Hi guys! I know that I'm an awful updater, and I probably shouldn't be starting a new games, but I am, and I think this will be easier to update. I am still finishing my 197th games, and they will be done shortly.

And READ THE RULES! If you don't, your tribute will not be accepted. I want this to be my best games ever!

Oh and these games will include the Capitol and District 13.

Submit as many as you want, but I will only accept AS MANY AS I WANT :D


1. NO RESERVATIONS. I am doing the thing where you have a week, and then I'll pick the tributes. That means today to May 25th.

2. I may not update that much due to school, so don't get mad at me. I get out on June 13th, so I will definitely update then.

3. No insulting comments to ANYONE.

4. You have to make a Lunaii. I am too lazy to make them, so you have to make them.

5. Follow my template.

6. Submit a tribute. Please?

Tribute Template






Weapons: (No more than 2)


Strengths: (No more than 3)



Reaped or volunteered:


Bloodbath strategy:


Coming soon :)

Tribute Gallery

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The Capitol is mad. The last couple of games have not been bloody, just mostly hiding out, and they occasional death. This year, the games will be bloodier, actually the bloodiest yet. There will be 3 victors, but that is just a small bit of kindness. The arena will be small, to ensure no hiding. On top of that, all tributes will be dressed in neon, along with all supplies in neon. Good luck hiding. Oh yeah, and there will be 48 tributes. These games will be the bloodiest yet. Does your tribute have what it takes to survive?

The POVs


Reapings - Escorts POV

Chariot Rides - President (Thea Elton) PoV

Group Training - Head of Arena Game makers POV

Private Training Session - Head Gamemaker's PoV

Training Scores - Family in District 4's POV

Interviews - Silvana Marx (Interviewer) POV

Right before games (After tributes arrive in arena) - Stylists POV

Games POV

Assessing POVs (Talking about tributes and their opinions) 1. A Game maker

2. Capitol Person

3. Career District family

4. Outlying district family


Just the tributes POVs. They'll be nice and long :)

End of the day

Victors assessment/recap

1. Missy

2. Victor of 197th

Fallen tributes families POVs of their child's death

And then they daily status chart.


Coming soon :)


Capitol - Jennifer Pearlite (Escort)

Reaping days are such a hassle. Too much make-up, deciding what dress to where. And as if it wasn't hard enough, since they are switching escorts this year, I got chosen. I mean I'm totally lucky of course, I get to be a star and what not, but you know. It makes it harder to decide the perfect dress cause the people will just either be like "OMG what is wrong with her dress?!?! Fashion failure!" or they could go "Wow! Now that girl knows how to dress!". Obviously I want to be recognized for my good fashion sense.

Oh. My. God. What on Earth? I have 30 minutes to do my hair to leave enough time for make-up. Isn't this what we have avoxes and stylists for? Yes, and I was offered one, but no, I decided, why I can do my OWN make-up.

And they laughed at me. All the other escorts got stylists. Oh well. I think I had a little too much to drink when they asked me if I wanted one.

I smile at my reflection in the mirror as I slide the brush through my curly blonde hair. That curler thing actually worked! At a press of a button, a make-up tray slides out and I do my make-up. Gosh I look gorgeous!

And it's time to go too. I strut through my apartment, admiring my reflection in all the mirrors I have positioned throughout it. I attract many stares in my frilly indigo gown that has sparkles sewn in the fabric. Sparkles. I love sparkles. And they aren't ordinary sparkles either. They change colors based on the weather. It cost me extra, but it was worth it. Who doesn't just adore sparkles???

I arrive at the city square just in time. I walked here. And yes, they offered me a limo. But you know what? I wanted people to see me. Me, and my dazzling dress. I outshine all of them. Money, beauty, fashion. Oh yes. I out class them all!

The people of the Capitol watch me as I get up onto the stage. Some whistle, while others cheer. I can't believe the ways some of the 18 year olds are looking at me, I mean I'm only 20. Gosh. Even though they are eligible to be reaped, Capitol citizens love the Hunger Games just as much. Some are even happy to be in the games and volunteer. Others prove their skills, and the Capitol gets even more giddy. They bet tons of money too. Truthfully, the games are some of our biggest sources of income.

One of our victors, Maysilee Cresent waves to the crowd, provoking more cheers, and they all cheer even louder as I walk to the bowl. I mean I love the hunger games and all, but what kind of sickos cheer for what could possibly their own death?

I raise my hand for silence and they calm down. Raising the microphone to my lips, I smile at them, and begin my speech.

I tell them why the Hunger Games happened, and why we must participate in them.

Finally, I reveal the quell twist.

"This year, to make up for the little bloodshed in recent games, this is what is required. To prevent hiding among the tributes, it will be a small arena. Everything except the arena its self will be neon, to promote noticeability. And, there will be 48 tributes in the arena. As a token of generosity, to provide hope, there will be 3 returning from the arena of death, but the games will be anything but easy." I recite, shocked at their surprise, that is so cruel.

They are silent. Being reaped means certain death.

"Let the reapings begin!" I say softly into the microphone and it echoes throughout the normally bustling town square. Everyone who can be reaped is paralyzed in fear as I walk towards the gleaming crystal bowl. Filled with names. One slip could kill you today. TV cameras are the only thing that moves as I reach towards the girls bowl. This is it.

I pull out a name.

The first tribute.

"Our first, lucky female tribute is... Hollow Fairbreath!"

Oh. I know her. She always loved the games, and had dreams of becoming the District 4 stylist. Poor girl. She has tears glimmering in her blue eyes that match her skin and hair. Her parents are probably in District 4 ready to style for their new tributes.

Hollow stands next to me, trying to wipe her horrified expression off her face.

I reach back in the bowl and pull another slip out.

"Jillian Reffel!" I yell out.

A smaller girl with light purple hair that matches her violet eyes steps out of the crowd and walks up to the stage.

I'm about to announce that those are our female tributes when a girl steps out of the crowd, who every boy is staring at.

"Excuse me Jenny or whatever your name is. I volunteer as tribute this year K?" She announces, almost boredly.

She steps towards the stage and points at Jillian. "You are no longer tribute. Get out of my sight NOW!" She screams.

Poor Jillian. She was too shocked to move, so this girl walks up to her, and with one swift blow, Jillian's arm gets snapped, and she gets kicked aside.

"I volunteered first, you got that?" The beautiful psycho tells Jillian.

Jillian nods and runs off sobbing. I hand our volunteer the microphone, knowing she won't want the 'OHHHH WE HAVE A VOLUNTEER' crap.

"I am Zodiak. Zodiak Astro." She announces. I feel she has slightly more respect for me now but not much.

She steps aside, as I step toward the boys bowl.

My pale hand slides toward the glass bowl, and I pull out a name.

"Our first lucky male tribute is... Edward Woodwood!" I call into the crowd as I examine the slip I just pulled out.

A boy with green hair steps out of the crowd. He looks tough. Like someone who could win, but I feel bad for him none the less. However I still think Zodiak has the best chance here.

He gets up to the stage and takes his place with the other tributes: A still shocked Hollow, and a razor cold Zodiak.

I could see why he's upset. He just got sentenced to a almost certain death, AND his district partners are wackos. Wonderful day for him.

"Our next tribute, our final Capitol representative is..." I say. The whole crowd is tense as I pull the final name out of the crystal bowl.

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9

District 10

District 11

District 12

District 13

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