This is how the Games shall run:

For example: 

Day 1 (A two-paragraph story is written here that tells an important event that focuses on certain characters)

  • Death Count: (The number of deaths that happened during such Day)

The Fallen (Tributes that are now deceased; you could just read this instead of the story)

Name District Cause Ranking Murderer
Pashm Sacrees 1 Forgot to breathe 382th Herself

End of the Day (All Tributes who are still alive shall be placed in this table with their status at the end of such Day)

Name Status
Thursday Throwback Sleeping
Monday Maneak Tumbling
Wednesday Short Dancing
Friday Teegee Trolling

Formed Alliances

  • Careers
    • Tarin Aisla Brandt
    • Justin Carrey Nightlock
  • Anti-Careers
    • Rebekah Ure
    • Banette Tsukomogami
    • Ebony Fern Grenslev
    • Willie Fry

The 39th Hunger Games


5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . The gong sounded.

From their mossy pedestals, the Tributes swam to the Cornucopia. Some Tributes almost drowned since they can't swim. The first one to reach the Cornucopia was Layna (D3). She grabbed a sword but Konami (D9) was able to slit her throat with his teeth. Ramil (D7) ran to grab an ax but he got shot by Frade (D5) with an arrow at the chest. Meanwhile, at the back of the Cornucopia, Candor (D1) lodged her ax into Rhine's (D4) chest who was left on the pedestal due to her fear of water. Wire (D3) tried to avenge his partner's death by fatally hurting Konami (D9) by hitting his shield on his head. Justin (D2) swam to the open wetland to chase after Clemetine (D10). When Clemetine tripped over a stone, Justin stabbed her in the thigh. Despite the wound, she was able to leave. Back in the Cornucopia, Tarin (D2) was able to kill Albert (D6) by sending a knife into his chest. Yuki (D1) dove into the water and snapped Indus' (D4) neck. After that, three Tributes were killed by the Careers. Two more Tributes were killed/died after leaving the Cornucopia.

  • Death Count: Ten cannons sounded marking the end of the bloodbath.

The Fallen

Name District Cause Ranking Murderer
Layna Rye 3 Throat slit 24th Konami Aretino
Ramil Angelo 7 Arrow at the chest 23rd Frade Spectrus
Rhine Ellery 4 Ax lodged in the chest 22nd Candor Essence
Albert Heller Brites 6 Knife sent in the chest 21st Tarin Aisla Brandt
Indus Ellery 4 Neck snapped 20th Yuki Kokyu
Candyce Hunt 11 Drowned in the marsh 19th Tarin Aisla Brandt
Konami Aretino 9 Blood loss 18th Wire Elec
Driftloon Mc'Carthy 6 Drowned in the marsh 17th Justin Carrey Nightlock
Willow Windrunner 7 Skull cracked by a mace 16th Yuki Kokyu
Clementine Everett 10 Caught in a snare 15th Banette Tsukomogami

End of the Bloodbath

Name Status
Candor Essence Hunting
Yuki Kokyu Hunting
Tarin Aisla Brandt Hunting
Justin Carrey Nightlock Hunting
Wire Elec Honing weapons
Duskull Mc'Carthy Crying
Frade Spectrus Hunting
Rebekah Ure Filling darts with poison
Banette Tsukomogami Setting up traps
Kristen Weat Crying
Fenrir Djerve Eating
Ike Toussaint Setting up camp
Ebony Fern Grenslev Finding alliance
Willie Fry Finding alliance

Days of Despair

Day 1

Right after the bloodbath, Rebekah (D8) went to a bubbling marsh, which is obviously poisonous. Rebekah reached for her darts and filled it with poison. She later came across to Banette (D8) and Wire (D3) at the wetland. The two have an alliance, which Rebekah decided to join. Later on, the group met up with Ike (D11), the actual founder of such group, much to Rebekah's surprise. The female Tribute later knew that the group was formed of anti-Careers. Hence the name, the group tracked down their targets. Meanwhile, the Careers were busy chasing after Willie (D12). Yuki (D1) and Candor (D1) were the ones left in their camp near the Cornucopia. Rebekah suggested that she could kill one of them using her blowgun, which the group agreed at. The male anti-Careers formed a plan on what to do with Candor, since Yuki was "an easy target" due to his position (Yuki is sitting near a tree beside the group). Rebekah took a deep breath and blew her weapon. Yuki was shot at the neck, causing him to cough up blood. Candor aided him and decided to call the other Careers. As the Career left the scene, the group decided to follow her. They didn't know that Candor retrieved the dart from Yuki.

