Note: I realize that the Best Friend Challenge, The 1st Hunger Games, and The Lunaii Competition fell flat on their faces and no one really ever liked them. Hopefuly, people will actually check in and comment after they enter!

Another Note: This is the games that would have happened if they actually did have the Capitol Games.

Welcome, Capitol Citizens. This is Gamemaker, Gale's Girl.

Boys and girls will be selected from the Capitol, instead of the Districts, to show you the pain that the District suffered for 75 years.

This terrible war is the result of one, and only one games, to show you we can fioght back, but we will not be heartless and cruel as you were for many years.

The age restrictions for the Capitol citizens have ben changed to make up for the unthinkable torture you put us through.

The new eligeable age is 10, and you stoop bwing eligable at age 20.

Children, and young adults alike will be forced to fight.

In memory of the many, many people that died, and to show we are not bad people, only 12 children will be selected.

We hope you enjoy the very special games.

And may the odds be ever in our favor.


( Please, do not write that you're tribute is on your page. Please post it in the messages. To sign up for a stylist we only need 6 (one for each Girl and Boy) you can contact me on my talk: My talk with your name and what two people you want to do)

  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • Age:
  • 3 Skills:
  • 3 Weaknesses:
  • Allies?:
  • Personality? (no less than 5 traits):
  • Appearence (link or describtion, link preferred):
  • Token:
  • Anything Else:

Thanks and Enjoy the Games!

You can sponser tributes and tributes wiill not be in a first come first serve, I will select tributes that I believe are interesting and will work well (for better or worse) with other tributes.

Name: Training Score
Cari Tenira 7
Aria DeSanello 9
Maddie Snow 8
Tamora Summers 10
Lavious "Lav" Gem 5

Name: Training Score
Colt Gold 11
James Emberton 6

Ryan Brightswamp

Jack Remuse 9
Carl Heworksthecamera 5


The Reapings, TV Brodcast, Gamemaker GG

"Well, well, well!" Sparkle Gem, the old Capitol citizen (and current interviewer) "Welcome to the Panem wide brodcast of the first." She pauses and laughs, sounding like a cat in a garbage disposal. "And hopefully only.." another laugh. "Capitol Games. Here is the live." Another laugh. Ugh. I turned the volume down. I needed to see the tributes to plan the arena, WITHOUT going deaf. " Brodcast!" She says "Back to you, Lightning!"

These Capitol names are discusting.

Lighning, a musclued man with bright blue skin and little lightning bolts tatooed on his biceps. What happened to, oh, I don't know, normal things? "Since there are no districts, there will be a totally," He flashes a smile. "Random selection brodcast. "Happy Capitol Games and may the odds..." He winks, smiling as he uses the ironic Capitol saying. "Be ever in your favor!" He laughs and his laugh sounds like a ticked off penguin.

The Capitol is insane.

"First up." He winks again. It's utterly annoying. "Is..... CARL HEWORKSACAMERA!"

A applause track plays. A light clicks and soon, a nervous looking boy of about 10 is standing on the stage.

A cry is heard from the crowd, which I assume is full of friends and family members.

"Congrats!" A mousy looking pink figure says, her head bobbing. " I'm your escort, Mina."

Mini Mina. I could remember that.

Carl doesnt do anything. He just stands there, sort of dumbfounded. I can imagine why. He, has been in the Capitol his whole life, and has watched the games, never imaginging he would become a part of them. I dont blame him. I too, would be terrified. And I'm older than he is.

A few applause are heard from the crowd, but it's more out of habit than cheer.

"Next." Lightning booms from somewhere off camera " Is...... "

Before he can finish, a young man's cheer erupts and a figure walks toward the stage, loooking perfectly menacing. A Capitol Career if I ever saw one.

" My name is Colt Gold and I volunteer!" He booms, daring anyone to tell him that volunteers arent't allowed.

Mina stiffles a giggle. "It is you." He glares at her, and she shrinks back into the shadows.

