and he falls down and is trapped. I turn to see Cissabella strangling Jake Salamando with a rope and his body goes limp and Cissabella gives me a thumbs up. I see a large alliance escape and the girl from the Capitol running, and I'm about to throw my club at her when I feel a sharp pain in my foot. I look down and see Zaine sticking his knife in my foot. I scream a string of curses, because I forgot to disarm him. I bash him over the head and he goes limp. "That serves him right." I mutter as I find a bottle of neosporin and I retreat into the back of the cornucopia to treat my foot.

Amanda Starling - District 5

My mentor told me to grab everything I need, so I grab a green backpack, a bow and 20 arrows, 2 loaves of bread and turn to run when I see Emmet Wood from 4 about to stab Roger Silk with a knife. I yell as loud as I can "Hey you idiot!" He turns and I shoot at him and the arrow enters his heart. Roger breathes "Thanks!" I grab his hand and drag him into the desert. "Come on let's hurry!" I see Vivian waving from a pyramid and we run over to her. "Thank goodness you guys are all right!" She tells us when we get close. I can only pray that Jasmine reaches us safely. The pyramid is air conditioned and we relax, checking out our supplies. Roger hands Vivian the knife he took from Emmet's dead body, and she smiles.

Jasmine Richards - District 6

Most tributes have fled already, and I grab a rope, a canteen, the yellow backpack and a trident, even though I have no idea how to use it. As I am running into the desert, someone jump on me and I fall into the sand. I flip over and stab my attacker. Whoever it was just died. I look to see who it was and I find that it was Flicks,the idiot from my district. I take the only thing he has, a wire and run into a pyramid, where I am greeted happily by my allies.

After Math

Cissabella Grey - District 4

Us careers are laughing, talking and dividing up supplies when we hear 7 cannons boom, marking the end of the bloodbath. We laugh and cheer. It's great here, I reflect on while looking at my gleaming trident.

Sian Malley - District 8

I sit shivering in a cave in the snow, looking through my purple backpack, and I wrap up in my blanket. I thought I saw some guy named Klaver wandering around with no supplies earlier. I have food, but no water, I reflect upon as I fall asleep.

Mark Matthews - District 12

Our alliance is walking towards the forest when Peyton comes running towards us. "Hey Peyton!" I call out to her. She smiles and waves, but she starts screaming and I run towards her, and I see what she's screaming about. We're sinking in wet snow. "Help!" We scream desperately, and Demi tosses a rope to me and pulls me out. Peyton is still sinking, and before we can help her, her head disappears and her cannon booms. "No.." I whisper softly before Demi wraps me in her blanket and we walk to the forest.

Vivian Corey - Capitol

Our alliance steps outside the pyramid to see the faces. The anthem plays, and we see Issabella Electrode from 3, Emmet Wood from 4, Tyler Pine from 5, Flicks Marvel from 6, Peyton Krei from 7, Zaine Tisch from 8, Tangerine Kettle from 9, and the sky goes dark. We go back inside and head to sleep.

Day 2

Lisa Chrundabell - District 2

The careers, me, Max, Missy, Dylan and Cissy, are sitting outside, enjoying the morning sun light. We're laughing, talking, polishing weapons, when a parachute falls from the sky. I see the name Lisa on it so I open it. The note makes no sense. My mentor sent me painkillers, and told me not to eat them no matter what. He says to wait for "The Plan." What plan? I wish he would've been more specific. I shrug and stuff it into my pocket. I hear the sound of running feet and I jump to my feet, as do my fellow careers, and I prepare to whack someone with my club. It's the boy from 7 I think. "Wait, don't kill me, I want to join you guys!" He shouts. Me, being the unelected leader along with Max, I call out "Show us what you can do!" He swings his axe in a circle and I call the careers into a huddle. "He's not that good, even though he claims he trained his whole life." Missy comments. "Exactly, lets keep him around so we can use him as a human shield when we kill some tributes." Cissy says. "Fine!" Max calls to Tobious. Tobious cheers, and takes a drink of water. Missy hugs Max, and he smiles, and suddenly I feel a pang of jealously. Max is tough, good looking, smart, but he has Missy. I turn away and try to tell myself I don't like him. It works until I turn around and I see him smiling. What am I going to do? Dylan comes over and grabs my hand. I jerk it away. What is his problem? He better not like me. I glare at him, and start polishing my wooden club.