By noon, the Careers returned. Surprisingly, Candor (D1) was not with them. Candor appeared behind them and lodged her ax into Wire's (D3) chest. She screamed for help. The anti-Careers were chased by the Careers. Ike (D11) bumped into Willie and accidentally lodged his machete into his thigh. Ike carried Willie with Banette (D8) to their hideout. Rebekah (D8) was left alone. She hid behind a tree and Candor (D1) was near her. Before the female Career could take another step, Rebekah choked and dragged Candor near the poisonous marsh. Candor, who was trying to break out of Rebekah's hands, got hysteric and the District 8 female let her go, letting Candor fall into the marsh. The Career was screaming for help but Rebekah didn't even bother. Candor died with too much exposure to the poisonous marsh. Banette (D8) carried Rebekah back to the group.

  • Death Count: Four cannons sounded marking the end of Day 1.

The Fallen

Name District Cause Ranking Murderer
Duskull Mc'Carthy 5 Neck snapped 14th Justin Carrey Nightlock
Wire Elec 3 Ax lodged into his chest 13th Candor Essence
Kristen Weat 9 Knife sent into her neck 12th Tarin Aisla Brandt
Candor Essence 1 Exposure to poison 11th Rebekah Ure

End of the Day

Name Status
Yuki Kokyu Being healed
Tarin Aisla Brandt Nursing Yuki
Justin Carrey Nightlock Guarding
Frade Spectrus Eating
Rebekah Ure Crying
Banette Tsukomogami Sleeping
Fenrir Djerve Hunting
Ike Toussaint Sleeping
Ebony Fern Grenslev Hunting
Willie Fry Nursing himself

Day 2

Recovering from the attack, the Careers decided to stay up until night while guarding Yuki (D1). Frade (D5) was the only who disagreed. He went out since he's not scared of any Tribute. Frade, holding his crossbow, roamed the wetland in search for someone to kill. Ebony (D12), who was also hunting, roamed the same place but on the other side. Unfortunately, the two noticed each other. Frade ran and tackled the female. Ebony, who was in a marsh, swam to the other side quickly at the cost of loosing some arrows. Frade constantly shot arrows, but Ebony had run into the tall grass to hide. Frade followed Ebony until he heard a cannon sound. Distracted, Frade got shot with an arrow by Ebony in his forearm. Fenrir (D10) jumped out of the grass and took Frade's backpack.

Frade (D5) followed Fenrir (D10) into the forest. Ebony (D12) was left alone in the tall grass and accidentally slept. By afternoon, Ebony was awaken by another cannon. She saw Fenrir ran out of the forest with his face covered with blood. Ebony stood up and followed him. The night goes by and Ebony is still finding Fenrir. Luckily, she found Fenrir asleep and took Frade's backpack. As she turned around, a cannon sounded that awakened Fenrir. Ebony, knowing that Fenrir bears sharp fangs, ran while screaming. Meanwhile, Willie (D12) is now fully healed and wanted to find his district partner. Banette (D8) joined him and went to a nearby forest where they heard a scream. As they walked through the forest, a tree started to shake. Willie got scared as an injured Ebony fell from a tree. Willie, now scared, went back to their camp along with Banette and Ebony.

  • Death Count: Four cannons sounded marking the end of Day 2.

The Fallen

Name District Cause Ranking Murderer
Ike Toussaint 11 Stabbed by a knife 10th Tarin Aisla Brandt
Frade Spectrus 3 Throat slit 9th Fenrir Djerve
Yuki Kokyu 1 Caught in a snare 8th Banette Tsukomogami
Fenrir Djerve 12 Arrow at the temple 7th Ebony Fern Grenslev

End of the Day

Name Status
Tarin Aisla Brandt Honing weapons
Justin Carrey Nightlock Guarding
Rebekah Ure Sleeping
Banette Tsukomogami Setting up traps
Ebony Fern Grenslev Being healed
Willie Fry

Nursing Ebony

Day 3

Since the Games became boring after multiple Tributes have been hurt, the Gamemakers have set up a Feast near the poisonous marsh. The table has several bowls with unknown food inside. By noon, the Gamemakers have announced the event. The Anti-Careers sent Willie (D12) and Rebekah (D8) to get the food. Meanwhile, the only two Careers set a trap hidden in the tall grass. Rebekah and Willie hid in a tree instead of the tall grass, much to the Careers' dismay. Willie went first, armed with a bow. Justin (D2), a Career, hid in the tall grass aiming for Willie. The District 12 male opened every bowl and took the one he loved the most. Willie heard the grass shake nearby. He slowly walked towards it. Justin leaped, slashing him a knife. Willie was only stabbed in his forearm, enabling him to retreat. Rebekah ran out of the forest while Tarin (D2) tried to hit her with a knife.

