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    July 14, 2012 by Gale's Girl

    I'm leaving forever. none of your buisness why. I'm serious this time. Wanna contact me? I'm Nightlock Ink on Fanfiction. I'll only edit, never chat, never make blog. Bye. (insert signature here) (talk) 18:14, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Gale's Girl

    So Yes. we all know I do this alot. Say I'm leaving and diregard it. But I'm serious this time. Well.... sorta serious. I will be coming back, but I am changing my name. I just get too much spam. It's annoying. People dislike me, people yell at me. I have been called various things, that I don'yt want to repeat here. My parents saw them, and are deleting my account. I will be coming back as a different user. I will set up more spam blocks that will stop all this crap, mthat I didn't do at the beginning.

    I will not be coming on chat often, or even at all, except for breif messages. So, I will not want mod back. Feel free to tell me, know, don't but I must.

    I also need to shape up and do alot of only mainyspace. :P. Sp. bye, and hopefully I wi…

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  • Gale's Girl

    Hello Panem. I am your fearless leader, President G. (as in Gale's Girl). You thought the games were over when Snow died, whe the rebellion happened. You were wrong.

    The tyrants of the cCapitol, including me have rosen from the ashes of The Capitol and now have created our new country.

    New Panem.

    You are now divided into 10 districts with different "skills", so to speak.

    District 1: Weapons

    District 2: Soldiers and Workers

    District 3: Bombs

    District 4: Food

    District 5: Energy (Natrual)

    District 6: Energy (Nuclear)

    District 7: Oil

    Distict 7: Shelter (houses)

    District 8: Neccecary Appliances

    District 9: Medical Needs

    District 10: The Punishment District... here you are sent when you must be hung, shot or put in a jail.

    New Panem is only nececcity. And the Hunger …

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  • Gale's Girl

    Here are several things I just want to clear up...

    1. I'm not an admin. Just a mod. I can zap you from chat, but not ban people regularlly.
    2. I am not 13. I lied! Seriously. You will never know my true age! But whatevs, I'm 101
    3. I am the biggest Gale fan in my school. Not the world. I am sure that somewhere, someone is obsessed with him and wishes they were married to him like I am



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  • Gale's Girl


    Cari Tenira wanted to honor Maddie when her death occured. She did.

    And the Capitol and Districts are raving for revenge. They believe the children in the arena do not deserve respect, so to speak. While they are wrong, the Capitol rose again to power and now insists on punishing their own citizens. 22 new tributes, 11 females and 11 males( from the Capitol) will be submitted.

    The others from the 24?

    Cari Tenira and Andrew Torrent.

    Note: This story will be bloodier than the Capitol Games, as well as longer and more....well, let's say I'll give you more time to grow to care if the characters die. *evil laugh*

    Note: Please inform me if you have problems with a minimal ammount of swearing


    Age (again, 10-20):


    Looks (lunaii pre…

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