A man, about 20, walks out onto a stage with wavy blonde hair, wearing a navy blue and pearly white tuxedo, "WELCOME FANS OF THE HUNGER GAMES!!!"

(Pause for the applause from the people of the Capitol)

"My name is, Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor, and I will be your hostest with the mostest for's first ever Hunger Games!!!"

(More applause)

"For our first ever Hunger Games, has declared that there will be two tributes, a male and a female, from Districts 1-12! Thank you all for showing up, and our tributes will be announced after all their reapings!! Good Night Everyone!!"

Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor walks off the stage as the crowd cheers.

Hunger Games

Okay everyone, send me your tributes with the following filled out (i will let you know if you have a place or not)


District Number:









Whether or not they volunteered:



District 1

Female Tribute

: Lilly Star, 13

Male Tribute: Lee Rock, 12,

Submitted by Moon Beam

District 2

Female Tribute: Kiera, 13

Male Tribute

: Karo Mellis, 16

Submitted by ~ilovepeeta~

District 3

Female Tribute: Electra Star, 15

Male Tribute: Nolan Wire, 13

Submitted by Necterine411

District 4

Female Tribute

: Dawn Bliss, 16

Male Tribute

: Tristen Tropic, 16

Submitted by Everdeen

District 5

Female Tribute: Rose Jones, 16

Male Tribute:

Spark Jones, 17

Submitted by iluvgale

District 6

Female Tribute

: Glade Frost, 15

Male Tribute: Gerrit Khone, 14

Submitted by Nate777

District 7

Female Tribute: Summer Liu, 12

Male Tribute

: Conan Chan, 12

Submitted by Kwankwan44

District 8

Female Tribute: Maryam Mote, 16

Male Tribute: Robin Vigo, 17

Submitted by Skyandbray

District 9

Female Tribute

: Arlene, 14

Male Tribute

: John, 16

Submitted by ArleneLove’sTHG

District 10

Female Tribute

: Lavender Pooti, 15

Male Tribute

: Jymeca Evacuo

Submitted by QuinnQuinn

District 11

Female Tribute

: Metazoa Capitag, 17

Male Tribute

: Conifer Eos, 16

Submitted by KatnissEverdeenAndPeeta

District 12

Female Tribute

: Sara Noviello, 13

Male Tribute: Cole Winter, 15

Submitted by



























Money: The more sponsors you have rooting for you, the more you can benefit in the Games! You can invite others to help you, leave a comment below for a contestant that you want to be a sponsor for. You will get $15,000 to spend on the tribute you will be sponsoring once they are in the arena.




# In Stock



Loaf of Bread



Feeds Tribute



$3000 Each


Feeds Tribute




300 slices

Feeds Tribute





Feeds Tribute


Curry Sauce


20 cans

Good with rice.



$3000 each

10 sandwiches

Feeds Tribute





Quenches Thirst





Quenches Thirst


Healing Potion


3 bottles

Scars = All gone


Filling Potion


5 bottles

Fills Tribute


Nightlock Pill



Kills w/out Pain


Super Healer


2 doses





3 doses

Makes Tribute Stronger


Throwing Knives


5 sets of 7 knives

Short/Medium range weapon



$3000 each

10 knives

Good/common weapon



$5000 each

5 swords

Good weapon



$6000 each

9 spears

Good Weapon



$3000 each

30 awls

Useful Weapon


Bow and Arrow


5 bows, and 25 arrows per sheath

Long range weapon




5 Blowguns and 20 darts

Good Weapon


Trident and Net


5 tridents, 5 nets

Fantastic Weapon




10 whips

Good Weapon


Vial of poison


3 vials

Can kill fast.





Good shelter





Gives heat


Night Goggles



See in the night.





Variety of uses





Helps get water

Anything else

Anything else

Ask for price

Ask for stock

Ask for effect



rough sketch of the map lol

The tributes are surrounded in a canyon and the sun will be beating down on them, with the only cover being the caves found along the sides of the map. There is a small stream that runs through the map. There aren't many trees, but there are cacti and small animals. At the Cornucopia for this Hunger Games, the tributes will begin 100 yards from the Cornucopia and all the supplies will be right next to the Cornucopia. This means that if the tributes want to escape with any sort of item from the initial bloodbath, then they better be fast!

