This is my first Games on the wiki so I hope you would like its outcome and how I write it. I will be doing the training sessions and the Games, of course. I'm still thinking on doing the chariot rides. Thank you for understanding!


  • Reservations last for FIVE days only
  • Districts 1-12 ONLY
  • No insulting, cursing, teasing or quarreling
  • Follow the templates
  • Maximum of FOUR Tributes per user
  • Don't get mad with the outcome of this Games
  • Overpowered Tributes shall not win the Games but will survive the initial bloodbath
  • My Tribute(s) will not win this Games, but they could survive the initial bloodbath
  • Feel free to advise or honor your Tributes in the Comments section below!












Private Training Session: 

Bloodbath Strategy: 

Games Strategy: 


Token: (optional)


The arena is a large wetland with marshes covering some parts of the land. The Cornucopia is found in the biggest marsh, which has clean water. The pedestals are found on top of the mossy rocks surrounding the marsh. The temperature in the arena is warm even at night. In some cases, moderate rainfalls happen at midnight.


Name User Weapon Weakness Strength Age Alliance
D1 F Candor Essence Gab801 Axes, Blowgun Claustrophobia Nimble 14 Careers
D1 M Yuki Kokyu Mistfire333 Body, Mace Intelligence, Body size Physical Strength, Kindness 18 Careers
D2 F Tarin Aisla Brandt KatnissEverdeenFan Knives, Axes Swimming, Control Agile, Accurate 16 Careers
D2 M Justin Carrey Nightlock Johngabriel.balaman Knives, Axes Other Tributes Survival Skills 15 Careers
D3 F Layna Rye Mockingjay5 Sword, Body Boastful Persuasion, Speed 16 Trustworthy people
D3 M Wire Elec Tehblakdeath Spear, Shield Slow Resistance 15 Anyone
D4 F Rhine Ellery ArleneLove'sTHG Knives, Spear Water Combat, Trapping 17 Indus, Careers
D4 M Indus Ellery ArleneLove'sTHG Spear, Blowgun Seeing Rhine scared Combat, Fishing Skills 17 Rhine, Careers
D5 F Duskull Mc'Carthy EverAfterHighFreak Blades, Blowgun Running, Climbing Scaring, Accuracy 14 Relative alliances
D5 M Frade Spectrus Mistfire333 Knives, Crossbow Paranoia, Agility Smart, Survivability 14 Careers
D6 F Driftloon Mc'Carthy EverAfterHighFreak Spear, Axes Swimming, Pain, Kittens Accuracy, Physical Strength 14 Relative alliances
D6 M Albert Heller Brites KatnissEverdeenFan Knives, Blowgun Physical strength, Water Survivability, Speed 16 Similar and useful person, None
D7 F Willow Windrunner Ichillyfry Knives, Axes Water, Shy Accuracy 16 Unique people
D7 M Ramil Angelo Ramilangelo77 Axes, Spear Certain weapons Hunting, Intelligence 13 Anyone
D8 F Rebekah Ure Blue-Ribbonz Hands, Blowgun Swimming, Crying Choking, Using weapons 12, 13 Anyone
D8 M Banette Tsukomogami Mistfire333 Traps, Knives Mental problems Accuracy, Strong Attacks 15 Anyone
D9 F Kristen Weat Cashmere10 Knives Teamwork Speed, Hunting, Strength 14 None
D9 M Konami Aretino Tehblakdeath Trident, Teeth Climbing, Physical combat Agility, Swimming 14 District partner, District 8 pair
D10 F Clementine Everett Ichillyfry Slingshot, Snare Weak, Emotional Independent, Creative 12 Trustworhy people
D10 M Fenrir Djerve PumPumPumpkin :3 Knives, Claws Long-ranged attacks, Vulnerable on open ground Hunting, Speed 18 None
D11 F Candyce Hunt KatnissTheArcher626 Bow and arrow Left eye is partially blind Hiding, Speed 16 None
D11 M Ike Toussaint Mistfire333 Machete, Knives Hunger, ADD Speed, Memory 14 Neutral
D12 F Ebony Fern Grenslev KatnissEverdeenFan Bow, Knives Making alliances, Strength Hunting, Survival Skills 16 Trustworthy people
D12 M Willie Fry Ichillyfry Bow, Dagger Weak, Easy target Medication, Tactical 13 Females

Private training sessions

Sorry, but I'll remove these long training sessions. I'll just provide a summary. Sorry!

District Name Score Odds Training Session
1F Candor Essence 9 7-1 Skills in using throwing axes and blowgun
1M Yuki Kokyu 9 5-1 Skills in using mace and melee combat
2F Tarin Aisla Brandt 10 3-1 Skills in using throwing knives
2M Justin Carrey Nightlock 10 4-1 Skills in using throwing knives
3F Layna Rye 8 7-1 Skills in physical combat and agility
3M Wire Elec 10 4-1 Skills in using his physical resistance
4F Rhine Ellery 7 8-1 Skills in using spears
4M Indus Ellery 9 5-1 Skills in using knives
5F Duskull Mc'Carthy 8 5-1 Skills in using blowgun and blades
5M Frade Spectrus 10 4-1 Skills in using throwing knives and crossbow
6F Driftloon Mc'Carthy 8 5-1 Skills in painting and using swords and axes
6M Albert Heller Brites 9 4-1 Skills in using favored weapons and strategies
7F Willow Windrunner 9 7-1 Skills in using throwing knives and axes
7M Ramil Angelo 9 7-1 Skills in using battle axe
8F Rebekah Ure 5 9-1 Skills in using blowgun
8M Banette Tsukomogami 10 3-1 Skills in using throwing knives and needles
9F Kristen Weat 8 7-1 Skills in using throwing knives
9M Konami Aretino 9 5-1 Skills in using lethality and fangs
10F Clementine Everett 7 8-1 Skills in using slingshot and snares
10M Fenrir Djerve 10 3-1 Skills in using knives, strength and steel claws
11F Candyce Hunt 8 7-1 Skills in using physical strength and in archery
11M Ike Toussaint 8 7-1 Skills in using favored weapons and socializing
12F Ebony Fern Grenslev 10 4-1 Skills in using bow and arrows
12M Willie Fry 9 4-1 Skills in using bow and arrow and healing

The Games

Main article: User blog:Gab801/39th HG Plot

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