"Well, I'm going in either way, aren't I?" He snarls.

Luckily (or not) Lightning takes over before Colt can do anything else. " Next, he have...... Ryan Brightswam." Lightning laughs a bit. " Another 10 year old!"

A short, blue haired guy.. no cat.. combonation.. storms up on the stage.. does he have a.. tail?

He begins singing. " I am not just any 10 year old! I am strong and will win the games!" His voice is high-pitched at some points, and low at others. He gets a ton of feedback from the mic. People cover their ears, and not because of the microphone.

"Okay.." Lighning winces. " We finally have a feemale tribute! May I introduce......... ARIA DESANELLO!"

A calm looking girl walks up the stage. She does'nt look happy or sad... just calm, and emotionless.

" We're running out of time! So let's speed this up a little!" He laughs. My ears hurt.

"Maddie.. " His voice slows. "Snow." Snow is barely a whisper and the crowd goes silent.

Nothing happens. "Maddie Snow." He says a little louder.

A girl of about 12 walks up to the stage, her face red like the rose clip in her hair. Roses. My fists ball up. Like her grandfather. But I recognize that face. The fear, the innocence, and I know she nothing like him. I have seen her visit the districts, bursting with joy that she gets to see them.

No applause, habit or not, are heard,

Lightning clears his throat. "Next. We have Jack Remuse."

A tall, muscualar boy of 17 walks up and his eyes dart around. He looks tough, but I can see in his eyes he's terrified.

"James Emberton." Lightning says plainly, obviously hurrying, probably wanting to tune into soem idiotic Capito show.

Nothing happens. Lightning opens his mouth but just as he blinks, a young kid is on the stage.

"Quiet." Ligtning mutters, and carries on, not bothering anymore that the reactions were being cut off.

"Tamora Summers." The girl stealthily slips up stage, no one noticing her. Just like the boy. Obviously, she scares Lightning becasue he mutters a curse and says brightly. "A pair of them!"

He continues. "We have....!" He smiles.

" I volunteer!" A girl shouts breathlessley. " I voulunteer!"

"Another one, eh?" He says with a smile. He makes me sick.

"I'm Lav Gem."

He shakes his head. "Lastly, we have... CARI TENIRA!"

A girl in the crowd gasps and lets go of the man standing next to her's hand. "No..." She whispers.But I hear her.

She walks up onto the stage, a ring on her finger and people start muttering things like " They can't let one girl be happy."

And "Look at that, what a shame!"

Lightning smiles boldly, and he practically shouts. " CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU! AND MAY THE ODDS-"

I click off my TV and mutter. " The odds suck."

The Capitol Brodcast, 3rd Person

"And we're on...." Sparkle announces. "In 5.. 4.. 3..2.." She snaps her fingers and Lightning comes on.

" Hellllooooooooooo Panem!" He drawls. This time, he is a bright shade of orange, and has little suns litering his bare chest. "I'm Lightning Sun." He flashes a smile. "Coming at you from the old Capitol. Here. For. The. GAMESSSSSSS!!!!"

He nods, and he turns slightly solem. "We all know there has been quite the fuss lately about our previous President's granddaughter being in the Hunger Games. And because she.." He sneers. "Probably thinks she is royalty, the arena will take place in a castle." (Note: These are Lightning's opinions, but mine. I happen to like Maddie's character)

An image flases on the screen. A castle.


The "Arena"

Maddie Snow, Train Ride

My eyes gaze over the bustling, glimmering city. I find the natrual beauty of the districts better, but as much as i love them, the shiny clean feel of the Capitol is almost homelike. Almost. Colt is almost shining, and it seems uincharacteristic the way he's smiling. He looks a little deranged.

" Home." he booms. "Home." All of us stare at him, he doesn't seem..... murderous as we thought. It's probably a passing thing.

" It's not home anymore. Home is supposed to be good." Aria points out. Colt sends her a death glare and she is smart enough to shut up.