The Games

DAY 1:

D2 Karo Mellis:11:55 AM: I can just imagine my sister right now; I hope they have helmets, I hope they have sunscreen because I can’t get too tan here. She needs me and the other Careers to protect her or she would be a lost cause...

D4 Dawn Bliss 11:57 AM: I stand in my glass tube waiting to be lifted into the arena. I keep repeating in my head what my strategy is; find Tristen, get whatever I can from around the Cornucopia and get out of there untouched.

D11 Metazoa Capitag 11:58 AM: I’m being lifted up through my tube. It is time to see what the arena is… The sun beats down on top of me and I am temporarily blinded by the light, I feel and taste the heat in the air. My eyes adjust to find no supplies even close to me. They all look like they are at the Cornucopia, which is really far away. That is really sick, I mean only the Career pack would probably be getting the supplies. STUPID GAMEMAKERS!!!

D9 Arlene 11:59 AM: Well this set up changes my game plans… I have less than a minute to reformulate my plans. I look around to see a desert wasteland surrounded by canyon walls. I think I know what to do…

D6- Gerrit Khone 12:00: The Gong sounds and the games have started. I am sprinting to the cornucopia as I see a few kids just run away with nothing. There is this one girl, I think she is from District 10, at the cornucopia already grabbing a pack and a knife. I jump on her, disarm her and stab her with her knife repeatedly. I have to put a good show on because if I survive this and have a boring show I will die anyways. I hear her canon go off and then hear three other canons. Surely the groups of careers, whom I am with, have taken down anyone too slow or anyone trying to take supplies from the Cornucopia.

D3- Nolan Wire 12:05 PM: I storm the Cornucopia as the rest of the careers take out anyone in their way. I see the other tribute of my district, Electra Star, somehow escape the mass chaos that is happening before me. Gerrit is covered in someone’s blood as he rummages through the weapons. He grabs a sword and a bow and arrows, he takes a few steps and releases an arrow striking a target almost 40 yards away. I pick up an awl and shove it into my belt, then I pick up a mace and by that time the bloodbath has calmed down. Gerrit, by far the most powerful of us, walks to the front of us.

D6- Gerrit Khone 12:15PM: Alright here goes my shot at being the leader, “Okay, here is our plan. We get as much as we can carry here and then we need to find a water source, knowing the Gamemakers wouldn’t want us all to die of dehydration. I say we split into groups and take different directions. We need to either a) find a cave for coverage or b) water. We should try to meet back here when the sun starts to go down so we will know what we are doing before it is too late. Good idea?” Good they all agree. The groups are Lee Rock, Lily Star from District 1, and Me, Karo Mellis, Kiera from District 2, and Nolan Wire from District 3, and the last group is Dawn Bliss, Tristen Tropic from District 4 and Sara Noviello from District 12.

D1 Lee Rock 1:52PM: Lily and I have been searching for water for a little over an hour with Gerrit Khone. I don’t trust him at all. He is a threat to everyone here, at least if he attacks it will be a 2vs1 situation. I feel like we are being tailed be something but I can’t tell what yet.

D8 Maryam Mote 2:30PM: Robin and I finally crash into a cave at the end of the arena. I’m surprised Robin and I got out of the Cornucopia. We get out our backpacks and we have first aid supplies, 2 knives and 2 canteens and one sleeping bag. It’s not too much but we can live with it.

D10 Jymeca Evacuo 4:45PM: I have been switching between running and walking aimlessly through the arena for what feels like an eternity. I have no items and no weapons to protect myself. Worst of all is that it is so hot and the sun is right on top of me. The only good thing is I have put some distance between me and the Career Tributes. I think in going to lay down behind a rock for some shade for a few minutes. OUCH I felt a bite on my arm. Oh no a Dreamweaver, a mutt that injects a slow acting venom into people. I try to suck the venom out but the first step of the venom is kicking in, delusions. Oh look a HUGE FlYiNg lIzArD, ItS sO pReTtY… :D

D1 Lily Star 4:04PM: We are walking along when a spear with a silver parachute falls out from the sky right into my hands. Thank you sponsors. I hated having just a knife, I am much better at throwing things.

