Hello Everybody! I just finished my last games, the 196th Hunger Games, and the victor was Missy Catania from District 1, mentored by Cloveismywife! I'm looking forward to another great games! Anyway, here's the rules, then enter!



The Hunger Games have been restarted by Katniss and Peeta's great-grandson. They will include the Capitol and District 13.


  1. I will be doing Reapings, Group Training, Private Training, Interviews, then the games.
  2. Up to 3 tributes per user.
  3. No perfect tributes.
  4. I'll try to update daily.
  5. I wasn't strict about this last game but I will not go to profiles AT ALL.
  6. You can either make a lunaii, or I will make one for you. If you don't make the descirption clear.
  7. Reservations last until all the other tribute spots are filled. Then they become null and void.
  8. Preferably new tributes
  9. Don't get mad when/if your tribute dies. 27 have to die, so deal with it.
  10. Submit a tribute now!


Tribute Template


District (Top 3):




Reaped or Volunteered:


Strengths (Only 2):



Weapons (Only 2):



Allies: ( If any )

Notes (If any):


District Gender Name Age Height Weapons User
District 1 Female Tea Forrest 17 5"8 Throwing Knives, Spear AxedFox
District 1 Male Noah Everest 13 5"9 Knives, Throwing Axes Theman77
District 2 Female Metallix Gleam 16 5"7 Bow and Arrow, Blowgun TBWTPT
District 2 Male Zacharius Thorne 17 6"2 Sword, Spear Captainsv
District 3 Female Eliza Orleans 17 5"8 Throwing Knives, Blowgun Hyta100
District 3 Male Hertz Engine 16 6"6 Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes TBWTPT
District 4 Female Kalista Curtis 18 5"8 Trident, Throwing Knives Captainsv
District 4 Male Will Redoan 15 5"9 Trident, Slingshot ~PopTart~
District 5 Female Liana Carter 15 5"4 Crossbow, Martial Arts Annamisasa
District 5 Male Neon Winters 14 5"5 Slingshot, Blowgun TBWTPT
District 6 Female Morgana Jackson 16 5"4 Mace, Axe Hyta100
District 6 Male Kai Lee 16 5"10 Spear, Tomahawk Captainsv
District 7 Female Husky Starr 15 5"6 Axe, Bow and Arrow AxedFox
District 7 Male Dario Smith 18 6"0 Spear, Bow & Arrow Hyta100
District 8 Female Katherine "Kate" Husmoder 17 6"0 Throwing Axe, Bow and Arrow VDA999
District 8 Male John Madrick 17 5"4 Machete, Club Theman77
District 9 Female Bonnie Sentra 15 5"5 Spear, Blowgun ~PopTart~
District 9 Male Marcus Gorden 16 5"9 Throwing Knives, Axe MyWorld
District 10 Female Delfina Bianco 12 5"0 Knife, Dagger Cloveismywife
District 10 Male Lucas Viridian 15 5"3 Spear, Blowgun EHKnight
District 11 Female Silver Evans 16 5"4 Bow and Arrow, Dagger Annamisasa
District 11 Male Bigbear Cheyenne 18 6"4 Axe, Bow and Arrow SuperTomato
District 12 Female Massie Block 15 5"5 Trident, Throwing Knives Eleni12
District 12 Male Bradly James 12 5"4 Throwing Knives, Spear GillyHicks12
District 13 Female Cassandra Burnlap 17 5"7 Throwing Knives, Dagger Eleni12
District 13 Male Wool Leavehill 14 5"5 Knife, Machete SuperTomato
Capitol Female Stephanie Cardiff 15 5"6 Axe, Blowgun ~PopTart
Capitol Male Colangol Beelz 16 5"7 Sword, Mace SuperTomato


Tribute Gallery


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Backpack: $50

Blanket: $50

Bow: $150

Blowgun: $100

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camoflauge Paints: $100

Crossbow: $150

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Empty Water Bottle: $50

Fighting Fans (2): $75

Giant bouncy ball: $25

Instant Relief (Heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Large Tent (Can't be moved; Can house 4 tributes): $250

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (To protect infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (Allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (Large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (Cools tributes down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks(10)[usually for sling shot]: $25

Rope: $25

Shield: $100

Shovel: $100

Sleeping bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Small Tent (Can be carried around; Can house two tributes): $200

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Stuffed Animal (of your choice): $5

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Waffles (10): $50

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125


Tea Forrest, District 1

I laugh as I leave the knife in the girl from 2's stomach. Just like Missy from last year I won the hunger games. The grin on my face slowly fades as the trumpets don't blare and I remember how Missy stabbed Lisa for the win. I scream as I turn around to see the girl's knife flying through the air. I'm going to die. I squeeze my eyes shut and scream only to find myself in my bed, with sweat covering my face. Oh my gosh, it was just a dream. I flip my light switch on, and stretch, knowing that when I volunteer, I won't make that mistake in the arena. BEEP! My alarm clock goes off and I slam it with my hand and it crashes to the hard floor where it breaks into a million pieces. Oops. Well, I won't need it when I volunteer. I could buy a new one when I win. The door to my room creaks open, and my mom peeks in. "Are you Ok Tea?" She asks. I smile and say, "Yeah, I just broke my clock." I hear her laugh and my mom puts her hands on her hips. "Well, we are going to have to fix that when you get home from reaping. Anyhow, breakfast will be ready in a few minutes, so come down stairs." I smile and say "Ok" as she walks out. Shame and guilt well up inside of me as I hit my bed. I didn't tell my mom that I'm going to volunteer. Not even my brothers, who trained me know. I smile again, I'm going to win just like Missy. I won't die, and with that thought I skip down stairs happily. I gobble up my breakfast - an omelet. Delicious. The hunger games enters my thoughts again. I've trained my whole life, I can win. My thoughts are soon interrupted by my moms voice. "Go get dressed!" I sprint up stairs and put on a pretty pink dress and style my long blond hair. "Time to go!" I hear, so I head down stairs and my mom, and my 3 brothers along with myself pile into the car. My dad left when I was 8, and my mom hasn't re married. Only one of my brothers can be reaped, Gary, who is 18. My mom wishes us luck as we get out to get our fingers pricked, as my mom and two brothers park the car. The crowd begins to cheer as I walk into my section. I hope Gary isn't volunteering. Flower Destiny walks onto the stage in a fuzzy neon green dress. "Hello, Hello and happy 197th hunger games! Lets welcome last years victor, Missy Catania!" Flower yells. Everyone cheers like crazy, Missy is famous now. The curtains part and Missy emerges smiling broadly. She waves and I smile, knowing I'll be up there next year. Flower hands Missy the microphone and her sweet voice rings out across the square. "Hi everyone! Good luck to you all this year!" She says handing the microphone back to Flower and she smiles "Don't volunteer until after I read the names." Laughter echoes but apparently they listened because when she reaches into the boys bowl, the name isn't interrupted. "Gary Forrest!" I gulp and then I hear "I volunteer!" About 20 times. Flower smiles "Ooh, um let's see... You!" She says pointing to a cute blonde guy, who walks up to the stage, flashing his smile at girls. "Hey, I'm Noah. Noah Everest." He says grinning. "Our girl is Doreen Nile!" Flower yells out. "I VOLUNTEER!" I scream louder then I've ever screamed before. I was obviously first and I strut up to the stage and Noah raises his eyebrows. Ooh la la. "I am Tea Forrest" I tell Flower, batting my eyelashes at Noah. He rolls his eyes and I snicker. "Lets welcome our two tributes, Tea and Noah!" Our escort cheers, and the crowd goes crazy. As we're heading to the train, I catch my moms eye accidentally and she's got tears running down her face. I turn away and run into the train, not even caring that Noah is staring straight at me.

