Hello Panem. I am your fearless leader, President G. (as in Gale's Girl). You thought the games were over when Snow died, whe the rebellion happened. You were wrong.

The tyrants of the cCapitol, including me have rosen from the ashes of The Capitol and now have created our new country.

New Panem.

You are now divided into 10 districts with different "skills", so to speak.

District 1: Weapons

District 2: Soldiers and Workers

District 3: Bombs

District 4: Food

District 5: Energy (Natrual)

District 6: Energy (Nuclear)

District 7: Oil

Distict 7: Shelter (houses)

District 8: Neccecary Appliances

District 9: Medical Needs

District 10: The Punishment District... here you are sent when you must be hung, shot or put in a jail.

New Panem is only nececcity. And the Hunger Games are now a nesessity.

Four Tributes from each district will be submitted, 2 males and 2 females between the ages of 12-18.

To Reaping Elidgable Children:

When filling out the mandatory Reaping applacation sheet, please include...






Also, try to describe yourself in 5 words so your mentors can come up with an angle for you in the Arena.

Happy Hunger Games.

May the odds be never in your favour

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