4:20PM: Things are starting to get sketchy around here as the sun starts to slow down. We all hear a canon sound and see a hovership drop into the arena far away from us and pick up a body. We decide to head back to the Cornucopia before whatever killed that person finds us.

4:52PM: We are still walking when all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I see something. When I look it is nothing, it has to be, right? Then we all hear something on a rock near us. I turn and go to try and corner the tribute we sure is tracking us. I’m poised to throw my spear when a glimmer of large pearly white teeth catch my eye…

D3 Nolan Wire 5:01PM: Karo, Keira, and I just stumbled upon the best place to set up. We have found a cave right next to a stream. We are heading back now to the Cornucopia to meet up with the rest of the group. It is starting to get cold fast.

D1 Lee Rock 5: 02PM: Gerrit, and I are running… we don’t know what the heck it is but we saw it rip apart Lily. It looked like a wolf, but its teeth were so much bigger, it must have been a Mutt. I can’t believe I couldn’t save her. Gerrit looks over at me, “We have to fight some of them. Do you trust me? And can I trust you?” I don’t trust him but I know I will have too. I nod and we turn and fight. I slash the first wolf and see a blaze of arrows fly into the Mutts. After a few minutes of fighting the Mutts retreat. And we head the rest of the way back to the Cornucopia. The rest of them just look at us in shock that we came back without one of our members.

D6 Gerrit Khone 5:37PM: Lee Rock and I just watched Lily die and now the group is giving us dirty looks. I crack a semi-smile on for the crowd in the Capitol and say, “Dooo not go that way…” Nolan is the first to talk, saying that they found an amazing cave right next to a stream. We pack up and head back to the cave site.

D5 Rose Jones 6:00PM: I walk back to the Cornucopia after I see the group leave. They left me a knife with a glossy pink film of blood covering it, I’m so happy! I keep walking and see the pink mark where my brother was struck down and I decide to lay down in the spot. We were always a great pair and without him I don’t know what I will do. Our favorite colors ran through our bodies; I was pink he was blue making purple…. I think I will just lay here tonight… :’(

D3 Electra Star 7:02PM: Well after finding a cave to settle in I have found that I have gathered I tent which will keep me warm, a knife, a sleeping bag and a canteen. I still can’t believe Nolan is with the Career group. I have no clue how that happened, but I will figure things out tomorrow…

D8 Maryam Mote 7:30PM: We are hurt bad our wounds keep bleeding pretty badly. A sponsor could really help us right now. We might only make it until tomorrow night if we don’t get any help.

Career Tribute Group: Lee Rock, Lilly Star, Kiera, Karo Mellis, Nolan Wire, Dawn Bliss, Tristen Tropic, Gerrit Khone, Sara Noviello

Day 1 Deaths:

24th- District 10 Lavender Pooti- Killed by Gerrit Khone

23rd- District 11 Conifer Eos- Killed by Lee Rock from being stabbed

22nd- District 6- Glade Frost- Killed by Lily Star by getting her throat slit

21st- District 7 Conan Chan- Killed by Gerrit Khone

20th- District 9 John- Killed by Dawn Bliss

19th- District 5 Spark Jones- Killed by Karo Mellis

18th- District 11 Metazoa Capitag- Shot in the back with an arrow by Gerrit Khone

17th- District 9 Arlene- Killed by the Mutt Wolf Clan

16th-District 1 Lily Star- Killed by the Mutt Wolf Clan

Maryam Mote and Robin Vigo were injured in the Bloodbath

Recap: Hello, This is Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor to recap Day one of the Hunger Games! There were 8 deaths today, with 7 coming from the bloodbath! More excitement will be coming tomorrow when we turn up the heat!!


Where the tributes are after Day 1

DAY 2: PART 1 OF 3

D3 Electra Star 6:49AM: I wake up hearing a thud from outside the cave. I slowly crawl out to see a glass of water and a loaf of bread sitting there. I gulp down the water and take small nibbles out of the bread. I am going to have to move today or tomorrow because I can’t depend on sponsor money for the whole games.

D2 Karo Mellis 7:00 AM: I am the first one to wake up. Sara from District 12 has been up for half the night keeping watch. She is such a beautiful girl, I wonder if she has a boyfriend? She looks over at me and smiles, “Wanna explore the cave Karo?” “Why of course” I say,” Should we wake anyone up to keep watch?” She cracks a smile and says, “No, we won’t be that long.”