Alexandra Stevens - District 13

I laugh to myself as I read my mentor's genius plan. I peer outside of my hut and I see a grove of palm trees near the door. That's going to be a great hiding spot. I place my bow along with my arrows over in the group of trees. I stick my matches in my pocket and I lay my sleeping over the sand into the desert so when I escape I can cover my tracks. I head back into the house and turn on the stove. Slowly the house begins to fill with smoke. I head to my hiding spot, smiling that there will be one less career tonight.

Dylan Goyth - District 2

We're relaxing still, it doesn't feel like a fight to the death. That is until Cissy calls "Smoke on the beach!" All the careers jump up, grabbing weapons, ready to fight. "I say only 3 of us should go, the other 3 should stay to guard the supplies." Lisa suggests. God she's pretty. But, she doesn't like me, as she showed earlier today. After a couple minutes Missy says "Fine, which 3 do you want to go?" "Ok, Cissy, Dylan and Missy will go." Lisa says. I nod, and we head towards the beach area. Once we arrive, I growl "Looks like someone was hungry." Missy and I are about to charge into the smoking house when Cissy says "Hey you two, wait, we need a battle strategy." Missy smiles and nods. "There's 2 exits right? Dylan will go in, and Cissy and I will guard the exits." Missy suggests. "Good plan." I comment. Missy smiles again. "Team on 3, one, two, three!" I yell. Then all three of us yell "TEAM!" "Now lets go kick some butt!" Missy yells. I charge into the house, and find no one is in the kitchen. I run into the bedroom, then hear Cissy scream "FIRE!" That's when I see a girl shooting flaming arrows at the house. I turn to flee, and find the fire is blocking my exit. I turn to leap out the window when the girl smiles, and I scream as she shoots an arrow at me and it flies into my heart. I guess Lisa will never know that I loved her. BOOM!

Roger Silk, District 13

Jasmine, Vivian, Amanda and I just finished setting up a poison gas trap from my mentors crazy plan. I wonder if it will work, because its not exactly the most fool proof plan. Using 6 of Amanda's arrows, I put some poison and some water in my water bottle. I tell Vivian how to light the fire, when food and water come for Jasmine and Vivian. I got some supplies earlier from my mentor. They eat then I hand Vivian matches. She takes off running, and we see smoke rising, and she sprints back. I sigh In relief, thinking this plan might work after all.