Metallix Gleam, District 2

I jerk awake, panicking, until I feel the hard floor below me. The one place where I can be myself, the forest, I dreamed was burned down. The stench of bodies fill the air, and I do my best not to gag, because that would alert Miss Greenthorn, our evil supervisor, to where I have been going to since I found it when I got lost when I was 8. I have been going there ever since, and I reach the window that is propped open because it is so hot in here. I pull myself carefully out the window and sprint through the night, allowing myself to relax, reaping wont start until 9:00 according to the white board in Miss Greenthorn's office. In about 20 minutes, I'm at the forest and I jump and land in a pile of leaves. I laugh, knowing I'm alone. This is paradise. It's the only thing that makes my life bearable is the forest and its peacefulness, unlike the craziness of the care home. A sudden gust of wind blows the leaves away, and I wrap huddle under a tree wrapped in my sweater. In my one pocket, I pull out the two things that my parents left for me, a watch and a sapphire hair clip. I look at the time and I see that I have to leave for reaping in about 2 hours. Ok. I hug the giant willow tree that I'm standing under and I dig a small hole at the base of the trunk. I do this every year in case I'm reaped. I bury my watch, because after reaping I will retrieve it, unless I'm reaped, then hopefully I'll win and be able to retrieve it. Time wouldn't matter so if I was reaped I would use my sapphire hair clip as my token. I just finish burying my watch when I hear a stick snap behind me and I jump, and spin around wearily. I smile when I see its just a deer. I laugh and say "You silly creature, you scared me!" And I climb up a tree to watch it. In my tree, I gaze at the stars. All of a sudden a shooting star goes by and i make a wish. "I hope that my 16th birthday today will be good." I whisper. I see a small berry bush and I swing down from the branch I'm sitting on and pick a few. Soon I find myself eating them and they taste so good. As I'm wiping my face, I hear a bell which means 40 minutes until reaping. I wave goodbye to the deer and I sprint back to the community home and get in line with all the other girls. We're marched to the square and I get my finger pricked and I head into my section. Ella is standing on the stage in a poofy yellow dress. It's better than her clown outfit last year. She taps the microphone to make sure it's working then speaks into it. "Hello District 2!" She says quietly. I'm not sure she's emotionally stable at the moment. "Are you ready for another games?" Ella says. Everyone cheers. "District 2 did well in last years games..." Ella begins. "Dylan died early, he was a bad career. But Lisa..." Tears begin to run down her face and she begins to sob. "Lisa did really well, I'm truly devastated that she died..." Ella chokes out. I was upset when Lisa died too. That explains why she's off today though. "Who's our tributes, well it's Metallix Gleam and Bob Yar!" She says, and I freak out. "I volunteer!" Echoes through the square, and I turn hopefully. It's a guy. I walk up to the stage behind him and he says "Im Zacharius Thorne." Ella smiles, and waves as she pushes us into the train. After we leave and the roar of the crowd dies down, Ella turns to us "One of you has to win. Please." Zacharius nods enthusiastically, and I grab a pillow, march into my room and begin to cry. How could my birthday go so wrong? I'll probably never see my forest again.

Hertz Engine, District 3

A ray of sunlight shining through my window wakes me up, and I smile and look around at my small shop. I walk over to my mini fridge and grab a waffle and sit down on the ground. On my dresser is a picture of my parents. I guess I don't need them. I was a disgrace anyway. I don't like electronics or any of that junk. Weapons is what I truly like. Now I own a small shop in the merchant section. I just sell stuff that I find and have to people who come by. I even have a training room in the back so I can practice my weapons. I grab for the next piece of waffle and look down to see it's gone. Oh well. I get up and walk towards the front of my store to open for the day, when I see my calendar has something written on it for today. I step closer and see the words "Reaping Day is Today!!!!" on it. No wonder no ones out and about today. No one will come anyway. I head back into my room, and look at the clock. I'm planning on doing some training before reaping. Or not. I'm REALLY late. I must have slept in, so I find some nice clothes and put them on. Even though they aren't as nice as some of the other kids clothes here in the merchant section, they'll do. As I walk out the door, I realize I've never really worried about reaping day before. I mean, I've trained with weapons. My names not in there very many times. Heck, I'm even planning on leaving in a year or two. Somewhere, where I can be free. Where I can do whatever I want. I jerk out of my thoughts and begin to walk down the dull grey path to reaping. There's nothing exciting here in District 3. Factories and smoke. The color grey. Electricity. Who could possibly like those things?? That's why I'm different. I'm here. The reaping square. I gulp and walk to get my finger pricked. Most people are already here, and I'm staring off at them until I hear someone talking to me. I turn to see the zapper lady gesturing at my hand and she says "Finger please?". Jeez, she didn't have to be so rude. I stick my finger out and she takes it, and I watch as a drop of blood falls from my finger onto a piece of paper. I walk into my section and gaze at the stage, and I can see a figure standing at the side of the stairs. The person walks to the stage and taps the microphone. "HELLO DISTRICT 3!" Yells the person, who I guess is our escort. "I'm Bob Beetle and I have the honor of escorting the tributes of District 3 once again!" Bob screams into the microphone. No one cheers, and he makes a sad face. "Anyway, a quick review on our last year tributes: For a 12 year old, Calcium did pretty well. Issabella, who we all though would win, died pretty early." He comments, and I cringe. Some lady starts sobbing at the mention of Calcium, and I think it's that lady who fainted last year. I though Issabella would win. Except she died on the first day. My thoughts are interrupted by Bob calling out the girls name. "Amy Lionheart!" A stunning girl walks slowly up to the stage, tears rolling down her face. "I volunteer!" I hear a voice yell, and I jerk around, facing the direction of the voice. A girl with brown hair and a lot of makeup, is walking up to the stage looking pleased with herself. Gosh. I hope she doesn't die as soon as our last volunteer. She steps up to the stage, and announces into the microphone "Uh, Hi district 3! My name is Eliza, I mean Eliza Orleans." Eliza manages a small smile. I'm still thinking about Amy and Eliza when I hear "Hertz Engine!" I look up and say "What..?" Bob is gesturing for me to walk up to the stage. I look around in horror. I shouldn't have been reaped! That ruins my plan to leave. The good thing is, at least I trained. I don't dare look for my parents in the crowd, so I walk up to the stage and close my eyes. "Our tributes, Hertz and Eliza!" Bob yells and marches us into the train.