Rebekah (D8) grabbed the bowl Willie (D12) dropped but Tarin (D2) tackled her, breaking the bowl. Rebekah somewhat thanked Justin (D2) for letting Willie drop the bowl because it was full of nightlock berries. Rebekah got over Tarin and forcefully entered the nightlock into her mouth. Justin ran to Rebekah and stabbed her at the leg. Meanwhile, Banette (D8) switched places with Willie and threw a knife into Justin's thigh. Tarin, with her left energy, shoved Banette into the tall grass. Tarin followed Banette but she got caught in the trap they placed, injecting a paralyzing liquid into her veins. Justin stood still and became scared. The last Career ran back to the Cornucopia to retrieve some weapons. Banette carried Rebekah back to the hideout. Willie, who is now guarding the Anti-Careers' hideout, were suddenly assaulted by Justin. Willie managed to shoot Justin at the forearm using his crossbow. After a short chase, the Career was led near the traps Banette placed. Since it's designed to capture two people, Justin got caught along with Willie inside a box. His neck snapped after Willie madly kicked him. Willie slept in peace inside the trap box, while the District 8 pair nursed themselves and guarded Ebony until evening.

  • Death Count: One cannon sounded marking the end of Day 3.

The Fallen

Name District Cause Ranking Murderer
Justin Carrey Nightlock 12 Neck snapped 6th Willie Fry

End of the Day

Name Status
Tarin Aisla Brandt Recovering from temporary paralysis
Rebekah Ure Nursing herself
Banette Tsukomogami Nursing herself
Ebony Fern Grenslev Sleeping
Willie Fry


Day 4

Ebony (D12) woke up and noticed the trap box. Her wounds are healed and she decided to open it. She screamed as she saw the corpse of the dead Justin Nightlock (D12), waking up Banette and Rebekah (both D8). On the other hand, Willie (D12), who was also inside the box, hit his head on the hard ground and woke up dizzy. Meanwhile, near the place where the Feast was held was Tarin (D2), who just recovered from her temporary paralysis. Although weak, she managed to return to the Careers' hideout at the Cornucopia. Tarin grabbed some weapons and backpacks, preparing for a final battle. Back to the anti-Careers, the group was packing up and was also preparing to finish Tarin to come out as multiple Victors. Tarin went out to the widest wetland, while Rebekah decided to confront her. The two saw each other and had a long conversation about whom the Capitol wants to see rise as a Victor. It ended up having a small childish fight, much to the anti-Careers' dismay and shame.

Willie went up, saying he wants to end this. As he approached the two females, Willie got Tarin's attention. Tarin tackled Willie, with Rebekah in between them. The three fell on the ground. The Career had Willie immobilized while Rebekah managed to retreat. Tarin removed a pocket knife from her sleeve and aimed it for Willie's head. A cannon sounded. The anti-Careers were shocked seeing Willie lying dead. Tarin grinned and threw several knives. The group spread out: Banette hid in a tree and set some traps; Rebekah went to the poisonous marsh, recovering some poison and nightlock berries; Ebony went back to the hideout to recover some weapons. Tarin didn't know who to follow, but she was sure Rebekah would be the easiest to kill. Tarin followed Rebekah into the tall grass near the marsh, but she got trapped in a net by Banette. The anti-Careers reunited in that place, while Tarin was screaming for help from the Gamemakers. Ebony and Banette chose not to kill Tarin, but instead let her die of natural causes. But Rebekah disagreed and waited for the two to leave first. When they left, Rebekah dragged the net near the marsh and kicked her into it. Another cannon sounded.

Rebekah went back to the hideout, where Banette and Ebony was sitting. Rebekah was sorry for what she did. The two said that she still did a crime. Rebekah answered back, saying that it isn't in their world. The Head Gamemaker, Laddre Crane, heard this and realized everything in the dystopian world was a crime, since he was born in a kind and humble Capitol family. But he still wants to end the Games as it is his duty.

Meanwhile, in the outside world, Laddre asked the president to let the three Tributes win the Games. If not, he shall suicide. The president became speechless for a while, since Laddre is his nephew. As a result, the president promised to never let this thing happen again along with the following presidents. He later allowed the three to become Victors.

(So, when Katniss and Peeta again rose as multiple Victors, President Snow wanted to kill them because of the promise made years ago.)

Note: I'm not changing the real Hunger Game's plot, THIS IS FICTION!!! Also, the surname Crane belongs to Suzanne Collins.


Sorry if you're not "amazed" with this Games. It's my first time writing one :)

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