Maxwell Robin, Distrcit 1

Missy, Cissabella, and Dylan left awhile ago. I'm starting to get worried because they're not back yet. Furthermore, we heard a cannon earlier. I shudder at the thought of never seeing Missy again. Lisa, Toby, and I are still at the cornucopia when Lisa looks up from polishing her club and says "Oh look, it's another fire!" Then she looks at Toby and I. "I'll stay and guard the supplies." Lisa tells us. It was almost a command. I look over to the desert to see smoke rising. "Ok. Lets go Tobious." I say. I can't be a wimp in front of someone like Lisa. "Wait." I hear from behind me. Lisa is standing there and she motions me into the cornucopia. I walk in there with her, and she puts her hands on my shoulders and smiles. "Please, please, please don't die Max." Lisa says and she smiles and kisses me softly on the cheek, then she walks out, then turns and says "You guys better get going." Toby and I walk out to the desert, following the trail of smoke. It looks a bit strange so I turn to Tobious "Hey, I need to uh..." I rack my brain for ideas. "Take my asthma medicine. Can you go check it out, but call me if you need help." I can't think of anything else, but I just know I can't die because of Lisa. I bend over, pretending to look for my medication. I see Toby approach the smoke, cough twice, fall onto the ground and begin convulsing. I knew it. Poison. BOOM! I hear his cannon and I turn and run. My instincts serve me well. I run back to the cornucopia and I don't see Lisa. "Lisa! Lisa!" I call desperately. I don't see her so I turn around, when I do, I bump into someone. It's Lisa. I hug her tightly and she begins to cry. "I heard your cannon, I thought you were dead." She sobs into my shoulder. "It's Ok Lisa. I'm not dead. It was a trap, poison. I sent Toby to look and he died." She smiles at me, her tears drying. I'm about to kiss her when I hear a familiar voice shout "Lisa, Max!" I see Cissabella and Missy running towards us. "Where's Dylan?" I ask. "Where's Toby!" Cissy asks. "Dead." Both Missy and Lisa say. They start laughing then Missy says "It was a trap." "Ours was a trap too. Poison gas." I say and squeeze Lisa's hand. Cissabella frowns and says "How could we have fallen for two traps today? The house that had the smoke, was lit on fire and Dylan was shot by the girl from 13. I think it was her idea." The sun is beginning to set. We set up camp, and eat. As I lay my head down, I think of the two girls I may have a crush on. Lisa is Lisa. Smart, pretty, kind. Just like able. Missy though is a fighter, cute, sweet, funny. I don't know who. I just hope one of them dies soon so I don't have to decide.

Arla Fleur - District 12

It's dark now, and I just got a blowgun, a giant bouncy ball and a canteen. My allies are asleep, and I'm planning on leaving. My mentor thinks I should. I don't have any darts, so I creep ver and steal all of Demi's darts. One less person to worry about now. I'm leaving our small camp when I step on a stick. CRACK!! The noise echoes throughout the silent forest. I look around in panic. Seeing no one, I convince myself to relax. I hear a CRACK!! and then another and another. I whirl around to see Demi's "boy friend" Mark running angrily towards me with a dagger. Panic must of lit up my face and he stops. "Give me Demi's darts or die." He demands holding his dagger menacingly. I take my bouncy ball and chuck it him and turn to flee. I hear a pop and I can't resist turning to look. I laugh at what I see. The ball popped on Mark's dagger and he is suffocating. I smirk, knowing that this will be the perfect opportunity to kill him. As I'm loading my blowgun, I hear him yelling "HELP, HELP, DEMI, PLEASE HELP ME!" I here sticks crunching on the ground like the sound I made. Oh crud. I need to kill this guy and flee. I shoot my blow gun right as Demi arrives. It misses his heart and hits his shoulder. I turn to flee, taking this opportunity to live, knowing that Demi has no darts. I hear a dart fly through the air and the dart lodges in my brain. The pain is intense, and I realize that she took the dart from that guys shoulder. I'm such a total idiot. The blackness over takes me and the last thing I hear is a BOOM! My cannon.

Sian Malley, District 8

I was just dreaming of water. If I don't get any, I will certainly die. That's when I have a great idea. I check the snow outside my cave. It's too frozen to eat. I scoop a bit of snow up, and place it in my water bottle. I take my matches and start a small fire. I place my water bottle over the fire and I watch as the snow begins to melt. Soon enough I have a bottle of water. I drink all of it, and do it again. I lean back against the cave wall, relieved I won't die tonight. Suddenly I hear foot steps outside my cave and the boy from 9 walks in. He smooths his hair, but I can tell he's going to die soon. He sits down and tries to kiss me. I scream in disgust and jerk back. He puts his hands up "I love you baby, won't you marry me?" He says. I stare daggers at him and grab my knife. "Heck, I don't even know you. Get out of here NOW!" I practically scream at him. He doesn't move and I throw my knife. It enters his chest and as he collapses he whispers "Sian..." And his cannon booms. I take my knife out from his chest. I drag his limp, cold, thin body out into the snow. I dump it there for the hover craft, and as I'm about to head inside my cave, the anthem plays. I turn back and look to the sky. The boy from 2, The boy from 7, The boy from 9, and the girl from 12. The sky goes dark. I might be able to win this thing.