Will Redoan, District 4

BEEP, BEEP! My alarm clock goes off and I immediately groan. Reaping. I hop out of bed and walk into the hall, looking around to make sure I'm not getting attacked by Jolie or Max. Just as I think it's safe, and begin walking down the hall, I'm shoved to the ground. I try to punch my attacker, but my hands are pinned down too. Laughter rings out from behind me, and I can tell Max is on my back. I lift my head up and Jolie is sitting there, pinning my hands down and smirking. My two siblings may be 4 years younger than me, but they're prodigies at the career academy. They would do great in the games. I don't think that's a good OR smart idea. I close my eyes defiantly and Max increases the pressure on my back. My dad happens to walk out of my parents room followed by my mom at that exact moment. I open my eyes, and my dad is laughing at me. "Jolie. Max. Let Will go, it's obvious he has no talent at all, you two are going to be victors some day." My dad tells them. I can see the pride in his eyes for those two, then he looks at me, and all I see is shame. "Will, darling, maybe you should have trained for the games like Jolie and Max here. My mom says sadly, looking at me, as if she's trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I can feel my eyes beginning to fill with tears. I don't have anything to say. The games are just... Just STUPID. Jolie stands up and smiles at me, not nicely but that kind of smile that taunts you. As Max gets up, the pain on my back and shoulders release, and I instantly feel better. Until, Max walks by and kicks me in the shoulder, and bends down and whispers in my ear "I'd tell you nice try, but it wasn't. Loser." The twins walk off, followed by my parents. I stand up and run into my room and slam the door, and fall onto my bed. Do I really deserve this for not choosing to go to some stupid career academy? I'm about to cry, but I have to stay strong. If there isn't a sanctuary for me, I'll just have to be mature about it. 3 more years. Then I can leave this awful place. Why does it have to be just about physical strength? I pick up my favorite possession: A statue of my grand mother. She didn't believe in the train for the games method either. I put on some nice clothes and stuff my statue in the pocket of my pants. Just in case I get reaped. I sprint out the door, not bothering to say bye to anyone, not like they'd care. I walk by the sea to the reaping square, it's so beautiful. I arrive and get in line to get my finger pricked. At least this year the squares not covered in seaweed. That was weird last year. I stand in my section, watching the reapings on the screen. Suddenly it flickers off and my eyes turn to the stage where Mina Blue is standing, smiling like a maniac. She's wearing a pretty blue, tie-dye skirt, and her skin is tanned beautifully. I think she's only 20, so a lot of the 18 year old guys are staring at her. Her hair is a pretty brown, with part of it a sparkling blue. I never realized how pretty she was, since she has only had horrible Capitol fashions masking her beauty. "You know how I hate speeches! In short, our tributes last year did bad." She says sweetly. "Our tributes are..." Mina begins as she walks to the bowls. "Kalista Curtis and Will Redoan!" Mina shouts. I do a double take. I look sadly at Kalista and she looks sadly at me. No volunteers. Darn it. Well this is my one chance to prove myself. I turn to see Max and Jolie smirking, my dad saying "Go Will!" Over and over, and my mom smiles at me, as if she knows I can do it. I smile and turn and Kalista and I enter the train. She seems nice. I hope we can ally. Some 18 year old runs up to Mina and goes "My name's Calvin, call me baby." And hands Mina a piece of paper. Her voice like a melody, Mina calls out to him "Calvin, I will. And when I do, you better go out with me." I roll my eyes and Calvin gives her a thumbs up. Mina sits down by us and is in a daze. "He is SO cute! I can't wait until I can go out with him!" I exchange looks with Kalista and she smiles. I can do this.

Liana Carter, District 5

"That's enough!" My karate instructor yells at me and my karate team. I smile and grab a cup and fill it up with water. I take it over to a bench and sit down by myself, closing my eyes as I drink it. "Liana! LIANA! Are you even listening to me?" Someone says. I open my eyes to see the smiling face of Amy, my best friend. "I can here you." I say and she smiles. Amy is the best. I can remember when I had no friends. Then when I finally had 2 friends, our classes were split up. Finally I decided to join this karate team. At first, I did terrible, but when Amy and I became friends, she helped me. I feel a poke in the leg and Amy is holding out a beautifully wrapped box. "Look at this, it's for you!" She says smiling like always. I take it in my hands and look it over. All I manage to say is "Wow". Amy begins to look impatient and asks "Well, aren't you going to open it Liana?". "Oh, yeah." I tell her as I carefully pull off the wrapping paper so I can use it later. I'm holding a small cardboard box in my hands now and I slowly pull off the top, wondering what might be inside there. Inside is a plain wooden bracelet. I guess to most people, it would have been ugly and worthless. To me, it's priceless. All I can do is stare at it. I look up and say "It's beautiful!". Amy grins and asks "You really think so?". "Of course!" I reply, smiling as well. We grab our stuff and walk out of the door of the dojo, making sure to bow on our way out. I slip my new bracelet onto my wrist. It's heavy, meaning it's made from solid wood. It just looks pretty. At the corner, Amy and I separate. "I'll see you at the reaping!" She yells. I nod and continue walking towards my house. Today's reaping day. I'm kinda nervous, but not a lot. I usually never worry about it. I walk inside my house and yell "Mom, Dad I'm home!". "Hi honey!" My dad yells back. I head into my room and pull off my sweaty karate clothes and lay on my bed, just enjoying the silence. Groaning, I manage to pull myself off the bed, dragging my feet as I walk towards my closet. I pull the doors open and look at my 3 dresses: A ruffled green one, a long flowing silver one, or a strapless purple one. After staring for a while, I pull the sliver one out from the closet and slip into it. My parents and siblings must still be getting ready, so I run back up to my room and grab a sheet of paper. Taking my pencil I write a note explaining that I'm leaving for reaping early and I run back downstairs and leave in on the kitchen table. I'm about to leave when my stomach begins to growl, so I walk into the pantry and grab a bagel and begin to eat it on my way out. The chilly morning air feels good and I'm enjoying the walk. The faster I get to reaping the better. I just want to get it over with. That's when I see them. I stop and hope they don't see me, but they do. The group of girls that tease me and bully me are now walking over to me. Oh no. The first one stares at my dress, smiles sweetly and says "Your dress is pretty. Pretty ugly," I look down at my dress. It's not really that bad is it? They continue to taunt me, and then their leader comes out. Shannon Whitestone. "Hi Liana." She says smiling like a crook. "Oh that LONG, blond hair is so beautiful. Too bad, I'm going to cut it right off and there isn't anything you can do about it." Shannon notifies me as she pull out a pair of scissors and lunges at my hair. I take off running and almost crash into Amy. I really wanted to kick and punch those awful girls. But deep down, I know it's not their fault, it's mine. So I can't hurt them. "You OK?" Amy asks, grabbing my hand and dragging me into line. "I guess." I say as my finger gets stabbed by a needle. Amy follows me after her finger gets pricked and we stand in the 15 year old girl section as we wait for our escort to get here. Finally, Jeremy Thornhead comes out onto the stage and he speaks into the microphone slowly. "Hello District 5! I just need you to know how good the hunger games are, and that our tributes from last year did pretty poorly, so if you are reaped, you have got to step it up in the games!" He says in his annoying voice. Ok, whatever. He reaches into the girls bowl, and I can feel my heart pounding. It won't be me. It won't be me. It won't be... "Liana Carter!" Jeremy yells out. No.. It was me. How could that happen. I walk up to the stage, my legs feeling like jelly. I turn to the crowd and locate Amy. She is crying. I watch as my younger siblings faces change from one of relief to one of horror. I turn to my parents and they're holding hands and sobbing. They look up and mouth "Win.", Amy nods at me and tries to smile and my siblings just look horrified. I've got to win. For me. For my family. For district 5. My thoughts are interrupted by "Neon Winters," And a guy walks sadly to the stage. "Any volunteers?" Jeremy asks District 5. I look up hopefully, but all I can here is the crackle of electricity and the wind. My heart sinks the train door opens. I see the group of girls who tease me laughing their heads off, and I run inside the train. I'd win just to show those idiots I'm better than them. I slam the door of my compartment and wonder: What did I do to deserve this? Will I be dead within a week? I don't know the answer to either.