A boy around my age,maybe a little younger starts to sing. Ryan, I think his name is. He has a tail.

"Capitol Capitol Capitol

Where the Hunger Games used to be

I watched for 10 years

with my family!"

I resist the urge to plug my ears, thinking it would be rude. I am determined to be the most unlike my grandfather as possible.

"SHUT UP!" Colt screams, punching Ryan's arm. Ryan flinches and in a sing songy voice, says, " And Cot Gold is a jerk!" He ducks out of Colt's grasp, and I sigh. Especially with being the nicest I can, this is going to be a long, long, train ride.

Cari Tenira, Train Ride

( Note: Yeah. I lied about the chariot ride thing...oops!)

I press my cheek against the cool glass and look down as the tear slips from my cheek. Another night away from everyone I love.

"Hi." A voice says, I look up and resist the urge to wpe my eyes. Whates the point. I see another girl, from the reaping. Tamora, I think. She smiles and I can see Maddie and Lavious, two other tributes poking they're heads in from the hallway.

"I was wondering, even though it's a little early, if you'd like to join our allience. Us girls have to stick together!" She smiled. Right, so I can become attached and then have to kill you. But what comes out my mouth suprises me. "Sure."

Her smile broadens and she nods to Maddie and Lavious. They smile too. Smiley Smiley smiley. Why are they happy? We're on our way to our death.

They decided that to make this game even more special, the interviews and chariot rides will be taken on the outskirts of what used to be disritct 4, where they built the castle.

"Great. See you there!" And they're gone. All 3 of them, a suddenly as they came in.

Do't be they're friends. I wil my self. You have to kill them. But I can't get they're happy smiles out of my head. ( Sorry for all the improper use of they're..... my 5th grade grammer teacher would kill me)

Colt Gold, Arrival

(I find it hard to write as boys, so this might not be as in-character or well-written. But it's worth a shot)

I scan the train car, looking at my opponents. Scrawny. Weird. Stupid. Concided. I mentally make a note of all the tough-not as tough as me though- tributes. They might make good allies. Not that I can't do it on my own. Aria seems to not be like those other girl. She seems to be tough enough. And Ryan may be a kid, but the evil glint in his eye is hard to ignore. Jack seems tough... but only on the outside. I make another note to kill him slowly.

I walk up to Aria first, thinking as she's probably smarter than Ryan, she might say yes if it's just me.

She barley looks up when I walk over. " Let me guess. You want to be allies?" I nod, dissapointed I didn't mask it better. " Fine." She answers her own question. "But if you kill me...well, you won't."

How does she excpect me to win if I...wait. She wants to win too.

I don't bother to check if she wants another ally. I ask Ryan and he answers a yes. In song. I might slit his throat to just make him shut up. We're tough. Like the careers. But, like the careers, Aria and Ryan seem like the type to kill you in your sleep, But, I am too. So there's not much to worry about.

Gamemaker Gale's Girl, Chariot Rides

I look out towards the crowd, and smile. This time, the Capitol Citizens are watching it on television, and the excited members of District 4 are watching it in real life.

They cheer, and the salty wind whips they're hair. This year, the stylists have given all the tributes costumes based on they're personality. Personality. More like what goes nicely with their complexion.

I look as some of the tributes pass. Tamora is weaing some dort of dress that flows behind her, and I can't place why. Colt ios dressed like a greek god. Strength, natrually.

All the other tributes don't really strike me as anything special. ( Yeah. I'm lazy.)

Until Maddie. Her hair is loose and flying behind her. Her dress is a soft,soft pink, and rosebuds are at the bottom, their vines intwining themselves around her feet, rendering her motionless. The pink of the bopttom of the dress fades to white and a single, sickly sweet looking rose is in her hair.

She is beautiful. Stunning. And reminds everyone in the audience of her grandfather. ( I have a BIT of a Maddie Snow obsession.... don't judge me)

Maddie Snow, 2 Hours Earlier, Stylist-ing

My heart races as my stylist walks in. He's going to be pshycotic.