Day 3

Cissabella Grey - District 4

I need to leave now. It's still dark and it's now or never. They're going to kill me, I know it. My supposed allies. I grab a blanket, some bread and water, my trident, and two ropes. As I'm creeping away, I see Lisa on guard with her club. I know she'll kill me. I rip off a corner off my blanket and creep over to her. I stuff it into her mouth and she can't scream. I take my extra rope and tie her hands behind her back where she can't attack me. I look at the cornucopia one last time as I flee towards the beach.

Alexandra Stevens - District 13

I laugh, then cover my mouth and look around, hoping nobody heard me. I just woke up, and I woke up to a pleasant surprise. I got a mentors note, and it's pure brilliant. I know other mentors probably warned their tributes about it, but it will work in the long run, even if nobody dies from it today. There's a lot of tributes in the forest area, so I'll be able to make some kills. I saunter over to the edge of the pond. It's a pretty little area, perfectly safe looking. Well, at the moment it it, but it won't be much longer. I take my canteen and fill it with fresh water. I reach into my backpack and pull out a small flask, and I laugh evily once again, then I cover my mouth. I pour all of my poison into the water, and I take a giant tree branch that was laying on the ground to stir the poison in the water. I find some berries and choose a spot within the trees, where you can see the pond. I pile some branches up to make a campfire looking stucture. I put berries on the ground and step heavily in the soft dirt. I place bread crumbs there and I roll in the dirt. All in all, a perfectly used camp site. I don't have any matches though, so I don't know how I'm going to make a fire. That's when it hits me. I cut a piece of bark off the tree and notch an arrow. I stick the arrow into the board, and I pull the bow back and forth really fast. The friction is so much that a pile of hot embers is now on the tray. I pour the embers onto the pile of branches and blow gently. The fire erupts and I smile. Smoke begins to fill the sky, and I run off laughing, deep into the forest.

Arrianah Bear - District 10

Lance and I aren't in good shape. We're starving and very thirsty. We head out looking for food when I scream. It's a mutt. We're unarmed and staring face to face with a giant crab. It clacks it's pincers together menacingly. I grab Lance's hand and I take a step back. Without warning the crab lunges, it's sharp pincers decapitating Lance. BOOM! I scream and cry, waiting for my eminent death, when a trident enters the crabs back, and it disintegrates. I turn to look at my savior and I gasp. It's not my savior, it's a menacing, blood thirsty career. I turn and try to run, but I can't move and I hear maniacal laughter, and the last thing I see is the trident prongs protruding out of my belly. BOOM!!

Maxwell Robins - District 1

I hear screaming and I run outside the cornucopia. I see Lisa tied and gagged and Missy rushes over to her and un ties her. "That thieving, lying, backstabbing traitor!" Lisa screams. She tells us how she was keeping watch and Cissabella gagged her then tied her up and fled with some of the supplies. I boil in anger and I ask "Where did she go?". "The beach." Lisa says looking around angrily. When we meet up with Cissabella again, it's not going to be pretty.

Mark Matthews - District 12

"Smoke!" I yell looking out at the horizon. My allies jolt awake, and we start walking towards the smoke, gripping our weapons, hoping to increase our chances of winning. We reach a pond, and what we find is an abandoned campsite. It's a nice one, so when Matt begins to groan, I nudge him and say "Let's spend the day here, it's really nice!" Demi smiles and climbs a tree, then she begins to sing softly. Matt wanders over to the waters edge. He sits down and drinks some water. He smiles them mutters "Dizzy...Unicorns...Tired..." Matt collapses, then his cannon booms. "Poison!" I yell. "Demi, we have to leave now!" She hops down from the tree, grabs me by the shirt and pulls me into a grove. "Oh Mark..." She sings softly, then looks at me with her big brown eyes. I know she wants me to. I want to as well. I lean and kiss her and she doesn't resist. We break apart and Demi smiles. "I love you." She says and kisses me again. She lays on my chest and we fall asleep under the afternoon sun.