Kai Lee, District 6

"Get up NOW!" An angry voice yells at me and the other boys who are laying on the ground in the ally. I sit up and yawn and Suko, the guy who was yelling and is also the leader, walks over to me, a cruel smile twisting onto his face. The smile disappears as he reaches me and grabs my face. "Was that a yawn I just saw?" He snarles at me and I take a breath. "No sir!" I tell him, wishing I had somewhere else to go besides here. He tosses me a bottle of cheap beer and I take the lid off and stare at the brown liquid inside. I know I should be use to the drinking of my gang, but I'm not. "Sixes Satans," Suko yells, "Drink the beer as it will provide nutrients for your brain and body!" I s,only raise the bottle to my lips and drink. Sharp, bitter liquid runs down my throat and I try my best to keep from coughing, spluttering and puking. If I did any of the 3... Suko would be mad. Behind a trash can I hear a rustling and stand up, and watch as a young guy attempts to sprint off with some beer. My reaction time is slow, and I know I'll never catch this dude, but I run after him anyways. I see a silver string go flying through the air and hit the guy and he collapses to the ground, blood trickling down his face. I pounce on the guy and punch him in the face and blood begins to flow faster. He looks up and defiance crosses his face. "Give. Us. The. Beer. Back." I say through clinched teeth, struggling to hold him down. He grins at me and says softly "Why should I? You'll kill me anyway." I stop and consider that and he raises the beer bottle and smashes it to the ground where it shatters. "NO!" I scream while leaping off the guys back. He starts to run and I pick up a broken shard of glass and fling it at him and it impales his leg. He screams and falls to the ground and Suko grabs him by the shirt coller and glares a him, the sharp point of the whip at this dude's throat. "Who are you and what do you know? If you don't spill the beans... Death is your only path." Suko says in a low, menacing voice. The guy just smiles and Suko looks shocked, because everyone except this guy is scared to death of him. "Hi," He says slowly. "I'm Brandon. Today is reaping day!" Suko drops him. "Crap. Reaping is today." Suko mutters. Right on cue the reaping bell rings and Suko takes a swig of Whisky and mutters some more curse words under his breath. "Let's go Satans!" He yells and Brandon runs off, and Suko just chuckles. We walk to reaping in silence, parents usher their kids away when they see us. My dad wouldn't be proud of me, but oh well. What can I do? At reaping, we get our fingers pricked an I watch as blood drips off my finger. I see a 12 year old crying about his finger and Suko walks over to the kid and kicks him in the leg. "Now you have something to cry about." He tells the kid who is just sobbing harder. "Hi! Hi! Hi District 6!" Amy Cleo says as she runs out to the stage, this year with neon blue hair. "Let me just say, our tributes last year... Were just freaking terrible." She is SO weird. Jasmine didn't do TOO bad I guess. My thoughts are interrupted by "Morganna Jackson!" A sly, beautiful girl walks up to the stage and has all the boys staring. "Our male tribute is Kai Lee!" Amy calls. Curse her. Why couldn't she have grabbed a different slip? Morganna smiles at me as I walk to the stage. She shakes my hand and Amy yells out to the crowd "Our two tributes!" We walk into the train and Morganna grabs my shirt and drags me into the nearest train compartment and locks the door. Wow she's hot. I shove her onto the bed and begin kissing her and I can tell that's what she wanted. She leans back and smiles "Kai..." I don't let her finish the sentence. We begin kissing and rolling around on the king size bed and I can tell I'm falling in love with her. Amy is banging on the door and I yell "Go away!" And continue kissing Morganna. Does she really like me? Or is it fake? I'm not sure but I do know I love her. We continue to make out as the train rolls across the country.