Yup. He looks pshycotic. He has the reddest ghair I have ever seen, and so many peircings on his ears that I'm afraid he might die from having too many holes in his body.

"Helllloooooo little girl child!" He squeaks.

Dear God.

" I zam your FANTABLOUS prepper!"

Oh. He's just prepping me. And if this is him, well I'm sort of afraid to meet my stylist. After about an hour of painful prep, I'm ready to meet my stylist. He opens the door, and intsantly I relax. He seems normal enough, minus his electric blue hair.

" Hello, Maddie. I'm Lione, your stylist. I have an idea for your chariot ride."

Well, he gets right down to buisness.

" Remember how your grandfather has this thing with roses?"

My grandfather. My eyes close. I blink, and tll myself mentally to keep breathing. I am nothing like him. I can't be.

He notices my discomfort and continues.

"We are going to slap Panem in the face. Show them that you aren't him, but are connected. Intwined, so to speak." His smile widens. " You will be a rose. He shows me a beautiful dress, rosy pink, with bright red roses trimming the edge. It is beautiful. It is crazy.

Lione might just be insane. Or he might be sane. Wither way, Panem is about to be slapped.

Interview, Cari, No POV

( I wanted to do all the tribs, so this wont be as long, and I also found it easier to write the interviws this way. More tomorrow, I promise!)

Lightning: Hellllloooooooooooooo Panem! I'm your Games host the fabulous...... Lightning!

  • applause*

Lightning: Well, first up we have the one and only Cari Tenira!

  • applause*

Lightning: Hi Cari! I noticed you were a little.....upset at the reaping. Care to tell us why?

Cari: Other than the fact I'm being sent into a death tournament,

  • audience laughs*

Cari: *sigh* It's probably Andrew.

Lightning: And he is?

Cari: *smiles* Oh, he's my boyfriend.

Lightning: *notices the ring and chuckles* I see. And a 7.. pretty impressive, for someone of your size.

Cari: *shrugs* I guess. You should see some of the other scores.

  • laughter*

Lightning: Oh, I happened to!

Cari: Er, Right.

  • Buzzer*

Lightning: That's al the time we have! Next we will haveeeeeee......*pauses* Maddie Snow.

( DUNNNNNNN DUNNNNN DUNNNNNN! DRAMA TIME! *rubs hands together* I need to work on this. Tomorrow, Amigos. Tomorrow.)


Let the Games Begin!

Game time!

Day 1

Tamora POV, Day 1

My fingers shake as I step into the tube that will carry me to my death. I close my eyes and hold my breath. My last few moments where no one will be killing me. Or at least, attempting to. I am raised up and my hair billows behind me in the freezing wind. Snow litters the castle ground and I wrap my arms around myself. A large, palace looms in front of me, looking beautiful an ominous at the same time. 20, 19. 18.

The wind hits my face harder than before and I root my feet to the platform. 17, 16, 15, 14.

I remember I need to run and get in that stance. I'm ccolder, but ready. 13. 12. 11.

I see the cournacopia and it glitters as each flake lands on it. People will ruin to it, but first thing, I need to find Lavious, Maddie and Cari.

10, 9, 8

My heart races.I blink my eyes and breath in. My last safe breath.

7. 6. 5. 4.3. 2....

"Ladies and Gentlemen let the Capitl Games BEGIN!"

Carl Heworksthecamera POV, Day One

Lightning's voice booms out and I take a tenative step off my platform. safe!

I begin to run, faster than I ever have before. I breath in, and someone pounces on me. Aria.

"Get off!" I scream, trying to push her away. It's no use. "Any last words, little boy?" She snarls.

I stay silent. The last thing I hear is Aria's cruel laugh as my cannon sounds.

Aria DeSanello POV, Day one

My knife slides into Carl's chest, and I feel a pang of guilt. Soon enough, it passes and I'm back on my feet. Colt comes up to me and smiles. "Killed him?" I nod.