Roger Silk, District 13

I just got a sword! Sweet! Squeaky bunnies as well, to protect from invaders. It's Jasmine's turn to be on guard, so we leave her outside, and I set up my squeaky bunnies to serve as an extra layer of defense. I hope me and my allies don't die tonight.

Sian Malley, District 8

Night just fell, and I take my knives and my poison that I just got and I creep out of my cave. I run silently through the snow, and I walk past the snoring careers. I would kill one of them, but I don't want to die. I run into the warm sand, and I see a pyramid just over a sand dune. I see a girl outside the pyramid, who I think is on guard. I creep up behind her and whack her over the head with the butt of my knife. She crumples to the ground. No boom, good. I drag her back the the sand dune and her eyes flutter open right as my knife enters her heart. BOOM!! I rush back to the pyramid to try to kill someone else. I step on something that goes SQUEEK! I look down to see an adorable bunny rabbit squeaky toy staring up at me. I see a girl asleep and I throw my knife, and it enters her head. BOOM!! Another cannon sounds. I grab a bunny and run back to my sand dune. I hear a 12 year old say "Vivian, who killed them?" Then I hear a troubled female voice say "I-I-I don't know Roger." I chuckle softly and the anthem begins to play. The girls from 5 and 6 appear along with both tributes from 10, the boy from 11, and then the sky goes dark. Lucky for me I have a brilliant mentor.

Day 4 - The feast

Alexandra Stevens, District 13

I read my mentors note and begin to cry. I'm not being myself. I'm becoming a monster. I wipe my tears, I'm not going to kill unless its a life or death situation. I don't know if I could take it. "Today is the feast! It is not mandatory, but goodies await!" Whoever the announcer is says and the speaker crackles off. I continue reading the note. I smile up at the sky, thankful for my mentors support. I find a vile of poison with the note, and I find three hollow rocks and pour poison into them. I start walking towards the cornucopia when I crash into someone. I scram and the person screams too. I look up to see a 12 year old quivering in fright. "Are-Are- Are you A-Alex?" He stutters. "Yes, I am. I believe your uh..." I say. "Calcium. Don't-Don't kill me..." He manages to say quietly. "Allies?" I ask, but I'm really not sure how this will go. I don't do well socially, and I may have to kill him later. But his eyes light up and he looks thrilled. Oh gosh, I think as we walk to the cornucopia.

Lisa Chrundabell, District 2

I stuff all my supplies into a backpack, and Missy and Maxwell do the same. We pile up the supplies remaining in the center, and Missy takes the matches she got. Max smiles at her, and she drops a burning match into the supplies. I laugh and our alliance runs into the desert to meet up with a duo. I turn to my allies, "You guys ready?" Max and Missy nod. "On three, one, two, three. BLUE LAGOON!" We call across the desert. A faint squeak sounds in response. We begin walking, to meet our new allies, then head back to dominate the feast.

Calcium Infinity, District 3

We arrive at the cornucopia and place three cups of poison where the tables will probably rise. It's brilliant. Alex and I hide behind a bush on the outskirts of the cornucopia, weapons ready, ready to win this thing.

Sian Malley, District 8

I arrive at the cornucopia, with my three ropes ready to make a snare. I tie a bunch between the desert and the cornucopia. I see the girl from district 4 running towards the cornucopia. She doesn't have any allies, and the tables are just beginning to rise. She sees me, and raises he trident in triumph. She continues running until my snare gets her. Ha. I throw my knife and it enters her head. BOOM! I turn around to get some supplies when I see a 12 year old boy, and he flings his axe at me and covers his eyes. I don't expect it to even come close, but I was wrong. It flies and hits me in the chest. I crash to the ground, "I-I'm sorry Nicole..." I whisper as I hear a BOOM! and everything goes black.