Dario Smith, District 7

I wipe a drop of sweat off my forehead and grab one of the three spears laying on the ground beside me. I jerk my arm back and propell it forward and I watch as the spear sails through the air and the metal glints right as it impales the dummie's heart. I smile, pick up another one and rush over to the next dummy. Again and again, I thrust my spear into the flesh of the dummy and it's soon in tatters. Using my strength, I drag 3 more dummies over, forming a ring around me. Picking up the final spear, I spin in a circle with the tip of the spear outstretched. As I spin, the hard metal slices into the dummies chests, splitting them open. I knock the dummies aside with my hands and the spear, and all four fllto the ground with a satisfying CLANK. I sprint to the bow and arrow station and right before I reach the bow on the ground, I launch myself into a roll, and land at the bow on one knee. Picking up th ebow, I notch an arrow and aim at he moving dummies up against the wall. Timing my shot just right, my arrow hits one dummy in the head, and the other two are soon dead, arrows either sticking out of their chests or heads. I swing the quiver only back and sprint to the other wall with the targets. Smiling, I notch another arrow and release three in a row, as fast as I can notch anyway. Last year's girl from 13 was pretty good with a bow, but I think I'm better. The arrows slam into the target and I sprint to the spear station one last time and pick up a golden spear and throw it across the room and it sails into the only remaining dummy. I did pretty good out there today. Turning towards the bleachers, I smile and bow. My trainer and parents are clapping. They've all inspired me and helped me train for the games. I'm ready. I walk over there and my mom rushes over to me and hugs me, tears of pride shining on her face. My dad claps me on the back. "Son, I'm proud. Go out there, don't think you have to prove anything. Your the best son we could ever ask for." He tells me, smiling sadly. "I'm proving it for myself. Don't you worry! I'll be back." I say as reassuringly as I can, winking. My parents smile and I walk out of the dojo. "Goodbye," I yell. "I'll be back soon!" While walking I see a beautiful girl. Like smoking hot. She looks up and I just stare at her eyes which are mesmerizing me. I walk over to her and push her into an alley way and up against a wall. "Hey beautiful," I say pressing up close to her. "Hey handsome." She says smiling at me, her beautiful eyes twinkling. She grabs my shirt and pulls me in and kisses me. Wow. Just my luck. I have never even met this girl, and she's already kissing me? Wow. I am star struck. I pick her up and swing her in a circle and she squeals in delight. I kiss her again and she whispers softly "My name's Melanie. I have to go. Find me after reaping please baby!" And with the she kisses me on the cheek and walks off. My head is spinning. What the hell just happened? Whoever this Melanie is she is HOT! Gosh. I can't believe it. Women are my only weakness. They just mesmerize me with their sparkling eyes. I hope I don't fall in love in the arena. Something grabs my shirt from behind and drags me into an ally. I spin around to see a girl smiling at me. My heart instantly melts and I can feel my grip on things slowly slipping away. "I saw you kissing Melanie." She softly accuses. "But I want you. And I want you to want me." She steps towards me and I can't help myself. I grab her and start kissing her. She steps back and smiles. "That's a lot better babe, but it that all you can do?" She asks me smiling misheviously. "We have plenty of time before reaping Dario. About a hour. Come into my place for a minute won't you?" She says, motioning to a door I didn't notice before. I know I shouldn't go with strangers but this girl is just so... So... Just gorgeous and I just want to be with her. She doesn't give me a chance to answer and drags me inside to a dark bedroom. "My name is Sandra by the way." She tells me, locking the door. Sandra smiles at me and struts over and yanks off my shirt. Oh my gosh. How long has she been stalking me? I don't care really. Any hot girl can take my heart. I pick her up and start kissing her and she doesn't resist. I slam her onto the bed and we just roll around kissing like mad. "Mhm... Dario... I have dreamed of this, of us, for so long..." Sandra confesses, smiling up at me. "You've got me now." I tell her and she pull herself on top of me and I just kiss her. And kiss her. And she groans softly and I roll myself on top of her and she grins in delight, obviously thinking what I'm thinking. That's when the reaping bell rings. Oh crap. I jump up and throw my shirt on. Before I leave, I rush over to the bed and kiss Sandra one last time. "Bye love." I tell her and run to reaping. I still can't believe it. Why did these girls choose today of all days? And how did I forget about Melanie so quickly? And how could I just do that, with no regard to anything? Just start kissing a couple of random girls like that? I'm ashamed of myself. But actually, I'm rather pleased. I've been wanting to do that to hot girls for a long time. I run into reaping right as Naomi Eden runs onto the stage yelling like a maniac. "Hello! Hello! Guys first this year. Oh and by the way, Toby and Peyon did HORRIBLE. What an embarrassment!" She yells grinning like a fool. "Max Demon!" A small 12 year old steps out of the crowd and I yell "I volunteer as this years District 7 male!" And walk up to the stage. Max starts crying in relief and shakes my hand thanking me over and over again. A bunch of girls have started sobbing. I guess I'm more popular with the ladies than I thought! Sandra has collapsed to the ground sobbing and looks up, and smiles half heartedly, but yells "Win Dario! Win!". I nod and wink at her and she smiles, tear falling down her face. Meanwhile, Naomi is giddy with glee, just like last year. "Another volunteer just like last year! Our district will be so honored if you win!" She exclaims in glee. I grab the microphone from her and yell "Im Dario Smith. Yes, I'll be a victor, but I don't care about your honor. I couldn't care less." Naomi frowns and then pulls out a girls name. "Husky Starr!" She calls and a younger girl walks to the stage with her head held high, trying to keep tears from spilling down her face. "Your tributes, Dario Smith and Husky Starr!"

Kate Husmoder, District 8

I open my eyes and peer around my dorm room. I'm not sure what I would be looking for, but it's reassuring knowing nothing else dramatic has ruined my life this morning. I climb out of my bed. The dreary grey walls are only helped my my gold 'Career Academy Queen' award. Also, my annual academy participation calendar adds a bit of purple to the room, and it's marked reaping. Grinning evily, I think of today. I'll volunteer. I'm good enough. Totally good enough. I've killed before, so killing won't be a problem. I live here at the career academy. My aunt is dead. My mom is dead. I hate my father. Here is the only place. Most people don't know that all the districts have career academy's, not just 1, 2, and 4. They're only called career academies in career districts, but I always refer to hunger games training centers as 'Career Academies'. Walking into my bathroom, I grab my brush, and comb my beautiful hair, and it curls down my back. I stare at myself in the mirror for a couple minutes, watching my eyes especially. I've changed so much in the past 4 years, that its even scary to me. Finally I turn away and slip down the hall way. This will be my last time here. If I die, I won't see District 8 ever again. But, if I win, I'll be in the victors village, and I wouldn't come back to this place. I reach the training floor and look up at the clock. I'm early. Not having anything else to do, I grab a bow and start firing arrows at a dummy. They all hit vital spots and I prepare another arrow when I hear a voice behind me. "Hey Kate." I turn to see a guy I've never met standing in front of me. He steps closer to me, and I take a step back. Who does this guy think he is? "Shh, it's ok." He says calmly, and steps towards me again, and lays his hands on my shoulders. "You'll do great out there in the arena." He tells me and I smile. I expect him to release his grip, but he doesn't. My moment of calm is replaced by panic, and I slap his arm away, and take off running out of the doors. People can't do that to me. Especially not people I don't know. What a jerk. Finally I slow down, my panic gone. I suppose he doesn't know who I am. But he knew my name, and that freaks me out a little. People tend to avoid me. I tend to avoid most people. It works out just fine. Hugging my arms close to my chest against the cold morning air, I sit down on a park bench and close my eyes. I'm just thinking when I hear the words "Hey Kate,". I open my eyes and the guy is standing there again. "What do you freaking want from me you jerk? Stop stalking me!" I scream in anger and storm off, people staring at me. I don't care though. I've been the odd girl for practically ever, it won't change now. I get to reaping and to my dismay there is a line. I pass the people and watch as a 12 year old gets her finger pricked for the first time, and her eyes widen in pain. Before the next person can go, I step in line in front of the next person. "HEY! You can't-" The guy begins, but I whirl around and one glare silences him. "Do you have a PROBLEM?" I demand, my eyes narrowing. "N-n-n-No... No I don't have a problem..." He stutters, obviously recognizing me. "Good," I snarl at him, and spin back around and eject my finger to the zapper lady, and blood drips from my finger. That didn't even hurt. I strut into the reaping space for 17 year old girls, and the other girls keep their distance. Sighing, I begin to tap my fingers. I'm getting impatient! After an eternity it seems, Polly Poofpuff comes onto the stage. This woman is not mentally stable. "Hiya guys! I'm upset. Sian died. I mean seriously. Like really, you guys do better ok?" Polly explains in her shrill, annoying Capitol voice. I sigh again, and prepare to volunteer. Polly walks over to the bowl, I'm ready, "Katherine Husmoder!". I blink in shock momentarily. Me? I don't have to volunteer? Oh OK. I walk up to the stage grinning. I stand up there and wave proudly, and suddenly the whole district bursts into applause. "OH! What a great opportunity Katherine! And you look excited! Katherine here is a perfect example of someone grateful of this opportunity!" Polly exclaims in glee, and I roll me eyes. What an idiot. Suddenly it hits me. If I win, my dad will come back to collect some money. Then, I can kill that sick jerk who ruined my life. My revenge will be sweet. "John Madrick!" Polly squeals in glee, calling the name of a person who will probably die. He'll have to die. 27 others will. I hope I am not one of the casualties. I shake hands with John and walk into the train, keeping my distance from all these weird people, and smiling at the roar of the crowd behind me. This is my time to shine.