He smirks. "Ryan tried to double cross us. He's dead." A cannon fires, and I have a feeling it's his. "Ready?" He says. " I nod again. I;'m filled with two things. Fear and admiration. Mostly fear.

"Let's go."

Jack remuse POV, Day One

I run toward the large castle and pass a group of girls, huddled in a stair wll, catching their breaths. The idoits. I slip my knife ut. "Run." I boom. "One chance!!" They scatter, all except one. Lavious I think. She wasn't fast enough. I sigh. "I don't wanna do this." I slit her throat, and her little friends scream and run. Her cannon fires, and I am left with a feeling of guilt and a dead girl in my hands.

Day One Deaths====

Name: Killer: Weapon:
Carl Heworksthecamera Aria Knife
Ryan Brightswamp Colt Unknown
Lavious Gem Jack Knife

Day Two

Maddie Snow, POV, Day Two

The catle even on the inside, is freezing. I can see my breath and I look around at my allys, of who I will have to kill... or be killed by.

"Maybe... Lavious is still.." Tamora whispers

Cari cuts her off beofre I can. Tears stain her face and I know she's missing home more that I am.

"She's dead, Tamora."

Dead. The word swirls around me. It could be me next. Or Cari or Tamora next.

"Our sponsors didn't send us anything, today." Cari remarks. "We need something to protect ourselves."

Tamora nods in agreement and they turn to me. Always last. I know it's because I'm younger, but a little peice of me thinks of my grandfather when I'm gone to last.

"We can arrange that." I say. " Armour."

They look at me like I'm phsycotic. "You know," I say. " Those knight statues aren't intirely useless."


We tip toe up the stairs and are almost at the main hall when we come face to face with death itself.

"Aria and Colt." I whisper.

Colt Gold POV, Day Two

( Warning: This POV included minor language which will be in italics)

I barely hear the little girl's whisper of reaization before I charge. The girl who looks as if she's been crying stumbles out of my way, and the youngest looks petrified. I go for the other one of the three.

"Tamora!" Snow's granddaughter yells. Her next.


Aria runs toward her, almost looking happy. She screams and I hear a cannon. But both girls are still fighting. I take that as it's someone I don't care about at the moment.

I lash the girl's leg and leave her there in pain. Little Snow rushes towartd the girl, pushing me back with suprising strength. It takes me a few moments to realize I'm down and by that time, all three of them are gone. Aria has a slash across her face and I have large soo to be bruises on my arms.

"Those damn girls!" Aria screeches, wiping blood off her face.

"You're a girl." I remark.

She tells me to shut up and as she takes her sword out, I do. Luckily, she walks toward the direction of the others and mutters obsenities. I have no doubt she could impale me with a sword. Too bad she's about to be dead herself.

I take my knife out and throw it at her.

I never miss. This is no exception.

Jack Remuse POV, Day 2 (at the same time)

I can't help but think of the poor little girl I killed. I take out my knife and study it. I killed a person. 2 actually. I think, as the knife passes through my chest. The last sound I hear is a scream, and two cannons, one of them mine.

Cari Tenira POV, Day 2

Several flash in the sky. James Emberton. Aria DeSanello. That's a shock. I wonder if Colt killed her.

Jack Remuse. I am not the lightest bit sad for him. He killed my ally. "Done." I hear Maddie say as she wraps up Tamora's leg. It's cut terribly, but the cold is supposedly maing her feel better. I doubt it.

"If this keeps up, we'll freeze to death." Maddie says with a shiver. She wraps the blankets we nabbed from the edge of the cornacopia, and it barely covers her already small self.

I throw my blanket over her. I'm hot.

"Keep it." I say when she looks confused. She feels my forehead. "Fever." She mutters. "They set a virus loose."

I feel fine, so she leaves me alone, and soon her and Tamora are both asleep. I think about home. My family. Andrew. The Capitol itself, as well.