Lisa Chrundabell, District 2

We are about to reach the pyramid,and two cannons just went off. The feast is starting. All of a sudden Missy screams. A giant sphinx is charging at us, and it's heading right towards me. I'm going to die I think. Suddenly, I'm shoved out of the way, and I look up to see Max right where I was a moment before. "Watch o-" I begin to scream when the sphinx opens its mouth and crushes Max's skull with its teeth. BOOM! Missy begins to cry, and Roger peeks out from the pyramid and screams. The sphinx kicks him, and he sails through the air and slams into a wall. BOOM! The sphinx runs off, clearly satisfied. Vivian is sobbing and Missy is glaring at me. "You killed him!" Missy screams. "I did not!" I yell, tears pouring down my face. "I loved him! It's your fault he's dead!" She yells, anger flashing across her face. "I hate you!" She screams and sprints towards the cornucopia. Vivian is still crying and I don't know what to do. I just lost my best friends and the only thing I can do is fight. I grab Vivian's hand and drag her towards the cornucopia. I turn towards her "The only thing we can do is win."

Mark Matthews, District 12

Demi kisses me softly and I smile. "I love you." She whispers. "I love you too." I say, wishing this moment would last forever. "Let's go." I say, grabbing her hand as we walk towards the cornucopia. Missy is mad. Like crazy mad. She stomps towards the weapon table, deflecting arrows with her knives. She grabs a throwing knife and looks right at Demi and I. I look at her, "Lets split up and get supplies!" She nods and we run and I grab a loaf of bread and Demi grabs a sleeping bag. As we are running, I hear laughter, and I turn to see Missy throw a knife. I know who it's for, and I scream as it enters Demi's head. BOOM! I run into the woods sobbing my eyes out. I take a bite of my bread. I clutch my throat and everything starts spinning. That's what spilled. Poison. BOOM!

Missy Catania, District 1

I'm so upset. Max just died, and it's all Lisa's fault. I loved him, and Im going to win for him. I swirl around and leap on top of the cornucopia to fight. Lisa walks towards the cornucopia with a determined look on her face. Bring it on.

Vivian Corey, Capitol

I have to win, I have to get home to my mom and dad. I grab my knife, and creep up behind Calcium and stab him in the head with my knife, and then I begin to cry. What have I done? His cannon sounds BOOM!

Alexandra Stevens, District 13

That evil Capitol witch. She killed my new friend. I snarl, tears flowing down my face to turn around and see Miss Capitol is having an emotional breakdown. Good for her. I take an arrow, and notch it, knowing she will kill me if I don't kill her. I shoot it and it enters her head and I hear a boom, only to look up and see Lisa standing there angrily, who whacks me over the head with her club. I feel intense pain, and the lights go out. BOOM!

Missy Catania, District 1

It's me versus Lisa. For Max. I'm still on top of the cornucopia, and Lisa zig zags towards me. I throw a knife and miss. Crap. Lisa grabs my leg and yanks me down from the cornucopia. I hit the ground hard. It hurts. I have 3 knives left. I swallow and throw one at her. I'm surprised by what happens. The knife cuts through her hand and the club, and she screams. I stagger to my feet and launch a knife and my body at her. It hits her leg, and I reach into her pack and grab the thing at the top. I hear her laugh and I realize my mistake. She pulls the knife from her leg, and sticks it into my stomach. Lisa is cheering, and I look in my hand to see instant relief. I stuff it into my mouth, and I instantly feel better, and I take my knife and throw it and it enters Lisa's back. She falls to the ground and the 27th BOOM echoes through the arena. I did it! I won! I faint from exhaution pleased with myself.

Current Status

Tribute Location Items Needs Alliance
Missy Catania VICTOR

Feast Info (Please Read!)

The feast will occur on Day 4!

Ok, I will start like this, The feast is not mandatory. But if you do not post good advice for your tribute, they will be hit by a comet. No joke. A lot of tributes will die, and this or the next day will be the last day(s).'