Bonnie Sentra, District 9

My eyes flicker open and I look around our small hut. My younger siblings are still asleep, all seven of them. That's good. I creep out of our hut carefully, and look at our make-shift calendar by the door. We only put important dates, and today is marked as a very important day. Reaping. I sigh quietly as not to wake the little ones as I like to call them, and sit outside, enjoying the cool air. There is a grain field by here, which is probably the only reason we haven't starved. That and tessera. Thinking about tessera reminds me of reaping. Luckily, only 2 of my younger siblings are eligible for the hunger games, Makayla who is 13, and Luke who is 12. The rest of my siblings are younger, so the chances of any of my siblings getting reaped is low. Me however, I may be dead soon. Just thinking about having to fight makes me think of getting hit by that pitchfork that man threw. It hurt like hell. It took forever to heal too. Imagine that but worse. Or getting killed. I close my eyes and tell myself I won't get reaped. All of a sudden I hear sobs coming from inside the hut. I sprint in there, and see Makayla sobbing under her blanket. I look around, hoping she didn't wake up anybody. Thankfully, the are all still asleep, but how they didn't wake up, I'll never know. I creep over to where Makayla is crying and pick her up and take here outside.

"Shh.." I whisper to her while stroking her hair. "What's wrong?" I ask her.

"It, it was me," she chokes out between sobs. "I was reaped,"

"It's ok," I say, trying to comfort her. "You won't be,"

Makayla was about to say something, when I hear chatter coming from the hut. I help her up and we walk back inside. "Time to get ready!" I yell, and they scramble about, and we eat a little bit of grain for breakfast. I hold Luke and Makayla's hands, as they could be reaped, and the others skip along happily in front of us. The only one who doesn't know about the reaping and the hunger games is Daniel, who is 5. Finally, we get to reaping, and I tell Shay, who is 11, to take the little ones to the section for people who can't be reaped. Luke is shaking, it's his first reaping and he's nervous, and I tell him it will be ok, and he sticks his finger out for the zapper lady. He tries not to scream, and he looks at his slightly bloody finger in shock.

"Next," the zapper lady calls.

Makayla knows what to do from last year, and steps up to the table, and closes her eyes and sticks her finger out. She then slowly walks off to her section, and I get my finger pricked and tell Luke to go to the section for 12 year old males. He nods and walks off, and I can tell he's scared.

"Hi everybody! Happy 197th Hunger Games!" A masculine voice yells.

I turn to the stage and see Argo Door standing there smiling manically. God he's stupid. This year he's dressed up like a, well, a door. Idiot.

"Our male tribute is," he reaches into the bowl. Why is he starting with the boys? Idiot. I lock eyes with Luke and smile. He has a look of sheer terror on his face.

"Marcus Gorden!" He calls. I smile at Luke, and he smiles back. I turn to look at the boy walking to the stage. Hmm... He looks tough, but I don't think he can win. I'm snapped back to reality when Argo draws another name. I hold my breath, hoping against all hope it won't be me. And it isn't.

"Makayla Sentra!" He yells out.

I hear sobbing and watch Makayla walk slowly to the stage. She doesn't have a chance. I have to save here. I take a deep breath and yell "I volunteer as tribute!" and rush over to Makayla.

"Take care of them," I whisper. "Keep them safe."

Makayla looks at me, tears on here face. "Win," she whispers before hugging me one last time. A peacekeeper drags her off, back to her section. All my siblings are crying, and truthfully, my chances of surviving isn't very good. But I have to try. All of a sudden, I see Daniel run out of his section, and runs right up to Argo, and tugs on his pants.

"Where are you taking my sister?" He asks, his big eyes filled with un shed tears.

"The Hunger Games," Argo tells him. All of a sudden, it clicks with Daniel what the Hunger Games are, and shock fills his face and he begins to wail. Makayla comes back up and grabs him.

"What's your name sweetie?" Argo asks smiling.

"Bonnie Sentra," I answer, "And yes, the girl I volunteered for was my sister, and that was my brother," I tell him, and stomp off the stage into the train, and I refuse to shake Marcus' hand, and I begin to cry. I will most likely die.

Delfina Bianco, District 10

I wake up to my mom lightly shaking me.

"Wake up sleepy head!" She says softly.

"I'm awake, I'm awake," I mutter and close my eyes, laying back on my soft pillow.

"No going back to sleep," She chides. "I'll go turn the shower on for you, but then you'll have to get up," My mom tells me as she walks into my bathroom.

I can hear the steady patter of the water hitting the polished marble floors of the shower, and all of a sudden I don't feel so sleepy anymore. My mom smiles warmly at me as she walks out, the sweet fragrance of vanilla drifting behind her. I slip of bed, my feet squishing into the soft carpet, only the best for a rich family like mine. The heater is going, and it's probably cold outside, but I'm not cold at all. The shower is probably warm by now, and I walk over to where my custom made towels sit in a neatly stacked pile. I shut my door, and pull my silk pajamas off, and wrap the towel around myself and pad into the bathroom. I open the beautiful glass door and step into the shower. It feels good. I love being rich. In fact, I've heard that some people, actually most people don't even have showers. Some don't even have hot water! Utterly ridiculous! Feeling warm enough, I twist the gold knob that controls the water, and the water turns off. I step out and grab my towel. The soft fabric feels good against my body, and I'm quickly dry. I pull my silk robe on, and walk over to the sink, and grab my gold plated brush, and run it through my smooth blond hair. After my hair is brushed, I walk back into my room, and head straight to the closet.