My soft sobs lull me into a feverish-nightare filled sleep.

Day Two Deaths

Person Killer Weapon
James Emberton Unknown Unknown
Aria DeSanello Colt Knife
Jack Remuse Suicide Knife

Day 3

Maddie Snow, POv, Day 3

I wake up as a rock clonks me on the head. I wince and rub the top of my head, and then chuck the rock across the room. Tamora is up and looking at me funny. Cari is still asleep."Maddie!" Tamora says in a whisper. "That's a sponser gift!" I look across the room in the dim morning light, the only light we have actually, is cracks on the walls. I'd bet the "gift" we're in a dungeon. Tamora tries to get up, forgetting her leg and falls back in pain. I scoot over and get it. I open up the little pot that's attached to it. Fever medicine. "It's Cari's! Fever medicine!" Despite the fact that I'm in a death tournament, I feel a little excited. As soon as Cari is better, we can move around a little, even with Tamora's leg.

"Cari." I shake her awake. Her eyes flutter open. "Maddie." She's says softly. "Am I dead?"

I can't help but laugh. "No." I say. " Just delusional."

"You sure?"

"Yup." I give her some of the medicine, and begin to pack up our small amount of stuff. I put the two blankets and the 2 waters we have and put the m in the bottom of the only sleeping bag. I also grab out dried fruit and crackers. those go on top. Then, I stick the fever medicine in.

"We don't have all that much." Cari remarks. With the Capitol's meds, she was back to normal in a matter of seconds.

"We have enough."

I roll up our sleeping bag-backpack and attach is around my waist with a strip of cloth torn from a blanket.

"We can't go with Tamora's leg like that." Cari tells me quietly. We both know if Tamora heard us, she'd insist we go anyway.

"Guess we're stuck." I reply in a whisper.

I unpack and pray for a miracle.

Colt Gold, POV, Day 3

I feel no guilt for killing Aria. It was her mistake of trusting me. Of not killing the girl when I told her to. Of walking ahead of an armed traitor.

I check off on my fingers who's left. The Girl Who's name slips my mind but I pretty sure it starts with a C is left.

So is little Snow, and Aroura or Laura or something.

"Tie for me to break an allience."

I quickly follow the trail of blood. Aroura-Laura was bleeding last I saw.

I come upon the dungons, take out my knife and take a deep breath in. My ticket to victory is behind this door. But as confident as I usually feel, I can sense that two things might be where I am about to go.


Or death.

I take a step forward and open the door to where my fate awaits.

Cari Tenira POV, Day 3

The door creeps open and my heart nearly stops. Colt.

My screams are ringing in my own ears as he charges. I just barely get out of the way. He decides that he'll go for Tamora. Maddie is standing there, frozen with fear. He glares at her and goes toward Tamora. She screams as well and attempts to pull away.

"Tamora!" Maddie's scream ends with a sob of pain, even though Colt hasn't touched her. I know what pain she's feeling. Maddie swipes up the re-packed sleeping back and says to me in a rushed voice. " No saving her. Too late." She's barely auidiable over her and Tamora's own sobs.

We run, knowing there is no going back. Soon, we will reach the final three.

Tamora (I forget her last name) POV, Day 3.

I see Cari and Maddie run and feel a surge of anger. They left me to die.

Colt seems to be enjoying himself as he draws a bigger knife. He throws.

And I hear a cannon. And life is gone.


Tamora because of Colt

~The Final Battle~

Just a little note:

You are about to enter the END of the Capitol Games. Or at least, the end of the first Capitol Games. Yes, there will be a second. Be sure to submit tributes, and to Read it! The winner of this game will be in the next story, so don't be sad that you'll never see he/she again! You will. Read on. And yes, there will be mild language. And yess, there will be blood. And yes, you are normal if you cry at a particuarly touching scene. Yes you will be pissed off. Will you love it!? HECK YES! And Remember to create tributes and read my second games! The Name will be relased after you read the end, because it contains spoilers. May the odds be ever in Cari, Maddie and Colt's favors!