7:10: We have been walking for about ten minutes and Sara and I find that the cave seems to just go on and on and on…. It is extremely dark in here. I ask Sara if we should go back and I hear nothing… What is going on here? All of a sudden I feel a hard hit to my head and everything goes black………….

D1 Lee Rock 8:00AM: I feel the District 12 girl shaking my arm. She wakes everyone and says that she drifted off for a bit and Karo from District 2 is now gone. We all don’t know what to do. Keira is beside herself because that was her brother. Gerrit decides that we booby trap the Cave at night so we dont get attacked by other tributes. We all agree to this idea and start formulating plans.

8:16: A parachute just landed outside. It’s a box labeled 1 on it so I assume it’s mine. I open it to find a note and a Nightlock pill. The note simply reads Use it wisely. I assume that they mean by using it in someone’s food. I will hold onto it for safe keeping.

D12 Cole Winter 8:27AM: Near the end of yesterday I ran into another tribute, her name is Summer Liu. She didn’t want to kill me like most of the tributes would. We decided to become allies and try and live as long as we can in the arena, until there are a few people left

D10 Jymeca Evacuo 10:15AM: BLAAAAAAH… Oh god it won’t stop! BLAAAAAAAAH!! Oh look at tha-BLAAAAAAAAAAH!! Thank you, it’s anti-venom!! I quickly inject it into my bloodstream and instantly start feeling better. I need to find water and fast, I lost a lot of fluids vomiting, oh look another parachute, and it’s a sword!! Now I can protect myself! Thank you again sponsors… also the parachutes make good coverage from the sun :D

D3 Nolan Wire 11:23: I’m finding it hard to trust anyone ever since Karo left our group this morning. To distract myself I decided to search through the bags and I found a bag of pills label Soldier Pills. These were created in District 3. One pill is enough to double the strength of a Peacekeeper! I think I will keep these pills, there is no need to have them fall into the wrong hands.

D8 Robin Vigo 11:27: Thank you for our sponsors for giving us the amazing gifts: medicine for our wounds, a loaf of bread and most importantly is a solid steel shield for Maryam. She will be so excited when I wake her up, but first is the medicine because we desperately need it. She sees the shield first though and goes nuts! I have to tear it out of her hands to get the medicine in her.

D2 Keira 11:37AM: I can’t believe that Karo has left us in the middle of the night! I voice out that I want to go search for him. Sara agrees so we decide to go out and search for Karo.

D8 Maryam Mote 11:45 AM: I AM SO HAPPY I HAVE A SHEILD!! IT IS PERFECT!! Now get this, it is roughly 15 lbs of solid steel, perfectly balanced with edges that could crack a skull with the right amount of pressure! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! Ok now besides this, Robin and I are deciding to leave this cave and are now heading for water.

DAY 2: PART 2 OF 3

D2 Keira 12:00PM: Things are getting weird Sara is starting to talk to herself. I ask if she is ok and she snaps! She slashes my arm and is suddenly on top of me with a knife in her hand. I disarm her of the knife and kick her off of me and start to run away, then I hear her scream in pain. I turn around to see the District 10 male tribute stabbing her in the stomach. Her canon sounds and I take off.

D10 Jymeca Evacuo 12:11PM: I just made my first kill of the games and I’m going for kill two. Who knows what those two were doing out here but it doesn’t matter I need to slim down the number of Tributes that are---

D6 Gerrit Khone 12:15PM: Karo came back from deep inside the cave few minutes ago rambling on about Sara trying to kill him. We were about to set out when we see Keira sprinting back towards our cave. I draw back my bow and Karo yells for Keira to get down and I shoot whoever was chasing her. Karo grabs my sword and runs out to the kid who was chasing her and starts hacking away at the body. His canon sounds and Keira stops him from hacking him up anymore. They really show how crazy a brother will go when he loves his sibling. Finally the canon sounds and Karo comes back with two swords. He stabs mine into the dirt and walks Keira into the cave.