"Hmm," I mutter to myself. "Which one should I choose?

I finally decide on a long pink one that has diamonds along the bottom, and I unzip the back and step in. It's very soft, and I rezip the back and walk back into the bathroom. It's good to be the daughter of he mayor. I pull out my makeup cabinet, and look at the different shades of eyeshadow. One color catches my eye, and it's a pink that matches my dress. I fumble with my makeup brush as I apply it to my face.

"Now I look pretty," I tell my reflection, and I slip down stairs, running my hand along the marble banister.

"There's my little girl," Someone says behind me, and I spin around.

"Dad!" I squeal in delight, and I hug him tight.

"Are you ready for some of the best pancakes you'll ever have?" He asks me, grinning.

I smile at him. "Yes," I say.

We walk down stairs together, not even talking about the reaping. We reach the kitchen, and my dad makes some pancakes, and I quickly gobble them up. I grab a pair of flats, and put them on my feet, and then my dad picks me up and carries my out the front door.

"Dad!" I yell in mock annoyance. We climb in the car, and my mom comes shortly after.

We drive to reaping in silence, and when we get there, my dad climbs out and gives me a hug.

"Good luck," He whispers and walks up to the stage with my mom.

I stand in line anxiously and when I get up to the front, and close my eyes, and stick my finger out. I wince and bite my lip as the stab my finger with a little pokey thingy. Still in pain a little, I walk over to my section and lock eyes with my mom. She smiles at me and I smile back.

"Hi guys," Tilly Whale screams as she runs up to the stage.

Oh god. What is she wearing? It looks like a whale costume. Ugh.

"Anyway, last year was exciting, but we should probably find out who our tributes are right?" She says, but receives no response.

She walks over to the girls bowl, and I'm feeling really nervous. I'm sweating, and my stomach has butterflies. She reaches in, and my breathing gets shallow.

"Delfina Bianco!" She calls, my name ringing across the entire square.

I stand there, and stare, not believing I have just been reaped. People part around me, and I can't help it, tears splash all down my face, and I sprint up to the stage, and into my parents arms. How did this happen? My name was only in the once. I stand up and walk over to Tilly. I am going to die. I'm too young to die.

"Lucas Viridian!" Tilly yells, and a guy I don't know walks up to the stage.

He has a grim look of determination on his face, and looks like he would be a rebel, and I glance out into the crowd to see a bunch of little kids crying. I shake his hand, and walk into the train, and spin around. I see my parents sobbing, kids walking away in relief, and my beautiful mansion which I probably won't ever see again. I don't stand a chance.

Silver Evans, District 11

"Silver, wake up,"

I open my eyes sleepily.

"Yes," I ask, swinging my feet out of bed onto the floor.

Daniel is there watching me, amused.

"We need food," He says, and tosses me my bow, and a quiver of arrows.

"Fine," I grumble, and step outside into the cold morning air.

I notch an arrow and walk through the forest, listening for any animals. The forest is silent, and I walk through it, my careful feet not making a sound. That's when I see it. A deer. It stands in a grove nibbling at some grass.



I AM STARTING THE GAMES, and will not finish the Pre games stuff. There will be sponsoring, and i will keep track of the money in my head. note: I will probably be done today.

Day 1


Tea Forrest, District 1

I'm raised into the arena, and I smile giddily. I've trained all my life for this event, and now I'm ready. The scary thing is, if I fail, I die on live TV, and I'll look like an idiot. With the robotic voice droning on, I take a couple seconds to glance around the arena, taking in my surroundings. Satisfied, I dial in on the cornucopia, until I find a spear situated in the mouth of the cornucopia. A grin twitches on my lips, and I check to see who my starting pad is next to. I look to my left, and see the girl from 3 cowering on her starting pad. I heard she volunteered, but only because she hates her life. Oh well. Then I will be doing her a favor. She's going to be my first kill.


Hertz Engine, District 3

Wow, I am in the hunger games. I never expected that. In a few minutes my life could be over. But I know it won't be. I'm too tough and strong to die in the bloodbath. All I need is a pack of throwing knives, and these games with be a piece of cake. I hope that there is a pack of knives near me, but to my dismay, the only 2 packs I see are in front of the cornucopia. Damn it. Oh well, if its what I have to do to survive, I guess I'll have to do it.


Massie Block, District 12

I try my best not to appear weak. I stand tall, but still my body shakes, and butterflies flutter in my stomach. Some tributes are sizing up others, and others are aiming for items at the cornucopia. Me however, I'm looking at the arena. I glance around. The cornucopia is in the middle of an oasis, with palm trees, and shining pools. Looking farther away, all there is for miles is dry barren desert. I shudder, knowing that this is going to be hard. Behind me at the horizon line looks like a jungle, and on the other end of an arena looks like a mountain. This isn't going to end well for me. My life life might as well be over.


Kate Husmoder, District 8

Not only have I assessed the arena, decided on what supplies to grab, but o have already picked out who is a threat. Some people are bloodthirsty, others scared. I'm just standing here as calm as can be. As the numbers the robot lady says turn to single digits, I focus on what I want to grab. I'm eyeing a golden bow, with platinum arrows, and next to it, and bag of throwing axes, that has food and water attached to it. I nod to Silver, and I see she has decided what she wants. She nods back and I focus on my supplies. I see the boy from 1 focusing on my throwing axes as well. He won't get them. I growl as the clock strikes 3.


I'm ready.


Nobody stopes me.


I am not dying at the bloodbath.


I stand on my pad for a moment, to let the chaos spread before I sneak in to grab my supplies. Tributes start fighting, and the menacing girl from 1 reaches the cornucopia and grabs a spear. I watch intently as she walks over to Eliza from 3, and stabs her through the head like it's a normal occurrence. But that's not what launches me into action. I see the other tribute from 1 heading towards my axes, holding a knife himself. I lock eyes with him, and smile menacingly and sprint towards my supplies as fast as I can. Supplies squish around me, as I run like hell towards the shimmering bow, and ruby studded throwing axes I so desperately need. He would have beat me there, if the huge boy from 7 hadn't appeared out of no where and tackled him. I rush to the bow and quiver and sling it over my shoulder and run, but I turn to watch the crazy guy, Dario, punch Noah until he coughs up blood. Dario grabs a nearby spear and thrusts it into Noah's stomach, and he falls limp. Silver arrives besides me, and we turn to run, when I see the kid from 3, Hertz, come running with a pack of throwing knives. He's about to throw one, but I'm faster. I shoot an arrow that hits him in the leg. Silver and I run as fast as we can, across the barren plains, trying to ignore the clash of metal, and screams of hurt tributes.