The feast will be set up like this: There will be four tables in front of the cornucopia. 3 will be ground level and will have the following items: Table 1 will have a kinds of weapons. Table 2 will have all kinds of supplies (no instant relief). Table 3 will have all sorts of food and drinks.

However, the 4th table is VERY different. It is attached to a pole on top of the cornucopia. It is EXTREMLEY hard to get to, and tributes may die trying to get up there. It contains items like instant relief, extra sponsor money ect.

If this is confusing I'm putting it into a chart.

Table Items Location
1 Weapons In front of Cornucopia
2 Supplies In front of the Cornucopia
3 Food and Beverages In front of the cornucopia
4 Rare Items On top of a tall pole that is on top of the cornucopia.

Can your tribute afford to go? Can they afford to not go?

(Oh and if nobody attends the game makers have tricks up their sleeves!)

- Head Gamemaker,


Victor Interview

Caesar: Lets welcome our latest victor, Missy Catania! So Missy how does it feel?

Missy Catania: Amazing! I wanted to prove I'm a somebody, that I'm more then a pretty face.

Caesar: Any other reasons?

Missy: Well, my best friend, her name is Emma, she's very sick, and the medicine is very expensive. Her parents aren't rich enough, so I thought if I won, I could help her. So I'm going to.

Caesar: Well Im sure Emma is proud. Anyway lets talk about some career drama.

Missy: Please don't go there.

Caesar: Well that's my job, so tell me how you feel about Max and Lisa.

Missy: Well, I'll start with Max. I was TRULY in love with him. I know there couldn't have been two winners, but still, he died in a terrible way. I feel it was Lisa's fault though. She went from one of my best friends to my worst enemy.

Caesar: How did you fight her?

Missy: Truly Im not sure how I won. Maybe it was luck, or skill, Im not sure, but it kept me alive, and my anger kept me going, I couldn't let Max die in vain.

Caesar: That's all the time we have! Lets give it up for Missy Catania from District 1!


I will do later.

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Cause
28. Tyler Pine Day 1 Hit in the head with a knife from Missy Catania
27. Tangerine Kettle Day 1 Sword in back from Maxwell Robin
26. Issabella Electrode Day 1 Dart in the neck by Demi Corres
25. Jake Salamando Day 1 Strangled by Cissabella Grey
24. Zaine Tisch Day 1 Lisa Chrundabell hit him in the head with a wooden club.
23. Emmet Wood Day 1 Arrow in chest from Amanda Starling
22. Flicks Marvel Day 1 Stabbed with Trident
21. Peyton Krei Day 1 Drowned in wet snow.
20. Dylan Goyth Day 2 Shot by Alexandra Stevens
19. Tobious Leck Day 2 Roger Silk's Poison Gas
18. Arla Fleur Day 2 Demi Corres, Blowgun + Dart to brain.
17. Klaver Fritz Day 2 Sian Malley's Knife to chest.
16. Lance Thrust Day 3 Crab Mutt
15. Arrianah Bear Day 3 Cissy's Trident
14. Matt Integer Day 3 Alex's Poison Trap
13. Jasmine Richards Day 3 Sian Malley's Knife to Chest
12. Amanda Starling Day 3 Sian Malley's Knife to Chest
11. Cissebella Grey Day 4 Sian Malley's Knife
10. Sian Malley Day 4 Calcium Infinity's Axe
9. Maxwell Robin Day 4 Sphinx
8. Roger Silk Day 4 Sphinx
7. Demi Corres Day 4 Missy's Knife
6. Mark Matthews Day 4 Alex's poison
5. Calcium Infinity Day 4 Vivian's Knife to head
4. Vivian Corey Day 4 Alex's Arrow to head
3. Alexandra Stevens Day 4 Lisa's Club
2. Lisa Chrundabell Day 4 Missy's Knife
VICTOR Missy Catania

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