D12 Cole Winter 1:30PM: This wasn’t part of my plan. I was supposed to get away alone and survive longer than them all but this girl is different. She is kind to me and doesn’t p!ss me off. I need to leave this cave tonight while I’m on watch. I noticed a cave just across the stream that is far enough away that she won’t be able to clearly see me.

D7 Summer Liu 2:45PM: This boy from district 12 is very nice. I think he was surprised when I didn’t try and kill him with the rock knife I have. He has been acting strange ever since the two canons this afternoon

D5 Rose Jones 3:00PM: Thank you for the spear District 5. I will use it to avenge my brother, and color the tributes PINK in their blood…

D4 Tristen Tropic 4:50PM: I talked with Dawn while gathering water this afternoon. We agree that something isn’t right with Karo now ever since he was knocked out by Sara. I think she is going to talk to the others and we are going to relocate around midnight tonight, leaving Keira and Karo alone.

D8 Maryam Mote 6:02PM: Robin and I have gotten close to the Career Tribute’s cave. We are planning an attack a little after midnight tonight. It will be a total ambush on them, and now we sit and wait. Also thanks for the healing potions sponsors, we may need them after tonight…

D3 Electra Star 6:45PM: The wind is starting to pick up and I see a fire inside a cave. I walk up with my arms raised and a sharp stone held against my throat. It’s the District 12 boy and District 7 girl. I hand over my knife to her and show her my back pack. She agrees to let me stay tonight, and I am thankful.

D1 Lee Rock 7:00PM: We have all agreed to leave Karo and Keira and find a new cave around midnight. I think it’s really the best move for us, but I hope he sleeps like a rock because that will be a lot of movement…

ARENA MAP Day 2 Part 2 of 3

Movement in Part 2 of 3 in DAY 2


D7 Summer Liu 8:08PM: I still haven’t decided if I can trust the girl from District 3. What if she is spy from the Careers? We don’t know this!! I plan on staying up all night so there is nothing tricky going on tonight.

D8 Robin Vigo 8:45PM: There are several of them in the cave. The only thing we don’t know is how well armed they are. We haven’t gone back to the Cornucopia so we have to assume they have all the weapons. Only a while longer until our strike...

D1 Lee Rock 9:00PM: Karo and Keira have already gone to sleep for the night and luck enough for us they are heavy sleepers. Gerrit brought up the idea that we leave them with a spear and Karo’s sword. A parachute drops outside of the cave… It’s a bow and a sheath of arrows from District 1 this will be good. I also have a knife and awl with me. Nolan has a dagger, a mace, and he is carrying a tent. Dawn has a knife and fire starters. Tristen has has an ax and a knife. Gerrit has his sword and his bow and arrow.

D3 Electra Star 10:35PM: Sleep eludes me tonight, so I sit up sitting awkwardly with Summer while she watches me with knives for eyes. Outside the wind is starting to pick up. I think I’m just gonna role over and try to sleep again.

D8 Robin Vigo 11:02PM: Thank you sponsors, these swords will help us in our ambush tonight.

D6 Gerrit Khone 12:00AM: It’s time to move, as we start out Karo rolls over and wakes up. Gerrit starts screaming at us with his sword near his grasp. I draw my sword and tell him we are leaving. Karo stands up with his sword, shaking it at me. He charges at me and I toss him out into the open when all of a sudden, two people jump down; one smashes Karo’s head in with a metal shield, seconds later. Lee and I start shooting arrows as everyone else runs out into the arena. Dawn from District 4 is also jumped on by the male from District 8 and is stabbed. I try to shoot the male tribute but his female counterpart saves him with the shield. Tristen attacks them, barreling over the female and tackling the male. While Tristen attacks the male and Lee and I shoot arrows at the female, Nolan drags Dawn away from the fight. Soon after though the canon sounds and she is dead, and right after another sounds that Tristen is dead as well. Lee and I continue to rain down arrows on our foes as we retreat into the canyon arena. Lee hits the male in the hip and grazes the female. We continue to back up until we hit a few large rocks to protect us and we set up camp. Lee and I decide that we should be the ones to stay up and protect us because Nolan is not good with the bow and arrow. I can’t stop thinking about where this all went to h3ll…

Summer Liu 12:15AM: All three of us wake up to the sound of canons going off. Instantly that starts our conversation… How many of us are left? And who are they? Electra says that she remembers seeing that there were none from two, three, four, or eight that were dead. There was the boy from District 1, the girl from District 5, the boy from 6 who scored the 9, and there was Cole and I left. There were three canons meaning three people are dead and we will have to wait all day to find out who died.