Zacharius Thorne, District 2

A snarl escapes my lips as I look around. Only 2 tributes have died, and one of them was a career. Tea is screaming bloody murder, and she is about to go on a rampage. In my immense frustration, I twirl my sword, and slash it through the girl from 7's chest, and her screams are loud, until she falls limp, blood gushing from the wound in her chest. I see Metallix frantically firing darts at John Madrick, who is advancing on her with a machete. Fear dances in her eyes, so I sprint over there, avoiding the dead body of the little boy from 12, who I saw the beast from 7 kill right after I killed Husky. I come up behind John, and thrust my sword through his back, and he collapses to the ground, blood dripping from the cavity in his chest. Blood foams at his lips, and he stares at me with malice, and murmurs some inaudible words, which I assume to be curses. I kick him, and it makes the bleeding worse. I help Metallix up, and she smiles shyly at me.

"Thanks Zack... You saved my life," she says softly and I blush.

We start looking through supplies while Tea screams her head off in frustration.

Will Redoan, District 4

Kalista and I just grabbed a backpack and a trident each, and we are just getting ready to flee. Someone killed Noah, so Tea is horribly mad, and the rest of the careers probably hate our guts for refusing to join them. Kalista moans, and I look at her.

"The baby?" I ask her, concern glittering in my eyes.

"Yes," she moans, placing a hand on her slightly swelling belly.

Right then, the guy from 13 comes barreling towards us. Normally I wouldn't think he was that tough, but he is armed with a glittering knife that reflects the hot desert sun, that filters into the oasis. Frantically, I turn to Kalista.

"Kalista, listen to me. Take our supplies and run. I'll catch up to you, I promise," I yell at her, and gesture to Wool, who is getting closer.

She nods, and takes her backpack, my backpack, and her trident, and runs out of the oasis.

I hear her call "Meet me in the jungle,"

I don't have time to comprehend that, and I grip the handle of my trident. I look around, trying to find a way out without getting killed. While looking, I see Tea unleash another crazy scream as she shish ka-bobs the Capitol male on her spear. That girl has officially gone insane. I return my focus to the problem at hand. Wool lunges at me, and I side step. I can imagine Max and Jolie laughing at me at home, and a sudden burst of anger floods through me, and I whirl my trident and the 3 prongs stab through his head. I wince, and flee, eventually catching up to Kalista. We walk into the jungle, and I feel as I might actually stand a chance this year.




Cassandra Burlap, District 13

I groan as dust gets in my hair, as my allies and I trek across the desert/plain thing. I'm allied with Stephanie (C), Liana (5), and Bonnie (9). I only picked up a sheet of plastic, and I'm not sure what everyone else got. We are walking around, for miles, probably heading for the mountain, when the obvious leader, Stephanie stops.

"Hey look," Stephanie says.

We all crowd around her to look. It's steps going down into a house like structure. We file in, and my allies sit down. In the dirt. I'm appalled, and I try to find somewhere clean to sit but there isn't. I groan even louder, and sit down, wincing as I feel the dirt clinging to the fabric on my pants. I start to complain. I complain about the dark, the dirt, how they aren't talking, how I didn't get any supplies. Finally, Bonnie gets up and slaps me. Sharp tendrils of pain shoot through my face, and tears spring to my eyes.

"Ow," I mutter.

"Now shut up Cassandra," Bonnie warns. "No one likes to hear you complain,"

I stare at her in shock. I'm older than her. How dare she slap me? Stephanie eyes me up and down.

"Sorry Cassandra, it's for your own good," she tells me.

At first I don't know what she means, but soon I find out. She pulls out a rope and ties me up, then gags me. I sit there stunned at my own allies moves. But no one steps up to help me. Liana pulls out some matches and lights a fire, because it's starting to get dark. The have some dried meat, but don't give me any. I see a flash of silver, and I can tell one of them has a weapon. They whisper together and reach a decision. Stephanie walks over to me, and sits down, her face even paler in the dim light.

"I'm sorry Cassandra, we have decided you are too big of a complainer for our alliance," she begins, and I sigh in relief. They'll let me go. "If you think you're going to leave alive your wrong," she tells me, and my eyes widen in fear.

Stephanie drags me outside, and pulls out a glimmering axe. She smiles at me, and raises her axe. But the first thing she does isn't kill me. She chops off my hair. I scream, tears pouring down my once pretty faces. Now I'm ugly and broken, and shamed. On live television. Wails of anguish stream through my lips, and I glare at the girl I once considered my friend and ally.

Tears blind my vision, but I know where she is, and I yell "I thought you were my friend!" She blinks and looks at me, and I continue screaming, knowing my life will be over soon anyway. "We were allies. Why are you killing me?" I scream, trying to stall, to escape anything.

Stephanie regards me and walks back inside the hut, and I sigh in utter relief, but in still tied up. I can hear bits of conversation, and it makes my blood run cold.

"Should we?"


"It increases our chances"

"She's too stuck up"

"Do it"

More tears run down my face, and choking, gasping sobbing noises come from my throat. How could they...? Stephanie walks back out, each step bringing me closer to my doom. There is only one thing I want to know.

"Why?" I ask her. She regards me in the same manner, and I flinch as her gaze takes me in.

"Because you are a no good, complaining, stuck up, fashion obsessed bitch," she says, and I know she speaks the truth.

As much as I hate her right now, I know she's right because she only speaks what she believes to be true. I close my eyes, and wait as she brings her axe into my chest, and a searing pain like I've never felt before racks my body. I scream and flail around, and listen as the 3 are talking and eating, and... Happy. I guess I am a stuck up jerk. Each moment of searing agony makes me want to die. Soon my breathing gets shallow, and I feel my life force disappear, and I look at the sky one last time before I enter the dark void. My last thought: Curse you Capitol.


Metallix Gleam, District 2

Delfina Bianco, District 10

Morganna Jackson, District 6


Kate and Silver are allied and at the mountain. They both have bows and quivers, and have water, but they are cold and need food.

Kalista and Will are in the jungle, with plenty of food and water, and they each have a trident.

Hertz is at the bottom of the mountain, and he is injured from an arrow shot to the leg. He only has a pak of throwing knives, and needs neosporin, food and water.

Marcus is alone and in the jungle, and he only escaped the bloodbath with a loaf of bread. He needs a weapon and water.

Tea, Metallix, and Zacharius, and Dario make up the career pack. They have everything they need.

Liana, Stephanie, and Bonnie are allied. They have food that they are sharing, along with light and warmth, but only Stephanie has a weapon.

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