Another note:

So, my friends. The finale of the epic Capitol Games is finally here. After drama, non-internet vacations, and just plain laziness, I made it here. Congrats to Brynn1999 and Rainfacestar (you know the deal. i think its them who ssubmitted Colt Maddie and Cari, but I'm too.... eh, too lazy to even type lazy. oh. i just did)



Maddie Snow POV, Final Day

"Maddie" Cari whispers, her voice hard with anger and guilt. "We should have saved her." I can tell by her she means Tamora.

"Impossible." I say and for the first time in the arena, I begin to cry. Not the terrified sobs of before. But just sadness. Pure and utter sadness. Not anger, like when Lavious died. I knew I couldn't save her.

But no matter what I say, I could have sacrificed myself for Tamora. I didn't I'm selfish. I ran away. But n ot helpless. I could have stayed and fought. I am a terrible selfish, cruel killer. I tell myself. A little voice whispers in my ear. It isn't a real person, only my mind. But I hear it.

Just like your grandfather.

I hug my knees to my chest and remember the day he died.

"Maddie." My mother walks into the room and put her arm around me. "Grandpa died." I think since my mother is telling me it must be the grandfather on her side. "Not grandpa Jay!" I say, burrowing my face in her arms. I was only 8 at the time. "No. The President Grandpa." I literally get goosbumps. "Oh." I say. I can hear my tiny breaths rise and fall. "That girl... the one who won the games, she was supposed to kill him. She did?" My mother shakes her head. "She killed the rebel president."

We are silent for a moment. She looks me in the eye.

"Maddie." She says, her voice full of sadness, but also a bit of something I don't recognize. A bit of power, almost, but not bad power. "Hope." I think. What my grandfather hated.

"No matter what anyone says." She tells me. "You are not your grandfater. you are Maddie Rose Snow, a beautiful little girl. You are kind and sweet and honest. You are not cruel and power-crazy. You re great, no, perfect and nothing like him. You are a rose." She breathes in and I know she knows the meaning of the word.

"But not one with blood."

I snap back to reality. I might be a rose, but If my mother could see me now, she woud know that I am bloody on the outside and just as bad on the inside.

"No. It wan't" Cari says. " You, Maddie, are a killer."

This time, the voice is real and all of Panem can hear it. I can too.

"Just like your grandfather."

2 hours later.....Same POV

We all stare eachother down on the battle field. Waiting for one of us to pounce. Not even Colt moves.

I take the first step.

Then Colt charges.

He lands right on top of me, and I can see dried blood and dirt all over him. He is laughing like a maniac. Evil is in his eye.

"Little Snow." He whispers hoarsley and laughs again. "Why ya like roses so much!? You like your big bad grandmfather?!" More laughter.

"No." I manage to choke out.

"YEAH! YOU ARE!!!" Colt screeches and akes out his knife. He stabs me right in the stomach. I scream and thrash around. He reaches to stab me again.

"MADDIE!" Cari cries. I grab his wrist and tr it aimed directly at his heart. And I push.

His cannon sounds, and he is dead.

"Maddie!" Cari calls again. She rushes to my side.

Life is hopeless.

For me.

"Maddie." She sobs. "Stay with me."

I shake my head. Even she realizes there is no hope.

"Maddie." She tells me. "What I said before is wrong. You are an amazing, amazing, person."

She sounds like my mother now. "Maddie, you are a rose. And..."

Her voice is barely auidable. "Not one with blood."

She braids a rose into my hair. "To Maddie Snow." She says to the camera. "The rose."

My cannon sounds. And I am dead.


Congrats to Rainfacestar, whos tribute, Cari won the Caitol Games. Be sure to tune into...

The Capitol Games 2: Avenging Maddie Snow

And Rainfacestar, can you give some info on Andrew? There's gonna be a twist.

Love ya all!


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