D3 Electra Star 12:37AM: A scream from outside wakes Cole and I up. We run outside to see Summer being carried away in the grip of a vampire bat mutt with blood streaming from her calf. After an hour or so there is no canon and Cole looks at me, “Electra, we are going to look for her in the morning…” Oh boy…


15th- District 12 Sara Noviello- Killed by Jymeca Evacuo

14th- District 10 Jymeca Evacuo- Shot by Gerrit Khone and slashed by Karo Mellis

13th- District 2 Karo Mellis- Skull is crushed by Maryam Mote’s shield

12th- District 4 Dawn Bliss- Stabbed by Robin Vigo

11th- Disrict 4 Tristen Tropic- neck snapped by Robin Vigo


Where everyone is after Day 2 Part 3



D7 Summer Liu 6:37AM: I feel so weak, the bat carried me over most of the arena last night. I saw wolf Mutts spreading all over. Cole and Electra won’t stand a chance once those things get to where they are. The bat finally lands in a cave high in the arena. I rip off the sleeve of my uniform and tie it over the bite mark of the bat. I lost a lot of blood, I wonder if there are any sponsors left willing to send me some medicine? YAAAAAAAAAWN I don’t know if I’m tired from the loss of blood or of the excitement but I think I’m going to sleep…

D2 Keira 7:00AM: WHY KARO!! WHYYY!!

D5 Rose Jones 7:12AM: Covered in the mud of the stream I watch my new prey. She was part of the Career Pack and now she is easy pickings… I run up to her and hit her in the face with the blunt end on the spear knocking her out cold.

D1 Lee Rock 7:13AM Gerrit thinks it would be in our best interest to just rest for today and formulate an attack the two District 8 tributes tomorrow, Nolan and I both agree. While I take watch Gerrit goes out and hunts small game.

D3 Electra Star 8:15AM: Cole and I have packed everything up and are ready to leave to find Summer. As we go to leave a parachute drops in. The parachute is labeled 12, Cole went through and we have 14ft of rope and a spear. We are heading out in a little over an hour to find Summer.

D2 Keira 8:24AM: I wake up tied and gagged against a rock next to the stream. I wonder why the girl from District 5 hasn’t killed me yet… There she is emerging from the stream as pink as ever with her spear in her hands and a knife at her side. She back hands me and asks where the others are. I scream that I don’t know where they are but she doesn’t believe me and she grabs my hand while drawing her knife. She asks again and I have the same answer. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! THAT CRAZY GIRL CUT OFF MY FINGER!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Everything goes black…

D8 Robin Vigo 9:05AM: Thank you for the med packs you sent us yesterday before the successful ambush from last night. I was hit in the hip by an arrow from the boy from District 1. Maryam was saved by her shield last night as well. We will take the next day or so to rest and prepare for any attack from the other tributes.

D3 Nolan Wire 10:00AM: I think it’s time to tell the guys about the Soldier Pills that I have in my pack. I call them over and show them the pills. I explain to them what they are and they are psyched to take back our cave from the two District 8 tributes who rushed out exodus from the cave. I explain that the Soldier Pills burn calories twice as fast, so before we take them we must eat almost all of our food. We agree that the attack should be right away because they will be trying to recover from their wounds. We start packing up the essentials and prepare to bring the fight back at them.

D12 Cole Winter 10:25AM: Electra and I have set off to save Summer from those disgusting Vampire Mutts. We are walking when we hear a wolf howl in the arena. We think it would be best if we were to climb up the canyon walls a bit, onto a ledge and keep walking.

D1 Lee Rock 11:12AM: Nolan thinks we should split up for our attack and split the Soldier Pills so we can overpower them. This is a really good idea, but what if tiny Nolan decides to hide from us and use his brain to plan our doom and his victory. I will be keeping an eye on him

D6 Gerrit Khone 11:45AM: Things between Lee and Nolan have became more tense. I feel after our strike it will be time for the careers to finally split up...

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