Cari Tenira wanted to honor Maddie when her death occured. She did.

And the Capitol and Districts are raving for revenge. They believe the children in the arena do not deserve respect, so to speak. While they are wrong, the Capitol rose again to power and now insists on punishing their own citizens. 22 new tributes, 11 females and 11 males( from the Capitol) will be submitted.

The others from the 24?

Cari Tenira and Andrew Torrent.


Note: This story will be bloodier than the Capitol Games, as well as longer and more....well, let's say I'll give you more time to grow to care if the characters die. *evil laugh*

Note: Please inform me if you have problems with a minimal ammount of swearing



Age (again, 10-20):


Looks (lunaii preferred):

Skills (3):

Weaknesses (3):


Allies? (Yes or No):

You are allowed to say "On my page" but you might not be garunteed a spot that way.

Girl Count: 4

Boy Count: 4

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