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  • Gab801

    39th HG Plot

    January 5, 2014 by Gab801

    This is how the Games shall run:

    For example: 

    Day 1 (A two-paragraph story is written here that tells an important event that focuses on certain characters)

    • Death Count: (The number of deaths that happened during such Day)

    The Fallen (Tributes that are now deceased; you could just read this instead of the story)

    Name District Cause Ranking Murderer
    Pashm Sacrees 1 Forgot to breathe 382th Herself

    End of the Day (All Tributes who are still alive shall be placed in this table with their status at the end of such Day)

    Name Status
    Thursday Throwback Sleeping
    Monday Maneak Tumbling
    Wednesday Short Dancing
    Friday Teegee Trolling

    • Careers
      • Tarin Aisla Brandt
      • Justin Carrey Nightlock
    • Anti-Careers
      • Rebekah Ure
      • Banette Tsukomogami
      • Ebony Fern Grenslev
      • Willie Fry

    5 . . . 4 . . . 3 …

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  • Gab801

    The 39th Annual Hunger Games

    December 26, 2013 by Gab801

    This is my first Games on the wiki so I hope you would like its outcome and how I write it. I will be doing the training sessions and the Games, of course. I'm still thinking on doing the chariot rides. Thank you for understanding!

    • Reservations last for FIVE days only
    • Districts 1-12 ONLY
    • No insulting, cursing, teasing or quarreling
    • Follow the templates
    • Maximum of FOUR Tributes per user
    • Don't get mad with the outcome of this Games
    • Overpowered Tributes shall not win the Games but will survive the initial bloodbath
    • My Tribute(s) will not win this Games, but they could survive the initial bloodbath
    • Feel free to advise or honor your Tributes in the Comments section below!










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